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  1. 2018 Draftable QB Discussion

    Alright. Don't imagine a quarterback depth chart of Tyrod Taylor, Baker and Johnny. Don't imagine Tyrod getting injured and Mayfield & Manziel going on to revolutionize how the game is played. Don't imagine Baker stabbing a dawg pound flag down on the 50 yard line of the Steelers and then dancing on the Cowboys's star after throwing for the game winning touchdown the next week. Don't imagine Johnny attending a local youth football camp and teaching all the kids how to do the dollar sign and also how to roll a dollar up. Don't imagine any of those things.
  2. 2018 Draftable QB Discussion

    Can you imagine it, Bruce, a quarterback depth chart of Tyrod Taylor, Baker and Johnny?
  3. Sam Darnold Pro Day (3/21/18)

    Hue seems more of the blumpkin type.
  4. Why would the New York Giants take Chubb when they are moving to a 3-4? Chubb seems like a prototype for 3 defensive end at 6 for 270 lb give or take. I can't see any way they take him, especially with all the trade down offers they are likely receiving if they are indeed not taking a quarterback. That said, what a bizarre NFL world we are living in when the New York Giants don't think they need to draft a quarterback at pick 2 in a very quality passer class. Eli Manning has not looked especially good in at least three seasons and is nearing 40. I just... I just can't.
  5. Post First Wave of FA Mock - 3 Rounds, TRADES

    Stop messing with Browns fans already and just leave Josh Allen out of the top pick because he will not be it.
  6. v1.0 first rounder with several trades

    Overall, I would be very unhappy if this happened for the Browns. Ward at 4 is just too high, though there are a few homer Browns fans who are okay (even they are not dazzled but just okay) with an Ohio State Corner who's 5'10" and skinny at pick 4. And I know Kolton Miller beasted at the combine, but pick 21 is just too high for him. He is closer to a second-round prospect. There is no reason to trade up that far when the Browns already do not have pick 65 anymore. Now if you had us trading our fourth rounder to move up to pick 28, then I could understand the move more. Miller does not look like a plug-and-play starting left tackle anyway. He will likely need at least a year, which kinda defeats the purpose with the Browns anyway right now since Thomas retired.

    I like this draft a lot overall. As a Browns fan, I enjoy being the recipient of good trade down value for quarterbacks. As you've had to State over and over in this thread, it is going to take a lot to move up for quarterbacks. Everyone wants their team to be able to trade up cheaply and get their guy, but trading up for quarterbacks generally is costly, especially when there are several teams in the mix like this year. The Denver trade value is probably realistic. That said, I don't think we would get that value from the Buccaneers to move up since it is not for a quarterback. Also, the Bucs just traded for Jason pierre-paul, so I'll assume that Chubb is no longer a number one need to trade up for, even though I could still see them wanting him to pair with JPP. They might even want Bradley Chubb more now that they have another guy. Also, it might make some Buccaneers fans happier if you trim down the trade compensation to move up from pick 7 to pick 5. I like the other two guys you mentioned a lot as well, but Nwosu is a very good Prospect whom I saw was sitting around early third round before he started getting hyped up. I don't see him falling past the second round most likely, and I could even see him going first round. His combine was very good and he already was being talked about. He's also just going to be 22 years old during the season as well. This
  8. (?) Players to Target in Trades Back into the 1st Round

    Could be be there closer to 64? I can see with his combine and nagging injury that he could fall past possibly all of Barkley, Guice, Chubb, Penny and maybe even someone else like Freeman. I like Rojo a lot too, but he's lucky and has an injury. I could see him falling a bit, though maybe that's just wishful thinking.
  9. (?) Players to Target in Trades Back into the 1st Round

    Do you think we'll need to trade up for Ronald Jones? I like him a lot but could still see him lasting til the mid second being lost in a very deep running back tier. Alexander just scares me due to injury history. Do you think he's a first round lock? He's a player.
  10. (?) Players to Target in Trades Back into the 1st Round

    Great post @Mind Character. If we trade up twice at the end of the first round, I could see us trading 35 & 64 for a late first and late third. I'd be meh on the moving down a whole round, but it might be worth it. I like all those guys and could see them all being worth it. I'm still not certain we need to draft defensive love high but wouldn't be surprised if we did. And so about Orlando Brown (couldn't resist on a totally unrelated thread to boot; the Webb-level hate is strong in this one 😁.), you're saying Baker made that love and not the other way around?
  11. Sam Darnold Pro Day (3/21/18)

