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  1. This Is Rival Talk v1.0

    It's one of the coldest seats in the NFL
  2. Everson Griffen Incident

    Early signs of CTE?
  3. Everson Griffen Incident

    What is the penalty cap wise if we have to let him go? He's a huge part of the defense so I hope everything turns out ok. He's got a beautiful family too so like you guys said football becomes secondary.
  4. Week 4 - Rams vs Vikings - TNF

    It was described as "personal reasons" http://www.startribune.com/defensive-end-everson-griffen-not-at-vikings-game-due-to-personal-matter/494085201/
  5. Barr V Richardson?

    I'm done defending Barr. He's been crap so far this year.
  6. Week 4 - Rams vs Vikings - TNF

    Cooks will be there to play. Rumor is that Griffin was caught with cocaine but haven't seen anything to back that up. Apparently just one Twitter user posted about it but nobody else is saying anything.
  7. Week 4: VIKINGS (1-1-1) at Rams (3-0)

    Just saw that. I haven't heard anything on any injuries. Probably Waynes though since he went out early.
  8. Week 4 - Rams vs Vikings - TNF

    The Rams fans talked trash. How great their team was and how Minnesota would be lucky to even be in the game. Then your Coach started doing this hand going up the butt thing and yelling Whoooooo. I don't get it.
  9. Week 4: VIKINGS (1-1-1) at Rams (3-0)

    Whitworth may not be available either
  10. Forgot all about the Master P contract
  11. Only Williams was good but they sold an entire draft for him and let him go.
  12. Well if we're going by baby mama's Michael Bennett might have that one locked down. His daughter is adorable too. Look up kmsalzano on IG.
  13. I remember when my team had it's first good running back