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  1. Not sure what the question is. He quite clearly explained the process that led to him deciding that it was time in the video and also addressed the concerns that it was Team Rodgers trying to get the info out. Also, again, what does it matter?
  2. Four pages to argue about whether or not Adam Schefter received his information on the exact day he said he received it. What difference does it make at all? If the information is correct, who cares if he said he got the information on Thursday or on February 39th? If Aaron wants out, isn’t that all that matters? Plus get this! Maybe he decided to run the story and then texted someone asking “is Aaron still wanting out?” and got an answer. Whew! Suddenly both stories are completely factual and this entire side argument means even less than it already did. Good lord.
  3. Really, I think you mostly gotta decide first whether you’re grading the staff or the class or how much you weigh each. To me — and obviously I’m coming at this from a biased perspective — it seems kinda silly to completely discount the impact of what effectively is the only pick that’s going to matter for the team when we look back in a decade. It won’t matter what the other picks do; It won’t even matter whether Urban Meyer works out of any of the other offseason moves do anything of value. If Trevor ends up an all time great, the 2021 offseason will forever be viewed as a franchise alt
  4. I don’t even necessarily know if it’s too low. 20th seems kinda fine as a preliminary overview. I’d put it a bit higher, but I don’t see any reason to argue too fervently. I’ve said in the Jaguars sub-forum that I too can totally see a situation where Trevor and ETN are the only successes and think that like somewhere like 12-15 is probably where I’d put it as of right now with the possibility it shoots up the list as time goes on, but overall I’m fine with his assessment of it being a little below average class. I also did a deep dive into a review of Trent Baalke’s history with gu
  5. If this seemed like me calling him out on this, it wasn’t. And if @goldfishwars felt that it was, I apologize. I enjoy his rankings every year. Also while I don’t agree with the assessment on ETN, I also think that the risk associated with guys like Cisco reasonably allow for placing the team’s draft class at the point it is. It was just me pointing out that people got this vision for what Urban meant about ETN’s value and role from a single tweet that was taken wholly out of context. I wouldn’t even say GFW took it out of context, I’d bet a significant amount of money that it was presen
  6. This is largely how we do it as well. There’s certain things that get divided based on who is okay with doing thing, and others based on time available to do things, but it’s not like concrete. I work from home, and she works out of the home; so I just empty the dishwasher while I’m on my lunch break, and on Friday I try to find a bit of time gather up and get a load of laundry in the washer while I’m on a break. But during tax season, this stuff isn’t getting done because of how busy I am, and I might forget to do it otherwise because I’m stressed or whatever or just went ADHD brain and
  7. Both teams were the #2 scoring offenses in their respective years, so I'm guessing you're referring to the fact that 1997 was 3rd in yards and 1999 was 6th in yards? It's not relevant. There were 7 different blowout games in 1999 that the team pulled starters with multiple drives left on offense and easily could have added more yards if the game was closer. Not once for the 1997 did they pull starters before the last drive of the game.
  8. No, not at all. But I do remember when ESPN spent a week talking up a rally in Jacksonville to demand Tebow be signed, and it culminated in an attendance of 20 people. But the media really wanted it to be a thing, because 30 members of the media showed up. Maybe the lack of sound reasoning applies to the perception of scope of Tebowmania too, perhaps.
  9. Given actual Jaguars+Gators fans on the site have asked the question and seem to think Tebowmania will come back, I have a hard time believing it's just a joke. At least from everyone.
  10. Yeah, I mean I definitely don't see him being in the backfield too often on early downs. Probably should've expanded on what he meant there though. He's going to be a big part of our offense from the jump. The thing is that tweet everyone passed around to laugh at the pick was after he already explained what he envisioned with the pick. Everyone just took a quote Mia posted after she had already posted his other comments and ran with that as if it was the only thing he said about it. link here 3:03 is the first time he mentions him being a third down back at 0:17 he c
  11. Thanks. They're crediting Robinson with 9, and Taylor with 18 for a combined 27. There was 44 total allowed by the entire team. Which leaves 17 for the rest of the OL, TEs and unblocked. PFF has: Norwell at 3, Cann at 2, Shatley at 2, Richardson at 2, Linder at 1, Bartch at 0. Assuming that whatever metric ESPN is using also doesn't have inflated numbers for those (which seems improbable), that leaves 7 combined for TEs + RBs, unblocked rushers and sacks that would typically be blamed on the QB. That seems really low, particularly for the unblocked rusher and QB forced sacks. M
  12. So he was the most talked about draft prospect since Andrew Luck, so obviously he's going to sell twice as many jerseys as any rookie has ever sold, and it's not even that big of a deal for him to have done so. But also a washout former QB changing positions to a low spotlight position 9 years after he last played a game is going to outsell him. Come on.
  13. That's …. odd. Do you have a link to this? I can't find this anywhere on their site, and I even have ESPN+ and tried looking behind the paywall for this. PFF credits him with 8 (link), STATS LLC says 6 (link). I'm particularly confused because ESPN partners with PFF and routinely uses them for their stat collection, so I'm very curious how PFF somehow missed 56% of the sacks he allowed that ESPN found.
  14. doubt Lawrence shattered single day jersey sales for any sport, and has already doubled up the jersey sales any other NFL player has ever sold in the entirety of their rookie year. It’s been a week.
  15. Plus we know for certain that the Jets wanted to take Carter before they picked him and waited to take him where they did because they expected that he would fall to them. He was atop their board for a long time, and only waited for him at 107 because they knew he was likely to get there. If we hadn’t taken ETN, it’d be wildly obvious that we were in the market for a player to play the Harvin role and with Carter the most obvious fit as we closed in on the 106th pick. There’s no reason to believe that the Jets would sit and hope we don’t pick the guy it was obvious we needed right in fron
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