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  1. UNREAL. They just got my heart restarted.
  2. Clipboard Jesus tip-toed into many a heart...
  3. I'm not laying down on this game. Minshew posted a 142.3 QBR last week. Could be a battle of QBs. Speaking of QBs, Tannehill has started 14 games as a Titans and has 3216 yards, 29 passing TDs, 5 rushing TDs, and only 7 INTs. On a separate note, why didn't they give Clowney a sack?
  4. We broke a 6 game losing streak in Denver. That's pretty good.
  5. The shovel pass. Yep Simmons shrugged off 2 guys and made a massive play. I think when our Dline get on the same page they are going to wreck stuff.
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