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  1. Incels?

    I read each of those articles again to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Every single one of them agrees that CICO works. For example: He then goes on to explain that people have a hard time sticking with this diet because of numerous biological factors, but he never once argues that reducing calories below TDEE won’t reduce fat for every single person alive. He specifically says that it will.
  2. The gf and I really like Arkham Horror. It’s cooperative too, so that will keep it from feeling unbalanced.
  3. Yeah. The other two, he averaged 33 rushing yards, 2.9 YPC, and 8.5 receiving yards per game. Not something I’d call an exceptional run.
  4. Well it’s 50/33/17. So you still lose.
  5. Incels?

    Whichever option you feel best applies to the concept being discussed.
  6. Incels?

  7. Incels?

    If you drank a Diet Coke on top of your exact same diet, it wouldn’t change your weight. However, the mechanisms in the sweeteners are going to make you more likely to eat more food because your body is expecting simple sugars that aren’t actually there.
  8. Incels?

    Show me where, in any of those articles, they state that dropping calories below maintenance doesn’t reduce body fat.
  9. Incels?

    Does every calorie activate the same processes in the body? No. Does every calorie satiate you the same? No. Does every calorie impact overall health the same? No. Does every calorie have the same impact on body fat? Yes.
  10. Incels?

    And they’re all saying the same thing.
  11. Incels?

    And again - this. The article is saying that 500 calories of lettuce will satiate you longer than 500 calories of pure sugar, and this will be easier to stick to a below maintenance level.
  12. Incels?

    That isn’t what he said there at all, by the way. If you’re eating 6500 calories and burning 2200, you’re not going to lose weight cutting down to only taking in 3000. You’re still taking in more calories than you’re expending.
  13. Incels?

    If taking in fewer calories than you burn doesn’t cause someone to lose weight, how exactly are they burning more calories? Where are these calories coming from that they’re burning?
  14. I almost edited the post to say just that
  15. But then you take my 60% chance of winning, if we was to use just 2018, and then add 40 and 20 , I got 120 percents chance of winning at Taco Bowl. Señor Flux, the numbers don't lie, and they spell disaster for you at Taco Bowl.