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  1. New Jerseys Thread

    The jerseys to me look a lot better with time. I didn't hate them at the start, but all them are looking sweeter and sweeter the more I see them.
  2. Titans, Rashaan Evans agree to deal

    Good to have him signed and delivered this early.
  3. Ranking The Roster - #4

    Delainie is one of the most consistent Titans we have. Last few years, I can't think of anyone more productive than him.
  4. The Offseason Thread

    Conversation derail.....Would people rather keep this thread going, despite the size? I personally think this many pages is like ehhh...lol But that's me. What do the people want? Let the people decide....
  5. The Offseason Thread

    This thread has reached maximum capacity!
  6. The Offseason Thread

    Also Robinson feels strongly that the problem with the offense last year wasn't an player issue, more of a coaching issue. Sharpe and the rest of the crew is expected to look a lot better this year under LaFleur.
  7. 2018 UDFA Thread

    I would have been fine drafting Wadley in the 3-4th round. Like others said, before Lewis, I had my eye on him to be the 2nd back.
  8. NFL Draft Day 3 discussion

    A very quality over quantity draft. Only 4 picks overall. Never seen a draft by us so small.
  9. Titans select QB Luke Falk, QB, WSU 6th(199)

    They recognize the importance of having a QB that can win a game. With the addition of Gabbert and now Faulk. Hopefully we can win a game and look like a NFL offense if Marcus misses. Unlike Miami.
  10. 2nd and 3rd Round Draft Talk

    Well I did look at him play and ehhh. Lol I also have a standard. It's not scientific or reliable. But it is somewhat to me. When the highlights don't pop I move on and he was ehh. Lol Maybe will be good in that defense but if you place on on half the teams in the league I think he would be blah.
  11. 2nd and 3rd Round Draft Talk

    To me he was just another player surrounded by good players. May not be terrible,but I didn't see anything special.
  12. 2nd and 3rd Round Draft Talk

    Not really a fan of Harrison. But a fan of Chark and Reid.
  13. Titans trade up to 41, select Harold Landry

    It is a trend. And should be accounted for going forward. Only trade down was pretty much trading the 1st pick. It is a sign that says, he goes into the draft with an idea of the player he wants and is willing to go get him.
  14. Titans trade up to 41, select Harold Landry

    I agree with you completely. I do think draft picks get overvalued at times. But yep. Everyone thinks quantity over quality at times. But yes. If we only walk away with say 4 players. I don't care if they are all starters then 100%
  15. Titans trade up to 41, select Harold Landry

    We have a connection to Boston College with Vrabel's son and former co-coach there. I'm assuming everything checked out with his health.