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  1. They’re on Amazon, should I buy it? Or are you punking me? 🤔
  2. This. It’s why I picked the 49rs to win.
  3. That just sounds dirty. I’m not falling for it.
  4. I got it on the interwebs. Look up crowd cow. It’s hit or miss because it’s not always readily available. So you have to keep up with the website. It’s legitimate best of the best. I got the Kagoshima farm raised wagyu. Currently looking at the Iwate Gyu beef. Also I keep waiting on the olive wagyu which is really hard to get. I missed my chance a couple months ago. Probably the next time I see it I’ll get it.
  5. Was it perfectly cooked? All the fibers broken down? More tender than usual? Yep it was sous vide. Truth be told I made a mistake sous videing the A5 wagyu steak I purchased. Should have listened to the seller by cutting it into strips and cooking in a fry pan. And inviting friends. Even so what a great experience. If you can ever (or any of you cats) get a hold of an A5 steak you need to do it. Man what an experience.
  6. Fair enough, I must concede this battle as all I had was a glorious pizza.
  7. Get yourself a sous vide and cook yourself a beautiful steak and that self absorbededness will literally melt away.
  8. Now aren’t we self absorbed 😈
  9. Whats up with Baker

    Don’t need to to see talent in a qb. I’ve learned to evaluate qbs on my own many years ago and take what the “gurus” say as potentially useful information.
  10. There’s nothing wrong with taking care of yourself.
  11. Whats up with Baker

    He still went thru progressions and presnap reads. More than that he had elite processing power and accuracy.
  12. Whats up with Baker

    It’s hard to do when you get the play call in late with no time. Also hard to adjust when there’s guys in your face from the get go. It’s why I said go watch the film last year. I’m convinced the best of the best couldn’t handle what Baker is dealing with.
  13. Whats up with Baker

    Sometimes when marriage mates have been together for some time life gets stale and issues arise. One of the best elixirs for this is to remember why you fell in love with your mate in the first place. All you yahoos dogging Mayfield either hated him to begin with or are the superficial what have you done for me latelys. Please go back and watch his film last year. Go back and watch his college film. He can read defenses. He can go thru his reads. Great processing power. Great accuracy. Strong arm. Suck wad line and indecisive play calls. This garbage that he’s had the most time from snap to pass needs to stop. He’s had zero literal time to throw. It’s a shame too, I’ve seen qbs ruined before, hopefully Baker isn’t the latest.
  14. Baker needs to be let go.....

    Yessir. We’ve found our line is adequate against so so olines. Against an elite one like yours and we’re garbage.
  15. Baker needs to be let go.....

    I’m actually closer to being nervous about coaching. There seems to be no leadership. I’m still going to wait until mid season and reevaluate. But I’m a tad nervous. We have way too much talent to be laying eggs. But then again this is still a new team. And yeah Mayfield needs to show a little more class on the field.