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  1. Titanic Meh! WK 7 GDT

    I would like in to this members only social club of yours; I have lost faith in Hue as well. Ugh. That said, I would like to wait til the end of the season to let him go; otherwise, it'll look like we're doing the ol' "same old Browns firing every coach without giving him a shot" narrative. By being the Browns, we will understandably scare off enough coaches as is so would like to maximize our chances.
  2. Hue Jackson thread.

    Don't you get me fired up, Sirs.
  3. Do y'all need a SS or FS?

    (In my best brownie-Kizer blinders/hyperconfidence voice): Peppers/Kindred/Nacua/Alexander. What's your point?
  4. It's time to start Kessler

    The game at this point is just to fast for Hogan. He isn't processing what he is seeing and is taking a beating. I'm not giving up on him yet. I doubt Kessler is a Framchise QB but I feel like we should protect Kizer and at least have a good look at Kessler. I love his fast decision making.
  5. Hue Jackson thread.

    Nah. It's an idiotic play, plain and simple. This is one of several things Hue does that makes me doubt him as a coach. The play looks terrible from start to finish and should be stopped last week.
  6. Texan Watch 2017: THE WEEK! GDT Week 6

    ...because "our offense" may not last past this season?
  7. Texan Watch 2017: THE WEEK! GDT Week 6

    @Thomas5737 is probably rolling over in his grave over how they refuse to start Kessler.
  8. Do y'all need a SS or FS?

    Will do. Please be sure to pack his swim trunks, pool noodle & JUGS machine; no child of ours makes body catches. Thanks for being understanding of Mind being a total deadbeat and shirking his duties. Glad the judge stripped him of all guardianship--classic Guttenberg.
  9. Do y'all need a SS or FS?

    Yup. I am gonna surprise him with some Browns gear. He's gonna love it. Then we're gonna bond by tossing the pigskin around and have him practice deep safety.
  10. College Football / NFL Draft Discussion

    Yeah, I am seeing a bit of a Trevor Siemien in Hogan; he may just steal the job outright. Hogan has made some boneheaded throws but overall looks like he belongs. Though Kizer has fallen apart lately, I don't see enough to have any strong negative opinion of him. It would be totally believable if Kizer next season was light years better than what we've seen of him thus far.
  11. Do y'all need a SS or FS?

    Mind is on fap watch for the safety prospects next year; he was always Guttenberg in the trio.
  12. good vibes only thread.

    Steroids expiration date, 10/08/17.