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  1. Tempted to name this thread, "Questionnaire re: future bakers in Cleveland kitchens", but it would get locked without even looking at it first (that Deandre Baker thread was legit!!! 😠😡😤). So I was thinking...every year when I post mocks, it seems according to "smdh at least make it realistic" responders like there are 75 guaranteed first-rounders, so I'm trying to flush out my draft board to separate the fact from the hype, walkthemocks to follow. Here are some random questions: (1) If Surtain runs low 4.5s, does he fall into the mid/mid-late teens? (2) With so many solid CB prospects and being only 5'10", is Asomugha available late second? (3) Do guys like Jamarr Chase and Caleb Farley fall much/at all from opting out. (4) Could this year be the first round year of the QB? I'm seeing possibly eight or more possible first rounders. If so, which positions fall because of this? In no particular order...Trey Lance, Mac Jones, Trevor Lawrence, Mac Jones, Justin Fields, Jamie Newman, Kyle Trask, Zach Wilson and ???. (5) I'm really liking Rondale Moore, Chris Place and TJ Vasher as a bit of a sleeper. In a fairly deep WR draft, where do these guys realistically go? (6) Is it just me or is this shaking out to be another potentially great draft class? (7) Still not sure if Shaun Wade is just homer goggles, but it's he worth snagging around pick 20 if he's available? (8) How do you feel about the OSU backs? What rounds do they realistically go in and are you interested? (9) Are you trading down every time this year if we're getting equal draft chart value and adding at least one additional pick? (10) Is Beckham getting traded? Would you trade him? If so, for what realistic compensation?
  2. It's just because he plays in the MAC, I'd say. His mechanics need some work, but I'd love a QB with those tools and athletic ability to be our sixth rounder.
  3. Mike McCarthy is Freddie Kitchens.
  4. I guess it comes down to what they think of D'Ernest Johnson going forward. I personally like him and hope we keep him. I'd like to carry four RB's since our system runs a lot. If we don't go with a pure speed guy, I like both the Ohio State backs, Najee if for some reason teams are dumb and he makes it to the third round, Zamir White(!) and Kylin Hill, CJ Verdell and Spencer Brown, just off the top of my head. There are a lot of other quality backs, from what I can tell. I've been running some walkthemocks and love the value of who is there in the fourth round, maybe even fifth.
  5. This is actually shaking out to be a great year to grab a mid-round RB. Hawkins would be a great pick.
  6. And only Baker can do the code activate. @bruceb
  7. I don't know what stupid garbage you're going on about. It was pretty clear what I was insinuating, not your weird projection about how you feel about cOViD deNieRs (because a team getting in trouble for Covid violations has never happened...err...oops, already happened this season. #tacobelluminati. Am I doing it right?). I'll say it again: I was wondering why he came in contact a month ago (and many folks who come in contact don't test positive so it's unusual that it wasn't confirmed when it appears everyone else who treats positive gets reported), the league has been super anal about testing and reporting, and no one confirmed a positive test at any point for Sweeney. Yes he was injured so maybe that was it 🤷‍♂️. But it's weird that they are reporting his aftereffects when they never reported a positive test. Read what I wrote. You don't gotta cop a tone with someone you have never even interacted with. Get bent.
  8. I'm just excited that we're gonna get a pick-six worth at least 17 points.
  9. You're what they call one of those conspiracy theorists, eh. Next thing you're gonna tell me you have connections in FEMA.
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