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  1. Hit me up when you move down here sometime and we can go together. I've been there 4 or 5 times. Wasn't really interested because it wasn't the Vikings but Trevor would be fun to see in person.
  2. Sorry I was just kidding. I edited or thought I did to add some smiling faces but it didn't work on my phone. It's a good city. TPC and all those fun retirement sports are here. Decent food but the beaches do stink. Great starting spot for all the great Florida sites..
  3. Jacksonville is a terrible "city". It's run down and dirty. The stadium is awful even with the dumb pool idea. It's already overcrowded and the beaches are dirty. Its really just southern Georgia. Minneapolis could be the same but I havent been there in a few years.
  4. Even my 7 year old nephew hates that movie and he's a Ghostbusters fanatic
  5. Get your ish together Sano. Need more of what you did yesterday!
  6. I don't remember how I signed up so I can't cancel it if I wanted too.
  7. Here we go 🤨 https://www.espn.com/nfl/team/transactions/_/name/hou
  8. What are we up to now with the Texans FA siginings? Have they signed an entire team yet?
  9. I haven't watched any of these outside of few episodes of Schitt's Creek. The mother in that show is off her rocker and really the only thing that makes me laugh. I'll give Annie Murphy the vote just because her character's mom is funny.
  10. I would take a stab at Arden Key and see if our defensive coaches could revive his career.
  11. Lol. That would be funny. They are wising up and getting The Ring security system. It was a $400 Coach purse which to me is a $5 bag but girls love them.
  12. Yeah we have this payroll thing called WorkDay that allows us to login and logout for work. Has all of our pay stuff available to us. I've worked remote for the past 2 years.
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