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  1. Can we please get a speedy returner! Maybe a skat/slot guy with some burst Shanny
  2. Im excited. He has the tools, and we have the coach. My body is ready haha
  3. I bet 40 to win 1000 on Wilson. Jets go get fields! Lesssssssssss go
  4. It will probably crash again, and then will rise and cycle again as well The environmental argument has some ground, but also lots of false info, numerous places our moving towards green energy as well
  5. okungs pay for 2020 is now worth 1.5x what it would have been in Cash. And could grow to be more (or less).... doesnt seem dumb to me I am not going to try to get into an argument about cytpo vs fiat, but I fail to see how him getting more money (in terms of today) is dumb. He could sell now and be up if he chose to
  6. I love the kid and hes a stud and its cool that hes from the bay, but I dont want a rb in the first with shanny ever.
  7. Darn it, I was hoping they would stay with him and we would get the our pick of qb2. I thought Sallah tipped us they were keeping him. Maybe they tipped us they were taking Fields and we went to get Wilson, or vice versa
  8. My hope is like many of yours in that Sallah and the Jets told us no to wilson at 2. So we made the trade. But I was thinking, they could say that, but if say that want Sewell or Pitts and thats their plan. If a new team, let's say the Patriots really want Wilson and now have to get ahead of us and offer Jets 4 first for example, no way jets decline that?
  9. If he was a stud returner, I'd love it more. We havent had a legit returner since Ginn! I wish we could draft a skat bac/slot wr with wheels who could return. I have been wishing for one of those for a while now
  10. I am thinking and hoping that kyle is over jimmy at this point. fingers crossed the guy he likes pans out
  11. throw in a first and lets get to 3 for wilson. lets go
  12. i was rooting for titans bc i like a few of their players, but i can switch my interests haha I think they stay with tua for another year. so could be a nice trade partner for us
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