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  1. Aloha #Conviction Mock Draft

    I love this. QB is all that matters
  2. This is one of, if not the only, drafts where a QB is not taken before R5 and I have still liked the draft. Nice job.
  3. The NHL had this situation come up and I like their response:
  4. ChiCity Draft Please enjoy, I hope to hear some commentary and feedback! PREFACE: For the simulation, I used NFL Mock Draft Database for my draft. When considering trade downs, I felt that a ~10% haircut would be required as I think teams might have less conviction to trade up do to COVID (then again, they may really want the prospects they do know / did meet so its double edged). Either way, I took a haircut on all trades for conservatism. Also, I do not have my own big board so I relied on their website for valuing players. That means there might be some folks you love who fell further than expected or went earlier. I have opinions on certain guys based on what I have read but am no expert and defer to my LIMITED knowledge, my scouts (the draft network profiles) and the big board on the mock simulator's website. The draft is a crapshoot so please dont get too hung up on specific names - if you dont like my player but like another at the same position, I consider that to be largely the same thing. ROSTER COMMENTARY, PRE-DRAFT: My belief is that Foles will start. While I don't love giving up a 4th, I think he is a good fit and gives us a chance to see our O. I doubt it but could see how it forces Mitch to grow. I also buy the shortened training camp argument. To be successful Foles needs protection and weapons so I plan to spend all early draft capital in support of the offense. However, I don't want to over commit to Foles especially since both the Bears and Foles have outs at the end of 2020 in his contract. So I also want a QB. As Pace, I like to double dip at positions of big need. Lack of competent QB play and TE play killed Nagy's ability to run the Nagy offense last year. I fear Mitch starting after what happened last year unless it has clicked for him. Foles has an injury history as does Mitch so adding a young player would be enticing. I would love to get a guy like Hurts or Fromm if I can trade down in R2 and would be over the moon to land one of them in R3. Like I said, Foles needs high-end weapons and decent blocking to be productive. Thus, our top need is a playmaker(s) at WR and/or TE for Foles. TE Graham is fine to start so I dont NEED to draft a TE but I will if the board falls right. I actually LOVE my WR room, when healthy. Robinson is nearly elite and I have a lot of hope for Miller to become a star in the slot. Ridley and Wims are also players I think can be excellent 3rd and 4th options. But I just don't have a player who can play outside and stretch the field and Miller has injury concerns. Because of that, I want to add to this talented room. As mentioned, Foles needs enough protection for those quick hitters and RPOs. Now maybe our poor OL play will be fixed when Foles makes better RPO calls but who knows. We need some players who can provide depth to our OL. I am happy with Ifati as a swing tackle or in an OG competition and I like Coward to compete with him at OG. I would love to get a clear starter at OG and I will upgrade the right side of the OL if I can. On defense, we are set in the front 7. I cannot wait to see our front 5 rush and Smith and Danny T are, when healthy, among the best LB duos. I am happy in the slot with CBs Skrine and Shelley. S is in good shape with Bush getting his real starting shot next to Jackson and DHC and Lucas are playable backups. CB is a question mark. CB Toliver is interesting but unproven at best. We invested in a great CFL player but that could easily fall flat (see Mincy). CB Burns is another boom or bust option. I do have hope here that one player pans out. However, CB is the number one place I would add talent on D. Then, I would consider adding some depth at ILB, given Danny T's injury history, and I would consider a S if the value was right. Lastly, I would take a Kicker at the end of the draft if value was there. TOP 10 NEEDS 1. WR with deep speed 2. OG starter / competition 3. QB depth / developmental 4. another playmaker on O (TE, WR, maybe RB) 5. OT depth 6. CB2 competition 7. backup ILB 8. backup S 9. backup OLB 10. K --- ON TO THE DRAFT --- Pick #43 (470 pts) to SEA for #59, #101 & #144 (440 pts) note: lost point value equal to R5, pick 3 On the board are players like WR Tee Higgins, QB Jordan Love and OT Nucas Niang and OG Biadasz. I thought long and hard about Jordan Love but felt that we need to give our O weapons first and foremost. WR Higgens, while a great value, isn't the explosive Desean Jackson / Tyreek Hill type WR worth splurging on.WRs Aiyuk and Hamler both also on the board and I like either. While Love would be exciting at 43, Hurts, Fromm and Eason also are on the board. Niang seems like a great pick also but I am not sure he will be a Week 1 starter in the place of our very servicable OTs - we need Week 1 impact to go OL this early. Since Cushenberry is gone, OG Biadasz would be that week 1 starter but hope out hope someone like Bars or Ifati can be Servicable week 1. Its also hard to pick a OG again in R2. I hope to land one later. Thus, I pull trigger on a trade. I am hopeful OG Biadasz or Niang will be available at #50. Unfortunately in the trade, Seattle trades up to get Licas Niang. Pick #50 (400 pts) to MIA for # 56 & #141 (376 pts) note: lost point value equal to R5, pick ~20 OG Biadasz gets taken one pick before us at #49 by the Steelers and WR Higgens was gone at #44. Shucks. QB Love is still on the board but I still want a weapon for the offense. I am considering RB Dobbins and dream of the impact he might have but I generally don't like a RB this early. Looking at speed WR, I don't consider WR Aiyuk and WR Hamler to be that different prospect wise despite Aiyuk's superior height so I take the gamble one of them will be available later in the round. I note that even this pick would be good value for Aiyuk according to the big board and pray I dont regret this. Since I want to add a lot of new talent to the room on O, we trade with Miami. Pick #56 TE Cole Kmet I have traded down 2x and still Love is there. I cannot do it. My scouts (thedraftnetwork.com profiles) tell me his vision, accuracy and decision making are problems. I would be similarly excited about QB