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  1. Pick from Texans via Duke

    No, I'm not giving up on him at all. I am just thinking about depth now, since the league seemingly wants to crucify the guy he is replacing.
  2. Pick from Texans via Duke

    We might need one.
  3. The random thoughts and questions thread

    Yeah, I'd have never picked up on that one. My pro wrestling expertise ended when I was about 10 (1973) with the likes of Ernie Ladd and Bobo Brazil.
  4. The random thoughts and questions thread

    OK....I'll bite. HEEL? I'd love to know the meaning of that one. (Took me years to figure out just what the heck "lulz" was)
  5. David Njoku expects to be back soon

    Yeah, I think were going to need to score some serious points now, because we're about to give up some serious points.
  6. The random thoughts and questions thread

    I was looking at it from the standpoint of the club getting crucified in the national media. Again and again and again and again. The problem with the national media, and the Browns becoming successful, is that they have been able to make themselves fat and happy, by having two decades of doing nothing but slamming the Cleveland Browns. If the Browns even begin to enjoy a modicum of success, what the hell are they gonna talk about now? They get to talk about it right now how great Tom Brady is and how awful the Browns are. The NFL national media, is a little more than a banjo with only two strings. To paraphrase Jack Nicholson from “a few good men”, the Cleveland Browns are saying “you want me to be dysfunctional, you need me to be dysfunctional.
  7. The random thoughts and questions thread

    There may be discussions that go on between Garrett’s agent and Dorsey, but the optics of announcing that kind of a deal would not be good. If Dorsey has fully embraced the LULZ, then sure, go ahead and extend his contract. At this point, how many ‘you know whats’ does Dorsey have left to give?
  8. Garrett suspended indefinitely, Ogunjobi out One game

    OK....I'm not tagging anyone at all, but there are a few folks out in the "real world" forum, and not the safe cocoon-like safety that is the Browns forum, that MUST be related to the warden from Shawshank.
  9. Myles Garrett suspended indefinitely

    I didn't say it was proof of a damned thing other than it is a RIGHT arm. That's it. It is a right arm. Not a left arm. Not a space alien. Not a Chia Pet. Not Terry Bradshaw's gall bladder. Nothing but a right arm.
  10. Myles Garrett suspended indefinitely

    Good lord. The arm around his waist. RIGHT UNDER the 9 is a right arm. Again. THIS IS THE ONLY PICTURE I'VE BEEN REFERENCING. One more post for me.
  11. Myles Garrett suspended indefinitely

    I wasn't saying that it was proof of anything. I was simply stating that it was a right arm. We're not going to adjuticate a damned thing here. Bottom line. Garrett screwed up big time. Pouncey screwed up, but not as much as Garrett. Larry O screwed a bit too. .....and Rudolph is not the choir boy that the media tried to make him out to be last night. That's it. Beyond that, we need to remind ourselves that it is Friday night, and we could certainly be doing something more productive with our time besides padding our post totals.
  12. Myles Garrett suspended indefinitely

    Again. The picture I was referencing is this one. None of the others. That is a RIGHT hand around Garrett's waist. Below the elbow you can see yellow on Rudolphs sleeve.
  13. Myles Garrett suspended indefinitely

    this is the picture I am referencing. That is a right hand wrapped around Garrett.
  14. The Streaming Wars

    Trying out YTTV on a 2 week trial as a likely replacement for PSVue. I did the preview of Acorn TV as well, so I could get caught up on last season's Midsomer Murders. A tad bit underwhelmed so far. Just gotta work out the kinks. Wish it had NFL Network.