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  1. I’m personally not entirely convinced Okoro can’t guard 3s. I can’t find the article, but I read one awhile ago that showed individual stats against Okoro where he held his own against the opposing teams biggest threat. Many of them were really good SFs. But yeah a back court of Garland and Green would definitely induce chub status. No not that chubb.
  2. Yeah the more I watch of Green the more I fall in love. I think he’s going to be special. And I already know the roller coaster of emotions I’ll go thru on draft night. Houston takes Green and I’ll be depressed/pissed. Houston takes Mobley and I’ll be depressed/pissed. But them immediately ecstatic that we are “stuck with” whoever is left! 😂
  3. This YouTube video is another reason why I love me some Mobley. His basketball IQ seems really high.
  4. When coming up with a comparison I honestly keep coming back to Kevin Garnett. Yeah I know. His defense and passing abilities are very close. And a decent offensive game. Edit: I am not positive he has the same bulldog mentality that Garnett had.
  5. This.com If we get Mobley I really like how this team is shaping up. He can guard the other teams best player 3-5 depending on match ups. Okoro can guard the other teams best player 1-3 depending on match ups. Love me some Garland. Salivating as we speak thinking about he and Mobley playing together 🤤 Oh and you guys need to stop thinking about how Allen fits into all this. Mobley is a superior upgrade to him. Heck he’s a superior upgrade to anything we have at the moment. And yes Mobley can easily play the 4. We’ll need more shooting somewhere, then I think we’re on our wa
  6. Yeah I love me some Garland. I think he takes another step next year and eventually will be one of the best PGs in the league. No way I trade up unless it’s a very reasonable price so we can make sure we get who we want. But I’d rather just sit tight. As @roger murdock said there are 4 guys that could all go #1 in this draft. Yeah I’m pretty positive we’ll be drafting reasonably well next year too. Some good players coming out. And I can’t remember if next year they’re eliminating the one and done rule or not, I can’t find info on it. But if true next year could be packed w
  7. Altman should be immediately fired if he gives up that much.
  8. Yeah like I’ve mentioned several times Cade scares me with his athleticism. And the more I look at Green the more I think he may be the best player from this draft. Im starting to see him going number one in a few mock drafts. Like I said awhile ago don’t be surprised if he does. And yes Mobley will be a fantastic consolation prize. He’ll be a stud.
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