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  1. Basically if we just need to stop AP.
  2. Solly will replace AA next year.
  3. Bold prediction: Jared Goff will be benched

    Maybe next year, with that huge contract would be dumb.
  4. Week 6 - Rams vs 49ers

    Good game guys. I'm sure when we play you again will be close one.
  5. I bet we get one more season
  6. Solly! I still believe in you lol
  7. We need a quick 3 and out get our offense back on the field, keep Rams D tired.
  8. How Jimmy had to get it up over a player, it hit Coleman in his hands.
  9. Yup this, Jimmy had to get the ball over the Rams player. That was on Coleman
  10. I don't blame Jimmy on that throw he had to get it over the Rams player.
  11. George Kittle is so ******* good
  12. He has looked better then Sherm tbh
  13. Hope this is Pettis breakout game.