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  1. The likelihood of the league being able to force Jones out seems extremely low. But the divide amongst owners to the point that this could begin to be discussed could be a very bad sign for business dealings for the league heading forward. With the CBA looming in a few short years, the owners being on drastically different pages could make a potential messy situation a whole lot worse. From the article within:
  2. Welcome to the 200th iteration of the most prolific thread in Football's Future history. Remember, WAYTA is not a catch all for discussion. WAYTA is a hangout spot for general conversations. Use this thread to talk about your day, catch up with friends, have some minor discussions, or muse about life. If you have a hot topic you want to discuss, please start a new topic. It'll probably garner a lot more traffic if it is on its own. Now commence What are you thinking about? for the 200th time.
  3. 6 weeks deep into the season, and we didn’t have a thread for this. Figured we needed a place for minor things going on with the team that maybe don’t spark a full discussion.
  4. About those "win probability" charts ...

    A 15 point game with 3 minutes left. Yeah, teams don’t complete that kind of comeback often.
  5. As things look now, the Jaguars may find themselves picking somewhere after 26th overall in the upcoming draft. Should Darnold stay in school, the draft pickings could be very slim. Cleveland, Buffalo, NYJ and a few others look primed to take a QB. Indy may find themselves looking as well. Coming to Free Agents, things are starting to get messy too. Drew Brees sits on an 8-2 Saints team that could win a title. Would the two part ways? The Redskins may transition tag and match any offer on Cousins. Beyond that, there aren’t many clear upgrades over Blake Bortles at this point. Teddy Bridgewater’s situation is a little more fluid, but will the Vikings actually put their franchise in the hands of one year wonder Case Keenum? Would the Jaguars spend money on Keenum if the Vikings commit to Keenum? Sam Bradford’s knee is a huge uncertainty going forward, and he has never had a track record for staying healthy. Names beyond that are largely journeymen types that haven’t been able to make a name for themselves. Alex Smith may be on the trade block, but his play had dropped off significantly the last few weeks and may have scared some teams away. Tyrod Taylor will likely be available, but does his play warrant an uncontested path to starting? Are we effectively stuck with Blake for 2018, for better or worse?
  6. Brees seems more likely than ever to stay in New Orleans. One of Bridgewater/Keenum is staying in Minnesota, at the least. Cousins could easily be Transition tagged and see the offer matched. McCarron is a RFA, so he isn’t likely to move, and isn’t a starter. The Free Agent market could easily be Tyrod (via trade) and the lesser of Keenum/Bridgewater. Don’t see how you can trot him out his rookie year with the rest of the team built to win like it is. Maybe a year or so developing, but he’s not a day one starter. I feel like there’s a very real possibility that the option for 2018 is Blake vs worse QB.
  7. About those "win probability" charts ...

    Because given the previous situation, 99.9% of teams with that lead in that situation would have held that lead. Just because the Falcons were the 1 out of 1000 that didn’t, doesn’t make the model useless.
  8. About those "win probability" charts ...

    ..... well yes. That doesn’t mean they mean nothing though. It’s a model based on that current situation. As things change, so does the model.
  9. Have any other players ever played on a championship team and not received a ring?
  10. I’m gonna do a rewatch tonight after work. Will post my thoughts as they happen in here. Hopefully it doesn’t come off as a stream of consciousness. I’ll try to put time stamps on specific plays as I’m reviewing them.
  11. I just don’t get what they see in Calvin Pryor that they’d give up on Day that quickly for.
  12. http://google.com/newsstand/s/CBIw0uGX8zY
  13. Normally week 8 is about when I end up having to create a thread dedicated to our pole position for the #1 pick. This year, as the Jaguars sit at 4-3, tied atop the mediocre AFC South, instead we will switch to a discussion about playoff status. Current playoff seeding would have the Jaguars grabbing the last Wild Card spot, and heading to Kansas City for a date with the Chiefs.
  14. In season news and notes

    I’d put Campbell over Bouye, but otherwise I’m fine with the order. Just had Bouye first in my list because I bunched the Corners together.
  15. In season news and notes

    Ramsey Bouye Campbell Telvin Then he’s somewhere in the group with Jack, Dareus, Malik and Church. I think he’s probably the first of that group, which would put him at 5th.
  16. In season news and notes

    The threat of runs on first down really opens up things for Blake.
  17. Ideal Starting OL?

    It really doesn’t make any sense. If someone else gets hurt on the interior, you’re going to have Reed and Shatley both out there. Might as well have the better player out there for all the snaps.
  18. When Alualu was playing injured and lost all his functional strength, there was a stretch of games that he did absolutely nothing rushing the passer and was getting put on skates every down in the run game. I love Alualu and think his contributions went severely undervalued, but even then I’d be lying if I told you he even belonged on the field. There was probably 20 screen captures of completely different plays where Alualu was getting pushed 10+ yards up field in the run game. It was a complete embarrassment. Tony got on the radio and chastised everyone who said Tyson was struggling. He said, and I quote, “If you don’t think Tyson is playing at an elite level right now, you don’t know anything about football.” On the same show, he said repeatedly that the fans were wrong about Mularkey’s performance as a coach and that the team was just inches away from turning the corner to a Super Bowl contender. It was at that point that I realized I couldn’t trust anything that Boselli said. He’s a team shill that just says everything they do that people are iffy on is a perfect decision.
  19. Boselli is a team shill. The team made an iffy call starting Reed, so even before the performance happened I could tell you he would sing the praises of the decision.
  20. Black Friday Thread

    We’re talking about one day where 40% of the goods on sale, most being major *big buy items* of the year, are the lowest they’ll be all year. How is that a scam?
  21. The Playoff Chase

    If we beat the Cards next week, our playoff probability hits 99%. Our division win percentage would hit 77%, and chance at a first round bye would hit 44%.
  22. The Playoff Chase

    By the way - given the number of potential outcomes left - we have a 97% chance of making the playoffs. We have a 68% chance of winning the division. And we have a 38% chance of getting a bye.
  23. Ideal Starting OL?

    At this point, I’m not really sure I want to shuffle guys around too much. Cann probably should be the LG, but moving him over there mid-season could be a mess. Just slot Shatley in at LG and then figure things out going forward.