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  1. Dan Snyder read the name and demanded to keep her on the cheer squad.
  2. Washington already used this gif to lure in Camaron Cheeseman. Nice try.
  3. We don't need his kind here. They're not like us.
  4. Seems very "Madden franchise storylines that never actually happen in real life" and yet here we are. Proof we're living in a simulation? Hey I'm just a guy asking questions
  5. The Browns should snag him. Baker's injury is dicey and Keenum needs someone else in the room.
  6. It depends what the rest of his game looks like and if he is healthy the rest of the year. 9-10 sacks next to Myles might be 6 without him so don't want to have another Vernon deal where we shrug at the end like, I guess that was alright. Assuming his run defense remains very good and he stays healthy the rest of the year, something like 2/$28 mil, but something tells me we'll get outbid. I don't want to give more than two years with all the injury history, but we'll see.
  7. Proof Empire Lies works for pff--assigned as a missed throw by Baker.
  8. The elephant in the room is "kevdog2112". I'll be the one courageous enough to put it out there: our coach is a kevdog.
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