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  1. steelers niners colts rams ravens
  2. week 1: steelers week 2: niners
  3. It's not necessarily a job at the Eagles, but our schedule gets really rough following the dolphins
  4. Such a good doc, I told all my friends to watch it. His leg with the dead skin/muscles and after the surgery's were insane!
  5. I loved Joe! Wish he would have came back for one more year, but its his decision to make, especially with health Wish we could have gotten him a ring
  6. same. would have rather just kept buck for a year then tagged and traded or whatever
  7. are we trading back again? taking a while to pick
  8. we just gave up wirfs for hopefully a 3rd or 4th? and we settle for lamb? i guess that means joe is coming back
  9. I thought it was ruggs or lamb. jeudy might drop a little. hoping we didnt want ruggs
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