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  1. Unless of course you really are that ignorant. Then I’m truly apologetic.
  2. Let’s put it this way, I’d trust the vaccine with this supposed 80 year old and above (quoted from you) than I would with your horrible lack of knowledge on this death dealing dilemma. “are injected with the virus”
  3. Well I guess 1/8” can make a difference so good on you mwil! Yeah, sorry @MrsMWil23 for your loss. @MrsMWil23 in it just for the children confirmed. Sorry mwil.
  4. Those dingleberries better not pass on the Covid to us!
  5. @NateDawg we need confirmation here. Tell your mom to sign up to give us the low down there
  6. Sweet! Just remember your password is 123derpderp. We’ll see ya when we see ya!!
  7. I’d a never thought, the greatest of all time just missed three easy throws in a row. I’d a never thought the best of the best could miss easy throws. It’s almost like I’m starting to think that qbs miss throws. Anybody else as enlightened as I?
  8. Yeah I’m confused as well. What the hell stat is 5+ yards down the field? Why not 2+ or 10+? Is there any context where this is going? What is the point?
  9. Pretty sure that’s an endorsement. Welcome to the cool kids club @Mind Character AKA the smart kids klub.
  10. My annual Seal Team is back baby post! Love this show.
  11. It’s actually really sad to me. I really loved the dude when we drafted him. He was always a really personable and likable guy. And when he wanted out and left he lost his mind. I guess if you want to believe in a flat earth that’s your right. It doesn’t make sense at all, but go ahead and believe what you want no matter how dumb the reality is. But now that he’s scoffing at science that deals with the death of human beings? Yeah Kyrie you need to track back and get a grip. As much as I’ve enjoyed watching him play he’s very unlikeable right now.
  12. Oh my word! The greatest of the greatest of godly qbs is having a bad game. In a pressure situation Mahomes is sucking out! Holy crap I’m shocked. It’s as if every qb known to man can have a bad game. Baker has a nice game against a good defense and people complain. 🤷🏼‍♂️ 3 I haz purplexism
  13. Ok to veer off of you weirdos in here. Just watched Black Widow and Florence Pugh is one freaking hot filly. Never heard of her, but wow.
  14. Baker had a far better game than Mahomes. And…go:
  15. Yeah I just don’t get it. This is the first time Baker played great…WITH OBJ on the field. And still OBJ didn’t have a good game. But for real it’s such a shame. I legitimately like him. It looks like he’s finally humbled himself and bought in to what we’re trying to do here. But for some odd reason it just isn’t working. I’m quite honestly perplexed by it.
  16. But OBJ was open at will last week! That’s what I was told at least. Surely he can be traded?
  17. Ok so I’ll let you guys know what really bursts my 20 years of losing bubble. This year could be had for any amount of teams. Our crap defense has a very possible shot at completely blowing this year. The top of the AFC, KC, looks very beatable. As what last year brought if we had any defense at all we could have went further. This year is very much more attainable. 2 if only we had a defense. 3 we know how you feel tin man. We know how you feel. Nice day? Yessir
  18. Btw the true answer here is he can eat my shorts and a bum and whatnot. So far me and @NateDawg have it right. I mean if he ate shorts he’d probably have some issues and be out for kind of awhile. Meaning Baker can carry on with the scrubs he actually gets along with. 2 duh
  19. Can’t lie, I’ve been known to be an idiot here and there in my life. First step is admitting it I’ve been told.
  20. This is why I love you dude. You bring the straight facts and are thorough in your research. And I miss when you articulated my thoughts better than I ever could 😘
  21. Baker had a great game today with a mish mosh of wrs, we don’t need him. Eject his ***.
  22. Ups: Baker our rbs we finally have a danged team…enjoy it you morons. our weather here in NE Ohio, amiright? I don’t have a fifth 🤷🏼‍♂️ Downs: Anybody who blames Baker on this loss. Y’all are out of your damn minds. Baker literally kept us in the game. He literally scored enough points to beat anybody in the freaking damned league. If we should blame anybody it’s the defense. If we just stopped them on one, just one of the multiple blown 4th down conversions we gave up we win. Or 3rd down conversions we gave up. 2) due we really blame Baker four t
  23. Seems nobody saw my post about the great Rodgers overthrew a wide open dude in the end zone in a critical moment. It’s almost like no qb is perfect or something or other.
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