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  1. Maybe we trade down this year, just for practice....and then we can do it au natural next year?
  2. Hated to see the character that left the show last night leave the show, but that certainly has to clear up the Kim Dickens rumors about her character returning to the show. Really enjoyed the character, but their demise and the aftermath, will really drive the story going forward.
  3. Gonna catch a lot of heat for this. While I love my Cleveland Browns, I think Australian Rules Football is a superior game. A combination of Am. Football, rugby, soccer, volleyball, cross-country running, mixed-martial arts, gymnastics and calculus. .....and I've been a Browns fan for over half a century.
  4. I saw it. (evidently Steven May didn't).....yeah, I know...too soon. You're right about the injuries. By my count, the Cats have 7 players from their 18 missing from the lineup, along with two of their top prospects.
  5. I think Aaron Rodgers has done a decent job on Jeopardy. I think they could do much worse than him as a permanent host.
  6. True, but he gets to get up tomorrow to get to work yesterday. It should work out nicely.
  7. Just finishing it up. Absolutely dynamite. Top 5 episode in the series.
  8. Olivia Colman (The Crown) - was also dynamite in Broadchurch Laura Linney (Ozark) - arguably my favorite actress. My wife and I saw her in an off-off-off broadway play, in 1995, right before she exploded on the scene. Rhea Seehorn Julia Garner
  9. These 6 episodes were basically ones to help give some backstory to some of the characters, as well as provide some "filler" between the end of what was actually Season 10 and Season 11. Season 11 would have already been underway had it not been for Covid. We're simply learning a bit more about some of the characters. It was also a good way to not have to use any of the last season on reintroducing Maggie to the show. Looking forward to the Negan backstory. I've heard some good things about it. FTWD will be back in another week, and it has been pretty solid.
  10. I simply mentioned that i was done, and the reasoning behind it is the 3rd rail of the forum. Can't delve into that here.
  11. Culminating event. I want to avoid delving anymore into this, as I don't want to cross the line that the forum has in place.
  12. We're going to have to agree to disagree on that. I'm done with baseball. 57 years of being a fan. I'm finished.
  13. 57 years was long enough to be a baseball fan. Thank goodness I fell in love with Australian Rules Football five years ago. The transition is now complete. MLB, it was fun while it lasted. Sinclair/Bally's....do whatever the hell you want. Not my concern anymore.
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