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  1. I don’t like it. We need hitting badly. Would have rather kept Clevinger. But then again I don’t know who any of these guys are 😂
  2. Baker did fine when he had similar circumstances as Watson.
  3. Actually I’m definitely with @LETSGOBROWNIES in that he takes a logical approach about Baker.
  4. That’s not what he said. It would be nice if Baker has at least competent coaching and o-line, just about like any qb that has lived.
  5. Yep he made the Black Panther one of my favorite super heroes. I was really looking forward to Black Panther 2...
  6. As I stated awhile ago, and took major heat in the baseball section. Pats myself on the back...
  7. What the? Can someone show me definitive proof with this years practice that Mayfield can’t read defenses? That he has a hitch in his throws? That he can’t throw to his wrs? Only to TEs? You guys really fomenting the hate based on throws that are really hard to see based on COVID-19 restrictions? My lord this year has been crap, and you guys have to take your hate of Mayfield to your social distanced grave to prove you were right about him? Based on what? Your misconceived hate of his personality? Your misconceived hate of him due to the ineptitude of the former former former regime? I can’t lie, I’ve finally been able to transform my mind over this year to having zero expectations for this football team. I’m neither high on them, nor low. I’m finally enjoying the ride. If any of you yahoos had a minicule amount of intelligence you’d do the same.
  8. You guys hating 2020 fail to realize some good can come from it. Why doesn’t anybody post positive stories? Anyway something that for some reason doesn’t get attention albeit very disturbing, finally good news... https://abcnews.go.com/US/us-marshals-rescue-40-children-georgia-part-week/story?id=72678692
  9. Would you like for me to get off your lawn now?
  10. Yeah I missed out on the Mahomes cards. Thought they were too high...and now they’re double what I would have paid 🤷🏼‍♂️
  11. I bought a ton of Baker Mayfield cards, Sam Darnold cards and the sad sack josh Rosen cards. I’ll hold on the Mayfield and Darnold cards. I think they’ll come through. Rosen I’m squirming on.
  12. Yessir! Unfortunately a lot of cards id like to unload aren’t going for good prices 😞
  13. If we can’t hit we’re going nowhere... from the dept of #nowaythatsfreakingobvious
  14. Yeah I want to sell more LBJ cards but I’d really like to hold on to them until he retires. Do I wait for them to get a premium HOF price or are they at a peak now? Now if only some other cards I invested in would show some movement.
  15. Just sold a couple of my Lebron James rookie cards for a nice profit. 😎. (unfortunately out of need) But the market is definitely there if you have high end cards.
  16. Yeah based on watching him in (especially) the postseason and other critical moments I’m not impressed with him. I know it’s sacrilege in these parts but I think the Indians can replace him within. We should have dealt him last offseason. Or this? Offseason. Now I’m confused.
  17. Greedy me is hoping for a Lebron James ring so I can cash in on a few of his rookie cards. 😈
  18. He’s part of the show. He’s not on all the time, but seems to be moving up the ladder. In fact grossi was asked which of the young guys on there he’d like to get a shot at hosting a show and he named @MistaBohmbastic .
  19. Yeah it’s definitely homered out. Zagura is well known nationally so he has good interviews and offers pretty good insight.
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