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  1. Start/Sit and Weekly Lineup Help

    I was looking Keesean Johnson or Randell Cobb. Ginn still there. I went RB heavy.
  2. Start/Sit and Weekly Lineup Help

    If Mike Williams is a go, play him over John Ross or Robbie Anderson? And yes, these are my starting WRs. Other choices on my bench are Allison and Amendola. BTW, PPR.
  3. Who killed you this week?

    If I lose this week, it's Done CMC's fault. 16 carries and 6 targets? Yikes!
  4. News & Notes: Post Week One

    After week 1, what do you guys think will be Cobb's role in this offense? I thought he looked good. Slot gonna be utilized a lot? Obviously, this is fantasy related.
  5. Add/Drop thread

    I went 0-WR and ended up with these guys for my WRs. Was thinking the WR class was deep. I think I waited too long and spent too much money on the other positions. Robby Anderson, Geronimo Allison, Kenny Stills Tre'quan Smith, and Marquise Goodwin. On the ww are: Daesean Hamilton, Albert Wilson, Sanu, Humphries, Funchess, Hollywood, Zay, Mecole, and WRs in this range. Of the bunch, Mecole seems intriguing. Trying to beat people to the punch before the post-Week 1 frenzy starts since I'm last priority. Or sit tight, which I'm cool with as well. Thoughts?
  6. Ravens WR Corp

    First off, yes, this is a fantasy question. Sorry about it. I was wondering what the feeling was about the Ravens WRs. What's the word coming out of practice? I'm intrigued with Hollywood and Boykin. Not so much with Snead. Or Roberts for that matter. ALL of them are sitting there on the ww. Any ideas who the starters will be? Will Lamar be passing more? Personally, I think he will. I picked him up as my QB2. Thanks. If this is in the wrong place? Sorry about that and please delete.
  7. Auction League Strategies?

    Actually, $156.00
  8. Auction League Strategies?

    Basically what I was doing when it was my turn to nominate. If you don't utilize the online auction drafts like we didn't, make sure you keep track of what the max bid of the other teams are. Towards the end, I nominated players I wanted for a buck too early.
  9. Auction League Strategies?

    This was me for the next hour after doing that? LOL QB-Cam and Lamar RB-McCaffery, Conner, Cook, Coleman, and Samuel WR-Anderson, Allison, Stills, TSmith, and Goodwin TE-Waller K-Prater DST-NO
  10. Auction League Strategies?

    Just did our draft yesterday. Spent 75% on three players, McCaffery, Conner, and Cook right off the bat. My strategy is to go hard on the RBs. I think the WR depth is good enough to find some viable options. Teams are using more 3 and 4 WR sets. This and $1.50 will get you a cup of coffee at 7-11.
  11. Speculative Add - Ronald Jones

    Yup, my second post I was thinking of Foreman. Miller and Blue not impressive.
  12. Speculative Add - Ronald Jones

    12 teamed. I figured if he hits, good. If not, drop’m. Better early than late.
  13. Speculative Add - Ronald Jones

    2 more yo consider: Penny and Foreman. I’m thinking Foreman now. Better o-line than TB and SEA.
  14. People saying he might be the starter after the bye. Got a burner spot on my roster where I could stash him. Actually, it’s Gio’s Spot. He’s out 2-4 weeks now. RBs are Kamara, Bell, Michel, Lynch, Gio, and Connor. Or stand pat?