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  1. No Supplemental Draft this year

    *sigh* The NFL, you could have been 2K.
  2. Browns award predictions

  3. Browns award predictions

  4. Browns award predictions

  5. 49ers extend Kyle Shanahan 6 year contract

    I'd say expect him to go down 1 point of agility and speed but also up 2 points of awareness. It's a trade-off, but I'd say it's worth it. 🤔 @Bonanza23?
  6. Offseason Discussion

    ? I'm just a big fan of Cher. I mean, that first one...
  7. Offseason Discussion

    This is the addendum I was hoping for. Carry on.
  8. Offseason Discussion

    You know better than this.
  9. Dalvin Cook Holding Out

    His talent is a 1st rounder, his injuries a 3rd rounder, so he is probably a 2nd rounder to someone. They may even get a 3rd & 6th and call it a day. Either way, it makes sense for Cook to hold out, as his most recent tape is very good and he's on that 1.3 million for this year (and it makes sense from the injury-prone position to hold out in the last year--allows body to heal more). tl;dr maybe he'll get Brandon Cooks hot-potatoed
  10. No it's not. This forum is run by politics. It's just getting edgy because two sides are actually talking for once, not just one. 1000% serious. But that's all I'll add because there are enough idiotic comments as is.
  11. BFMD 2020: Draft Thread

    Going runningback at pick 2 is gutsy.
  12. AFC North Game Plans: STEELERS

  13. AFC North Game Plans: STEELERS

    I like the quick-pass idea and want to get guys like Watt into coverage as much as possible, even if he's not terrible there. Also, @vindictiveTayne would like to see us take advantage of Haden slowing down even more.