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  1. From "The Guy of the Guy"

    Lol ahhhh totally went over my head.
  2. From "The Guy of the Guy"

    Naw, he didn't interview today. I think he coming in Thursday now.
  3. From "The Guy of the Guy"

    Lol, City was kind of on hold due to snow. I did see Jason Wolf say Vrabel's interview got pushed back to Thursday if you want to believe Wolf..lol
  4. Titans Head Coaching Search 2018

    Good battles. Reasons we come here. I do fear getting a young guy then losing him, but if we lose him in one year, that means we did something extremely right. I think the long play is getting the right guy that can get the right people. Whiz brought his system in here and it pretty much cost us 5 years.. he was wrong person. I'm trusting Robinson to get the right guy.
  5. Titans Head Coaching Search 2018

    Yeah. It has to be a match. He doesn't need a football genius. He needs a coach that knows how to match his scheme with Marcus and use all the players. I wouldn't say the Texans have the best football offensive guys, but they know to target Hopkins 10 plus times a game. While we over here throwing the ball to Corey Davis 2-3 times. We just need a guy not stubborn and we should see an improvement. lol
  6. Titans Head Coaching Search 2018

    There is no guarantee that an offensive coach is going to do any better than a good OC. i hear what you saying and I know you want McDaniels, but all accounts he is in Indy. So you are going to get an unproven Offensive minded coach most likely. A guy that has never been an HC and is going to try to balance being the playcaller on top of that. There is no sure thing either way we go. I'm not against an Offensive guy. I want the best guy. If you hire a defensive guy that knows what it takes to win, it won't matter who leaves. Teams we are trying to get to, have no problem having their OC's leave. Patriots and Steelers. They replace guys all the time and keep rolling. Because they have a HC that knows how to pick the right OC's and right approach. I want the right guy. I don't care what side of the ball that comes from. But out of the choices, I'm wanting the defensive guys.
  7. Titans Head Coaching Search 2018

    Last super bowl winning super bowl coaches since 2000 Bill Belichick (5 times) Pete Carroll Tom Coughlin (2 times) John Harbaugh Mike Tomlin Mike McCarthy Sean Payton Bill Cowher Tony Dungy Jon Gruden Brian Billick Vermeil Gary Kubiak 6 of the 13 were defensive coaches (Non-offense with Harbaugh). And Gruden, Billick and Kubiak won because of their defenses. I like my odds with a defensive coach. It is no given, but I'm starting to get the feeling a defensive coach adapts better.
  8. Titans Head Coaching Search 2018

    I'm thinking he would try the QB coach in Houston now. Sean Ryan. He interviewed with the Browns for their OC spot. He wants to call plays.
  9. Titans Head Coaching Search 2018

    A great majority of the last few Super Bowl Winning coaches come from defensive backgrounds. I think I'd rather roll with a defensive guy and those chances. I also think (with no evidence) that defensive coaches aren't married to an offensive system so they'd be more willing to adjust and do whatever it takes to be successful. An offensive guy will bring in his system and think it is the end all and be all.
  10. Titans Head Coaching Search 2018

    Just another view of McDaniels: Read more at: https://nesn.com/2018/01/indy-columnist-rips-josh-mcdaniels-colts-over-coachs-expected-hiring/
  11. Titans Head Coaching Search 2018

    Wilks and Vrabel. I love them both equally. Would be happy with either one. I'd be perfectly fine if he picked from those 3. (LaFluer, Wilks and Vrabel). I don't want the search to linger too much, the OC hire is crucial.
  12. Titans Head Coaching Search 2018

    That's what I remember and why I don't want him. He didn't exactly leave out of here riding on the shoulders of greatness. People hated him and his scheme.
  13. Titans Head Coaching Search 2018

    Thinking more about it Defilippo doesn't appeal to me. Seems to be more part of a system rather than a master of planning or creator. Just the feeling I have. Maybe he could call plays. But I see a smart football coach.
  14. Titans Head Coaching Search 2018

    Naw, nothing today. Just digging into the guys more. It snowed here pretty good in Nashville. Don't know if that will delay any interviews.
  15. Titans Head Coaching Search 2018

    You let Neil O'Donnell convince you? lol