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  1. Walking Dead Season 9 (TV Talk Only) - Spoiler Mines

    Don’t forget that there is still the finale coming up next week. Might we see someone else meeting their demise? Judt figured out that the red head was one of Negan’s ‘wives.’ He is gonna be pi&&Ed. (Won’t delve any further....pushing the spoiler envelope already.). An angry Negan AND Carol? The Whisperers don’t stand a chance.
  2. Around the NFL and General discussion

    Won't be shocked to hear the Browns and Berry's name mentioned in the same sentence very soon. Could use some more veteran presence in the secondary.
  3. Australian Rules Football -- The 2019 season is UNDER WAY!

    Not a problem. I still visit a couple of these sites almost daily. Trying to stay on top, and learn what I can.
  4. Australian Rules Football -- The 2019 season is UNDER WAY!

    https://www.afl.com.au/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxAeHdLDAatFV_vt95MSO-g https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-EfS1lrqV8TJdRAVzh_dxA/videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcdysvRTBHNvUpWSF3H8NmA https://www.deminimis.com.au/home/a-newbies-guide-to-afl-teams https://australianfootball.com/ https://www.foxsports.com.au/afl
  5. Australian Rules Football -- The 2019 season is UNDER WAY!

    Yes they are. I didn't start watching live, so I'm halfway through the 3rd. (I did peek at the score, though). When was the last time the two teams that played in the GF lost the next year in Rd. 1? ......and the reigning premiers losing to someone that wasn't part of the top 8? Yeah, the Eagles are missing Gaff, Nic-Nat and a few others, but wow this has been a revalation about these young Lions. (Makes me feel a bit better about having them in the top 8 of my ladder prediction.)
  6. Australian Rules Football -- The 2019 season is UNDER WAY!

    Not as excited as I am now! What a great start to the year. The Cats 1st 6 weeks on the fixture is an absolute nightmare. If they get through it at least 3-3, it sets up well for the rest of the season. Was up at 4:30 a.m. to watch the 1st half at home, then drove to work during halftime. Watched the 2nd half in my classroom (I'm a HS teacher) before the kids came in. Screaming my head off. Looking forward to the Dees/Power tonight. Not sure what to make of the Power. They have the potential to be a very solid team, but they might be the biggest enigma in the comp. I posted these in a FB msg board. This is my ladder prediction for this year. (Before the opening two games.) 1. West Coast2. Richmond3. Collingwood4. Adelaide5. Melbourne6. GWS7. Geelong8. Brisbane9. Hawthorn10. Port Adelaide11. Sydney12. Carlton13. Essendon14. Freemantle15. North Melbourne16. Western 17. Gold Coast18. St. Kilda Brisbane is the team that I think makes a big leap this year.
  7. Dawgs Gotta Eat

  8. Australian Rules Football -- The 2019 season is UNDER WAY!

    FS1 will carry one game a week (generally on Friday nights.) You can always DVR those games. If it turns out that you love the game, you can always sign up for the https://watchafl.com.au app. It is $149 for the year, and lets you watch the games live, on demand, as well as all of the programming that FOXFooty has. I love it. I'm an longtime baseball fan from Ohio, and I've found myself watching more AFL games over the last 3 years than baseball games. ( I posted a few "rules of the game" videos earlier in this thread, so feel free to dive in. 1st game of the season just ended, and one of the best defenders in the sport just tore up his knee. Didn't look too bad, but they are saying it is his ACL.
  9. Dorsey - What have you done for us lately?

    Think I saw that he was going to Dallas for a visit.
  10. Bengals cut Vontaze Burfict

    Quick, someone grab the DeLorean.
  11. Walking Dead Season 9 (TV Talk Only) - Spoiler Mines

    I didn't look at it as filler. I think it did a great job of explaining the reasoning for Michonne's brooding mood beginning in episode 6. The departure from her typical "mood" was so stark, that they had to explain how she got that way, and how she became so distrusting of others. Not every aspect of every storyline can be set up on a tee for us. I love the fact that they've included a great deal of mystery into the long time characters this year. While they've not been able to reacclimate Negan into society yet, I think it was vital for their conversation to take place, so Michonne knows that Negan hasn't been blowing smoke into Judith's ear.
  12. That'll happen when the team abandons you, and their new hometown is filled with skateboarders and Kardashians. Saw my first NFL game in 1970 in San Diego. Chargers still hold a small place in my heart. Very sad for that city. Their team is "so close, but so far away." I wouldn't wish that on any fanbase.
  13. I've been exploring how to run a new ethernet cable into our bedroom, as our wifi doesn't permeate the walls of Chateau` de Buckethead (old tiny house, walls must be made of lead), in order to finally cut cable, and go with a streaming service. (Thought I had one picked out [Directv Now], right up until this past week, when they made significantly huge changes to what they carry. Too many deal breakers not being carried now.) Anyone else streaming? If so, if you're using a service that doesn't have ABC, can you still watch the Buckeye games on the ABC app? Curious about the Browns as well on the CBS All-Access). Can you stream live NCAA on ESPN +? Anybody know? Looking to save about $140 a month, after our initial extension of our wifi, and picking up a couple roku (or fire tv) devices. Just don't want to get squeezed out of watching the Browns/Buckeyes, or Navy for that matter.
  14. Well, I'd made a decision (1st one I got to make in our 23 years of marriage. ) ......decided to go with Directv Now....... Now redeciding, as they've "retooled" (emphasis on "tooled") their plans, and have cut a ton of content, while raising their prices. Looking like Sling might be our best option, although the others are looking palatable as well (to an extent), and am thinking that there are a few shows that are on networks that aren't carried, where I'll need to buy a season pass on itunes. Another question for those of you who've cut the cord. If any of you are using the CBS All-Access as your portal into CBS content, are you able to get your local NFL team (Cleveland for me) streaming through that service?

    If we end up picking up Berry, and he performs well, I'm going to be digging back into the archives from mid-March of 2019, where folks said we couldn't rely on him when I suggested last evening that he might make a good stopgap, and someone in this forum had the audacity to call me a Steelers fan for suggesting we pump the brakes on having a Super Bowl GDT (even if for nothing more than fun). (Calling someone a Steelers fan is something that I wouldn't do to my worst enemy, if my worst enemy was a Browns fan. I'll eventually forgive, but I won't forget*, @LETSGOBROWNIES. You just don't do that to someone. Even in jest. ) *OK, I'll probably forget, because I'm an old fart that doesn't do a great job remembering names anymore. One of the drawbacks of having over 2500 kids go through your classroom over the last quarter century. Come on, @LETSGOBROWNIES, if you disagree with me, call me old. Call me fat. Challenge my political beliefs. But dammit, you cannot call a Browns fan a Steelers fan. Ever.