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  1. Casey might have burned his bridge on the way out or vice versa. Casey felt like he was treated like trash, even though the trade allowed him to get paid rather than cut all out.
  2. I think Tyus Bowser is a younger better version of Van Noy. Bowser can actually cover and can rush.
  3. No more than $4-5 million would say ok bring him back..lol Which i know is unrealistic.
  4. I guess he will be ready by training camp or sit out until week 1? I'll pass.
  5. Well he has a future in college recruitment.
  6. I'm really starting to like the idea of Tyus Bowser. I wonder if we could structure a deal for Bowser and someone like Reddick. I feel we really could get Bowser and Hendrickson. If we make a move at CB these guys I think could come in for under $10 million maybe even under $7 Million. K’waun Williams-CB Brian Poole-CB Troy Hill-CB Gareon Conley-CB Then if we move on from Corey Davis: Rashard Higgins or David Moore to go with an 1st or 2nd round WR.
  7. Yeah I thought it made sense and fit what info came from "The Guy." Maybe it came down to structure.... Defensive personnel? Or Just wanting to be in Arizona. All logic points to money and I'd imagine how it was structured and what money is sure to get rather than put into incentives.
  8. Good to know we have money to offer i guess..lol
  9. True. I questioned Adoree's worth before injury too. Is he a player you sign to a big deal on the second contract. But the thing is too, Succop wasn't coming back for $10 million. I don't think anyone would have protested if Succop came back this year. I don't recall a big ground swell of people saying keep him off the team. They probably questioned his ability and why not? For every story of Succop there are 10 others where the player doesn't rebound. For me it's all about $10 million and if that money will keep us from keeping guys or going after a pass ru
  10. I thought he was going to come back. Didn't think it would be so soon. I thought it would be a while or after he was healthy.
  11. Hard to take these zoom calls seriously. They can meet with so many players. I feel like it's almost unlimited? I would have to look up the limitations to the zoom meetings.
  12. Division wise, Bills yeah would make sense. But conference wise I think you could have a "Healthy Debate" ( lol ) about the QB situation with the Niners and Rams. It can be a competitive division or end up being the Cardinals and nobody else depending on how the Niners rebound and how Stafford does. As an observer, to me, it just looked like Packers and nobody else for most of the year until the Bucs turned it on in the NFC.
  13. True. In a normal cap year, I think he'd be gone. But he just was our best CB. Truthfully I don't think there is an easy way. Either rebuild the whole CB room or roll the dice and run it back with inconsistent or aging players.
  14. My plan would mean moving Fulton to the outside and finding a nickel in FA then drafting one fairly high also that could potentially replace Butler.
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