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  1. Yeah I think we add a TE more than we add a WR. Let me rephrase that. I think we add a starting caliber TE. And then a WR that is more a high tier #3, hoping he can turn into a good #2. I see that more than trading for a Julio.
  2. Just look at the explosion off the line into his route. Then the acceleration after catching the ball. (Video should start at the 3:06 Mark). Pretty nice. Yeah it's a blown coverage. I'm just looking at him and the skills he displayed.
  3. After looking at him some more, reading up on him... how he went to coaches and asked to play special teams so he could play. He was behind Chase, Jefferson and Marshall. He needs a lot of work with his technique, but he flashes the skill. If he can simply be a bigger version of Kalif Raymond this year, using his speed and abilities then I'd call that a win.
  4. I agree. He has a good track record. It is a what have you done for me lately type thing. I'll give him a slight pass for pandemic scouting. And Wilson just drags down the grade tremendously. Everyone else is a wait and see. I think that Landry draft is so much better than I give him credit for. We need a rusher and he arguably got the best or close second best pass rusher in the 2nd round, with Landry. Bradley Chubb went #5 overall and has 20 sacks. Landry has 19.
  5. Two Top 10 players Add Nate Davis that's 3 Top 40ish players in one draft. Hope this draft is similar.
  6. Thought about this the other day too. The Colts are more of the same team than anyone in the division. I think they got worst at QB. Didn't add any significant offensive weapons. Defense didn't gain much if anything lost a few players. I'd almost say they are the reverse us.... Offense was our strength like defense was their strength. We lost a few pieces, they lost some pieces. Their offense made some changes that will have to wait and see if they will pay off. But outright, if Wentz plays well then they are a better team. If he plays like he has, they are a worst team. We
  7. Also, I understand Belichick picked Gronk and Hernandez. But he also selected recently Devin Asiasi in the 3rd round Dalton Keene in the 3rd round Who both combined for 5 total catches last year. N'Keal Harry in the 1st over AJ Brown and DK Metcalf. I don't know what this debate is about. Beside me just countering uselessly. LOL Bill is a good coach. Jonnu is a good TE. Good luck to him. His departure doesn't doom our team. My points.
  8. It's not downplaying. I was saying I can see how a team can try to play it. Statistically there were some holes to poke. And i said in my post at least I think I did, it didn't take in account everything else he did and his explosive ability. Take that as you may. It's not a slight against Jonnu or to downplay his impact for us or what he may do. Just saying...that's all.
  9. Lol He can take the McNichols spot or at the least D'onta Foreman.
  10. I'm not saying he isn't a good TE. Just saying...$50 million. in our offense. We all say we need to modify our offense, mainly our passing game. But our offense, that isn't something we need to pay $50 Million to. He can go to NE and put up 1400 yards if they feature him as such. He has the ability.
  11. When talking about Jonnu.... I can see how teams kind of down talk their players when going into FA. When you look at numbers it is was to say, "You aren't worth this or that." Jonnu never had over 500 yards receiving. His yard per catch actually went down this year from 12 to 10. I remember before this year, we would be so disappointed in his blocking. "Why is Jonnu blocking that guy?" We faulted the play design. Jonnu made a lot of splash plays. But then would disappear in others. You want a player like him on your team, but do you want to pay $50 million for him?
  12. Understandable Only proof is that before Jayon went down, he was working with the pass rushers. This was right before the Baltimore game Jayon got hurt.
  13. Thinking about this pick some more. We shouldn't have been shocked. They tried to trade for Benardrick McKinney from the Texans. So it stands to think they were looking to find an ILB early too. Almost sounds like Evans is done as starter or maybe Brown?
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