Eason and QBs Fromm or Hurts are honestly better fits in Nagy's O. I would consider any of those 3 late round 2 but I am not ready to pull the trigger. I also have interest in Gordon and Morgan in R4 where I now have two picks. With so many options at the position and my lack of conviction, QB must wait. The pick comes down to WRs Aiyuk and Hamler or TE Kmet. If I go TE now, I hope a WR will be there at #59 despite my scouts having WR Aiyuk ranked above the other two. Pick #59 WR Brandon Aiyuk This is lucky. Board falls my way and I get to pick between Hamler and Aiyuk. I worry about both players ability to get off of press coverage and ultimately go with the slightly larger Aiyuk. All of the sudden, we have weapons for Foles. Pick #101 QB Jake Fromm IOLs Jonah Jackson and Ben Bredeson are on the board and I think about how adding them here to really boost my chances in 2020. However, I worry about Mitch running the offense if Foles goes down. QB is THE most important position. I do give a thought to waiting and taking QBs Gordon or Morgan in R4. However, we want to win this year and Fromm could probably spot start Y1 given he is a low ceiling / high floor prospect. A R3 or R4 QB doesnt stop me from drafting a QB in 2021 either and gives me some leverage against Foles in the offseason too. Fromm is a FANTASTIC R3 pick and I run his name to the podium (virtually, of course). Pick #141 OT Saahdiq Charles With the first of two 4th round picks, I need to decide between adding to the OL or adding to one of my DB competitions. My board shows Ss Burgess and Brooks, CBs Green and Hand or OT Charles at positions of interest. I am ready to go all-in on Nagy's O thinking he could fill in at either OT or OG in a pinch. I'll grab some DBs later. Pick #144 CB Harrison Hand Great news! All three DBs I was considering are still on the board. I go with the CB instead of a S because of the confidence I have in Bush to start and DHC. I pick CB Hand because my scouts think he fits well in press coverage and I envision him doing what Prince did with Jackson playing ballhawk over the top. Pick #164 LB Davion Taylor At this point, I am drafting off my board making sure not to reach. My board doesn't have any great value plays so I grab a guy at a position of need around where my board values him. Danny T has not made it through a full season in a long time so the chances a backup LB sees the field is high. Unlike CB or S, the drop off in talent between starters and backups in my LB room is very high. Pick #197 S L'Jarius Sneed My board likes this S as the best value and it happens to be a position where we would like to make an investment but have not. Great fit! No OGs though Pick #201 OLB Derrek Tuszka I wanted a IOL here but no luck. I take a BPA at an important position instead. I resign to believing that our problems on the Oline were probably related to Mitch's inability to get a lined up right and transitions at C. My lack of signings at the position in FA support this belief. In addition, I don't have great depth at OLB so this is hardly a waste. Still, wishing the board fell differently. Pick #210 RB Elijah Mitchell BPA and I considered adding a RB who can share the load if Montgomery goes down at each of the prior two picks. Since my board still doesnt like the value of a OG, I take the BPA Pick #234 WR Juan Jennings Plenty of WR, RB and LB available at this point in the draft. Makes me wish I reached on a OG earlier but some combo of Ifati, Bars, Coward and OT draft pick Charles will need to win the job for this season. I deviate from my board to take a name that was pretty productive this year and someone I have watched play. He is a bigger physical guy in the mold of Wims who I had hoped would step up this past year. May the best two players be rostered between Jennings, Wims and Ridley. I expect Wims and Ridley to win but this provides some insurance for the strength of my last WR spot. DRAFT SUMMARY R1: -- R2: TE Kmet, WR Aiyuk R3: QB Fromm R4: OT Charles, CB Hand R5: LB Taylor R6: S Sneed, OLB Tuszka R7: RB Mitchell, WR Jennings In review, I took a value haircut to trade down. Viewed in points, I lost ~55 points which is equal to mid-R4 draft selection. That hurts. However, I felt like I needed to plug quite a bit of new talent into my roster and the trades gave me 3 depth pieces who can help me win in 2020 and beyond. Injuries and disappointment happens on every roster annually and I needed some insurance. I also didn't get the OG depth I wanted but I did add an OT. Not ideal but, we could attempt to move him to OG, if needed. Going into 2020's season: As Pace, I made big moves to fix our offense's key problems: production at TE and QB. I was able to address these two shortcomings with vets and with day 2 rookies. That combination is a good solution. In addition, I added a WR with the straight line speed my offense lacked and some depth pieces at CB, S, and OG that can push the vets I hope will start Week 1.
  5. HOF Game Thoughts and Feelings

    Always appreciate your game recap posts Windy! I too was disappointed all around with our Daniel run O. He was poor in every way and the tipped passes were a big concern because that will only get worse against the 1s. However, I felt he was put in a rough situation due to poor protection and Fowler's dropped TD would have changed the narrative considerably. Where on earth was Shaheen? He really made no impact at all. Hope we are hiding him. He needs to make some progress this year if he is going to break out before the end of his rookie deal. Just one game so do not want to over react. However, just have not heard much about him from the reporters at camp either. Forgotten is bad. Wims was fun in the second half. Good start for him and hopefully he can keep it up. All he really needs is to be able to own the slant game as well as be the "go up and get it" he has shown himself to be in camp and college. On D, the DBs looked great. I thought our performance was solid all around. Against bad competition guys found ways to make plays and that is all you can ask. Hopefully they make it a habit. Our corners looked great all game and pressuring and sacking these mobile QBs is never easy. I think we got everything we could have wanted from the defense in game 1. Thumbs up for Fangio.
  6. Thoughts and Observations: Week 7 [Panthers]

    @WindyCity - your weekly write-ups are a highlight of every Monday for me. Thank you and please keep it up!