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  1. It’s weird that the Jags give just 13% of snaps to their RB1
  2. Not defensive at all. It’s a thread about a one time fan favorite player, so fans of that team are certainly going to come in and discuss the player and the topic being discussed. I just don’t understand why this is what it is. I get where the first post came from; I could see how that’s funny. Someone thought he was better and then he fell off. It’s silly fun, I get that. The stuff after that, I don’t get it. Want help me out with understanding that? Because I genuinely don’t get it, and it’s not me being defensive. Like I really don’t understand why the timing of that thread relative to
  3. If you don't think that he was better than Tucker, that's fine. I even specifically called him top 2, so I was never in on this argument to begin with. Tucker had a bigger leg, while Lambo had been more accurate, and I'd take the bigger leg when they were as close as they were. But you could still get off all these same takes about him not being better than [whoever you think is the second best kicker now, ...or third, or fouth, or fifth, or sixth, or seventh, or eighth, or ninth....], pretending that a guy after two hip injuries that landed him on IR both times and has clearly changed hi
  4. He spent that entire month on injured reserve. Not sure what you’re getting at, unless you’re saying that no one can think an injured player is a better player than someone who is healthy.
  5. He screwed up his hip last year, went on IR, came back and screwed it up again, landed on IR again and hasn’t looked the same since he came back. He was a mess all through camp, preseason and the first three games of this year, even though reportedly he is physically fine. The general consensus seems to be that it’s something mental going on, like the yips. So yeah, things have changed a lot since then.
  6. It’s crazy how he went from inconsistent and extremely frustrating with the Chargers to completely automatic and the most accurate kicker in the league over the span he was with us, to completely unable to make a kick after his injury. If you ever needed evidence of how fickle the Kicking game is, I can’t imagine there’s many better examples. I hope he gets whatever is wrong with him right and he finds some success elsewhere.
  7. Hey man, quick question. Can you DM me your address? and also the time of your next vacation?
  8. He's apparently having trouble getting route tree concepts down. Hopefully the bye week gives him time to figure it all out and become a contributor. But if he doesn't, don't expect him to make it here. Sadly.
  9. He was out this week with a shoulder injury. But he’s only played 37 snaps for them so far, and appears to only be getting CB4/5 snaps so far. And that’s without Gilmore being active. Hopefully for his sake it’s just them giving him time to develop into the role, but that’s not great.
  10. I really did not come away impressed with Tua at all. Hopefully I’m just grading him unfairly for the way the secondary played, but he was given whatever he wanted for the majority of the game and left yards on the field along with some conversions.
  11. So... The last three games, Trevor is 65/98 66.3%, 8.2 YPA, 2 TDs, 1 INT, 93.5 Passer rating. And 2 rushing TDs And if you choose to ignore the list play of the game last week, the passer rating is 98.13 Trevor's ANY/A has been 7.40 over the last three games. 7.91 if you remove the pick. While it is unfair to compare a three game stretch to a career, the only two players with a career ANY/A above 7.40 is Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes. And Mahomes is the only one above 7.91. Just a little bit of perception on his play since he started working in his leg
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