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  1. Closing in on 1600 downloads for my podcast in less than 2 months. (Also hit 1,000 downloads from Australia today.) I am absolutely stunned. I am so thrilled that people have decided to spend some of their precious time to listen to my show. This week's episode tied in how David Stern actually helped to save the sport in the mid 1980's.
  2. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    Just added Acorn TV a few weeks ago. Discovered (pun sort of intended) "Detectorists". Written and directed by Mackenzie Crook from "The Office." Absolutely hilarious show. My hobby isn't reflected in the show, but I've had many of the same types of conversations over the years.
  3. Walking Dead Season 10 (TV Talk Only) - Spoiler Mines

    I don't think it was too lame. The interaction between Negan and Alpha was right out of the books, and was something that I think some folks were looking forward to happening. OK, they might have ramped up the drama in the cave a bit too much, but I certainly could relate to Jerry's airplane bathroom story. I'm not sure if Magna and Kelly are actually gone, but they did have to ramp up the story line a bit to accomplish that. Carol is my favorite character, but I'm about to jump off the bandwagon. I get that she's got a significant issue with Alpha, but she's acting like a complete idiot.
  4. 1980s Horror - Official FF BMET (Poll Thread)

    I had just looked at my wall of DVDs next to my desk, and it jumped out at me right before I typed that.
  5. 1980s Horror - Official FF BMET (Poll Thread)

    Crap. I forgot to submit Scanners to the list.
  6. 1970s Horror - Official FF BMET (Nominations)

    Salem's Lot In a way, Jaws could fit into this Eraserhead Willard
  7. 1980s Horror - Official FF BMET (Poll Thread)

    It came down to The Shining and The Thing.
  8. Astros cheat-Lunhow/Hinch fired-Manfred clueless

    Heard some rumblings and I wasn't sure. Has anyone else heard that the league is compelling the Astros to take on Sgt. Barnes from "Platoon" as their team trainer this year? He has such a great bedside manner.
  9. I can wholeheartedly agree with this post. I'm in my 26th year of teaching. DON'T DO THE MATH! You'll be wrong as I was in the military and on the Delta House college plan. I've had so many kids in class that I know are having serious issues outside of the classroom, and far too often there is little to no communication about the circumstances that kids are facing. With regards to food in the classroom, I have no problem with it at all. Every week or two, I make a trek to Big Lots or Ollies and load up on granola bars, poptarts, Cliff bars, pretzels, cheese curls (usually from the 1/2 off section....scored 6 boxes of Cliff bars last week for $18. I do read through our data on powerschool regarding food allergies with my kids, but I'm not shy about making sure they've got something to snack on if needed. I do tell them a true story about my summer job that I had for 15 years. I taught summer school government, and it was a great gig. 6 weeks, you had the kids 4 hours a day, and they paid you for an extra planning hour. (Different district) Each hour the kids had a 10 minute break to stretch their legs. They were supposed to stay in the building, but inevitably they'd sprint across the street to McDonalds, BK, or next door to the Mickey Mart. After one break, I heard the teacher in the next room YELL, "What in the hell do you think you're doing?" It piqued my curiosity. I poked my head in the door, and one of her kids had run to the grocery next door, and had gone to the deli and bought a whole roasted chicken. She kicked him out of class, so he sat in the hallway for an hour smashing a chicken. (not a euphemism). So, I tell my kids, I don't mind what you bring in to snack on, but if it has bones, or requires a knife and fork, or more than 3 wetnaps, then we need to not bring it into class.
  10. Just wanted to check in with you and see if you wanted to give this another shot. Hopefully we can get the phone link working.
  11. Browns T Greg Robinson in custody after drug possession arrest

    It is all a misunderstanding. Robinson was told by BM#6 that it was nothing more than the grass clippings he collected from shooting his Progressive Insurance commercials last summer. BM#6 decided that he needed a new LT and figured out that a bait and switch was the best option to get one. Damn, I'm dating myself with this commercial....but we've secretly replaced the grass clippings with some of the finest......well you get the idea.
  12. Alright.....I figured out what has actually transpired. Young Mr. Robinson was convinced by his QBOTF that the material he was transporting across country was nothing more than the grass clippings that our QBOTF generated during his Progressive commercials this summer. All a plot by #6 to attempt to get better protection on his blind side.
  13. Browns T Greg Robinson in custody after drug possession arrest

    Nah.....I think I read that Harvey Weinstein is planning on producing a sequel to the remake of "The Longest Yard." Helluva way for Greg Robinson to audition for a role in the film, though.
  14. 2020/2021 - The 53: Roster Talk & Off-Season Priorities

    Any chance that Baker Mayfield planted the weed on him to help get an OL upgrade? You know, just as some insurance. Rather Progressive of him, if you stop and think about it.
  15. 2020/2021 - The 53: Roster Talk & Off-Season Priorities

    That's putting the cart before the new CBA.