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  1. Tannehill. Do we move on or not?

    30 years old showing promise.
  2. Went with Langi just for the pass rush aspect. We are going to need help with it.
  3. We're onto Houston! Pre-season Week 2

    Watt got stymied by Cannon yesterday according to Jeff Howe.
  4. Tannehill. Do we move on or not?

    Tannehill as trade bait? He'd be worth a 5th round pick. I think you stick with Tannehill just because its a little better job security for Gase. The right answer is to move on. Do the Dolphins have any players on the roster you consider a true blue chipper who you should keep no matter what? Jay might be that guy. Trade down in drafts, amass talent, take chances on QBs. He's going to be 30 next year and will command a 20 million dollar cap hit that can be shaved to 4.6 million if you cut him.
  5. We're onto Houston! Pre-season Week 2

    Langi is so raw but I think teams would jump all over him or Wise if we were to try and sneak them onto the practice squad.
  6. 53 Man Roster Predictions

    I meant more in the sense of roster bubble players. I hold neither one beating out Amendola who I think is the lowest WR (Mitchell may have injury problems but hasn't reached a negative status due to it yet). Carr would need to have some really solid games and the Pats would have to make some surprise cuts ala Lewis and Ealy for me to expect him to make it. Bill has kept 7 WRs before though..
  7. 53 Man Roster Predictions

    Neither one is overwhelmingly good.
  8. We're onto Houston! Pre-season Week 2

    I think Wise is unofficially out this game and that should be it for him missing time. Alan Branch and Malcolm Mitchell back to practicing is good. I love me some Branch. Still waiting on Hightower. Any news on Slater?
  9. Shift in offensive strategy?

    Rbs will never be the same. The years of one RB amassing a crazy amount of yards will become fewer and farther between. Use of a committee is a smarter, cheaper, and more reliable way to go. Also with protecting the QB it is more important for a RB to be a decent blocker than to average over 4.5 YPC. Give every team 3 Isiah Crowells over 1 big contract and 2 crappy Rbs.
  10. Hope so. Really makes evaluation players much easier. I bet if this becomes the norm, it will become more rare for a diamond in the rough player to get cut in one camp and succeed somewhere else. With more snaps and opportunities everyone will have a better chance to distinguish themselves.
  11. I wouldn't consider the Dolphin's offensive line good. Guard play is highly suspect. Jermon Bushrod should give people shudders.
  12. Patriots Pre-season Week 1 - Jaguars GDT

    I wish Malcolm would have been added to the pup if he's still banged up come season start. Carr coulda snuck on then.
  13. Surprise cuts

    He said you have to ask Bill about that one.
  14. Falcons extend Devonta Freeman

    Only runningback to post a 1000 yard season in 15' and 16'.