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  1. I’m good. Life’s great. Just spending far less time on FF.
  2. Looking to shake up my roster. Everyone is available. Make an offer.
  3. Jaguars to start Gardner Minshew

    Yes, I’m revising history by posting a link to direct discussion of how the team quit on Marrone week 2, made as the game was in progress. And here’s someone on the forum stating they saw it was obvious the team had finally quit on Gus right when he was fired. Yes, the players loved Gus and probably still do. But they clearly were over him being a coach and had given up. It’s plainly evident that they stopped putting in effort. And pretending like people haven’t been saying this has been a problem for three full years now is where the real revisionist history lies.
  4. Jaguars to start Gardner Minshew

    Ruskie, sometimes I think you post certain things about the Jags to get rival fans riled up. And I think some people may see your post and think this is one of those time. But this is completely true. Gus Bradley was a garbage coach, but the players would run through a wall for him. The team could be losing by 20+ points (and routinely were because of how poorly prepared they were), but they’d be playing their ***** off and trying (and failing) to come back. It was a bunch of garbage players playing their heart out for a garbage coach. A week before Gus got fired, he lost the locker room and it was obvious the players had given up on him. Since that point, almost any time the team sees adversity, they just fold and stop trying. Even in week 2 of 2017 (after having a huge moral win week 1 that came with a dominating defensive performance), I was already remarking how the team was quitting on Marrone as soon as they faced adversity against the Titans. The team won 10 games on the backs of facing something like 7 backup QBs that year, but even then it was obvious that the team would go back to what they had been for the other 9 years that decade as soon as they faced some adversity, because the team clearly doesn’t have it in them to dig deep. I had hoped that a season of winning would show them that they could win and would kick that, but they just never did. And that’s all on leadership, because those same guys that are letting Derrick Henry posterize them while other guys are loafing around on the other side of the field late last season used to run through walls for Gus Bradley. I can’t believe I’m actually comparing the any of the skills of a head coach with the fourth lowest win percentage in NFL history favorably to our current leadership. But here we are.
  5. Jaguars to start Gardner Minshew

    It wasn’t his call. It came from Coughlin and company, who were doing it out of self-preservation. Imagine going to your boss and explaining why the year after you spent $54M on Blake Bortles (with an actual payout of $26.5M) to play 13 games before you cut him, you then spent $88M on Nick Foles (with an actual payout that will end up being $46.625M) to play 10 snaps while the team goes 7-9 or worse. It’s one thing to call Foles a sunk cost if the Jaguars were winning games, but when they’re losing - from the perspective of the guys who have to answer for spending money on sunk costs, he’s their only hope. If you’re Coughlin and Caldwell, you hope that the team somehow wins some games and you can blame the poor start on Minshew’s raw talent, or if Foles plays poorly you try to spin that it was due to his injury and lack of reps that he struggled. And I’m sure that’s the spin they’re trying to put on it now. And to be clear, I’m not defending starting Foles. In fact, when we signed him I stated that this was more evidence that we’re the worst run franchise in the entire NFL. But Caldwell and Coughlin can’t go to Shad and explain away another major mistake, especially given that Caldwell has already been given a leash that has reached historic proportions; last season he joined Matt Millen as only the second GM in NFL history to officially botch both a head coach hiring and a top 20 QB selection and not be fired (though technically Steve Keim’s decision to move on from Wilks and Rosen after just one season adds him to the list as well). In fact, your suggestion that they fire Marrone would make him the only one in NFL history to screw up two head coaching hires under that scenario and also mean that they add a big free agent QB to the list of failures. Four combined failures at the two most important positions in the NFL should guarantee that everyone loses their job; so you can see why the front office couldn’t really justify putting themselves in that position, even if it made the most sense for the franchise as a whole to stick with Minshew.
  6. It isn’t tied to that at all.
  7. From what I’m hearing through the grape vine, this is far worse than dealing drugs.
  8. I had been hearing rumors for the last month or so that Telvin may had been tied up with some drug dealers.
  9. Jaguars to start Nick Foles

