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  1. Welcome to the 200th iteration of the most prolific thread in Football's Future history. Remember, WAYTA is not a catch all for discussion. WAYTA is a hangout spot for general conversations. Use this thread to talk about your day, catch up with friends, have some minor discussions, or muse about life. If you have a hot topic you want to discuss, please start a new topic. It'll probably garner a lot more traffic if it is on its own. Now commence What are you thinking about? for the 200th time.
  2. The anxiety and/or panic attack thread

    Used to have some serious anxiety issues. Got that under control now. Haven’t had an anxiety attack in almost a year. And just let me say, life is so much easier now. Nothing seems hard anymore.
  3. I get that. I didn’t really care that they were new though. I was just 7 when they came into the league. That was the first year i really started watching, and several of their games got shown that year. Followed a bunch of teams/players those early years. Eventually settled in on the Jaguars. And it hasn’t exactly been fun since.
  4. The Jaguars are past the point of “at least we’re not the Browns” imo.
  5. Grew up in a family of Giants fans and have a place for that team in my heart, so not sure I can do that. Boy, did I screw that one up, huh? Giants have won 4 titles in my lifetime, two since I’ve followed the NFL (both since the Jaguars last played a playoff game), and I picked this nonsense team that can’t put out a dumpster fire over them.
  6. Their check site doesn’t even work properly. It gives false answers, so there’s no way to know if you were impacted or not.
  7. The tWo Hangout

    This is far different than what the Titans went through. I’m done with this team and their complete lack of anything resembling competence. This isn’t bad draft picks and bad signings. This is a team that doesn’t understand the very basic concept of business 101 project management. Gonna go hang out in the Eagles forum. This team isn’t worth the space in my head that they take up. Done talking about them and done reading how things “aren’t as bad” as I know they are. They broke a lifelong fan who spent nearly every day for the last decade talking about them on forums and amassed probably 100,000 posts across platforms. I’m out. Good luck to everyone else on out schedule. I hope they all bury us.
  8. You find me another team that said they’re going to build a power run game then signed a bunch of finesse run blockers, got rid of the Fullback position and then signed Julius Thomas to a lucrative contract to be the primary TE. Or one who released a ton of data to their fan base to show that LEs generate just as much pressure as REs then decided to sign a bunch of guys who can’t rush the passer to be space heaters at LE. Find me another team who can go ~3-13 for four straight years and then somehow decide that the only problem is the head coach, but not any of his assistants or anyone in the Front Office. Find me another team that doesn’t ever think about addressing backup positions with quality depth in case the starter doesn’t work out or gets hurt. Find me another team that hasn’t had a backup plan at even just one sketchy position in a decade. This isn’t bad drafting or failing to select good players. This is a team that doesn’t even understand basic Business 101 type project management.
  9. I hate incompetence and people who can’t follow basic procedures. That’s how I feel. I know. I just went deadpan in response.
  10. Are you trying to hurt me? What do I care that the crap team I follow can’t get fans? They don’t deserve them.
  11. Yeah, but only in this thread. I can’t switch teams.
  12. Maybe Telvin Smith and Allen Robinson this offseason.
  13. I don’t like the Jaguars anymore. Can I hang out here?
  14. There should be never be red tape or procedural hang ups to running a software update.
  15. Chicago Cubs Thread - #secondhalfcubs

    Magic number is 10. We have a 6 game lead over the Cards and 4 games over the Brewers. And 13 games to go. Would take a sizable collapse to not wrap up the division. Hope we can get it wrapped up with a few games to go so that we can get pitching some rest and get them in the right order. Let a few guys get some rest too.
  16. Having Sundays free now feels liberating.
  17. The tWo Hangout

    And that’s going to do it for me, I think. See you all when this team isn’t a dumpster fire of ineptitude. Or see you on other parts.
  18. Sonic Mania

    Has anyone else given this a try? Most all of the new games post Genesis have been “let’s put Sonic in a 3-D world and try to make that work” and it just didn’t. This, however, is Sega going back to their roots and putting together a new 16 bit side scrolling classic from the only character to ever really match Mario in gaming fun. The new color and added gameplay elements to old levels, alongside new levels and bosses bring a new fun take to classic Sonic gameplay As someone who grew up with the Genesis as part of my gaming experience, I’m having a blast playing this.
  19. Pick up right where they left off? No. But this team’s situation with backups and depth is bottom 2 in the NFL.
  20. There’s talent. But lucky for us, every single expected starter is out there on defense. Because they don’t have an answer behind them once the inevitable injuries crop up. And the entire offense is a mess. And our Kicker is garbo.
  21. I didn’t forget how good he was. I was the biggest Garrard champion on this site. I just believe this team just has far more problems than just QB and the only way that just a QB makes us good is if that QB is one of the best ever.
  22. Sonic Mania

    Switch, PS4, XBox One and Windows.