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  1. So in other words you’ve added to your life insurance policy.
  2. Watch it or I’ll send my buddy after you 😈 Actually I feel the .270 is Still one the best all around calibers. I can do pretty much anything with it. Although there are a few new ones out there I’d like to try. Unfortunately money has been tight this year.
  3. It’s buno, maybe the boss is the mouse? 🤷🏼‍♂️
  4. I have a .270. But we don’t shoot that distance often, we keep from 200-500 yards. Time and again I’ll use my .270 which handles better than you think. But I have buddy (that may or may not have been trained with certain skills) that brings a .300 win mag for +500 yard shots. He’s really good out to those distances.
  5. LEL=lost energy lover. Hey I’m not here to judge. 🙂
  6. I’m far more confident that eeyore played hs football then I am that backy did. Eeyore didn’t have a real tail. Backy is indeed eeyore?
  7. Yeah it’s a luxury. My buddies father in law has targets set up at 50 yards all the way out to 500. We easily can go out to 1000 yards with an old growth forest as a back drop. As a side note we set up exploding targets as an incentive. We WERE called on by the sheriffs office a few times. He’d come out assess our safety practices and proceed to ask if he can have a few shots. The country is where it’s at 🙂
  8. Gruden is still a man at play calling. Btw Brees thru a pick earlier you guys would be bitching about. He can’t read defenses. One of the greatest no less. It happens.
  9. Born and raised in the country. No need for gun ranges. 500+ is easy to come by.
  10. He’s done it his whole career...until OBJ showed up. Wouldn’t be surprised if Stefanski sat him down and told him to not worry about Odell and just play your game.
  11. So how’d he look last night?
  12. I get what you’re saying and I agree he can’t do it. However all the greats in the history of football have made that same INT.
  13. Yep. And btw the book isn’t written on him yet the same way it wasn’t written after the first game. I want to see his body of work for the whole year. Looks like he’s still working on the footwork that Van Pelt has him working on. I noticed a slight hesitation with that first step. This offense is going to be a work in progress for a few more games. I think the talent alone is what showed up last night. But talent alone won’t get it done against the likes of Baltimore. That’s where familiarity and cohesiveness coupled with talent can get it done. Side note: speaking of footwork, you can tell Wills is struggling with his too. He looks good for the most part but when he struggles you can see his feet getting crossed. When he gets that worked out he looks like a good one.
  14. Yep. His biggest enemy is his feet. Much better this week.
  15. Me neither. I’ve contemplated trading him somewhere so he can show what he has. So far the Browns are ruining him. Hopefully Stefanski can figure it out, show some consistency and see what he truly is.
  16. Or at the very least be in a damned system in the nfl for more than one damned year. Goddam Browns dont ruin this cat.
  17. Btw way too early take: Covid crap Et all. Defense is garbage. These guys played really hard for Stefanski. Like really hard. Cincinnati could have easily won this game. We just played harder than them.
  18. I’m thinking if we all chip in to pay @MWil23 s tv bill he might show up a little gentler 😇
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