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  1. Jimmie Ward has a broken collarbone

    Personally at this point sign Boston and just cut Ward. One of the worse things we did was re-sign him and have no backup plan.
  2. 49ers S Jimmie Ward breaks collarbone

    Everyone was expecting him to get injured except the 49ers. No surprise hopefully we are smart and sign Tre Boston
  3. Jimmie Ward has a broken collarbone

    Hopefully we bring in Tre Boston.
  4. Jimmie Ward has a broken collarbone

    As usual he is made of broken glass super glued together.
  5. Bucs sign Ndamukong Suh 1 year deal

  6. Reuben Foster goes down on 2nd snap of OTA's (Redskins)

    I will say the guy is a bone head but is also extremely unlucky.
  7. OTA's/Minicamp/Training Camp Discussion Thread

    Looks like Ruben Foster injured his leg for the skins
  8. Minor Niner News Thread

  9. Chiefs Trade for LB Darron Lee

  10. Chiefs Trade for LB Darron Lee

    First move of the Gase GM era.
  11. Jamie Collins Returns to Patriots

    Now signed
  12. I'm waiting for one of the Twitter draft community members to get hired. It'll happen one day.
  13. Going to guess bell gets traded next year.
  14. Is he related to Mark Zuckerberg? He has that lizard/alien vibe.
  15. So much for the Giants only dumpster fire in NY jets just jumped in to the fire if Gase is in charge.