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  1. All vaccines are exactly the same. I see. Science is real amirite. Our eyes reading your irrational, manipulative post are the real losers here.
  2. That's an interesting way you see your life. Also, nice parroting of talking points. Is any family as important as your family? 🤔 You make no sense, though you think you do. Also, interesting that you are pointing it at me individually for some reason. You are the one against the actual social good. You are not the one who will take financial and ethical accountability over DeAndre or Cole if they have something go awry from the vaccine, so stop acting high and mighty when you are just chirping in other people's lives. Strangely-specific projection there. It goes nicely with the strawm
  3. There seems a darn-near 0% chance this happens, though. They probably already have a deal in place, based on how Watson's legal/suspension issues play out. I am still guessing Denver, maybe Washington, though a lot of folks want to put him on Carolina.
  4. You're being a rude guy. Just say you "trust the experts", which of course is your prerogative, rather than attacks on individual credibility. Folks can disagree. Fair enough and can't disagree on this. This seems much more respectful of DeAndre's reasons (that were likely very much in line with what you called, "Q level conspiracies"). Also, you're not back on topic; the bolded is 100% talking about refusing to take the vaccine and not about football (unless this is all about football and not just a "Covid debate").
  5. $0.02 incoming: I would suggest that you may be playing a bit of a semantic game. An agenda is being pushed. The players are being used as pawns. No one is shutting down fast food chains or cigarette stores to protect the health of Americans. It's just vaccine vaccine vaccine. In California you are bribed with donuts--true story--to get the vaccine. There have been many cases of vaccinated people getting Covid, and thus they can spread as well. Blaming any outbreak (automatically) on unvaccinated is disingenuous, despite how easy that link may seem to make. https://www.biorxiv.org/
  6. Well, Rodgers needs a new contract, so Minnesota with the leverage could probably also demand a few rotational players like AJ Dillon and Rashan Gary.
  7. I see you're gonna play hardball on this one. Alright...two Super Bowls vacated by Belicheat. Keep it up and we'll put a third on the table. We all know Bill is the architect behind Tom's success so it's only fair. Smh salty Patriots fans not rooted in reality.
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