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  1. Mahomes has been ruled out the rest of the game, hopefully its nothing serious
  2. do you have a link by chance? I'm in pittsburgh and never get to see any of the press conferences
  3. If metcalf or sweat are there when seattle goes to draft... I'd be perfectly fine with shipping leo or lee + a pick to move back up.
  4. Just popping in to check out the thread. Id personally love to have been able to trade back for the jets but I'm ok with taking Q # 3 overall. Will be curious to see who the hawks take back to back here at the end of the first.
  5. Raiders taking metcalf to compliment brown? or do you think he falls a few more spots... maybe Baltimore or Indy?
  6. Supposedly it was misdiagnosed and his heart is perfectly fine according to rapoport
  7. Several Interesting articles out there saying he's a fan of darnold, Can't seem to find anything regarding a trade https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/2018/10/04/broncos-von-miller-a-big-fan-of-jets-rookie-qb-sam-darnold/38047215/
  8. James Carpenter signing with atlanta for 4 years
  9. Off topic - Saints re-signed Teddy Bridgewater. "According to NFL Network's Jane Slater, Bridgewater had a bigger offer on the table from the Dolphins, who also could give him a chance to compete for a starting job, but he decided to stick around as Drew Brees' backup and potential successor. It is great news for the win-now Saints, who will retain one of the best backups in the league."
  10. I have a feeling that he might wait and see how his album does after it releases on the 13th. If the market is soft, he might just hang em up. I do not expect his album to do well after listening to a few of his tracks though. So we will see.
  11. You can have leveon bell for Qb money, would be a similar style RB to replace hunt.
  12. as a pittsburgh resident and close follower to local news. He's going to be available. But I wouldn't want him. He's a locker room cancer. True he's got talent, but I'm happy with the combo of crowell and powell. Save our picks for next year
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