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  1. John Dorsey named GM

    That makes all of us on this board then who don't want Lewis anywhere near Cleveland. At least McAdoo had a moustache to fall back on. I'll assume your post above is one sentence since there is absolutely no punctuation except weirdly after a space. Ask your owner who Kurt is. And that silliness sounds great. Please roast me.
  2. GDT week 15: Browns vs. Ravens

    Our LTOTF. We could have ten more years of Thomas at LT.
  3. John Dorsey named GM

    Marvin Lewis is Jeff Fisher. Get out with that. You aren't supporting anything but repeating ad nauseum that you want another team besides your Redskins to give huge money to Kurt while subtly taking jabs at past ineptitudes in Cleveland. Your grammar makes you look like the drunk one. Go back to your child abduction capital already and talk HTTR, whatever that means. And trade back out of the top five to grab an RB in a super deep draft...but I'm drunk. P.S.: My original post was meant to be playful. Dilly dilly.
  4. GDT week 15: Browns vs. Ravens

    Joke's on you: we don't even have an offensive coordinator...
  5. Texans watch: 2017

    I count six or so personally. Either way, it works for us.
  6. Josh Rosen vs Sam Darnold

    You sure you aren't going full bronwie man? I counted nine NFL throws in the entire 6+ minute highlight reel. Five or so of those throws could be picks in the NFL. Most were short passes or to wide open guys on what looked like first reads. Color me extremely underwhelmed. You're making me consider bumping Darnold up to two. I do now want Jordan Lasley now, though.
  7. Marvin Lewis reportedly stepping down as Bengals HC

    Whoa. Double post.
  8. Marvin Lewis reportedly stepping down as Bengals HC

    The stars are aligning for the blockbuster Hue to Cincinnati trade in the offseason.
  9. John Dorsey named GM

    Please keep your trolling at an acceptable level. Thank you.
  10. Texans watch: 2017

  11. Texans watch: 2017

    It's happening.