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  1. Suh Watch

    Suh would make our defense fierce. So I'm not going to front like that..... But I'm personally not going to be too high or too low with the decision he makes. Would love it....but won't be mad.
  2. Suh Watch

    To be honest. I don't care...lol It's not the Suh of Detroit. That guy was worth an $100 Million contract. This Suh is still good, but.....I guess it's hard to explain. If he comes great. If not...whatevs...
  3. Suh Watch

    Also I think he picks the Rams because of Personal stats. I can't think of a DL guy off top that got sacks in a Dean Pees defense. Maybe if I looked. But off top I can only think of edge guys. Wade Phillips gets guys like Donald and Watt double digit sacks from the interior position.
  4. Suh Watch

    I think he will value the personal relationships he has on the Rams team along with the idea of playing beside Donald. I also feel like the Titans have a real chance...
  5. Suh Watch

    Tired of eating out? Lol
  6. Suh Watch

    That would be funny. Sign Suh to be the monster combo in the middle and then Donald holds out almost all year wanting to be traded.
  7. Suh Watch

  8. It's that time again. Feel like we are later in the process than normal. But time to keep up with those coming to the complex or those we have private workouts with.... People like to write off these visits, but we have never, NOT drafted someone that has come in for a visit ( as long as I've been keeping up with it.) So I think it's an 100% chance that one or more of the guys we bring in for a visit will be a future Titan! Darius Leonard-LB-South Carolina State Josh Sweat-OLB/DE-Florida State Julian Taylor-DL-Temple
  9. Suh Watch

    Don't do it to yourself. Gonna hurt more if it doesn't go the Titans way. lol Oh and WELCOME!
  10. The Offseason Thread

    If you believe the mouthpiece for him on Twitter, he isn't all about money. Maybe he'd take a creative deal to fit throughout the years. or Like I just posted in the other thread, maybe they just say forget it and worry about the cost of Goff, Gurley and Peters later. They have a belief they can sign him or else why even bring him in.
  11. Suh Watch

    Might be on of those things where they do it now and worry about that later. Talib has how many more years left? 32 years old. Safety tag is about $11 million and should stay about the same unless someone redoes a deal or Earl Thomas gets paid. Maybe? Peters could break the bank. I don't know. Don't get me trying to do math..lol But I could see them payin Suh now and worrying about it later.
  12. The Offseason Thread

    lol naw, that just my opinion. When it's The Guy I'll put it out there. I won't fake it to look good.
  13. The Offseason Thread

    The more teams he visits the less likely I think him signing with us is. I think the Rams would be the most attractive out of the ones so far. They can pay him, pair him with a great teammate and a high powered offense.