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  1. Titans Resign Ryan Tannehill

    I hope Houston gives Watson $300 Million.
  2. The Everything Else Thread v. 8.0

    It is crazy to think about the franchise then and what we though was "ok" or being hopeful. Our franchise is light years from where it was. Social Media, Community, Ownership, Front Office and Coaching.
  3. The Everything Else Thread v. 8.0

    Along with his "interception free" training camp.
  4. 2020 Titans Off-Season

    I would handle it like a fantasy draft and snake it. You the last pick of the 1st round and then be the 1st pick of the 2nd round. etc.
  5. Titans Resign Ryan Tannehill

    Went back and watched some Tanny games and I'm getting more excited for his future.
  6. 2020 Titans Off-Season

    Was coming here to post this.. I hope we have a season. Because this dude might be on some other wordly ish.
  7. 2020 Titans Off-Season

    He would be a media magnet. Would be great to have special packages for him.
  8. Casey: Titans threw me away like a piece of trash

    I think at most he could have gotten was $5-7 Million. Not $11 Milly
  9. Casey: Titans threw me away like a piece of trash

    I guess you right. Just seems like they could have found a way to keep him. If Woodyard finished out then I think Casey should have too. We are better (currently constructed) with him than without. But he shouldn't be too mad. They never slashed his money. Paid him when it was time and sent him to a place that would still pay his current contract.
  10. Casey: Titans threw me away like a piece of trash

    When a team is on the ascend and almost to the prize and you have players like Casey on the team, I think you should find a way to keep them. Ex: Bettis with Steelers. But that is a two way street. I still am mad about the trade because we haven't seen a legit replacement for him.
  11. The Everything Else Thread v. 8.0

    What he said. lol
  12. 2020 Titans Off-Season

  13. Introduce Yourself

  14. Titans Resign Ryan Tannehill

    Top in 4 Categories: Without Pressure 3-step Out of the Pocket Play-Action (of course)
  15. 2020 Titans Off-Season

    Yeah.. He has done good things for us. Kept us afloat during some bad times.