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  1. Fix the Browns

    Dorsey needs to hire a guy that knows oline. If we have two even average tackles we win more games. I’d be curious to check Mayfields iPhone to see how many steps he’s taken this year. You can only run for your life so long. Yet people expect perfection in a chaotic environment. This year just plain ole seems like a perfect storm of suckitude. I’d love to say there’s always next year, but I’m not so sure. I feel like @sdrawkcab321 about now.
  2. Around the league discussion

    This is probably the weirdest year I’ve ever seen for quarterbacking ever. Honestly a weird year overall. Yet again why our crappy play annoys the crap out of me.
  3. (Polls) Should We Trade OBJ?

    Wow you’re a dumbass
  4. GDT: Week whatever

    Just checked, Cleveland Clinic stock up 40%. Yeah I went long.
  5. OBJ playing banged up

    OBJ is bad because of Baker. Duh Btw there are plenty of rumors going around that Odell doesn’t run the proper routes. Not in itself a bad thing. But it is a bad thing if you don’t work with your qb to let him know where you’ll be in certain scenarios. It’s a chemistry thing. Odell not being in training camp is not a good way to build that chemistry with your qb especially if you go rogue on your routes.
  6. (Polls) Should We Trade OBJ?

    Are you joking? He was a Baker hater. Read his posts now it’s all anti-Baker.
  7. Fix the Browns

    As much as I hate to say it? #coaching
  8. GDT: Week whatever

    Freddie needs to challenge if he can challenge that. Game needs more challenge
  9. GDT: Week whatever

    Good to hear you guys are ok 👍🏼
  10. GDT: Week whatever

    He’s Freddie’s hire so it’s Freddie’s fault duh
  11. GDT: Week whatever

    I’m not naming names
  12. GDT: Week whatever

    You got me there 😂
  13. GDT: Week whatever

    One of them starts with LETSGO and ends with BROWNIES 😈
  14. GDT: Week whatever

    The posting in this thread is historically bad right now.
  15. Man o days I would have never guessed this year. Yet again I was not a huge fan of the Ryan Day hire. But he’s legitimately got us in position to win a championship. This is pure coaching. If he continues to recruit at a high level this team can go really far.