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  1. You Are Wrong About Lamar Jackson - Warren Sharp

    Raven fan right now
  2. What QBs do you expect to get benched this season?

    Evidently already Baker Mayfield. He was replaced by Garrett Gilbert in the second preseason game. So far Gilbert is completing 65.8 percent of his passes (27-of-41) for 286 yards, two touchdown passes and NO interceptions in 2 preseason games. With those stats and the awesome poise he’s showing Mayfield might as well learn how to hold a clipboard. #preseasoncounts @Gmen
  3. NFL preseason games talk: General discussion

    You calling me fake?
  4. So disappointed

    You know what they say about big feet?
  5. Fantasy Football

    I saw that too @ReggieCamp 😎
  6. Just wanted to contribute to this awesome discussion. But more than likely nobody even read this with the endless drivel. Man I wish I had a life.
  7. Building hte Browns

    Shouldn’t the title be “Building teh Browns”?
  8. Bambi’s mom dies. And no, not that “dancer” you used to date.
  9. Eli Manning as Giants starting QB

    Actually it’s awesome you’re excited after one preseason game, that’s your right as a fan. I’m excited about Mack Wilson. He had 2 interceptions last night and a few in practice last week. Doing a little math and including regular and preseason, looks like he’ll get around 40 INTs this year!
  10. Eli Manning as Giants starting QB

    Do they just play both?
  11. I obviously meant girlfriend duty. Cops are kinky. Right @pines? Or also acceptable @🌲🌲
  12. Eli Manning as Giants starting QB

    Brady Quinn looked good in preseason too. Whats funny is I liked jones more than most in here, but I’m rooting against him just because of giant fan. Im petty I know...
  13. I’m worried about not getting anybody hurt.
  14. Come on dude that ****s just stupid. What’s that even have to do with anything? Sig bets are freaking childish anyway. You catch me on something I’m wrong about I’ll be a damned man and admit it and we can go have a beer. Sig bets should be for middle school girls, or snapchaters.