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  1. Any bad Encounters with Critters?

    I was a delivery guy for good and had to punt a raccoon.
  2. So my girlfriend moved down to Texas before I did, at the time expecting that she would just spend a year down there by herself and then come back up to Chicago. So she got a small one bedroom apartment for the year. A couple months later, I moved down. Because she just had a small 1BR, I had some stuff I needed to put in storage. Did that, moved down, and then we moved into a condo last month. Started planning to go back up to get my stuff, and her parents offered to use their trailer and to drive it down for us. So this weekend, we flew up to Chicago, spent the last few days hanging out in the city, loaded my stuff up for a half hour and they’re now driving it down while I’m currently sitting in a terminal to fly back. So yeah, no bad stories from me either.
  3. I am a civ sided player, Hitoshi Demegawa. My role is to be able to get malf to post whatever I wanted. Both of the news updates about Dome and Matts can be attributed to me. Neither of them have anything to do with the game, just me using my role to cause some in-game chaos. My intent with both messages was to just cause confusion in the game. I wanted confusion with the Dome message, and was actually trying to see if I could just get Matts to assume he was dead and end up being mod-killed. While the first message had the impact I intended, some poor assumptions by me over how Matts would react to a message caused me to go over the line with the flavor I added to the message. After Matts left the game, he spoke with malf who informed him of how the message was created. Matts messaged me upset, and I apologized. At that point, I informed malf that I no longer had any intent of playing the game any further, as it wouldn’t be fair to Matts for my presence to further bring up more questions about what happened with the message. I told malf that he could replace me if he so chose, but that I would prefer to just be modkilled for not voting. For those who know me as a player, they should know that last night was in fact the first time in my mafia career that I skipped a day vote, and I promise that I will not be posting a vote today either, which will trigger my player death. It appears that Matts and I are on common ground at this point, but seeing that his situation is still being discussed as of recently, I’m choosing to post this message. At this point, I ask that the information within the broadcast about Matts no longer be discussed. I would also like to apologize to malf for taking what should have been a fun mechanic and taking things too far and putting a negative mark on the game to this point. For anyone else whose experience in the game was impacted in a negative way, I am sorry. It should also be noted that I have no knowledge of Matts’ alignment even after having talked to him, so nothing but the apology and ask that the topic be dropped should be drawn from this message.
  4. I’m completely confused how he could have been found dead, but also allowed to still post? Did someone fake their own death in the show? Is this an ability Matts could have had?
  5. I’ve definitely mentioned this vague version in WAYTA when giving you trash over it. The fact that someone only knew the vague version could be telling.
  6. @Matts4313 how much have you talked about this? Like would people in old [spam]s have heard the story?
  7. Are there zombies on the show?
  8. I think several people know about the event. It was mentioned in WAYTA. And whoever wrote it didn’t know the actual facts, like that it was someone he met through [poster], not someone on the actual site. That’s the part that’s much less known.
  9. The Technology Thread

    To actually answer your question - yes, it does make a difference in sound quality, and can be noticeably different. If your concern is having the best quality music that only an audiophile would notice any issues with, ripping to 320mp3 or 256AAC (if you use iTunes and iDevices) is your best bet. If you want perfect quality, ripping to FLAC or Apple Lossless is the only answer, but the overwhelming majority of people have no need for going that high in quality. But it’s not quite that simple if you want to know if it will make a difference to you, as not everyone can notice the difference. Differences in your hearing ability, using lower quality headphones, or just your personal preference can impact whether or not you notice a difference. Play an instrument heavy song on your device with your best headphones, speakers or whatever. Do it for a number of different genres to get an idea of what different types of songs sound like. Play it with the WAV you have, then the CD. See if you see any difference; is the sound more muddled on the WAV, does the CD let you hear notes you can’t discern on the WAV, or does it just sound better on the CD? If you notice a difference, it may be worth it to update them. If you can’t tell, it’s really up to you.
  10. That was Nacho. Hard to believe he figured out who was Penbar and then hit in right away.
  11. So if I’m understanding, Pickle was most likely the most powerful civ and let himself get lynched without a claim? Bruh.
  12. Fair. But at least I had the decency to put together a long con for months!
  13. Do you want to see my boarding pass? @MWil23 @Glen @Dome @TheKillerNacho @ET80 and @James can all vouch for me having talked about this trip for the last week.
  14. Anyway, I’m off to bed. I have to be up at 2:30 for a flight.