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  1. I cant wait for the 6th perspective in 6 years.
  2. Nope! You can't ask for a better movie.
  3. I thought this was the Colts receiver that played with Manning. 😄
  4. I started on this site at 25 years old. Now I'm 41. 😭
  5. The Draft is a lottery. Take the closest to a sure thing regardless of needs and fill out these in the later rounds. If that's Tucker then great you've filled a need. Theilen is 30 years old so if a JaMarr Chase falls and the linemen the Vikings were looking at have been taken yeah I'll wouldn't hate it if the Vikings take another possible good WR.
  6. Is he better than Gore and Peterson because they are old and they are still getting jobs?
  7. Drafting on need is why we ended up with up with Anthony Barr instead of Aaron Donald. Thielen isn't going to last many more years so if a Ja'Marr Chase or a DeVonta Smith I wouldn't love it but I definitely wouldn't hate it.
  8. I'm scared the AFC won't be able to either. Rodgers, Jones, and Adam's are playing better this year than hey have ever before which is saying something.
  9. Neither one of these teams have a shot at beating the Packers. 2020 will continue to suck as I see the Packers back in the Super Bowl.
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