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  1. I haven't watched any of Nacua's college tape yet but will read some of it when I get a chance--too busy planning on drafting a safety next year to replace Kai but Kai will be best safety. MC votes.
  2. College Football / NFL Draft Discussion

    If you're right, someone just may make you a victory lap thread that will be locked shortly after...if he/she/xe ever learns to forgive for your Nacua blasphemy.
  3. Deshone Kizer Appreciation Thread

    Umm...in Australia we call lawyers "Barristers". Got 'em, @Thomas5737. I'm getting Spiderman. Now to see who we got underneath this mask. Bronwie, your days are numbered.
  4. Deshone Kizer Appreciation Thread

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  5. Until Roethlisberger retires to rap & Leveon signs with us for $$$ next year. #driverseat
  6. Deshone Kizer Appreciation Thread

    Since there is no support thus far to back up your statement, you'll just have to call it a hunch .
  7. Deshone Kizer Appreciation Thread

    Except he just said that Kizer isn't a project, that he's making NFL plays already and looking like an NFL passer in the pocket. So I think the guy you're thinking of who said that the rest projects but that Kizer the truth: @brownie man. I think that's the name on the tip of your tongue.
  8. Be Proud

  9. Be Proud

  10. Kizer and Kessler are both going to be legitimate starters. *THREAD LOCKED*
  11. Agreed on San Diego. I see them winning seven games minimum, possibly making the playoffs. As far as the Ravens are concerned, you make some excellent points; it IS time for a mod-edit in the Brock Osweiler thread. Great idea, Freaky.
  12. Can't argue with most of that. I'll take our TEs going forward, though. I also would at least call our WRs a wash against theirs. I also think our OL being better and our team having a forward momentum is going to show up in the win column. I like Tyrod & Shady though think this is the year the Bills do poorly. I still pick the Jets to have the #1 pick, though.
  13. 2017 Breakout Player(s)

    After a small sample of preseason game 1, I'm gonna add rookie breakout from Matthew Dayes and James Coley. I see both playing this year and would not be surprised if Dayes chiseled out the #2 RB position fairly early, possibly even influencing next year's choice or lack thereof of running back in the draft. Kizer is the truth. Coleman is gonna go off this year. Brain the Boddy is so hoddy on the hidding udder boddies. I'm so excited about our team.
  14. Adopt-a-Kai-Nacua Thread Reboot

    That's 3.5 hours of our lives that we were allowed to waste together, old friend.