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  1. That's why he shouldn't be drafted by the Jets
  2. I see 2 more winnable games for the Vikings. Anything more than that will be luck.
  3. So we are stuck with him in 2022 unless we cut him and take a huge cap hit in 2021?
  4. When does Cousins money become guaranteed for 2022?
  5. I hope not. We need fresh blood injected into this franchise.
  6. Hope Spielman understands you're fired after this season.
  7. Is that the coach with a student? 😄
  8. I'm sure he'll enjoy being closer to home too.
  9. Ngakoue wants a new deal. You'll be paying him alot. Baltimore got so much better though.
  10. I hope Trevor goes back for his senior year. Watching his career wasted in NY will make me sad.
  11. Vikings going to go on some wild winning streak?
  12. What is Harrison Smith worth next year? He could see the Vikings as a rebuild and maybe wanting to move onto a winner in his final nfl years.
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