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  1. Pretty sure I remember reading that @LETSGOBROWNIES blamed OBJ for Covid.
  2. Yeah I can’t believe @LETSGOBROWNIES blames everything on OBJ. SMH
  3. Oh lookie there, Rodgers (one of the best to play the game) just over threw a wide open wr in the end zone in a high pressure situation. It’s almost like even great ones do it too!
  4. I just want to see a “flaw” in the armor. We already blew it and want a chance 🤷🏼‍♂️
  5. You just hate to see it. Roll low tide!
  6. We still do, let’s just call us…uhhh friends. 🙂 Now let me tell you the nude guy is just playing the long con. I’m just that band aid that you just have to rip off quickly. The faster the better and the pain soon dissipates. Nude boy on the other hand will haunt you for life. Best to just go with the long and boring, I present you @LETSGOBROWNIES. He at least knows beer. Hardly anything else, but you could do far far worse. Let it sink in and we’ll be BFFs again. You’ll thank me later.
  7. There’s a reason for the ‘X’ in his username. And the ‘user’ in username.
  8. Charlatan. I have it on good authority ( @MWil23) that Nate is not at all webby. Between you and me in this hush hush PM, he is indeed a lesser version of Paul Blart. Giggles I know right?
  9. Ok so looks like I got a date tonight! Just got a text from a dude that says we “txted” on a dating app. So naturally I responded to bring the condoms I’m in the mood. Not sorry, you shot your shot.
  10. You’ve freaking seen how Baker plays when he’s healed 😂. Accurate and decisive. Come on dude make up your mind.
  11. Not sure about this game. Their defense seems kinda decent. Hopefully our RBs can kick some ***. But let’s be real, it’s going to come down to if we get the real Baker or the labrum strung Baker. If we get the real Baker we win.
  12. Yeah I had high hopes for Sandy to take over, but I’ve not been impressed. But it sounds like Tito will be back next year.
  13. Exactly. If things were handled by the book in here I would have been banned multiple times… Oh crap, does twice count as “multiple”? @NudeTayne 🤔🤨🧐. 🤷🏼‍♂️ Speaking of which, anybody see webby? I don’t recall him posting in a bit.
  14. Btw I voted the frist choice in all the poll choices. Did I derp again?
  15. No need to get the po po involved, looking at you brother @NateDawg Just let him speak his peace and burn himself out. As if another reinstalling of former posters signing up to post again only to burn out again, is nigh… Cue a pic of waves and such If only
  16. Ok so I have to give credit to @Mind Character, uhh err that uhh new guy, at least he stuck to his Baker hater guns and goes hard for that sweet sweet victory on a message board. After the recent news where are the rest of the Baker haters? Y’all think an anomaly is sure fire fact. Stand up.
  17. Where the heck are some of you guys when he’s throwing like an all pro qb? Ya’ll come straight out of the sewers. Shake my danged head for flips sake🤨
  18. Ahh I see, another pop up book gif.
  19. Took me a minute to notice that’s a pop up book 😂
  20. Dangit that’s what I was going to name my kid 😔
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