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  1. Browns fans: What do you think of this current regime?

    https://www.iheart.com/podcast/139-The-Mike-Trivisonno-Show-26980985/episode/triv-says-peyton-mannings-coming-to-28564521/ This is in another thread, but it fits here as well. This is the "drive time" radio guy in Cleveland that in many ways, has his finger on the pulse of what goes on in Cleveland sports.
  2. Cleveland Cavaliers Thread: Sometimes We Get Nice Things

    Absolutely horrifying. Gordon Heyward just broke his leg. 6 minutes into the game in Cleveland.
  3. Hue Jackson thread.

    Of course he did. I added him to my fantasy league, and played him this week.
  4. https://www.iheart.com/podcast/139-The-Mike-Trivisonno-Show-26980985/episode/triv-says-peyton-mannings-coming-to-28564521/ First half hour of Triv's show today makes a compelling argument that we're going to have a new President of the Browns very soon. "The only newsperson to report that Peyton Manning was in Cleveland was Jim Donovan, the radio voice of the Browns. He's not going to broadcast this information if it isn't true. He'd get crucified for it." Triv hypothesizes that now that Manning has left town, he is left to consider whether or not he wants to commit to this type of job, as he's not going to do the job "half-heartedly for his close friend Jimmy Haslam." Triv also hypothesizes that what he believes is going to happen is that Sashi stays with the organization, as the "capologist" while bringing in an experienced GM (of Manning's choosing) along with a new head coach (also of Manning's choosing.) Very interesting.
  5. Titanic Meh! WK 7 GDT

    Do employers have the legal authority to implement random drug screenings in the work place in New Zealand? Asking for a friend. I hope you're right.
  6. Browns fans: What do you think of this current regime?

    I still think that we're going to find out this year whether or not Kizer is our guy. Part of me thinks that Hue "sacrificed" the Texans game by starting Hogan. One, it was his way of letting Kizer clear his head for a week. It also allowed him to demonstrate to those clamoring for Hogan that he is overmatched, and is not a starting QB in the league. That action may just put to rest wanting Hogan to remain in the starting position another week.
  7. Stranded on a deserted Island...

    Nope. That's just my go to breakfast. I contemplated listing black coffee.
  8. Texan Watch 2017: THE WEEK! GDT Week 6

    Maybe he could bunk with Josh Gordon?
  9. Browns fans: What do you think of this current regime?

    Peyton is going to run for the Senate sometime soon. I don't know if he'll get involved with football.
  10. Texan Watch 2017: THE WEEK! GDT Week 6

    I certainly understand the sentiment, and if he says OK, then I think they should look for the best deal for the team (and for him.) If he doesn't want to be dealt, I think you respect his wishes.
  11. Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Kansas City Chiefs GDT

    Very cheap shot by Mitchell. Get the checkbook out young man. "Pay to the order of _____NFL charities_____
  12. College Football / NFL Draft Discussion

    He could be the next Deshaun Watson. Whoops. Missed the target again.
  13. Texan Watch 2017: THE WEEK! GDT Week 6

    14 points scored in 1st 25 seconds of Rams/Jags game. WOW
  14. Texan Watch 2017: THE WEEK! GDT Week 6

    Crowell doing his best Fred Sanford in garbage (junk) time.