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  1. The Official 'Grade My Draft' Thread

    Thanks, I've been mocking on sleeper app but my league is on NFL.com and man there rankings are awful. I'm actually quite high on Jackson In fantasy with his running ability I think he ends up being a top 10 qb when it's all said and done for fantasy. But having Jimmy G as insurance makes me feel confident.
  2. The Official 'Grade My Draft' Thread

    Tough spot to be in drafting at 1 but for a 20 team league looks good. Only concern is your RBs outside of saquon. In my 12 team league Mayfield went at 12 then that person took Kelce at 13 was super surprised.
  3. Preseason Week 3 - GDT - SF 49ers @ KC Chiefs

    Disregard the tweet but more about the way Shanahan tries to challenge Pettis is a bit strange. Pettis seems like a guy who won't get better being challenged and needs to be loved to be better. Idk seems a bit weird how Pettis started otas and now. A ton of hype and know it seems gone. But I think he will be fine.
  4. The Official 'Grade My Draft' Thread

    12 team league, half point PPR, double flex OB L.Jackson QB Ravens RB J. Conner RB steelers RB K.Johnson RB lions WR M. Thomas WR Steelers WR C.Kupp WR Rams TE D.Njoku TE Browns Flex 1 Jacobs RB Raiders Flex 2 D. Montgomery RB Bears DEF Cowboys DEF BN C.Samuel WR Panthers EN L. Murray Saints BN D. Westbrook WR jaguars BN D. Thompson RB Chiefs BN G. Tate WR Giants BN M. Breida RB 49ers BN J.Garoppolo QB 49ers
  5. Andrew Luck informs Colts he plans to retire

    Yes but at this point might be better for them to move on if he unretires and let's say Brissett has a good season.
  6. Preseason Week 3 - GDT - SF 49ers @ KC Chiefs

    I don't agree with him there but I will say he's been less crazy as of late. Getting married might have changed him to not be such a *******
  7. Andrew Luck informs Colts he plans to retire

    I'm going to guess luck comes out of retirement next year. Not sure if it's with the colts.
  8. Preseason Week 3 - GDT - SF 49ers @ KC Chiefs

    If he's fired it won't be because we used a DT in coverage.
  9. They should go sign Jay Ajayi
  10. Preseason Week 3 - GDT - SF 49ers @ KC Chiefs

    My family league just finished drafting when the news hit. Let's just say I enjoyed breaking the news to the guy who drafted him.
  11. Preseason Week 3 - GDT - SF 49ers @ KC Chiefs

    Hurds out, would have liked to see him with Jimmy G especially in the red zone.
  12. Preseason Week 3 - GDT - SF 49ers @ KC Chiefs

    Garnett isn't playing and we will continue to have terrible interior play on the oline. Not that Garnett is any good but this is a huge issue with our depth. We might need to trade for some better backup players.
  13. Not sure but he did well only reason they keep sticking him out on the edge.
  14. Tank For Lawrence!!

    Lol "from what I heard" Calm down, he's going to be rusty and it was only 3 series. No need to jump the gun and flip out. We will know what Jimmy is this season forsure. We know what he can do it just needs to create wins.
  15. So I guess Austin Corbett has been struggling for the browns. He was a player I was high on for us to Target last year in the 3rd. He ended up going early 2nd which was a surprise. I wouldn't mind trading for him for cheap.