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  1. Kyle Pitts is a stud. Kyle Trask is going to make some team a nice back up qb for a long time.
  2. Exactly! 2nd worst draft pick ever for the Cavaliers.
  3. Really huge sample size 🥱 Or is that your point?
  4. Haha yeah I know I’ll be fine. I was hoping someone would have been gullible and try to help me out 😂. My next move was going to be my $200 I’m out to some nice man from Nigeria that was giving me an inheritance.
  5. Coincidentally I’m also hearing buno’s boss has taken a mysterious leave of absence.
  6. Ok so I got a recorded message telling me I have a warrant for my arrest for unlawful activities from my social security number in Texas. I had to give them my social security number so they can clear it. I should be ok right?
  7. @bruceb he manned up and showed a pic, what more proof you need?
  8. Sheesh dude no wonder you never made it into our beloved HOF, your meanness to @buno67 confirms you are his BIL.
  9. Good to see LeFlop James is still a bonafide actor. Sheesh I thought dude was about to die. Oh well he got a flag one out of it.
  10. So in other words you’ve added to your life insurance policy.
  11. Watch it or I’ll send my buddy after you 😈 Actually I feel the .270 is Still one the best all around calibers. I can do pretty much anything with it. Although there are a few new ones out there I’d like to try. Unfortunately money has been tight this year.
  12. It’s buno, maybe the boss is the mouse? 🤷🏼‍♂️
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