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  1. What movie are you watching?

    I watched 'The Other Guys" today. Hadn't seen it before, It is in the finals against Dr. Strangelove in the "film brackets", and was winning last I checked. It was cute, but it certainly is not a better film than an iconic film like Dr. Strangelove. I guess I'm just a curmudgeon at this point in time.
  2. Official FF BMET - Comedy Bracket Round 1 Part 1

    My humble apologies. I should probably watch the film now.
  3. Official FF BMET - Comedy Bracket Round 1 Part 1

    I found it on the archive.org website, and updated the link. It is a great site for finding classic films, and TONS of live music.
  4. Official FF BMET - Comedy Bracket Round 1 Part 1

    Dr. Strangelove is available for free on the archive.org site. Here's the link.  
  5. Official FF BMET - Comedy Bracket Round 1 Part 1

    Nah, it wasn't my generation. The handful of things that I have seen Jim Carrey in since "In Living Color" haven't been all that interesting to me. If that makes me a loser, then that's OK. Gotta make you feel better throwing crap like that around for the hell of it.
  6. Official FF BMET - Comedy Bracket Round 1 Part 1

    Never even saw the original.
  7. Official FF BMET - Comedy Bracket Round 1 Part 1

    I told you I was getting too old. (I should be focusing on getting my new podcast episode out this afternoon.)
  8. Official FF BMET - Comedy Bracket Round 1 Part 1

    I hope the winkie guy let you know I was only jazzing you. (of course, I don't think I have ever seen a film with Rob Riggle.)
  9. Official FF BMET - Comedy Bracket Round 1 Part 1

    But it had 3 time Oscar nominee Peter Sellers playing three different roles, and Oscar winner George C. Scott, and Oscar nominee James Earl Jones, directed by Oscar winner Stanley Kubrick ranked as the 23rd best director in film history.....and Dr. Strangelove is the #67 movie of ALL TIME .......But, but, but.....Rob Riggle. God dammit I'm getting old.
  10. Offseason Discussion

    I've been on this planet for 57 years. I've been a Cleveland sports fan for as many of those years as I can remember. I had to read that last sentence again and again. I want to believe it, I really do, but it is tough.
  11. Favorite underrated movie quotes

    Not a single word that Major Kong uttered is underrated. ๐Ÿ˜€.
  12. Tough game this week coming up with the Pies. Since you are in WA, are you going to have an opportunity to go to that game?
  13. Offseason Discussion

    I think they were worried about having a total of 29 players taken in the regular draft next year. Gotta have that TV spectacle (which I do enjoy).
  14. Offseason Discussion

    Here's what I posted in the NFL General Thread on Covid's impact. The one addendum I might make is that rather than keeping the AFC North in a hub for 6 weeks, they could split them into two 3-week hubs, and have the games played in two different locations, so maybe Rds 1-3 the first set of games within your division, and the other 3 games could come towards the end of the schedule. Yep. It is 5:47 a.m. here in Ohio, and I'm up to watch the 2nd footy game of the weekend. I love this game.
  15. Covid-19 and itโ€™s impact on the 2020 season

    Not sure if any of you are following Australian Rules Football (I've been a fan for over 4 years, and have a podcast about the game....there are still 6 more games being broadcast on ESPN2, FS1/FS2 this weekend, and if you're not watching, it is a fantastic sport.) They played their first round in March, and shut down until early June. The state of Victoria (where 10 of the 18 teams in the league are located) had clubs playing against one another for the first 4 weeks of the restart. The two clubs from Perth and the two clubs from Adelaide were located to Queensland, as West Australia and South Australia closed their borders to people coming from other states, but Queensland's Covid-19 breakout was much less severe. Victoria (where Melbourne is located) has had a significant spike in recent weeks, and the state premier closed down the city proper of Melbourne for 6 weeks, beginning this past Tuesday. All 10 teams flew out to either Sydney or Queensland (Brisband/Gold Coast) and will play for the next week or two. The Adelaide and Perth teams are heading home in the next week or two, and will host hubs in their stadiums over the next month. The Victoria teams know that they'll be away form home for at least the next 6-7 weeks. The AFL reduced the length of their season from 22 games to 17 rounds this year, where they play each of the other teams once, instead of playing 5 teams twice, and the other 12 a single time. I discussed this in the episode The NFL is actually well set for hosting hubs. As all of you know, each division plays 14 of their 16 games against 3 different divisions each year. I'm going to use the AFC North, as I'm a Browns fan. The AFC North play each other twice. There are 6 games right there. They play the NFC East. There are 4 games there. They play AFC South this year. An additional 4 games. That gives us 14 games. The Browns also play the Jets and Raiders this year, as they finished in 3rd place in the AFC East/AFC West. The league may need to completely upend the schedule, and set up hubs for different divisions. For example, again using Cleveland as an example, the AFC North could relocate to the Cleveland area, where the Browns could train at their facility (just an example), the other three teams could practice at Baldwin Wallace, John Carroll and Mount Union or Lake Erie College or Kent State. So Weeks 1-6 could be the 6 divisional games. You play each of your divison opponents twice. Cleveland plays Baltimore in Weeks 1 and 4, Pittsburgh in weeks 2 and 5 and Cincinnati in weeks 3 and 6. Slight Edit to this idea...These 6 games could be split into two different "mini-hubs" where one could be played, for example, in the Cleveland area, and the other in the Baltimore area possibly. Weeks 7-10 AFC North plays NFC East. Maybe in the Philadelphia area. Week 11 Bye week for the entire league. Weeks 12-15 AFC North plays AFC South. Maybe in the Indianapolis area. Weeks 16 and 17, who knows. Maybe Covid-19 has died down, and the final two weeks can be played in home stadiums. Otherwise, maybe they have to be scrapped, or played at an alternative site. This way, we might have a possibility of having most of a season, or if we're lucky, an entire season. It was just an idea that I put together, and based it upon what the AFL is doing. It hasn't been perfect, but the games are being played, supporters have something to cheer for, and in Queensland and New South Wales, they've even begun to allow small crowds into the stadiums. Here is the episode of the recent episode (Tuesday), where I outlined what the NFL could do. Podcast episode