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  1. When this sort of thing happens, please let me another global know. It will be taken seriously. If you have any questions - or further comments - about forum moderation, please refrain from posting them in thread. I would, however, be happy to discuss any concerns you have via PM.
  2. You really this upset that you got told to follow forum rules?
  3. It’s possible. Someone with SirA did an investigation on me the same night he did.
  4. I verified Rags is an investigator, and has no other night abilities.
  5. At the same time, no. But yes, can you access it from a PS4, XBOX, Roku, AppleTV, FIreTV, Chromecast, internet browser, tablet, or phone.
  6. You're harming the game by continuing to spout this with no evidence. His role literally says he created the Pah-Wraiths along with Winn, that the chat was only created upon him changing to a PahWraith, and that he is the converter. Why you continue to argue that there was a Pah-Wraith before him and that somehow there must actually be another converter makes no damn sense.
  7. Now that SirA1 is dead, I would guess no. But his night actions may have already recruited people.
  8. Whicker did claim rags had that alignment though. Hmm. I’m gonna go to sleep on this though. Have to be up in 6 hours for work.
  9. Solely off the fact that he investigated me, I’d rather not. We have no idea if these two are even the only two who did investigate me.
  10. Someone who investigated me N2 was working with SirA1. @Ragnarok investigated me. @bcb1213 claimed he investigated someone as Jadzia N2 as well.
  11. I was ignoring all of that noise because it seemed irrelevant arguing, but I might have just figured out something.
  12. Malf, what exactly is going on with the outlaws? There's three claimed and two of them apparently aren't aligned, is that right? If so, who are the other two?