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  1. Yeah. I think it was his senior year in high school. Then again last season? Something like that. But he had something done once then had it done over by a better team. He said he got stronger over the year so if you look at the first game compared to the last he said there should be a difference. Either way...There isn't a QB this year that's THE MAN. But if you find one that fits what you like and you feel you can groom him to be a Dude, then lets do it.
  2. Omar Jacobs........then Jay Cutler. My QB Wishlist. lol
  3. Lol! ,🤣🤣 We have been here too long. I do wish they took him over the longhorn Vince young. Lol Signed up for this site just to say that bask in the day.
  4. Why that play is in the play book is maddening.
  5. The Fickell connection is real. I don't want to fall for any of these QBs only to be heartbroken when we don't take the one I like. Then watch them go be superstar pros.
  6. Went back and looked at 2020-21 Ryan highlights. The problem isn't just INTs this year, it's the consistent failure of the offense to be consistent. If that makes sense. Too often they were burdened by "slow starts" or points where they just disappeared and couldn't convert. Thinking about last year Browns game, the Steelers game(s). Then we have to try to feverishly comeback (Which he has done a lot). I want to say it's the OC in Downing, which is partly true. But it dates back to Arthur Smith too. Maybe it's the run first style to makes it easier to defend and get behind the
  7. Just when I want to say, "Ok Ryan, I don't forgive you, but I'm willing to move on." I get mad all over again. We didn't need him to throw for 400 yards, we just needed him not to be Nathan Peterman.
  8. Strong is intriguing. He has had multiple knee surgeries and dealing with cartilage. Of course don't need him to be Randall Cunningham, but be nice not to be Drew Bledsoe or Tom Brady now when comes to mobility.
  9. This said. I still welcome all trade offers and ideas lol.
  10. We have seen the levels he could achieve with a OC that has some level of sense. We will never be respected with him. We will never be feared because of him (Ryan). Maybe we can get a Flacco type run out of him with our growing defense. Ryan/Downing equals nothing but pain and horror next year. Ryan and someone like Tim Kelly, equals optimism
  11. Field looked great. Uniforms was popping. Crowd sounded great. When Henry came out, I honestly almost shed a tear because I was so hype that we were going to win this mutha.
  12. Here comes NWI, Swaim and Rogers. Gee I wonder what they are going to do? Better bring an extra DB in to stop the air attack? Naw, lets just load up to stop Henry. I guess that will work. .
  13. I've calmed down some on my Tannehill hate. Downing is just bad. He is a cancer to offensive systems everywhere. I gave him a chance after he ruined Oakland and Carr is just now starting to recover from him. Our offense got worst in every area that matters under him (Scoring, yards...etc). Yes injuries but still. Ryan has been the thing to hold us up this season. While also being the thing to tear us down. We can't keep Downing as OC. Just can't. We are predictable, bland and fail to use our weapons. Maybe Ryan can be salvaged to respectability again with someone else and we w
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