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  1. Like @DawgX said our defense has been garbage so far. Like Buckeye D bad.
  2. Upps: Browns winned Hunt was the perfect match Chubb? How’d he get 84 yards? 🤷🏼‍♂️ You know dudes special when he looks blanked and still gets yards. Joks on you. Yeah cat can play. Seriously it’s not a Jok. He of which we need not concede. (Guesses?) Horny…I got you mate. Downsies: That o-line. That Wills ankle. Dude love your gutsiness. But dude you’re a liability right now. So👉🏼 Give me a chance Hance. Yeah you gave up pressure also. And ugg…Mayfield. That left side creeped you out. And ugg…OBJ, n
  3. Look everybody knows I wasn’t the biggest Fields fan coming out of the draft. But this isn’t on him. Wayyyyy too early to read anything on him being a QB. Btw you should go into nfl genpop and start a “Fields iz a bust” thread. I hear they’re all the rayge.
  4. I’m just here to congratulate that one cat that proposed starting the Browns D in fantasy. Don’t know who you are but…
  5. Yeah he’s been not great today. OBJ back Baker bad belief? 😇
  6. Ok so I can’t lie, I actually really like our domes as an alternate helmet.
  7. Ok so how can a human that big do that side step to rush that Miles just did? 😮
  8. Wow what’s the betting spread again? That was a freebie.
  9. I’m a huge Buckeye fan, but today he’s standing between us and a win 😈
  10. Yo mikie as a fellow person who knows my land as much as I know you know yours, show them a good time. But always leave yourself an escape route. You’ll always have the advantage knowing you’re land.
  11. For real nice to see Darnold dealing with confidence after the ****show he dealt with in new yoke.
  12. Can confirm. As much as I don’t want to be that idiot that rubbernecks at a scene of an accident, there I am straight up rubbernecking at that very scene of an accident. Thank goodness I have common sense and a reserved attitude.
  13. Yeah I don’t know what to make of Woods. I’m usually a patient man that looks at as much evidence to make an intelligent decision based on facts. The fact is this is a completely revamped defense with new guys everywhere. Logically we should give them more time. But the emotional side of me says bull**** let him rot. We ran the Buckeye defense last week. Or in other words the Oprah Winfrey defense…everybody gets 5 yards, you get ten yards…you want a TD? Get a td!! But again the logical side of me says yet again give it time. Maybe he just feels the need to play it safe, play it
  14. Well yeah he doesn’t fit because he’s garbage at shooting, and the kinda important fact that he doesn’t give a **** if he does. He has loads of talent but doesn’t have the requisite desire to get better. No thanks he can sit at home and watch reruns of teletubbies.
  15. So help me if I read one more garbage take in that Mayfield top ten **** post in the upper regions I may blow. Like how can someone denigrate Mayfield in comparison to Lamar based on record? Does nobody understand that Baker took over a 1-31 team? That’s 31 losses to 1 win. 0.03 winning percentage. 1 win every 2 years. 1 win every 730 days. Or 729 days in a leap year. Oh yeah how is it that Baker has an elite supporting cast when evaluating him as a QB, but a mediocre supporting cast when evaluating the team as a whole? 🤷🏼‍♂️ You never disappoint upper half of this site.
  16. Ok so I need Darnold to keep it up. I would like to unload some of them cards you made me buy. Looked through the ones I bought, if he continues to look good I may have a mint. Hopefully I can time it right.
  17. Ok so just tuned in…how the hell does Mills have only 5 attempts? More importantly how the hell did he look good against the Browns defense. Oh…
  18. I’m just going to go ahead and blame @ET80 for lulling us into thinking Houston sucks. Ok buddy 🙄
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