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  1. Interesting to note that every single team remaining traded for a QB between last season and now.
  2. I had something very mean to say. I will refrain from doing so. Character growth.
  3. Also, I cleaned out my inbox so there's a ton of room for all star ballots. So far, I have received one in my inbox, and the one from rammy in the thread that I will also count. @TheKillerNacho can we get confirmation on which conference is 3-4 and which is 4-3?
  4. Regular season only. Your average margin of victory before the trade was 5.33, and average margin of victory after the trade was 3.14. So without any normalization, you got 2.19 points per game worse. And your opponents average margin of victory was -1.12 for teams you played before the trade, and -1.02 for team's you played after. So before the trade, you were +4.12 against the average, and after, you were +2.12. And without normalizing for opponents offene and defense, you averaged 29.33 points per game before the trade, and 29.14 after the trade, and allowed 24.00 before the trade, and 26.00 after the trade.
  5. I know you’re talking about my team, but this holds true for mookie as well. If he wins the title, its not going to matter, and anything I say about value and limited growth doesn’t matter because it was enough to secure a title. But if he loses a game along the way, there’s always going to be the notion that he should have gotten more with the resources he had to give.
  6. Psst - no one has ever said you shouldn’t have spent those draft picks. If you think this is the last season, you should be trading every pick you can. No one is arguing differently. What we’re arguing is that for two firsts and two seconds, you should probably be getter better than .57 points per game better. You only have so many *imaginary draft picks* to make yourself better. And you spent all of those to get .57 points better and left yourself no high profile resources to get any better. That’s the whole point that’s been made the whole time. Trade four firsts, four seconds, and every other pick if you want. But maybe don’t expect people to think it was a good move when you can’t even add a point to your point differential.
  7. Weird how two CBs were traded for future picks immediately after your trade, but nobody was taking future picks.
  8. I can't believe there's an argument when the entire crux of the original argument was that the trade was going to make a marginal difference in the team's play, and now that it's been proven to be a marginal difference, people are back to arguing it was a good idea to spend those resources there and not somewhere else.
  9. If Peters' personal stats don't look great, and the difference it makes in a team's measurable success isn't great, what exactly makes him a difference maker? He doesn't produce stats and the team he's on barely gets better and that's a proven difference maker? Do they? Because I'm pretty sure I've never spent two firsts and two seconds on players that add a marginal difference to my splits. In fact, if you actually look at my actions, they quite clearly line up exactly with what I'm saying. Outside of the Brees trade, which we've already shown had a far larger impact, every midseason trade I've ever made has been trades of mid/late round picks for players like Christian Kirksey and Johnathan Joseph. I've always been a bargain hunter, and I've always argued for bargain hunting because they offer so much more value. And on top of that, I've never spent a first or second round pick on a off ball LB or a CB in the draft or otherwise, let alone two firsts and two seconds on a set of them. So no, my actions say exactly what I'm saying.
  10. I mean if your sole argument is "the defense on track for being the worst in sim history is going to get marginally better" and that's all that matters, then sure your team got marginally better. The point we've always been making is that for two firsts and two seconds, getting what turned out to be a half point per game better was never good value. Yeah, maybe you won't ever be back and those picks won't mean anything, but you could have gotten so much more value for those same picks. Instead of getting a half point better, you could have gotten two or even three points better. If this is the last offseason and the last chance you'll ever have to win a title, you should have tried to get more than a half point per game better rather than settling on the half point because "better is better."
  11. And Darius Slay was the best defender on not one but two different title winners, including the greatest in league history. But nobody was lining up to trade a bunch of picks for him. The greatest team of all time doesn't win a title if Marqise Lee didn't return two different kicks for TDs in the playoffs. I don't beat you in S18 if Marcel Dareus doesn't get a strip sack that knocked you out of FG range in what ended up being a 1 point win. That doesn't make those players difference makers. The point is, Mookie got a grand total on one half of a point better by adding not only Peters, but Deion Jones as well. A HALF point. I got a bigger bump from adding Johnathan Joseph and Christian Kirksey in S18. If two players combining for a half point increase is what we are drawing a hard line denoting this is absolutely difference making, then the league has 200+ difference makers, which makes it a completely meaningless phrase.
  12. Meanwhile, the Brees trade turned out like this for me: -2 per game point differential per game before the trade, +6.1 post the trade for a base difference of 8.1 per game. vs the Average, the difference is 5.1, nearly ten times as much as the difference brought by Peters and Jones. So either a top end QB is worth 20 firsts and 20 second round picks, when no one has ever paid more than four firsts and a second for a QB, or those two weren't worth anything close to that value, because they didn't really make that much of a difference.
  13. Probably. It won't change my mind about leaving Texas, though.
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