    This isn’t really the same thing as with the sunk cost fallacy though. In this case, going with the sunk cost actually makes sense for the front office. Let’s pretend for a minute that it’s obvious to everyone that Minshew is better than Foles. The Jaguars are 4-5 right now and haven’t beaten a good team all year. With things going as they are, they finish 7-9. The end of the year meetings come around and Coughlin, Caldwell and company have to explain to Shad Khan what went wrong. They then get to explain to Shad Khan why they spend $88 million of Shad Khan’s money on a guy who wasn’t even good enough to start on a 7-9 team. This coming on the heels of giving Blake Bortles a bunch of money the season before and then benching him for not being good enough to lead a 5 win team through the season just last year. This also during the same season they alienated the team’s best player. Even if Foles is worse, from a self preservation standpoint, the team has to put him out there. Then if it doesn’t work, you try to pin it on the lack of chemistry with players after a long time not practicing, not looking the same after the injury, or anything else that you can to drive discussion away from the fact that you spent a boatload of money on a QB who can’t even start for a losing team for the second straight year. If Minshew was winning, or the front office wasn’t on the hot seat, then sure it’s a sunk cost and you just eat the damages the money loss causes for the better on field product. But the front office is in a situation where they are teetering on being fired; and not winning, while wasting 88 million on a backup probably pushes them over the edge to be fired. And they are going to do anything to try to avoid that situation. And when teams get into a situation of trying to save their jobs, often times they make the worse decision because it’s a decision that’s easier to justify alongside predetermined factors. At the very least, the Jaguars are at that point. Sunk cost never makes sense for the business as a whole, but it often reflects better upon certain individuals within an entity to not call attention to the sunk costs they have caused.
  10. Jaguars to start Nick Foles

    This is a front office that is only one of three in NFL history to draft a QB top 10, have the QB flop and still keep their jobs. They then went out and spent $80M on a QB that has played 11 snaps for the team. The team is going to have another losing record this year if things keep up how they are. Do you really think they care whether they find out if Minshew is the guy? All they care about is finding a way to keep their job, and the way towards that is not by having to explain why they spent $80M on a QB that’s viewed worse than a 6th round rookie that’s not even winning games. This decision was obvious from miles away. Losing games and having to explain why they spent big on another trash QB they lost faith in to win them games after 11 snaps is about the closest thing to a guarantee that people get fired as there is. And in the end, that’s all they care about.
  11. Jaguars to start Nick Foles

    The only way Minshew was keeping this job is if he won a bunch of games. But with the team at 4-5, the front office would be hard pressed to explain to ownership why they spent $80M on a guy to play 11 snaps while his backup leads the team to a losing record.
  12. Will send WRs and draft picks for a RB.
  13. Thoughts on Ramsey trade?

    the account is private, so the name is hidden. But there’s Fournette liking a tweet after his supposed shade saying that is is nonsense. Plus there’s the following tweets: Fournette wasn’t upset with Ramsey. You all need to stop reading into nonsense that isn’t there.
  14. Thoughts on Ramsey trade?

    In almost every situation, guys are going to be on both sides. And I’m sure some guys were frustrated with Jalen. It’s hard to believe that no one would think that he should just suck it up and play. But I’ve spoken to people with connections in the locker room, and from both of them, the consensus is very pro-Jalen, with several guys who have expressed their desire to play for another team as soon as possible, because they feel the front office has zero respect for them. I’m not going to name names, because it could be damaging for some of the players, so you’re gonna have to trust me on this one. Or don’t. But that’s what I’ve heard from people close to the players. If Coughlin is still around, you’re gonna see some guys you think are slam dunk re-signs leave the team and likely some surprising cuts from guys pressing their way off the team in the offseason. And Jalen isn’t the first one to feel this way, either. Allen Robinson recently liked a tweet that said that Coughlin’s treatment of him is the only reason he’s not a Jaguar anymore. All of Telvin Smith’s recent social media posts suggest the reason he’s taking the year off is in at least part because of how Coughlin treated him; and Telvin was a leader on the team. Dante Fowler said some pretty scathing things about the team’s treatment of him after his exit. Malik Jackson expressed that he felt like he was being pressed out of the team during last season. Marcedes Lewis asked to be released because he felt disrespected by the way the team handled the TE position after he took a pay cut to stay with the team; Lewis was also another locker room leader. Also, from what I heard, Hayden’s comments weren’t to be taken as a guy mocking Jalen, but as a guy who knew that the situation wasn’t resolved and was doing a little wink and a nod to that. And at least one player is extremely frustrated that Oehser portrayed the locker room the way he did the other day. It’s also worth noting that Marrone told Wigg that leaders on the team had approached him about this situation, but none of it was regarding Jalen - which seems to indicate that they’re talking to him about Coughlin. He also had that presser where he said nothing but good things about Jalen (which is to be expected and nothing should be read into a coach saying nice things about a player he may coach in the future) but expressed clear frustration with the way the front office was handling the situation. So yeah, sure. There’s probably a handful of guys that felt Jalen quit on them. But as a whole, that’s not what the locker room thought, because a whole lot of those guys have seen themselves and others past and present treated like garbage to the point of not wanting to be there anymore.