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  1. Someone had to take the forum on his shoulders and it is indeed @DawgX.
  2. And then the Browns get a 3rd/4th round compensatory if he gets signed elsewhere for bigger coin. Smart move for Hunt to sign a short extension and continue to repair his image, as well as a smart move for the Browns to have a great shot to gain a nice compensatory pick if/when Hunt hits FA still in his prime. Then there is the insurance for Chubb walking etc. etc. A+
  3. Will someone make me a mod so I can lock this thread?
  4. @bruceb is right. *stephen a x10*: y'all are so disrespectful. Phillips will be our best linebacker going forward, possibly as soon as this year. Manny Lawson.
  5. Alright, @DawgX, what're we doing here? What's the vig? Do I get a cut of your winnings or are you taking a piece of mine? Either way, what's the sig bet with @bruceb? He is @askingforit.
  6. This. Could have said it better myself.
  7. Assuming the financials are reasonable, we need to sign Hunt yesterday. 3/$18 mil likely gets it done with all the uncertainty going on. Chubb is elite and so is Hunt. If Hunt hadn't have had his off-the-field stuff, he'd be getting set to cash in big, like 4/$44 mil and big guarantees. He's no slouch and could be a top-10 back if given the volume.
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