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  1. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    Stats!!!!! 😉😉
  2. Titans OC Search

    Da wHaT? Lol
  3. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    Yeah, I don't have the knowledge of other places. lol I'm just here and Twitter. And I think at this point with Marcus, there is evidence to support both sides. Me personally, I'm not a person to speak in definitive terms. It is just me. It is hard for me to say someone will "never" do this or that. I guess it also depends on what you call a homer. I see a Homer as someone that refuses to say anything bad about a team or player. Refuses to see any negative. Everything is someone else's fault. I don't see a lot of that here. I see defense, but not blind homerism. All that defend him say, he needs to stay healthy, see the field better, be more consistent. But if we also say that some of the things around him need to be better, then we are blind to Marcus? I can see frustration if you feel like nobody is seeing the negatives in a player. I think there are a lot of stats that support Marcus and point to him being a very good NFL player. And at times he doesn't pass the eye test or match those stats with consistent play. I hope @ttitansfan4life doesn't take it too personal. I really came to delete that part before you responded to edit after thinking about it, because I think it could be taken wrong. I just don't think it's healthy going forward for us to have such strong lines in the sand. Because barring a change he will be QB and it will be a very tumultuous season in the forum if we are too harsh to each other. That's not a call to stop being negative about him or stop praising him. Just hope going forward we don't get too toxic in our disagreements. I think the fastest way to be toxic is to make a side feel some type of way and make it where they feel like they gotta come so strong on their side. if that makes sense. All Love.
  4. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    What is the reason that you do you do that? Is there a reason you always try to draw a line in the sand here with the them vs. us thing? You like it, you are this or that.... EDIT: It makes it seem like one side is a jerk or idiot for feeling one way. When the truth is, nobody is right or wrong....yet. And I'm not trying to censor or even argue about it. But you have a real tendency to take that stance. Whether it be coach, player....if someone supports it, it's always a "homer, lover..etc." At times I truly wonder if you hate this team or not. lol And I'm being serious about that but not attacking. I hope you don't take it personal or as an attack against you, I'd be interested in hearing your feelings about it. And no, a person doesn't have to love everything about a team to support it. You want them to be better, I assume. It is just that I notice a lot of times if someone takes the side of feeling that something about the team is good and you think it's bad, then the other person is one of those things above for feeling that way and I just don't personally feel that's a fair stance. I know I take up for the team. I give them every chance to do right until I break. I have a higher tolerance. If I'm a homer so be it. I'm a fan. But about the stats, they are what they are. Some people are quick to point to them to say how bad they think he is and there are stats to say otherwise. They aren't the end all be all. We seen stats that make any player look good, when it says otherwise. There are also the reverse. But if one wants to present a stat in support of their argument what is the problem with that? So for example, if someone says QB X can't connect deep and then a stat shows they are among the best connecting deep, that supports their argument. Now the eye test might say well when it counts most he can't. Just like the WRs drops for this year. Yes they didn't drop many in the grand scheme of things, but when they dropped it, was a problem. If there are stats that illustrate why he isn't a good QB, present them for everyone to see. It would help make a more balanced discussion. Because people who aren't tired of him or think he is bad are presenting stats to support their argument.
  5. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    Lol. Gonna be worst next. Even if he is better. Lol
  6. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    Wrong. And I don't even know what that start is...depth adjusted accuracy sounds made up. Lol But people like me post stats from places like NFL matchup or anywhere because it is simply a piece of data. I've also posted things that would go against him. Simply to try to present a balanced look. Lol I can tell this next season is just gonna be a blast with people ready to burn the place down with every incompletion.
  7. 2019 NFL Draft/College Thread

    In round 3ish yeah. He was a decent RB. Keep growing as a WR. That ability to do a couple things makes him enticing. Like Albert Wilson with the Chiefs/Dolphins. He could be an offensive weapon.
  8. Titans OC Search

    What would be inspiring? A guy from another team that has never called plays? A QB coach from team X that has been in the league for couple years and no play calling experience? Curious to who would make fans jump for joy.
  9. Titans OC Search

    I personally want a college guy with some NFL time in his background. Don't think I'm getting that tho.
  10. Titans OC Search

    Been on the offensive side of the ball since 2012 (8 years). Not the same as being on defense then offense the next. I'm not all for him. Just don't hate the man. It is all about who you like. Someone with experience on both sides of the ball would be a positive for one who liked him.
  11. Titans OC Search

    I don't think the guy has to be a QB coach. Plenty of guys who had no play calling experience made for good OCs. They've come from all areas in an offense. If someone has a good feel for offense and game planning. They can teach an offense to players and coaches, then don't matter if they were a kicking coach lol. Let's not damn a guy just because he doesn't follow the path to prefer. If we do what Philly did while back and make the LB coach OC then I can see it lol. But let's see how it plays out.
  12. Titans OC Search

    Sean McVay was promoted to OC from tight ends coach. Andy Reid never called plays before being promoted to HC/OC. Greg Roman was TE coach before being made OC. Eric Bieniemy was RB coach. Ken Whisenhut was TE coach. Mike Mularkey was a TE coach. And before anyone talks about their HC failure, we all agree that they made good OCs in their day. While QB coach is the most common route to OC its not the only way. Nor guarantee a good OC.
  13. Titans OC Search

    What would be bad with Smith? Whoever we get, it will be someone who likely hasn't called plays before or won't have done it recently in the NFL. If we get the QB coach or some WR coach from team X what makes them better than Smith? Is it just because you have no idea what his offense would look like? Do you find more comfort in knowing that guy from team X came from this offense and I know what it looks like? Example someone from Rams, you feel it would look like that? I'm fine with being patient and seeing who they choose. If they pick someone who only ran the wishbone then yeah that would be questionable. Curious to see answers to the questions I raised.
  14. Titans OC Search

    If Smith is hired, it might actually be a better sign that Marcus will be here past 2020. Smith was part of the staff that drafted Marcus and he might be the one to love him the most. Opposed to another OC who has no real attachment to him?
  15. 2019 NFL Draft/College Thread

    Could have had Jj Watt, Aaron Donald and Casey all on the same line. 😉