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  1. Unfortunately people in here expect perfection at every moment. And it’s unrealistic. I’m even worried just a bit. But the season is still very young, we can go on a hot streak and get back in it.
  2. This. Baker doesn’t need studs at wr. Go look at his best games, I’m not seeing studs in them. Holy hell he took guys he met in a parking garage when his wr room was decimated by Covid and made them work. But for real I wish I had training in psychology, y’all are a study for the ages. I’d more than likely write my graduating thesis on you lot.
  3. Hopefully our dog can beat the beagles. Bull mastiffs are pretty tough dogs.
  4. Pretty simple isn’t it? The defense carrying Baker is such a beautiful thing!
  5. But he’s open all the time!! That’s what I’ve been told at least.
  6. Ok @NateDawg we need confirmation again. Is this your “little” brother and his wife?
  7. No need if they follow protocol. I’m just worried that they won’t follow protocol and we end up with Garrett training some guys off the street how to play d-line in a parking garage before the game.
  8. Yeah leaving all the political **** at the door I’m looking forward to it. Snoop has always been one of my favorites. But hopefully no man boob malfunctions 😃 Oh and sad Run-DMC couldn’t partake 😔
  9. Just act like a Buckeye and not a Badger and you should do just fine. For real just act yourself and you should do fine. Uhhhhh never mind fake the heck out of this and shmooze like you’ve never shmoozed before in your life! Sorry dude there’s always McDonald’s. Or Amazon warehouse.
  10. Unless of course you really are that ignorant. Then I’m truly apologetic.
  11. Let’s put it this way, I’d trust the vaccine with this supposed 80 year old and above (quoted from you) than I would with your horrible lack of knowledge on this death dealing dilemma. “are injected with the virus”
  12. Well I guess 1/8” can make a difference so good on you mwil! Yeah, sorry @MrsMWil23 for your loss. @MrsMWil23 in it just for the children confirmed. Sorry mwil.
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