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  1. Damn Walkthemock Drafts

    Traded away 2020 2nd, Duke Johnson and Christian Kirksey to move around in draft. This one looks pretty good: Cleveland Browns Pick Player Pos College 1:26 Andrew Thomas LT Georgia 2:26 Nick Coe LDE Auburn 2:31 Mekhi Becton RT Louisville 3:21 Chase Lucas CB Arizona State 3:31 Darryl Williams C Mississippi State 4:21 Chase Claypool WR Notre Dame 4:26 K.J. Costello QB Stanford 4:28 Malik Harrison LB Ohio State 4:31 LaBryan Ray DL Alabama 5:21 Jake Breeland TE Oregon 6:6 DeVonta Smith WR Alabama 6:21 Cameron Dantzler CB Mississippi State 6:31 Richard LeCounte S Georgia 7:10 Christian Rector EDGE USC 7:19 Marvin Wilson DL Florida State 7:20 Brian Robinson Jr. RB Alabama 7:31 Tanner Muse S Clemson
  2. 18 games?

  3. Nigerian Knockout

    😮 We need to extend Larry O. yesterday. Got a feeling that he breaks out this year. Let's give him a 4/40'ish extension while we still can.
  4. Team Needs

    Hmm...tough to project which rookies will boom. Also, until Randall/Schobert/Njoku re-sign, those position groups will be question marks. That said, currently 1. OT - one or two high picks could be used on tackle. 2. SS 3. depth at DE/DT/RB/OT/OG/LB/TE
  5. Duke fires his agent

  6. 2019 Off-Season Roster Building: Free Agency & Draft

    Just in case Mike Brown happens to read these threads, going to have to confidently state that the jury is still out on Hue Jackson as an NFL head coach.
  7. browns franchise leaders

    Also, came in excited about (finally) a mostly about Tayne appreciation thread. Read title wrong 🤕😒. Screw you guys.
  8. browns franchise leaders

    This thread is very bad optics for the Browns organization.
  9. Duke fires his agent

    It means chapeau. It's not that hard. Just look it up. The Tayne remembers all posts. You are wise to kneel...gladiator emoji
  10. Duke fires his agent

  11. 2019 Off-Season Roster Building: Free Agency & Draft

    Alright...compromise: two duocles.
  12. 2019 Off-Season Roster Building: Free Agency & Draft

    Two monocles.
  13. 2019 Off-Season Roster Building: Free Agency & Draft

    As long as you imagine Tayne in a tuxedo giving out the warning.
  14. The New Season

    Tayne will take the over.
  15. 2019 Off-Season Roster Building: Free Agency & Draft

    Guys, let's keep this civil. Consider this a formal warning.