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  1. Ezekiel Elliot remains suspended

    Misspelt can be either. Traditionally one side is American English and one side is British, but when my phone auto corrects does it matter? An article trying to have you brag to your friends and incorrectly spelling words right off the bat is funny.
  2. Ezekiel Elliot remains suspended

    Suspension is misspelt instantly.
  3. McClellin possibly to begin practicing

    I knew he couldn't play until a November but don't they have longer than that until they have to make a decision with him?
  4. McClellin possibly to begin practicing

    Considering it sounds like Malcolm Mitchell won't be getting back to the field any time soon, who do we cut to bring him on the team? Or do we keep him around in case of injuries until we have to make a decision with him.
  5. Yeah its bad. Wife broke both hips and he hurt his back and neck.
  6. Week 5 - 3 up and 3 down

    It's weird how Mike Reiss says Brown has been playing well. I think Guy has been mediocre but better then Brown. Butler has brought some great energy, and that roughing the passer call on Wise Jr was BS.
  7. Week 6 - @ Jets, Jets yearly SB week

    Heard a stat today that Mike G is the 2nd most efficient back in the NFL when facing 8 men in the box. The Patriots seem to be very obvious when they want to run the ball.
  8. Who's the strongest power RB of all time?

    Steroids were around back then. A lot of people think the 60s and 70s were ripe with steroids and other drugs.
  9. Who From 2016 Is Missed The Most?

    Sorry man you are wrong. Blount was hot garbage last year in short yardage situations, and the line is worse this year.
  10. Early Game: Dolphins vs Saints Gamethread

    Because the dolphins keep causing penalties.
  11. GDT Week 4 - Panthers @ Patriots

    It goes both ways for gronk for sure, but I do feel like he gets jobbed quite a bit.
  12. Week 4: Carolina Panthers at New England Patriots

    Benjamin likely to play! That's insane given the nature of his injury. Tough SOB. Could pay dividends as Malcolm Butler is atrocious against physical and tall WR's (see Jalen Strong's preseason game, even though strong has since been cut). I think the Patriots line up Rowe on Funchess and Gilmore on Benjamin, with possibly Jones on Samuel due to both of them having 4.31 vs 4.33 speed. Could be butler as well with some over the top help, but I think Butler will rotate in and out and help with Christian due to his physicality and good tackling.
  13. 2017's Defense

    Brown was getting thrown back 3 yards off the LOS on some run plays as he got tired. I think Branch hasn't been in the game plans as much due to the need for some pass rush. I think we will see him much more this coming week.
  14. Rank your 2017 starting QBs

    Sure. He is garbage against teams that are over .500 when he is losing against them in the 4th quarter. Does that clear it up for you?
  15. 2017's Defense

    It's not pressure that is lacking. The real effect to me is Branch coming on slowly, and the secondary really not playing together well. Devin seems to be following QB eyes rather than the play.