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  1. All Things Wrestling Thread

    On one hand, absolutely do this because Bullet Club has been some of the best work wrestling has ever had. But on the other hand, prepare to be angry beyond belief after you see what guys like Balor, Cody and Anderson can do and how terribly they have all been handled in WWE. EDIT: You said AJ bores you. So add him to this list too.
  2. FleaFlicker now has an app - if any of you want it.
  3. Honey, I had 55,990 posts that carried over from a forum that didn’t even have likes. I average a like every 3.9 posts. Get out my face.
  4. If I didn’t spend 4 months off the forum, you’d be lucky to have half the likes I do, punk.
  5. Someone come take over a team in our TAST dynasty league Teams available are listed in my last post on the last page.
  6. This team drafts 8th This team drafts 5th You can have either of those teams right now if you want. Three teams, we don’t have a commitment on. I’ll give them a week to commit and then I’m finding a new owner. This team drafts 6th This team drafts 4th This team drafts 15th
  7. @I_GET_SAX @BigBillsFan13 @Its A Sabotage
  8. Relationship Advice Thread

    Does she maybe have PPD or another depressive disorder that she’s struggling with and maybe not telling you about?
  9. But - assuming he doesn’t have something to use as a reference point, would he be able to process what pointy and roundness look like?
  10. If a man is born blind and learns to distinguish between a sphere and a cube by touch alone, if he one day gains the ability to see, would he then be able to immediately distinguish between the two by only using sight?
  11. Name Change

    Wolverine is Weapon X. Michigan Wolverines.