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  1. Chris Jackson isn't getting it done in the slot. I'd have to go back and look at it again to see how he did numbers wise, but didn't seem like he could guard anyone. We need to explore a vet or two.
  2. Teams are selling their soul to stop him. Playaction is wide open and passing lanes are there because of it. He might not have a HOF season, but he can easily get 1100 yards 9 TDs or so. But yeah lets see what it look likes in the winter. Also I agree, his feet get stopped to frequently lately. Need another Eddie conversation? lol
  3. He is definitely an NFL Starter. I'm not sure I'd make him the center piece of an offense. I think if were in the Tannehill role, good strong running game, play action opportunity to deal the ball like he did today, you can win with him. I think he is actually better than Mayfield. I don't know where to rank him. Would he stop me from drafting a top QB? I don't know. Maybe. But I don't think he is a superstar franchise QB. He is the type of QB you win 8,9, maybe 10 games on a good year. Maybe a playoff game. I said Andy Dalton and I think that is where I'd put him. Dalton at his peak.
  4. I felt it was going to be a blowout win.....a close win...or an embarrassing loss. Somehow it kind felt like all of the above..lol Defense was tissue paper and I can't really say it was the calls that were the problem. It was mix of Minshew getting rid of the ball super fast and the secondary not being able to cover. Also bad tackling and gap responsibility. I didn't like Arthur Smith's toss call to Henry on a short yardage play. I think that should have been a muscle it up in there call.
  5. Yeah I think we should come out in heavy formation, then play action deep for a kill shot.
  6. Let's give credit to Kalu for making that special teams play that got us 3 points. Good play by him. Being alert.
  7. I'm not expecting a blowout. But Fair points about being a new team. Both sides are new. Tannehill, not Mariota, Jeffery Simmons, Jonnu Smith instead of an older Walker. Clowney Adoree Jackson isn't back there muffin punts. lol More clear offensive philosophy. Battle for AFC south. lol
  8. Yeah. But as you look around the league, a few teams are missing big pieces to their teams. Minshew is going to get the ball out his hands early. So not looking for a lot of sacks. Listening to Dean Pees on local radio, the key will be to clog the lanes for Minshew so he doesn't have clear views. I'm not riding high on the Minshew mania train. He is obviously an NFL QB. Is he more Andy Dalton or is he closer to a Ryan Fitzpatrick.
  9. I feel ok somewhat because of the way our offense functions. A decent WR should b able to find some space in a play action heavy offense. We miss AJ's explosion and playmaking ability but some like Humphries and Raymond hopefully can show enough speed to excel on the crossing routes off play action.
  10. I think he hurt it on the play where they thought he wasn't down but was down. The defender rolled on his leg and he was wincing from then out. Maybe why he couldn't get that fade in the endzone (along with being slightly overthrown).
  11. I mean remember when we beat the Chiefs with Locker 26-10 that opening weekend? We thought....Hey! We might be alright?! Locker was 22/33 266 yards 2TDs Then we went 2-14? Yeah......Opening week. Am I right?
  12. I anticipate us having a better time putting the ball in the endzone this game. Denver has a nice defense and was well coached. I need us to play better in the secondary. And of course make extra points/FGs. I think the Jags can move the ball in the air some. Minshew isn't 95% good but can be a NFL QB. We should be able to run the ball and stop their running game.
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