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  1. Yeah, doing some mod field exercises to bring freaky up to snuff (doing South American traditional hapéh tobacco snuff). You know how boots are. We'll get him up to speed 👍. Tayne has just the right amount of justice rage to moderate you people in the Browns forum but am on strict orders from the Chief to defer out Baltimore cases, after what happened when Tayne was sent to finally clean up Baltimore last month.
  2. And Tayne will be there standing with you in solidarity for the final battle: No, no really. It's kinda crazy to imagine, but NFL Gen isn't always as cool of a place for neat guys to hang out and talk about football sports.
  3. Pick from Texans via Duke

    Kamara who?
  4. @freakygeniuskid obnoxious Raven fan busy derping.
  5. The Great Amnesia-ing Is Nigh: Kumbaya

    *adult Tayne dressed really young blushes and giggles uncomfortably from all the aggressive compliments @DawgX greasily slathers on the memoirs, @DawgX mostly short of breath as he murmurs the m word mostly inaudibly to himself: *Chris Hansen walks in to find @DawgX by himself in Tayne's home feverishly yet methodically pacing round the memoirs, a shark orbiting closer to that blood, magnetized toward unavoidable yet full sensual revery***. *Chris pans empty house and Tayne's memoirs strewn haphazardly about. In fact, all @DawgX has on is a leather cabby beret. As Dawgx asks who Chris is, Chris walks out of the room, returning with an old pizza in a tattered box**** and a sixer of ice cold Schmitts, two bottles conspicuously absent. Chris pointedly makes available both items on the table beside the literary treasures before nodding toward an empty stool on which @DawgX eyes placing his bare ***.* tl;dr have a seat for Christ's sake tl;dr hope that's a tasty last slice, sicko tl;dr could have avoided a life behind bars if you'd only read the edit section 🤷. Oh, you WANT to go to prison?? Better odds, you say? 🤔 Oh. Well. Shoot. This is backfiring. ***Tayne's R&B soul boy band from '90-'92 until its real star Tayne had his talent recognized and was asked to make his debut as the cartoon wolf in Paula Abdul's award winning, "Opposites Attract". They had success on a global scale, known as Ghar Tayne in the German market: https://sv.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ghar_Tayne*** ****never mind
  6. The Great Amnesia-ing Is Nigh: Kumbaya

    Hmm...Tayne's erotic memoirs eh...all true stories in much more vivid detail--impersonations of noises of animals that sounds closest to the noises, eh...you don't live in Texas or would be willing to cover the $500 fine if so, eh...check your inbox. For now, a taste: "Tayne glides his broad, almost too archetypally masculine padded tongue firmly-but-fairly up the mighty base of his thumb, haughtily flipping the Voltron assemblage of crumble-creased, adhesed pages, a feather tease feigning substance to prevent entrance but sole in its purpose to be violated then cast aside, wrung out yet fully satiated." Moist yet?
  7. The Great Amnesia-ing Is Nigh: Kumbaya

    You fought well. Now you may rest. Good night, sweet prince. *kisses forehead tenderly then puts silver dollars on Kiwi's eyes before walking away in contemplation.* *on second thought walks back, takes silver dollars back, closes Kiwi's eyes this time and puts nickels on them. It only covers most of the eye area. It looks kind of gross. Looks around then leaves hastily* @pnies20, you were a bit cavalier with that handling of the deadly brain parasite slug and it has sadly spread to Australia. Thoughts and prayers.
  8. The Great Amnesia-ing Is Nigh: Kumbaya

    🌲 needed you in NFL Gen a few nights ago.
  9. The Great Amnesia-ing Is Nigh: Kumbaya

    It seemed a bit excessive to slather the football in slime from that New Zealand brain parasite slug, but whatever it takes to keep the dark one from extracting ditch out of the embassy to use torture chems on. #protectthetruewhistleblower They seek to diminish our great Republic of Cleveland by creating an echo chamber of their dastardly narrative all across their propaganda networks, then a vain display of power as they cast stones from their glass empire at our fierce soldier. We stand our ground. Our resolve is not shattered but tempered after this sham of justice we are born witness to. We are learning how to become greater together each day. Each number in our ranks multiplies us all in solidarity. One game at a time (Super Bowl 2020). It's Cleveland and that's it. Let's righde.
  10. Thanks for keeping this our little secret.
  11. The Great Amnesia-ing Is Nigh: Kumbaya

    Now we're getting somewhere 😬. Cannot say more, but start with the Hue Jackson foundation.
  12. The Great Amnesia-ing Is Nigh: Kumbaya

    For those with eyes to see.