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  1. Series of the Week: Red Sox @ Indians

    Clevinger has pitched pretty well of late, as has Trevor Bauer. Carrasco still wants his nickname to be "enigma." He dominates one start, and the next start he really struggles the next. We'll have to see how Kluber's ankle is after tweaking it in his last start. Indians are swinging the bats pretty well right now, so it ought to be one heck of a series.
  2. The Best Actor Ever According to You (And WHY)

    Absolutely loved Phillip Seymour Hoffman's work as well. Damn shame that he's gone. He played so many great "older" characters, it is sad to think that we won't get to see him portray roles that would have been closer to his age, as he grew older. Gust Avrakados in "Charlie Wilson's War" is one of the funniest "supposed to be serious" characters that I've seen.
  3. Browns Forum Fantasy Football League

    I'd be interested.
  4. Cleveland Indians Thread : we might have a nice thing!

    .....and Brantley and Chisenhall will be back. Now we're talking about a deep bench. No Michael Martinez or Dahntay Jones (to use the Cavs as an example.)
  5. The Best Actor Ever According to You (And WHY)

    Damn, I just got home from work. You beat me to him. Keep in mind, Stewart also walked away from Hollywood in 1941, when he was arguably one of the top "A" listers with Gable, Cooper, Bogart to name a few.....and was drafted in to the military in 1940....and promptly rejected for being underweight (man, I wish I had that problem.) He trained with a trainer at the studios to put on enough weight and muscle to qualify for the Army. He'd had been a private pilot for over 5 years, and joined the Army Air Corps, beginning as an actor entertaining the troops as many did, but later became a bomber pilot, flying 20 missions in B-17's and B-24's. He stayed in the Air Force reserves until 1968, retiring as a Brigadier General. Couple that with the list of films you posted and others like Call Northside 777 Harvey The Man Who Knew Too Much Flight of the Phoenix I think he's the greatest of all time, but that's my opinion.
  6. 2017 Game Day Thread Sign-up (Don't be weak. Give us a week.)

    Done. (actually updated it a couple days ago, but didn't want to "bump this" {again} for the sake of bumping it.
  7. A new rule in the NFL? Lets put those goal posts to use.

    It is on FoxSports 2. Midnight (or so) east coast time on Fridays. 2nd to last week of the regular season tomorrow night.
  8. A new rule in the NFL? Lets put those goal posts to use.

    I already have FS2 scheduled to Tivo the Western/Port Adelaide game that comes on Friday night at midnight (east coast time).
  9. Browns & HoF partner to bid on hosting NFL Draft

    I think the 2018 draft should be moved to Cleveland. Hell, almost have as many picks as the rest of our division combined.
  10. Deshone Kizer Appreciation Thread

    If you look at Daniel Jeremiah's list, we got 3 of the top 15, 4 of the top 33, 5 of the top 43 on his list. Very interesting. 1. Garrett 13. Njoku 15. Kizer 33. Peppers 43 Brantley That isn't a bad haul.
  11. 2017 Preseason GDT Week 2 Browns and Giants

    "Greco"- Roman wrestling?
  12. A new rule in the NFL? Lets put those goal posts to use.

    Yeah, I don't know about the point idea either. I was just spitballing ideas to stimulate some conversation. Kickoffs have become rather uneventful, so I was looking for something to make it more interesting.
  13. 2017 Preseason GDT Week 2 Browns and Giants

    Thanks, Captain Buzzkill. Any specifics on Bitonio? OK, I'll ask about Erving too? Did he get an injury settlement......yet?
  14. What TV Show Are You Watching?

    Manhunt: Unabomber Really interesting to see the behind the scenes of how they went about trying to catch Ted Kaczynski.