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  1. That's just so terrible. Feel bad for Giants fans
  2. I love this mock draft so much, I want to take it behind a middle school, and get it pregnant.
  3. Agreed with this - as far as I can see, you get the same number of points for having Brady (5) and Hoyer (1) as you do with McCown (1) and Bridgewater/Darnold (5). As such, this doesn't seem to have much validity for judging how good a team is (and I say this with my team 4th) In my opinion, depth matters far more at some positions (defensive line, corner) than it does at others, and between that and positional value I think this idea needs a bit more refinement.
  4. Think you've got to include Charlie Sanders here considering he's in the Hall. Mark Bavaro's peak was short, but he was a heck of a player. Otherwise nice list. To address the topic, I've got Witten 6th
  5. QB Josh Rosen RB1 Nick Chubb RB2 Nyheim Hines WR1 Antonio Calloway WR2 Equanimeous St. Brown Slot Russell Gage TE Ian Thomas TE Will Dissley LT Geron Christian LG Will Hernandez OC Scott Quessenberry RG Wyatt Teller RT Will Richardson --------------------------- DE
  6. Well, that's the last guy I cared about (Fatukasi) - happy just to throw a dart at it now. Good Jets picks - Nickerson could be good too.
  7. To be fair, the Bears kid nailed JOEL IYIEGBUNIWE
  8. Love it. Fixes the Jalen Collins mistake.
  9. Urgh, I bet Tampa gets Oliver or Justin Reid. This is irritating.
  10. That will look like a steal in 3 years.
  11. Loving the Packers' and Cardinals' drafts.
  12. Somehow I don't think they'll cut to the Landry draft day party (who are probably all making WTF faces about now)
  13. Titans doing good work so far, although I normally don't like trading up.
  14. Titans going to grab Landry surely
  15. Disagree - it's just a good class. Hernandez, Daniels, Corbett are better prospects than the likes of Penny, Edmunds2 , Michel and Hayden Hurst; if they were really valuing IOL they'd have gone in the 1st.
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