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  1. TIL Bobby Valentine played at the U.
  2. @bruceb, this is kinda what I'm getting at. We'll see what the true values are soon, of course.
  3. Why isn't Lattimore Adams? 🤔 He might be worth more due to position.
  4. Mack went for two firsts and change. Edge and CB are the two most important positions on defense. Lattimore has been a clear CB1 and is young. Pretty much every star player who gets traded in a contract year still fetches at least a first. I would love to get Lattimore for a 3rd--I'd give a 2nd even--but doubt it would happen. I wouldn't give our first because we have to pay him immediately. That said, he's arguably a top-10 corner.
  5. What makes you think Lattimore is available for a third and not a 1st+? Hint: he's not available for a third.
  6. Alright...I'm gonna blow all y'all's minds...ready?: the league and its b.s. game to the schedule but also adds a bye week. The league gets its extra money-grubbing game, the fans now get two extra weeks of football than before and player safety is at least mitigated. Just kidding...next season 18 games, no byes.
  7. They're gonna Trojan horse paying to "dlc unlock" the extra season game by making the game $6.99 higher than last year's release.
  8. This draft will make the 2022 Browns head coaching and front office jobs the most sought-after on the league. Nice work!
  9. Very bad form. You can get in trouble for clickbaiting folks. Your title on the post is dishonest. But at least you didn't just post a simulator much like @brushmyhair. Could be worse 🤷‍♂️.
  10. @AFatsoSeagulls @ARackOSeagulls? @ATubOSeagulls?
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