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  1. Couldn't watch. How'd Jordan and Swearinger do?
  2. Trade Help

    QBs: L-Jax and Stafford RBs: Run CMC, Cook, Gurley, Mattison, Henderson, and Bonnafon WRs: Chark, MWilliams, Anderson, and Pascal TE: Waller K: Tucker DST: BAL Sadly, no one really likes to trade but I try. I was going to try with the same guy for Zeke and Courtland for my Cook. After more research, I'll just stand pat. Looking at the playoff schedule, Cook has it better than Zeke and Hilton's numbers I think won't be that huge of a difference. From the start, I wanted 3 solid RBs. RB1, RB2, and in the Flex slot. With this lineup, I'm the second highest scorer and second best weekly average scoring.
  3. Trade Help

    Barkly and Kupp. Zeke, Hunt, and Woods
  4. Trade Help

    I would trade Kupp for Zeke. I think you can get by with Sanders (now that he's in SF) and Landry. I been doing CMC/Cook/Gurley this whole season and my WRs are Chark, Anderson, and MWilliams. I like RBs. Lucky but sitting in first at 8-1. Having Gurley, I been watching the Rams O and it's been lacking. Kupp has been their lone bright spot though. Just grab Pascal for now. My two cents.
  5. Trade Help

    Looking to make a trade to help my WRs. I got Anderson, MWilliams, Chark, and Pascal. PPR btw. Thinking of trading Dalvin for Zeke and Hilton. Potential trade partner is sitting at 9 with only 8 making playoffs. TY might be out next 3 weeks and Dalvin has been doing more than Zeke so might help him make the playoffs. Will TY help me in the playoffs? Is there a drop off from Dalvin to Zeke? Or should I just sit tight?
  6. Start/Sit and Weekly Lineup Help

    I didn't know where to post this topic but I thing the Start/Sit thread works. If not, disregard this post. Week 7, up by 1 and change. Opponent has no players left and I have Robby Anderson left. Is it unethical if I just sit Robby and leave the Flex spot open and get the win or leave Robby in and let him play knowing that if he fumbles, it's -2 and I fall behind.
  7. Trade Help

    Right now Cook is the #2 RB in FF. I guess it depends on his roster as well. I might accept if you change out McLaurin for ARob at the least. Kupp, I'd accept that trade in a heartbeat.
  8. Rams Backfield??

    Tryna figure out a trade to get rid of Gurley and Brown off my team.
  9. Trade Help

    Suffered first loss. On tilt. Thinking I should make some trades. Thinking of dealing Run CMC and Bonnafon to the Carolina number 1 fan in our league for Chubb and Evans. Cause my WRs ( Chark, Williams, and Anderson) aren't very good. I know Godwin is stealing Evans thunder but I think Evans can help me. Especially ROS schedule. And will Hunt take away carries from Chubb? Chubb is the 4th leading RB in our league. Think he'll go for it? Do I even trade away fantasy's best player? Okay, scratch this. How about offering Gurely/Brown for Jacobs? Both starters ranked pretty close. ROS rankings have Gurely ending up higher but that Rams offense looks meh.
  10. Who killed you this week?

    Brown. Chark. And to an extent Cook. I know, I know, PHI D is stout vs the run but 13 and change?
  11. Handcuffs

    1, 3, 4, 5, 2.
  12. Trade Help

    Got vetoed. Thanks for the push though.
  13. Trade Help

    PPR Offered Davante Adams for my DJ Chark
  14. Handcuffs

    Dude countered that with DAdams/Mattison for my Coleman/Chark. What to do. What to do.
  15. Handcuffs

    That's the plan, get all 3 handcuffs. He wants Tevin Coleman for Mattison. I countered with Coleman/RAnderson for Mattison/Gallup or JBrown. My WRs suck. And I don't foresee myself plugging in Coleman into the starting lineup.