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  1. This has already been a long offseason 😂
  2. No. There’s absolutely fervor.
  3. Another caller on his show said we should go after Flacco 🤷🏼‍♂️
  4. This. And it’s weird. It’s not just thinking he’s bad it’s outright fervor to prove he’s bad. The idiot Bull on the local show Bull and Fox just said today that Baker “has never been known for his accuracy.” Like, what? And a ton of other outright lies I’ve been hearing lately. I think people just love to hate on Baker 🤷🏼‍♂️
  5. Yep, and as soon as he’s gone ALL of them were all of a sudden getting open 😂
  6. But our wrs are open all the time! That’s what I’m being told.
  7. Willis is garbage you guys. The quicker you realize the quicker you guys can move on to the latest bobble. Do you guys still want Carr? Jimmeh Gacrappolo? A guy like Hurts? Ugg thank you Cavs this silly **** is silly.
  8. You’re good my man. I also appreciate people putting up with me. I can straight up be an a hole.
  9. My apologies Mikey, my post was pure sarcasm. I’m pretty much just making fun of people that on one hand say we definitely need wrs and on the other hand mention that our current wrs are always open. It’s all from hate of Baker. I agree they need upgraded pretty badly. And I still believe in Baker.
  10. I thought about it… Then good sense kicked in.
  11. Yeah I’m usually not too critical with things on tv, mostly I just like to be entertained. But that high speed chase scene was just awful. Yeah high speed should be in quotes. My lord.
  12. Congrats dude! Always like to hear good news. Just don’t let your brother teach the youngin about running backs.
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