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  1. 2020 Titans Off-Season

  2. 2020 Titans Off-Season

  3. The Everything Else Thread v. 8.0

    Lol Nike lost almost a billion last quarter. Maybe this year's sales of #22 jerseys will bring them back to the top.
  4. 2020 Titans Off-Season

    On a positive note, think of all the injuries that will have time to heal.
  5. 2020 Titans Off-Season

    How would you handle next year's draft if there isn't a season to sort out the picking order..
  6. The Everything Else Thread v. 8.0

    Too true. What sucks was once we knew he had it in him, he kept getting second chances.
  7. The Everything Else Thread v. 8.0

    I'll admit that is a great game!
  8. The Everything Else Thread v. 8.0

    Even better than his very first NFL game where he had a near perfect qb score?
  9. 2020 Titans Off-Season

    I get that. I look at the top 10 as who is the best 'right now.'
  10. 2020 Titans Off-Season

    How Simmons didn't make our top 10 baffles me. I started voting for him around #5 and didn't stop till the end. This dude was a top 5 prospect. Watch him during the Patriots and Baltimore play off games. He was a beast. Remember him on the bottom of the pile after Casey caused Jackson to fumble? He ripped the rock out with domination. With a full off season to get back to peak? Good lawd.
  11. 2020 Titans Off-Season

    It's good to remember..
  12. 2020 Titans Off-Season

    I am.
  13. 2020 Titans Off-Season

    What does this mean? What is a redneck?
  14. 2020 Titans Off-Season

    He hasn't played in 4 years plus the crapstorm he brings? Not a JROB zen locker room. No thanks.
  15. Titania's Top 10 Titans Of 2020

    Realistic? Ok, you should watch it and report back. Lol I saw it again the other day and I don't even know where to start.