    A scuzzy bum with a brindle put bull mix outside USC hollers the answer, "Baker baker" as Jimmy walks by, attempting to see if Haslam and his friends are interested in buying dabs off him. Jimmy sees it as a sign. He then buys some dabs off the hobo & gets Hepatitis C. https://www.si.com/nfl/2016/02/02/nfl-quarterbacks-attractive-your-brain-on-sports '“Facial appearance also predicts how successful a leader is,” Rule added. “What we’ve seen is that people who lead companies that are more successful actually look like they’re better leaders. These perceptions scale with the amount of profit that the company makes.” In other words, the more respondents think a CEO’s photo conveys an aura of leadership, the more successful that CEO’s company turns out to be—and vice versa." There's a lot of interesting reading in there, though it's quite a long article. As strange as it sounds, quarterbacks have shown to have success commensurate to how much of a leader they "look like". Now the question is--though can any of us look at these quarterbacks objectively at this point?...I dunno, but anyway--who looks like a leader? Leaders look confident, steely in their resolve, grounded energy, unflappable. Hmm. Well that took a turn. You beat me to the rapeness--was afk. Well done.
  12. Sam Darnold Pro Day (3/21/18)

    ^--This guy gets it. #funnudeisback
  13. Sam Darnold Pro Day (3/21/18)

    Dude, come on. Let's all be open and honest here. You love darnold and no one else, and that's fine. But don't act like when you repost someone going Gaga over your prospect that that somehow distances you from your own post. That's kind of posting 101. you could have posted all the other cut-ups that don't have someone going Gaga. I just pointed out that the guy going Gaga wasn't even correct with his assessment. Before that I had already posted how he looked really good today. I don't see where the miscommunication is...? You're actually making my point for me here. There are a lot of things to consider with the quarterback prospects, and it doesn't appear to me that the same level of scrutiny is being leveled over all the prospects. I would love to nitpick them all to death and then take a step back. I honestly don't think that's what's been happening, though. There are primary and tertiary things to look at with each quarterback. Some primary issues to look at our turnovers, poor footwork, arm strength, accuracy, leadership, intangible such as 3rd down and 4th quarter comebacks. Tertiary armoire height weight speed, hand-sized Etc. I would even put injuries in the primary as well, which is why a lot of people are scared of Josh Rosen. Darnold has several primary concerns such as turnovers, regression, lack of 3 years starting, though that last one one might argue is tertiary. Everything said about Baker is tertiary, in my opinion, except for maybe off-field issues if one believes that they are still an issue. I do not. It really does demonstrate how Baker's perceived red flags are being piled on endlessly in here while darnold Czar more a collective shrug and move on. That is all I am saying. I don't love Mayfield and hate Sam darnold by any means. I just prefer Mayfield and think he will be better. I think darnold may or may not turn into a franchise quarterback. I don't think I'm coloring my assessments with emotions. Oh and one last thing I will agree on with you is that there hasn't been enough bashing on Mayfield as far as who he played against. Other than that, I'm good to go. This is really all I'm saying. I'm not sure where all that piling on from the others started because I really didn't say anything inflammatory other than for people to calm down and just call it as they see it, rather than homering who they like and anti-homering who they don't. Please feel free to read 95% of the last five thousand posts about Sam Darnold on here. You should find what you're looking for there. ☺️ Can't argue with that. If we grab Darnold, Rosen or Mayfield, I will be happy enough.
  14. Sam Darnold Pro Day (3/21/18)

    I am making myself a victory lap thread of if trade down to the NYfG and grab Baker. #somepeoplejustliketowatchtheworldnotburn
  15. Sam Darnold Pro Day (3/21/18)

    Hey, I didn't say he was just average. I was merely disputing Aztec's reposting of his throws being dimes in that video. Those are not dimes, so that is all I'm saying. I see Darnold as my third favorite prospect in the draft. I also think he is likely a franchise guy. I see three franchise guys (ok, White may be as well and even Lauletta with some work on at strength) in this draft, and you all know who they are by now. Hint: none have a last name of Allen. You're scaling it up. The cut-ups you posted had comments by the dude saying that he was throwing dimes when he wasn't. He wasn't throwing dimes on those two throws. The overall workout was good, though. That's all I'm saying. I'm not a Grumpy Gus for calling out a play that anyone can objectively click on and see were not dimes, just decent throws. I may be a Grumpy Gus for other reasons, but let's be rationally inconsistent. You guys seeing with homer goggles is what makes me nervous about drafting Darnold more than anything. Can't we just call his good throws good, his bad throws bad, and everything else as it is? This forum (minus @freakygeniuskid and a couple other members like @ditchdigger) is completely brainwashed about Darnold, and it scares the heck out of me. I'd feel a lot better about drafting him number one if the talk seemed more based in reality. Hand size mattered until it was Darnold. Turnovers mattered until it was Darnold. Wonky throwing mechanics mattered until it was Darnold. Fumbling mattered until it was Darnold. 3 years starting was considered a really good thing, and then people realize Darnold hadn't, so now it doesn't matter enough to discuss and it's now good to be a 20 year old who regressed from last year. Just confused what anyone believes in this forum anymore ☺️. Toss up some more Eeyore gifs and all, but tell me why that's wrong?