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  1. Welcome to the 200th iteration of the most prolific thread in Football's Future history. Remember, WAYTA is not a catch all for discussion. WAYTA is a hangout spot for general conversations. Use this thread to talk about your day, catch up with friends, have some minor discussions, or muse about life. If you have a hot topic you want to discuss, please start a new topic. It'll probably garner a lot more traffic if it is on its own. Now commence What are you thinking about? for the 200th time.
  2. http://floridapolitics.com/archives/266910-las-vegas-woman-says-jaguars-player-assaulted-her-at-lutz-mansion Keep this discussion civil. I want us to be able to discuss this, because it does have major implications for the team at multiple levels, but I don’t want to police people being bitter.
  3. Ranking the roster - #16

    Calling this one for Cam. I’ll have the next thread up later.
  4. 1. Jalen Ramsey 2. Calais Campbell 3. A.J. Bouye 4. Yannick Ngakoue 5. Telvin Smith 6. Andrew Norwell 7. Malik Jackson 8. Brandon Linder 9. Leonard Fournette 10. Myles Jack 11. Marcel Dareus 12. Tashaun Gipson 13. Blake Bortles 14. Barry Church 15. Dante Fowler
  5. Madden 19

    Except play a full season.
  6. All Things Wrestling Thread

    I’ve been saying for a while now that the WWE is using some 3D booking with some guys, and I’m fairly certain it’s veing used with Roman heavily. Honestly, what’s different between the internet’s perception of Roman and the perception we had as teenagers or kids to how the Corporation was presented? Guys we don’t like pushed to the top by the “boss” against the fans want, continuously put into title matches but can never seem to actually win or hold the title?
  7. The tWo Hangout

    Definitely important to raise awareness on it. Hope if he (or anyone really) is struggling, they find a path to getting out.
  8. I chuckled. poor new guy not getting the reference.
  9. 1. Jalen Ramsey 2. Calais Campbell 3. A.J. Bouye 4. Yannick Ngakoue 5. Telvin Smith 6. Andrew Norwell 7. Malik Jackson 8. Brandon Linder 9. Leonard Fournette 10. Myles Jack 11. Marcel Dareus 12. Tashaun Gipson 13. Blake Bortles 14. Barry Church
  10. Tyler's new album is droppIng next week. I'm pretty excited to see how he continues to grow as an artist. EDIT: Rule handed down. Any videos that are embedded must follow all forum rules. Links to music with explicit language will be allowed in this thread, as hip hop by nature has a lot of explicit lyrics, but they cannot be embedded.
  11. Petition to force the Papermakers to change their stadium to the Dunderdome
  12. Chicago Cubs Thread - #secondhalfcubs

    No argument to be made that he shouldn’t remain a starter.
  13. Chicago Cubs Thread - #secondhalfcubs

    Turns out Morrow screwed up his back yesterday and isn’t available.
  14. https://www.jaguars.com/news/2018-minicamp-what-to-know What’s left of the Jaguars’ 2018 offseason program is this week’s veteran mandatory minicamp – three days of non-padded practice Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at the Dream Finders Homes Practice Complex. Here are 10 things to know as the Jaguars enter this week’s 2018 veteran mandatory minicamp at the Dream Finders Homes Practice Complex … 1. Jalen Ramsey will be there … The All-Pro cornerback didn’t attend OTAs, a decision that made headlines despite the voluntary nature of the last three weeks. He is expected to attend this week’s minicamp and is expected to speak to the media following practice Tuesday. 2. ...and Leonard Fournette will be there, too. The second-year running back didn’t attend the last two weeks of OTAs. He also is expected to attend minicamp. Note: Voluntary is voluntary – and until the NFL offseason rules change, there’s nothing wrong with Ramsey and/or Fournette not participating in OTAs. 3. The Jaguars look like a veteran team – or at least an experienced one.That was among the most noticeable elements of OTAs. Marrone talked last week about liking the team’s ability to maintain a practice workload, and the team has looked like a more efficient team than last offseason. That’s to be expected in the second season under a head coach, and the Jaguars have that look. 4. They look like a motivated team, too. If people thought focus or motivation would be a problem following January’s loss to the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship Game, they couldn’t have been more wrong. The Jaguars throughout the offseason have echoed Marrone’s sentiment that last year gives them no head start on this season – and there’s no doubt listening to Marrone or the players that the desire is there to reach beyond last season’s success. 5. Quarterback Blake Bortles looks good. This may be the most important story from OTAs: Bortles, who underwent wrist surgery in February and who signed a contract extension the same month, has had the most impressive offseason of his five-year NFL career. He appears comfortable in his second season in offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett’s system. All signs point to Bortles being in the best place of his career entering ’18. 6. The wide receivers look good, too. Chemistry and cohesion with Bortles appeared high in OTAs, with players such as second-year veteran Keelan Cole and rookie D.J. Chark standing out among the receivers. A player to watch: four-year veteran Rashad Greene Sr., who has played just 17 games in three seasons but who looked good in OTAs, could challenge for a roster spot in ’18. 7. Corey Grant looks like he’ll have an increased role. Jaguars rules limit what can be reported from offseason practices, but those clamoring for the fourth-year running back to have a bigger role next season may not need to clamor as much next season. 8. Donte Moncrief looks like a good free-agent singing … We left the veteran off the list when discussing wide receivers a couple of entries ago, but that’s because he deserves his own entry. The fifth-year veteran signed as an unrestricted free agent from Indianapolis in March, and his chemistry with Bortles has stood out. 9. … and so does Austin Seferian-Jenkins. Seferian-Jenkins, like Moncrief an offseason unrestricted free agent signee, looked during OTAs like the athletic, two-way receiving option the Jaguars have lacked at tight end in recent seasons. 10. Health is a priority. Three days remain in the offseason. Improving is important this week. Getting out of the next few days healthy? That’s more important.
  15. https://www.firstcoastnews.com/article/sports/nfl/jacksonville-jaguars/josh-walker-receiving-an-opportunity-as-jaguars-evaluate-right-guard-position/559545129
  16. I only vaguely remember the movie, but you're referring to the devil scene, right?
  17. Minicamp News and Notes

    He's such a great dude, and I hope this year is when he puts it all together.