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  1. We Are Awesome! (2018 Thanks and Review Thread)

    Packers up 122%. That is what happens when the only remaining wheels on your team are made of Colby/Jack. Hat Tip to Z-Nation. A funny, quirky show that I'll miss.
  2. https://twitter.com/JoeGoodberry/status/1083893706246316032

    I was just going to post this, and wanted to check and see if it was up. (I wasn't going to put it in our coach pursuit thread, however.
  4. Pre-FA/Draft Expectations

    I'm trying to throw Charles a bone. Man that ugly has been waiting a hell of a long time to wear the big hat.
  5. 2019 Draft Prospects

    Would this mean that we get to be the lady in blue in this picture? For a change?
  6. Congratulations! I was born almost 9 months to the day of the middle of the Cuban Missile Crisis. I am one of those, "Oh, what the hell, the world is going to end anyways" babies. Try talking to your therapist about that!
  7. Pre-FA/Draft Expectations

    That statement. On the money. In the King's English. @Kiwibrown can do both too!
  8. Pre-FA/Draft Expectations

    Ummm....that's 12-4. You don't by chance work with money, do you?
  9. Only 34 posts, and the snark is strong with this person.
  10. Damn, I came into this thread thinking it was forum-wide intervention to tell me to get off my a@@ and get back into the gym. I was already to thank you guys for your concern. Boy, was I wrong. That being said, I do think Collins is not with the club next year. I think another year of experience is going to do wonders for Avery being a bigger contributor than he was able to be this year.
  11. OROY

    I think it is a New York thing. Probably sanctimony. That'd be my guess.
  12. The Vital Search for our 2019 Back-up QB

    Well, I don't think that the Eagles can afford to keep Foles (unless they decide to deal the injury magnet that is their QB1, and franchise Foles....which would turn the league on its ear). They might put a second round tender (or so) on Sudfeld, which might make him too expensive a get for teams.
  13. OROY

    Way to prove your point, LGB.....by quoting "The Red Rocker" 1:03 mark....
  14. 2019 Draft Prospects

    Yeah, that sort of thought is almost criminal.