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  1. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    Who cares. He was passed up in years he should have been there. Now he's even
  2. Russell Wilson Named PFF's MVP

    I think he's more valuable to his team this season than any other QB was.
  3. Movies you want sequels to

    It was a good series. The girls were pretty hot. Wish Sandy Cohen was my dad!
  4. Movies you want sequels to

    Judge Dredd - Karl Urban version Miami Vice Women all play their roles nude
  5. Was hoping he'd get a shot in Minnesota but Rick likes to overstay his welcome.
  6. Is Jimmy Garoppolo underrated?

    He's good QB but there is no denying that the rest of that team is so good that he's looking like a game manager. I think he'll get better but his coach, oline, and defense are running the show right now.
  7. 2020 Draft to be held in Las Vegas (Renderings page 6)

    As long as there are "working" women!
  8. 2020 Draft to be held in Las Vegas (Renderings page 6)

    Oh man I hope some excited draft pick pulls Goodell into the water
  9. Doesn't play in the NFL and never will again. Don't care!
  10. I'm all for folding the franchise. The way the NBA is built now Minnesota will never have a successful franchise.
  11. 2020 Draft Talk

    Kris Boyd and Holton Hill
  12. I know FSU isn't what it should be right now but imo that's going to a lesser program. I hope he got a huge raise.
  13. Hoping JD Speilman transfers to Minnesota. That would be one heck of a slot receiver for them.
  14. 2020 Draft Talk

    As long as we can get a guy that can be developed I'm all for it.