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  1. Actually the more I think about it this could work. Do this and get rid of the lottery could make things fair again and much more entertaining. Which I miss in the NBA.
  2. That’s kind of what I’m saying, the wings after pick five have a chance to be ok to good. Perfect type of player to gain more treadmill status. It’ll suck not getting top five. Those players all have a chance to be stars. Oh and Kuminga is easily a top five player. Dude is super young and talented.
  3. Yep. I’ve always been a big proponent of having a stud at each level.
  4. Maybe so. But I do know if they sucked properly we’d be picking no less than five. This happens to be a top five heavy draft. The nba has done nothing to stop tanking.
  5. Yeah it really sucks, a very good top heavy draft and we’re getting good enough to not be good.
  6. Meanwhile the Cavs out here winning meaningless games. I really have to accept we’re drafting out of the top five and draft a player that’ll put us right square with the dreaded treadmill. 😶 LeSigh
  7. Shouldn’t you be tagging Jadeveon @brownie man?
  8. Any Godzilla gif immediately gets a like from me. Especially that one.
  9. 😠😡😤 That one gets a Jadeveon Frowney from me.
  10. Neil Peart has entered the chat. In a very Bernie kind of way.
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