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  1. Welcome to the 200th iteration of the most prolific thread in Football's Future history. Remember, WAYTA is not a catch all for discussion. WAYTA is a hangout spot for general conversations. Use this thread to talk about your day, catch up with friends, have some minor discussions, or muse about life. If you have a hot topic you want to discuss, please start a new topic. It'll probably garner a lot more traffic if it is on its own. Now commence What are you thinking about? for the 200th time.
  2. Jokes aside and all, that’s pretty much in line with what a 800 yard/year receiver is getting on the market.
  3. It’s my dream to leave the first kid I have on the side of the road too.
  4. Jags Extending Blake Bortles

    Love to see overreactions about how bad Bortles allegedly is.
  5. 18/year is a good deal.
  6. @TheKillerNacho I would like Frank Clark and Clay Matthews swapped. Thanks.
  7. Jaguars release Chris Ivory

    If the do a long term deal at $14M/year, I think they can structure guarantees so that he only hits the cap at ~9M year one. The back end will be inflated, but that’ll coincide with when they cut bait on Dareus, Campbell and some others in a couple years.
  8. @bucsfan333 next time you come out here, I’m making steak.
  9. Stock Investing

    I’d argue that anyone under the age of 45 who invests in bonds is an outright fool. Bonds are for people close to retirement age who don’t have the ability to wait out the volatility of the market year to year.
  10. Clearly you don’t get good steak.
  11. I’m gonna start an argument but here goes.... Steak is best cooked in a cast iron pan.
  12. A side dish? I thought you were describing a salsa. That sounds not that great.
  13. Chicago Cubs Thread - #secondhalfcubs

    Something, something, clogging up the bases
  14. I believe I’m OTC Martavis Bryant, WR Joe DeCamillis, STC @YoungBucs15
  15. TCMD 18' (Robinson Tag/FA Rnd1 - LANDRY)

    If you want three WILLs and no SLB, sure. But that front would get bodied in the run game. And Richardson is a 3-Tech. So another terrible fit.
  16. ... I actually believe this
  17. Bruh, we both know good and god damned well that you lucked your way into this one. There’s no way you could trick 13 women into thinking you were worth marrying.
  18. Sure. But it was asked why it is this way, not why it should stay this way. Our social laws were implemented based on puritan values and traditions. If anything is a way it’s been since the start and we can’t find a good reason for it, the short answer is probably “we just haven’t had a social value change that pushed far enough away from those puritanical traditions so as to justify a legal change”.
  19. We have a tough decision heading forward with Blake and the position as a whole. What will the team do?
  20. Budgeting

    Even though I’m an accountant, my Achilles heel in my personal life is proper budgeting and making sure my money goes to good use, rather than a black hole of “stuff”. It’s so easy to blow $400-500 eating out without realizing it, or to let a bunch of small expenses just keep piling up. That $4 coffee every day (I don’t drink coffee) is $120 a month. Plus, I’m a consumer. If there’s something I want, I rarely wait for it. I buy it then and there, even if it puts a strain on my earnings. Over the last month and a half, I’ve started to get a better handle on things. I’m currently trying out YNAB for doing all my budgeting, and things seem to be going a bit better. I still have habits to break, but they’re getting there. So let’s discuss budgeting. How do you budget? Tips? Things that trip you up?