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  1. Pick 51 Titans Select AJ Brown

    Need some personality on offense. Hope he can back it up.
  2. Offseason Thread

  3. Marcus Mariota: Is it Time ??

    Just another point..... Name me the WR/TE/Offensive weapon that we've had and that person didn't produce. When there was a healthy Delaine, he had 94, 65 and 74 receptions. Pro Bowl TE. Last year Delaine's 74 Receptions the year before was more than all the TE's combined. Point being, when he has good players, he has helped those players produce. Robinson got some good players around him this off-season. We won't start a game with Batson and Nick Williams. I am very optimistic that we will see Marcus' best season.
  4. Minicamp/OTA/TC Thread

    He passes the eye test. Can he get open and can he catch at this level. Simply put lol
  5. Offseason Thread

    Worth the listen
  6. Offseason Thread

    Steve Watterson interview on 104.5 the Zone was awesome. If you have the chance, take a listen. It should be available for podcast soon.
  7. 2019 UDFA Thread

    Yeah I think there is a chance but who would he bump off if anyone? Think he just makes it straight up? I haven't seen much of him.
  8. Offseason Thread

    Asking price and I read somewhere that there is a date coming up that after that will effect the Comp pick formula, meaning anyone signed won't mess it up. Although we likely won't get any Comp picks.
  9. 2019 UDFA Thread

    Is there an undrafted free agent you think could make the roster over a player on the team? Like KwDarrius Smith taking the deep threat spot of Taywan?
  10. Pick 51 Titans Select AJ Brown

    Cool behind the scenes look at Brown getting drafted.
  11. Player Contract Extentions And How We Can Make Them Work

    Well if teams like the Colts want to pay Sharpe a huge deal, then let them. They have money but is there going to be a pool of quality players to spend that on. They had lots of money this year and didn't go wild ( talking about the Colts). If we lose our depth to wild deals so be it. I don't think anyone here wants to resign Ben Jones to a $60 million deal lol.
  12. Conklin’s 5th year option declined

    And the declining the option. I think, like others feel.. this is about money. Not so much about play. Right tackles aren't making $12 million. They could extend him for cheaper and use that money for the other players needing new deals.
  13. Conklin’s 5th year option declined

    Just saying. That what if is dangerous. We could do that with every pick in every draft.
  14. Conklin’s 5th year option declined

    "We could have done better with our picks." Hindsight is a dangerous thing. Let's look at who was selected after #8 in the 1st round. That we COULD have picked. 9-Leonard Floyd- 15 career sacks in 3 years. Not really a homeroom for top 10. 10. Eli Apple- Traded to NY. 11. Veron Hargreaves-...done nothing reall 12. Sheldon Rankins- Good player. 13. Laremy Tunsil- Good/decent player. 14. Karl Joseph- Benched 15. Cory Coleman- Traded/cut.. in the league? 16. Taylor Decker- Eh Tackle I guess. 17. Keanu Neal- Good player/ injuries 18. Ryan Kelly- Decent center 19. Shaq Lawson- 10 Career Sacks 20. Darron Lee- 5th year option also not picked up. 21. Will Fuller- Good deep threat...injuries 22. Josh Docton- Injuries, not lived up to pick. 23. Laquon Treadwell- Bust. 24. William Jackson- 1 Career INT. I don't even know if he still playing. 25. Artie Burns- Gets burned. 26. Paxton Lynch- Cut..on a team? 27. Kenny Clark- 10 sacks. I guess he is a good NT. 28. Joshua Garnett-Injuries missed all last year. 29. Robert Nkemdiche- Option not picked up. Injuries 4.5 sacks in career I think? If i read correctly. 30. Vernon Butler- 2.5 massive career sacks. 31. Germain Ifedi- Struggling So...I guess we'd take: Rankins, Neal maybe, Fuller maybe and I guess Kenny Clark? Tunsil if you just want to take the next best tackle. Were any of them at the time worth a #8 pick? If anything be mad he didn't go up higher to get Bosa or Ramsey.
  15. Conklin’s 5th year option declined

    Not saying it wouldn't be a waste. Just saying not needing another draft pick of Conklin doesn't workout takes the sting out a little.