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  1. Not sure if any of you are following this twitter account, but it is rather humorous. https://twitter.com/DolansThoughts
  2. I shot you a message filling you in on what happened. It was ugly.
  3. I've been teaching 27 years. We've passed two levies in that entire time. We had an incident in our district that the local news media got flat out wrong, and the community held an unwarranted grudge against the district for well over a decade.
  4. If he can play the hybrid, then that is a great thing.If he can play the hybrid, then that is a great thing.
  5. That pick is a bit of a head scratcher. I know we could use a player of his caliber on special teams, but for a club that seems to want to play with no more than two linebackers at a time on the field, that linebacker meeting room is getting very crowded.
  6. Mama Texan......did you hear her whispering...."Isn't this wonderful" It is the moment of the draft provided by the organization that has completely dislodged us as the most dysfunctional organization in the NFL.
  7. I'm guessing kinda round. His shape is kinda round.
  8. Not going there. I started a crap storm bringing up the movie last night.
  9. You guys sound like Ted Knight's grandson in "Caddyshack." https://youtu.be/FuNJq_wI1ns
  10. You like to play with the bubble wrap and empty boxes from your Christmas gifts, don't you? So easily entertained. 😛 Want to touch the monkey?
  11. Alex Spanos' daughter had to hurry through that pick. She had cookies to get out of the oven.
  12. See my follow up post. I know he is young. I know he is an All-Pro. Sure, it is a Chicken Little type of post, but if things go the way we expect them to go, we'll likely have some tough decisions to make in a couple years.
  13. Oh, I know he is young, just projecting a few years out when some of our other core players may start getting expensive. We'll have to make some tough calls. In my world, every cloud is a grey cloud.
  14. Geez...Bengals couldn't find a fan to put on TV? Pretty damned pretentious there, Mike Brown. Plug your coach in the draft coverage?
  15. When does Conklin no longer have dead money attached to him. Hudson may be ready to step in at that point.
  16. ....it was actually more like monkey jerky. Rather chewy, but it was not too bad.
  17. If Andrew Berry drove work in a souped up DeLorean, we'd be all over him.
  18. Do you think the braintrust would be looking at another LB? I guess if they determined Cox to be BPA, but with the likelihood of not playing more than 2 at a time for the bulk of our time, Cox might be a luxury.
  19. Great point. There is some talent on the board that can displace some of the players at the bottom of our roster.
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