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  1. Jarvis Landry - Revisited

    I believe you have the award all locked up.
  2. I'll be here to pick up the pieces as moderator when you fall. Until then, I wait.
  3. Let the Mayfield Mayhem Begin

    @Mind Character, you are no longer the worst.
  4. 2019 Draft Prospects

    😂 😂
  5. Jarvis Landry - Revisited

    Sign me up as president. And those meanies can just live with all that negativity; Landry gonna keep going to Pro Bowls I'll tell you what.
  6. Like any SS/LBs in the draft? Chase Hansen?
  7. We Are Awesome! (2018 Thanks and Review Thread)

    ...the Packers forum
  8. What bun meant: #alltyposmatter
  9. crakburn award (MVP) mistakey baker mayfield award (rookie of the year) MistaBombastic butch davis award (poster who loses their cool) NudeTayne bradyquinn award (best looking avatar/sig) candyman93 mary kay cabot award (hottest TAKES) brownie man tony grossi award (most negative award) brucebskip bayless award (biggest homer award) buno67buddeh boy award (best amateur talent scouter on the forum) theerealdeal orson charles award (most likely to show up in NFLGeneral and defend baker mayfields honor) malibuspeedrace hyde chubb's johnson award (funniest award) Thomas freddie kitchens award (best mod) freakygeniuskidjim donovan award (best giffer award) mwil23 perennial browns kicker award (most typos) Michaelangelo
  10. Tathan Martell transferring to Miami

    Cut the responding to former fans simply to provoke them. It's getting trolly and whether someone deserves the trolling or not is immaterial, still no trolling on here.
  11. I nominate @malibuspeedrace for Football's Future College Football forum Hall of Fame.