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  1. Exactly. He could flame out and all, but I expect Baker to flange. I would expect his agent to use Mahomes's deal as a starting point in negotiations.
  2. And Baker has that #1 & endorsement money so really is in a solid leverage position. Him being a team player is our best bet to extend him now, which I believe is possible if we go at it hard right now. I think we can get him under $40mil/yr and should hurry up.
  3. He's saying if we wait another season (or even end of the year after all the other QBs like Josh Allen and Lamar), especially if Baker leads us to the playoffs again, we're paying him damn near 60mil/yr at that point, making him the highest paid QB in league history. It could easily happen. Someone is gonna get 50mil/yr very soon so it's only a matter of time. tl;dr extend Baker
  4. You are a master of callbacks, my friend.
  5. Tim T-doge is going to the moon*. Buy in now or be left down below**. *heaven **you know
  6. @Adrenaline_Flux kinda stole my thunder a bit as I'm writing this, but... the level of outrage over an end-of-roster league-minimum tight end is truly astounding and I'm here for it. I'll be here for it when he makes the 53 as well and when Lawrence and QB2 both get injured in their surprise playoff birth... and when Etienne motions to the slot and runs a short slant across the middle on the last play of the game, Jaguars down six...
  7. If he is gonna get us a better comp pick, might as well shine. If he is gonna get traded mid-season for a third (and change? more? 🤔) to a team whose TE goes on IR, might as well shine. If Hooper fades and Njoku has a chance to get re-signed here and become the guy, might as well shine. Might as well shine.
  9. Yeah, I dunno what Urban is thinking about with Lawrence--not worth all the media spotlight.
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