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  1. Gronk and AB both make insane catches with great catches. See the foot catch against Pitt.
  2. AFCCG - Jags at Pats

    2 TE set and run the ball, run the ball, run the ball. When Poz does come in throw on him.
  3. Divisional Round - Patriots vs Titans

    He made sure the edge was set. Mariota never got off a decent run and neither did Henry. I prefer that then a sack here and there.
  4. Divisional Round - Patriots vs Titans

    It was not better than the Pats once they lost Shazier. Once Shazier was lost the Steelers were night and day. I think you could argue that the steelers offense is so much more versatile that they could put up that many points against a good jags defense and the pats will struggle to put up 21.
  5. Divisional Round - Patriots vs Titans

    Walker should scare you. Sound TE who has a knack for getting open. Any TE can burn the pats let alone a savvy veteran.
  6. How could anyone think BB was forced to trade Jimmy? Same thing happened with Parcells and caused a rift and if Kraft told BB he had to do something that was against his judgement the only way BB would acquiesce is if he was retiring or changing teams the following year.
  7. GWT: Week 19 Titans @ Patriots

    I think Mariota/Henry/Walker is the game. Delanie should have a big game and working the seam is a big weakness of the Pats. Look at the bills games with Charley Clay going off. IDK why the Titans don't run the spread more with Mariota.
  8. GWT: Week 19 Titans @ Patriots

    Their pass rush is predicated on blitzes. Not a good recipe in this game. They could in theory put Byard on Gronk but it shouldn't work. Does Tenn run a zone scheme or man? BB really only has 1 week to prepare for the Titans. 1 extra week for self reflection,
  9. 5th ranked defense* If Henry gets going and mariota can extend plays it will break the Pats backs. I think the ravens killed the Pats in 09? Terrible game. I think the big thing will be if your coach can figure out how to stop Gronk. Titans 17 Pats 27. Good luck guys.
  10. PFHOF 2018 Modern-Era Finalist Announced

    Except Bruce wasn't nearly as good as either. Moss was the scariest WR ever arguably. Rice was scary too but more of he's always open while moss waa he's always open deep. 1st ballot HOF means something.
  11. Should Cleveland trade the top pick?

    Pats win % outside the division prior to this year during the cake schedule is .759 compared to .776. Just glad couple of salty Broncos fans are hijacking threads. Trade both picks for worse 1sts and another first next year. Someone pro day would have to very impressive for me to think someone could fix an 0-16 team.
  12. Should Cleveland trade the top pick?

    You and counselor done? They should trade both pics. These QB's don't give me the warm fuzzy and amassing talent and picks is always a good plan. Don't run the treadmill with a mediocre qb. Identify a project and shoot for it in a later round.
  13. Garoppolo to San Francisco

    Na. Right move, win win trade. Saw a tweet saying BB doesn't look to outright win trades but wants win win so teams are more willing to trade with the pats. Interesting to me at least. Seems so right but I always thought you tried to steal players.
  14. Week 17 GDT - Jets for the #1 seed

    We had a moment for TD2 to change the game plan and make them move away from their run game and it didn't work out. Remember the communication issues as well and how poorly the defense played for weeks really means its a different team. Not more talented, just more disciplined.