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  1. FB Patrick DiMarco ILB Danny Trevathan @MookieMonstah
  2. Of course it is. What part of a stapler on top of a life savings is hard to believe? Season 15 was a simpler time.
  3. WR Robby Anderson DE Mike Daniels @MookieMonstah
  4. The only people that should take you seriously are the two sad saps that lose to you in any given season.
  5. And double yikes @ “my man telvin”
  6. It’s not the playing in the sim part that you got trashed for. It’s the whole sexual assault of a minor thing that people are trashing.
  7. Yet you know the OP isn’t updated. Checkmate.
  8. If only glem had said he wasn’t going to be able to update it for the next several days and to use the doc in the meantime.
  9. Exactly what I was implying. I basically got to take my 11th round pick early. But there’s going to be 60 players taken between 10.20 and 12.11, and it’s gonna be rough watching what happens to my board.
  10. We’ll see if having three picks in the tenth makes up for not having an 11th. Probably not.
  11. I can see all of that. And it’s probably going to be hard for him to be good enough that he’d usurp Lanard as my RB keep, as Lanard definitely plays well above his real life counterpart.
  12. Singletary was going to be my 8th round selection up until literally the minute I made my pick. Then the coach run kept me from taking him last round. Glad to get him in the 10th. Great backup with a good chance of taking a step forward in 2020 too.