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  1. Watch Aiyuk leads the team in targets this weekend. Lol
  2. I probably wouldn't play Kinlaw this week regardless if he practices tomorrow as well.
  3. Looking at videos of drills and I see Brandon Aiyuk is running last in every drill today. During training camp it was Deebo and Aiyuk running first. Now Aiyuk is running last while, Deebo and Sherfield running first. Probably nothing just something I noticed.
  4. Tbh I have no idea what to think I hope he is apart of the game plan this week. Things are going to get a ton harder for the next three weeks.
  5. Another reason I could see why he's in shanny's dog house lol 🤣.
  6. Yeah Moore is swing tackle. For me Thomas was a player that needed a year in the NFL to develop. I think next year we will see his jump. Missing the year of college did nothing good for him.
  7. That was a good 2nd half for the lions. Jimmy was good. Lance runs didn't work, I'm surprised Lance didn't get more throwing opportunities. Corner is a massive issue idk how they'd re going to fix it with JV probably out rest of the year.
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