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  1. 😠😑😀 ... @Bonanza23
  2. Yup. If Detroit sends him somewhere else, they'll find out real quick how little talent is on that Detroit team.
  3. I'll say that if he is still around that he's let it go as well. @NateDawg? πŸ€”
  4. I'm just amazed how many accounts Baker Mayfield has on Footballsfuture.
  5. Oh. Well, y'all already got @cortes02 to do Cleveland before this thread was even made so...hmm...πŸ€”πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ.
  6. Intewesting. Who might be interested in doing this?
  7. *creates leather chaps ---> "up the alley" flow chart for forum PowerPoint presentation* Also will accept *Insert Inappropriate GIF here.*
  8. Great points. I owe you a football. And I had forgotten about the Jaguars game. I still wanna say this one seems a little worse to me, but it's close.
  9. It's 2021; you're supposed to be accepting/relentlessly vocally in favor of hipster bro-ads breastfeeding. Smdh.
  10. With a team of gray faces on the Browns, could this choke job by the Steelers be the all-time of a team coming out and looking unmotivated when it counts most? ...0 sacks against a depleted Browns line, five turnovers against a straight-up bad defense, touted defense gets ran all over, physical game completely taken over by the Browns. If not for soft defensive calls once leading, this could have been a 35-point home loss. It's hard to see much evidence of composure/focus/discipline with all the bulletin board material still flying out even after the game. Maybe Tomlin should b
  11. and during the indictment process negotiate a two-year extension to Big Ben as a show of faith to their HOF QB.
  12. We gotta strike while the iron is hot. We might be able to get them to sell the team.
  13. The Tomlin thread in NFL Gen...it...I feel so powerful.
  14. Also, I'll make a somewhat redundant post pointing out it's time to re-sign Chubb and Baker ASAP. I would even extend another year at 6.5 mil to Kareem to keep this unit together at least three more seasons. Our OL is mostly stable so this unit can become historic together. I'm rooting for ODBJ to come back healthy to his original form in 2021 and to compete with KC for the best offense. We can do it.
  15. With how many draft picks we have and all the big signings last year, I could see this year as the fallow year where we only assign bargain contracts after the compensatory-triggering period. We re-sign guys like Baker and Chubb this year and set up next year to have big money available to sign free agents. The big question is what we do with Ward after next year if he gets banged up again.
  16. *feeling the love of the triumphant return of the prodigal son* *reads last paragraph* *inbox-notifies Webby*
  17. I want Pittsburgh to re-sign Juju at around 4/$50 mil and keep Roethlisberger and Pouncey for one more year, narrowly miss the playoffs and get pick 20 in the 2022 draft.
  18. It takes a special kind of coach to cheat on live national TV & then get away lying about it.
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