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  1. He went on the IR, so I’m guessing there must be some loophole in which exact injuries don’t need to be disclosed if a guy won’t been on the daily report.
  2. Ah yes. Instead of just owning up that you made a mistake that completely changes the context of everything you said, just go around calling random fans biased Browns fans. Because context clues in the exact sentence you posted would indicate that you think you’re doing everything perfectly including being among a rare group not to get fined. And I wasn’t the only one to mention it, so maybe the issue is your inability to structure a sentence correctly, not my inability to assume you meant the exact opposite of the words you wrote.
  3. Yes, pwny the famed browns fan. If you’re going to cry about people being biased against you, maybe actually know their biases before crying that they must be. You said the Steelers are one of the teams not to be fined.
  4. Foles was benched for Minshew, week 13 vs Tampa. Mark Long’s tweet was right. For once.
  5. Cannot believe we ended the Garrard era and then got a decade of this.
  6. pwny


    Delete @Adrenaline_Flux
  7. Are you talking within the context of medical professionals and front line workers refusing to take it and then being required to choose between taking the vaccine and not working? Or some other context?
  8. Excited to see neither of them get voted for yet again 🙄
  9. And really, looking through the article, it’s a lot of what we know. The NFL owners across the league have to approve the extension, and there’s some certain things about TIAA that are outdated and realistically need to be updated to fit the new vision that owners have for in stadium experiences. And the team is locked into their lease until 2030. So like there’s a lot of time to do renovations and the fact that the city and team have already started working together to research all the things that would need to be done to reasonably have the stadium viable through 2040 or 2050 or whatever the extension would bring them to, is honestly a good sign.
  10. It’s also the kind of thing that every franchise asks for before signing an extension. This alone isn’t bad or good, it’s just the standard. How the team and city eventually handles this is going to divide how this goes. The city has been largely accommodating to Shad’s whims and plans for development, so at this stage I wouldn’t start pushing a panic button. Ultimately, renovations are far easier to get approval for than building a new stadium, so as long as the request stays for renovations and the city remains accommodating, I wouldn’t worry.
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