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  1. They hate using a pick of value over a position where the player's value is not predominantly determined by skill but by offensive line value and qb play. The amount of value added by a good rb isn't much more than 2 average rbs if the offensive game plan is decent. Why spend a 2nd round pick when a 5th gets 95% of the value?
  2. People having a hard time with this decade.. Arian Foster was crazy.
  3. Thanks I knew he got hurt mid season, so I didn't know what his contribution has been. I remember some posts from you preseason saying he was doong awesome. Sad to hear.
  4. This stat makes no sense. Running for 90+ is the same as not running for 100 no?
  5. Newhouse is out. Wynn came back from injured reserve and was a much better addition against the Cowboys. Not amazing (weather and a rookie) but much better. Karras is the new weak link. Mercilus stunting up the middle is going to be a nightmare but if the line can hold the Patriots can get back to the running back passing attack. With a crappy Oline the running backs haven't worked well in the passing game due to blitz pickup and route development time.
  6. Jared's footwork was more comical than Newhouse. Dude looked like us trying to grapevines.
  7. Joe joe on Ertz? Is this the physical matchup to try him on? Maybe a sprinkling. 3rd team in a row coming off the bye to face the Pats. Made the Browns look better, made the Ravens look better, and will help the Eagles somewhat. Look for weird 1st quarter where the Eagles come out driving. Need a big play to take the wind out of their sails. Scripted plays galore. I expect some weird PIs this game. Couple offensive on both teams is my bold prediction. 3rd quarter is where this game will be made. Setting the 2nd half tone and ensuring the defense stays rested.
  8. All gravy going into Baltimore 8-0. Team needed a game like today. Grind the win out but really getting exposed. Lot's of game film for the defense to adjust on. Offense just needs Mason and Wynn back. Sanu will be even better after the bye week. Harry will help.
  9. This is a post of someone who does't know what true addiction is. The addict truly believes they need drugs to live. Not like a tasty treat but brain transforming addiction.
  10. Is this the rule? Only people with special careers get movies made about them?
  11. And yet that passing game will be mediocre.
  12. Who the heck do the Chief have on d? Honeybadger and some hopes n dreams.
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