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  1. Long snapper preview

    Kiwi is the worst. m make footballs happen.
  2. LB preview

  3. LB preview

    I expect one to get injured, so it's just smart to have one more linebacker than we anticipate needing.
  4. LB preview

    I miss threads that derail. All this football talk is exhausting.
  5. WR Preview

    I thought this was an intervention for YOU. Wait a minute... You must have the world's best memory to remember that far back, before internet.
  6. TE preview

    This cuts me deep.
  7. WR Preview

    I liked these threads until LGB started derailing the hell out of them.
  8. im bored football needs to get here

    It's possible. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/cleveland-browns/jamie-collins-12333/ 11.75 cap hit in 2019 but only 2.5 dead money. I hope he plays well and stays healthy this year and that we keep him next year. He is a quality player, so I hope he can return to Pro Bowl form. Otherwise, getting a year-and-a-half out of a player for what we traded for him starts to look more blah.
  9. TE preview

    @LETSGOBROWNIES @MistaBohmbastic @mistakey @buno67 @NateDawg @brooks1957 @Kiwibrown @TheeRealDeal @NudeTayne @DawgX @Bonanza23 @candyman93 @Thomas5737 @DizzyDean Training camp starts in 8 days. Time to hit the snooze button.
  10. WR Preview

    I am definitely the hardest working lady at Berea.
  11. WR Preview

    I can't wait until the off-season is over so @Thomas5737 will stop making inappropriate and baseless allegations about the hardest working lady at Berea.
  12. WR Preview

    Well, Mary Kay is definitely packing (#ifyoucatchmydrift), so now I'm thoroughly confused as to what you are suggesting.
  13. WR Preview

    Aha. So... @MistaBohmbastic is Mary Kay Cabot confirmed.
  14. WR Preview

    @MistaBohmbastic is Aaron Goldhammer confirmed.
  15. WR Preview

    I'll eat my horse's shoe if @DawgX isn't Aaron Goldhammer. How dare you all.