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  1. Rumours of Peppers replacement...

    I just got to say that this thread existing at all brings a smile to Tayne's cynical young heart. The other fact, that this is talking about Peppers in hindsight, is even better. Nobody wanted the guy in the first round. It wasn't right that he went to Michigan. He was supposed to be an explosive returner and ended up not even being good. His coverage ability had been forgettable. His comments irked me a bit. I am super happy that he was one of the bargaining chips that Dorsey maximized value from. I honestly see him as being worth about a mid third-rounder. If Dorsey traded the equivalent of a mid third-rounder and basically a fourth-rounder with pick 17 for possibly the best wide receiver in the entire league (who happens to be just entering his prime), it's just really beautiful. I honestly think we could replace Peppers with any of a bunch of dudes, that Peppers is just a dude at strong safety. Zeitler was the other guy that I could just see it was time to trade. His play was good but not great until Baker took over. I assume Baker was why his perception was high enough to get an edge rusher in his prime for an older quality guard with a big contract. This trade was pure Madden. Now for Ogbah to the Raiders.
  2. Around the NFL and General discussion

    I would love to crush the Jets in front of the world.
  3. 2019 Draft Prospects

    Just become a Browns fan already; you've got what it takes.

    Now for the release of the news of his new contract that basically adds on two more years fully guaranteed and a raise--my guess.
  5. Who the Browns are showing interest in.

    Get me one of your sparkly platinum robes 'cause I'm fully indoctrinated into the Devine Ozigbo Draft in Round 4/5 death cult. The gematria makes it clear that this is how it shall unfold.
  6. Who the Browns are showing interest in.

    @Mind Character, go take a victory fap.
  7. 2019 Draft Prospects

    I've seen you pimping Tillery for a while, and
  8. Polling of draft options--stop in.

    I assume we'd re-sign the important ones and let the less important one(s) walk, so I'm not worried about position groups having contracts ending the same time. Hopefully we'd keep who we need to. There's always someone to pay every year. We'll have QB, CB1, RE, DT, FS(?), RB(?) all coming up, not to mention all the money we already have tied into WR. Also, the only big money positions in the secondary are really CB1. The rest should cost less (forget about this year's bizarre safety market, of course).
  9. Who the Browns are showing interest in.

    Would you like Dre'Mont Jones if he was there in the third, due to showing up light and all very meh overall at combine?
  10. UPDATED MOCK!! (New Coach.....New QB?)

    Chris Lindstrom to the Browns 🙏. David Edwards gives Tayne a case of the Sunday scaries.
  11. The Official Forum Mock Draft (Two Rounds)

    Give us through umm five (?) rounds or else.
  12. Updated Mock after major FA/Trades

    Great work. Now we need more rounds. Or else.
  13. Around the NFL and General discussion

    Yeah, that sounds best. Unless there's something we don't know, Is sign The Boston yesterday (I'm assuming he'll be a bargain again, maybe 3/$19.5 (really a 2/$13mil). He's better than Peppers up to this point.
  14. 2019 Off-Season Roster Building: Free Agency & Draft

    Until he signs with the Raiders for 5/$68mil.