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  1. Teams probably want to give him a cheap one year deal and he wants close to what he was getting or exactly what he was getting. I do think we overrate our players when they leave and underrate them while they are here. By some accounts, Conklin is the greatest RT in the league, but while here "He is cool, needs help but good." Titania for ya.
  2. But did Kelly really??? I mean yeah over time, but when we traded DGB for this backup OT, everyone including me was mad. But if you look at Lamm's and Kelly's career arc they are pretty similar. Both started as Rookies and been swing tackles pretty much. Save the TV and your blood pressure and don't freak if he plays.
  3. To that I say calm it down. So many were mad we let Conkllin go just to start Dennis Kelly. Let it play out. Our offense doesn't require the best RT in the world. They need to be athletic and able to hold up majority of the time without help in pass protection. Kelly needed help at times. So if Lamm is a younger more athletic version of Kelly at the least we should be good while Radonz (sp?) either takes the spot or works up to it.
  4. What is happening in here...... Let's stay civil.
  5. Seeing Julio out there move, i still can't believe he is on the team.
  6. Lol interviewing? Wearing a suit and time? Want to see how good he is with Excel and Powerpoint?
  7. Yeah. Hindsight. Still glad we didn't blow it on JuJu or Will Fuller or Agholor. That $41 Milly Cap hit for Tanny looks crazy on paper..lol
  8. Again, I keep pointing back to the game before Jayon got hurt in Baltimore, Evans was working with the OLB's and pass rush moves. I definitely think he will be there more. Evans-Bud-Simmons- Autry-Landry front to get wild. lol With Brown Long/Rice behind them.
  9. I know Diggs is younger but we saw how that trade pretty much changed the Bills. I don't see us going to a passing team, but Jones without a doubt puts us up there as one of the top teams in the AFC.
  10. I combine that with the comments of Robinson saying teams have been calling him about players on their roster. So he knew he could get someone, just a matter of who. I see that other teams see our holes and say "Hey, I see you need a WR since you lost Corey, you want ____ for an 4th? " I'm certain he would have traded for someone. Julio was just the best available that we know about
  11. We gonna run out of draft picks.. lol
  12. i also think we nee to finally admit we have a GM that will make these moves. For so long, we felt this wasn't a "Titan's" type move. But Robinson will go for it and I respect and like it. Also there is always a plan. i just heard Adam Caplan on the radio say Julio has been on the market since early March at the latest and the Titans were in on him from the jump. I think we saw with Clowney last year and now Julio this year, Robinson believes in his ability to get in on those type guys. Will it work out? Who knows. lol But at least for me, he has earned the right to not ju
  13. Yep. I would think people would love this more than a bloated JuJu contract. Question is does this make them feel better about not drafting a WR in the first 3 rounds.
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