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  1. He's younger than Zimmer and Carroll
  2. Fangio will be a head coach next season
  3. Nah we just need some online help.
  4. I don't know. Just sounds weird for a guy that's hasn't started many games.
  5. Good kick. Hard to win at Chicago.
  6. Why is he screaming audibles like he's Peyton Manning?
  7. Needs another int from Trubiskky
  8. We have played like carp. No idea how it's a one point game.
  9. At least he's still playing though....amiright
  10. Chris is going gaga over the Bears.
  11. Hahahahahahahahah. Quit eating horse poop.
  12. C'mon Chris. NO and ST Louis are going to run a train on this team in the playoffs.
  13. Cousins you're as bad as Trubisky
  14. Trubisky is easy to figure out. Those stupid audible he keeps yelling out to make himself sound smart.