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  1. Wolves have been sold for 1.5 billion. How is the worst franchise worth that much? https://dunkingwithwolves.com/2021/05/13/minnesota-timberwolves-sold-rodriguez-lore/
  2. 79 hell yeah! It was really good. I remember hearing about the Minot part when I was stationed there. Rumor was the house that the guy killed himself in was in my housing area. They won't tell you though if you ask where it was. There was alot of swapping wives and other kinky sex stuff going on there. I believe there was far more too it than just one guy listening to what this 'dog' told him and killing people on his own.
  3. He's so good. Love how he always tells a story.
  4. Still trying to figure out how this guy got out of Jacksonville.
  5. Easy to be confident in the middle of May
  6. Too much prime time TV for a 7-9 team
  7. 😄😄😄 Micah Parsons seems pretty excited about being a Cowboy. NFL Network, ESPN, CNN, Fox News, PBS, OAN, Al Jazeera, CW, MTV, VH1News, UHF, and Jimmy Kimmel Live have all told us at some point since he was drafted by the Cowboys.
  8. Jerry pays the NFL for prime time games. Nobody wants to see them outside of Dallas fand but a big chunk of Jerry's wallet comes out each year to make sure everyone knows how average their team can be.
  9. Random Guess but I think we should open at Cincinattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
  10. They were pretty badass looking in the early 90's. James looked like my dad.
  11. Got no problems with that. She's much prettier than Metallica!
  12. Easily our worst uniform in Vikings history.
  13. I like the 69 and 85 Jerseys. Wish we were still using either one of those.
  14. This band plays with more energy than any band I've ever seen live. Keeping up with Elias during a show is a workout in itself and the guy is 46 years old.
  15. Its completely fake. It was a fan made video. Made me laugh though because that's the response you'd get from those tools.
  16. I believe Frank Ragnow grew up a Vikings fan and now plays for one of our rivals The Lions
  17. After reading what they wrote about the Vikings and the fans in reddit I agree with you. 😡
  18. I think he would have the best opportunity to play here. We are pretty low on trustworthy wrs.
  19. I don't feel bad for the franchise. I'd like it to turn back into what it was before Favre and never be a legit competition for the division ever again. The fans aren't so bad.
  20. I honestly feel bad for Packers fans and the NFL. We could see the end of the career of Rodgers. Hate him all you want but he's one of the greatest if not the greatest QB's of my life.
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