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  1. I'm telling ya right now. Wanna nip this in the bud? Two words: ASTRONAUT FOOD
  2. We've done one of these for every week of the season. Now it is time to reflect back on the entire season. We had a bunch of things that went well, but we're lying to ourselves if we don't think that some things didn't go as well as we could hope. What are your five "UPS"? What are your five "DOWNS"?
  3. I don't think it means boring at all. I think it will be damned exciting. Our expectations are MUCH different than they've been in most of the last 20 years. Typically, we've been hoping that the team reaches respectability, which we seldome did. The team has earned respectability now, and it is time to take the next step. This isn't a step from pathetic to being mediocre. I thnk it is going to be exciting to see what pieces we put into place to take that next step.
  4. Simmons is downright frighteningly disturbing in this show.
  5. We should have Billings back to hopefully plug a gap or two as well.
  6. He spent this year like a hair stylist with a comb missing half of its teeth. He did what he could with what he had available. He didn't injure Greedy. He didn't injure Delpit. We got this far despite having a suspect defense. I'm looking at this as the glass being half full, rather than empty. I'm sad about the loss, but I'm not all that upset. We traded blows with the defending Super Bowl Champs. I'm god-damned proud to be a Cleveland Browns fan. I'm thrilled about where this team is, and where it may be next year.
  7. Congratulations Chiefs fans. Sure wish they'd have called the helmet to helmet on Sorensen, but alas, it didn't happen. Good luck next week.
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