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  1. And again, we've had some bad signings around here. He ranks likely at the top of worst and most hated.
  2. Yeah, I thought that was last week? He looking for money in my opinion. He was worthless. Never have I been so disgusted with a FA signing and we have had some bad ones.
  3. Not bad vs a run heavy team, but if we playing a passing team, to the bench he should go.
  4. If they have to move the Ravens thurs game or god-forbid more players come positive, that might make the NFL open up that 8th playoff spot? Would be helpful for the Titans, little more room for error.
  5. They been battling it all year. We had our moment, but they have had a consistent little stream it seems.
  6. Geoff with Titan Love? Lol He is hated by most of Titans Twitter. lol Davis has been very good lately.
  7. Yeah. I get it. OT's that can protect are valuable. Just not fun for me.
  8. Yeah they didn't seen Queessenberry out there for looks. Q is next man up at LT. Wilson is likely next man up (by default) at RT. So He is still on the bench.
  9. Is it tho? lol Naw, but Colts are living dangerously like we were early. Took some junk from the Packers to win and special teams collapse by us. But they earned their victories. Defense plays legit. Don't see it from us with the way our defense is....and the way our offense isn't hitting on all cylinders. But that is why they play the game!
  10. I for one always hated drafting an OL high. Rather get a vet. But that's just me and partly because it's not exciting. lol But I didn't like Lewan as a pick and I HATED the Wilson pick. Lewan is frequently injured and coming off an ACL so i guess drafting an OT in the 1st is likely what we end up doing AGAIN. For insurance and maybe starting the RT. But it shouldn't be.
  11. Which one of ya'll is this? lol
  12. Hopefully David Long can come back. I don't want Compton out there
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