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  1. It was this. That was a designed deep pass play.
  2. Does anyone know if Felton was open there?
  3. Ahh crap I forgot about the brilliance of Kung Pow: Enter the Fist! Loved the pure stupidity of that movie. But unfortunately I looked this up and now I’ve seen multitude of Kung fu movies I have to rewatch 🥵
  4. Georgia and Bama would annihilate us. Best we can hope for this year is to see growth.
  5. Finally see a little discipline with the D. They read and reacted with their speed. I know it’s just Rutgers but it’s something. Baby steps. Stroud finally slung it with confidence. He’s for sure a work in progress, he needs to stop bird dogging. But he generally made the right throws. A win is a win.
  6. I voted Baker, yes yes and hell yes to Miles. Out-derp me people, out derp me!
  7. I voted 4-0, 4-0 and excellence because I’d like to be the derpiest. Eat it suckas
  8. I kinda always had my suspicions about you, so I just went ahead and got you the ladies size large.
  9. Make sure you learn how to talk with their accent. They love that kind of thing. Oh and I just purchased you apparel to wear:
  10. Yeah Canton isn’t far from Pittsburgh at all. Since you’ll be in Pittsburgh I suggest driving a little east to go to the Appalachians, there’s some beautiful country there!
  11. Thanks, same to you. I’m just really fortunate none were close friends or family.
  12. Hey @Shady Slim seeing as how you’re a Stiller fan, come to Cleveland we’ll take real good care of you. 😇
  13. Yeah this thing is hilarious until you know of someone who died. I personally know of 5 people who have died of Covid. But on a larger scale with my affiliations I’m privy of so much more. Why can’t you morons just pretend for a moment that this is just mere blip called polio? That sure enough endangered mankind and lo and behold people took it seriously.
  14. Honestly this should give you a free pass to keep posting **** posts as much as you want. You literally by taking a freaking harmless vaccine that somehow got poo pooed by stupid people could save human lives. Some people that look for a badge of honor their whole lives have an easy gimmy right before them. A simple yet effective jab in your damn arm. And yet that jab can LITERALLY save lives. Edit: I thought this post was slightly hyperbolic, but it’s not. You can literally save lives. Quit thinking so much about yourself. Like think of that little girl that lost her mothe
  15. Nice! If I played fantasy I’d ask for help.
  16. Like @DawgX said our defense has been garbage so far. Like Buckeye D bad.
  17. Upps: Browns winned Hunt was the perfect match Chubb? How’d he get 84 yards? 🤷🏼‍♂️ You know dudes special when he looks blanked and still gets yards. Joks on you. Yeah cat can play. Seriously it’s not a Jok. He of which we need not concede. (Guesses?) Horny…I got you mate. Downsies: That o-line. That Wills ankle. Dude love your gutsiness. But dude you’re a liability right now. So👉🏼 Give me a chance Hance. Yeah you gave up pressure also. And ugg…Mayfield. That left side creeped you out. And ugg…OBJ, n
  18. Look everybody knows I wasn’t the biggest Fields fan coming out of the draft. But this isn’t on him. Wayyyyy too early to read anything on him being a QB. Btw you should go into nfl genpop and start a “Fields iz a bust” thread. I hear they’re all the rayge.
  19. I’m just here to congratulate that one cat that proposed starting the Browns D in fantasy. Don’t know who you are but…
  20. Yeah he’s been not great today. OBJ back Baker bad belief? 😇
  21. Ok so I can’t lie, I actually really like our domes as an alternate helmet.
  22. Ok so how can a human that big do that side step to rush that Miles just did? 😮
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