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  1. My guess we trade him to the Pats and he approves it.
  2. Kyle says he hasn't had any discussions about Baker.
  3. Will probably get him, we where the closet team who had put a claim in last week.
  4. I wonder if teams will want to sign him to the PS. I think that's more likely what teams will want to do for now.
  5. I thought when the Saints traded up for Devonport it was for Lamar. Probably should have been.
  6. Does Jordan Reed come back? Or does a team give him a big short term deal?
  7. Yeah I'm ok with Mullens being back if we draft a QB in the first he knows the offense better then anyone outside of Kyle. I agree with @Forge. We need to move on from Jimmy trade/cut and draft a QB in the first. We can put that money into retaining Trent Williams/others. I hope we get aggressive I don't mind trading next year first to move up to get whoever kyle falls in love with. I just pray we don't try to trade for Cousins.
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