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  1. If it were only that easy. Wait. Maybe it is. Perhaps Jimmy Truckstop actually got word from someone here in the forum several years to draft that debacle that was Johnny Football. Anyone want to "fess up"?
  2. For the record, I just had 3 new jars of vegemite delivered this week, as I've gone through 3 jars since June. Toast, a little butter on one slice, vegemite on the other, and some shredded cheese sprinkled on top, and about 90 seconds under the broiler? My first foray? Well. If you're interested.
  3. Can you put Asdrubal Cabrera's name on the back instead? He was at least serviceable for a while in a Cleveland uniform.
  4. So we can look forward to him falling down AND dropping the ball on the same play?
  5. Pass Interference? Nah, we don't get those calls when we're on offense. We're used to it.
  6. Gosh, I forgot just how much I enjoy not listening to Joe Buck on a regular basis. His dad was a legend. I just don't like Joe Buck's calls.
  7. Must be a slow night in the Chargers forum.
  8. Are you sure that we should force him to shoulder that burden too?
  9. Well, we won that one. The wind is going to eat up some throws tonight. I announced a district soccer game tonight in Sandusky, and the wind played a HUGE factor in the game.
  10. Not sure about that encroachment. Looked exactly like the one where we were called for a false start. Their RT jumped on that play.
  11. Dawson ends with an "n" McLaughlin ends with an "n" Coincidence?
  12. Strnad.....that doesn't sound remotely comfortable.
  13. Yeah, that wasn't a defensive hold either. SMDH
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