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  1. The Haunting of Hill House

  2. Blake Bortles

    Blaine Gabbert and Brett Hundley also had some spectacular preseasons.
  3. Blake Bortles

    They expected a slot receiver with injury history, a career #3/#4 receiver with injury history, and two sophomores to be a viable receiving group and had no protection built in if one of them got hurt for any amount of time or if one of them didn't develop into a much more viable option than they had been to this point in their career. It was a garbage plan that burned them; just like they've been burned on them at every turn for a decade. Last year was only that good because they had virtually no injuries at all and everything went right. The few spots they had injuries, they were lucky to have some unforeseen depth show up. So instead of keeping that depth, they stripped all the depth from those spots and expected the previous depth of the WRs to become the new strength of the group. Was an awful plan and it blew up like anyone who was paying any sort of attention would have guessed it would.
  4. Blake Bortles

    They clearly weren't basing their decision on his knee, or they would have worked him out to check the knee out in the first place. But they didn't.
  5. Blake Bortles

    Who is doing this? Explaining the logistics of something isn't the same as agreeing with the initial behavior that got them there. I've been incredibly critical of them not ever having anything resembling a backup plan in place for anything. Everything needs to go perfectly or else they have to make reactionary move after reactionary move. Nothing they do is proactive. This includes not having a viable plan behind Bortles, it includes coming into this season with ONE power back despite the entire offense being built on power running, it includes hanging the entire season's viability on two rookie receivers becoming a #1 and #2 simultaneously in their sophomore season. It includes not having adequate depth at any position. It includes expecting every single player to play to peak viability else the entire season goes to crap. Explaining that they've made their version of a proactive move by bringing in a low cost backup and that they won't make a change unless it's reactionary isn't agreeing with them, it's pointing out that it just won't happen.
  6. Blake Bortles

    A good preseason performance should never alter an opinion. And if Bridgewater's post-injury look had any chance of altering their opinion of him, they would have brought him in and worked him out. But they didn't, because it wasn't something they had interest in.
  7. Blake Bortles

    No one here made anything resembling an argument that disagreed with the idea that Teddy would be the best backup option. The argument was that they clearly had already made an active decision that Blake was going to be the starter and an active decision via trade to have Kessler be the backup and the only way something was going to change that was if something happened to cause them to reconsider. Nothing happened.
  8. Blake Bortles

    Teams don't reconsider things for no reason, it just doesn't happen. That's all we were ever saying.
  9. Blake Bortles

    You could make the argument that Fitzpatrick's streakiness is better for the team. But this team isn't making the playoffs, so there's really no reason to trade for a QB in the middle of the season.
  10. Blake Bortles

    The thing is nobody argued that Teddy wasn't possibly a better option. It was that it made no sense to trade for a QB who you clearly didn't want just 3 months ago when nothing had changed. If they wanted Teddy, they should have went after him when he was a Free Agent. Instead, they re-sgned Bortles and traded for Kessler. They didn't even inquire on Teddy or any of the other QBs available. They cleary didn't want Teddy and literally nothing changed to where an opinion should have changed about the situation. Call that decision stupid all you want; it's certainly fair. But to expect that they'd have changed their mind based on literally nothing and then traded draft assets? That's stupid too.
  11. Blake Bortles

    Have you seen the rest of the team play these last three weeks? They aren't going anywhere, no matter who they got under center.
  12. I said it back in week 2 last season - this team is going to crumble under Marrone the first time that they face some real adversity.
  13. Week 7 GDT

  14. This won’t be better next year either. How are they gonna find a OC, DC, QB, #1 and #2 WR, RT, and depth across the team this offseason? Plus a DT, probably a replacement for CC’s production, and whatever holes come up.
  15. Week 7 GDT

    And you know better than basing entire judgements of players based on single games.