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  1. When we talking about re-signing him and the talk was about the history of RBs that got a deal, I said Henry has shown nothing to be linked to those guys. No injury history, no work ethic questions. He is different. I think we are seeing it. I mean after that 94 yard run he didn't even look winded. He didn't come out. He was right there for the 2 point conversion. One day time will catch up to him, but right now I see no reason for concern. If he played in Eddie George or when Jim Brown played, he might be considered the greatest football player ever! His combination of size and speed is unmatched.
  2. Spent days crucifying them.. A couple characters to clear them...lol
  3. You saw it for a couple quarters in Denver. But yeah. So strange to see that yesterday was the highest gain of yards by an Titans/Oilers offense ever with 601. I knew they moved the ball but it never felt like we were breaking any records.
  4. Good comp. He is this generations Ftiz. Could be fun to follow. Nice story. Puts up some numbers. But ultimately only gets you 7-8 wins.
  5. Jonnu is a monster with RAC. He is needed but we can play well without him. Firsker is a pass catching machine, just not a threat after the catch like Jonnu.
  6. Welcome to the optimistic train bro! I've been driving it for quite some time. Pick a seat. Plenty of leg room and the amenities!? Top notch!
  7. Also you mean to tell me that the Titans aren't exactly the same as the 2017 Jags that almost beat the Patriots and then fell off the face of the Earth? Oh ok. Twitter, social media and NFL talking heads wasn't right for the first time. Strange.
  8. Pass rusher is our new kryptonite. Can't find one. Can't identify one. Maybe Beasley has a game with like 4 sacks one day and then fades back into dust, but he is of no use to this team. Might as well bring back Finch. He plays the run at least. We are going to have to throw money at a pass rusher or trade multiple picks to go up and get one.
  9. It's like being an all you can eat fry buffet and also having the cure for heart attacks and clogged arties.
  10. The line we saw finish the game is the line we going to go with until we can't I feel. Sambrialllo has done enough to stay where he is. He isn't great but can hold his own for now. Until we can't then this is the line we got.
  11. I also think that a couple of those early long runs where the Rookie #15 was blocking, might have been a TD if we had Corey Davis. I know it's a small thing, but Davis has always been present when Henry or AJ breaks those long runs. That second or two that Davis blocks downfield is a huge thing.
  12. Well let him get his butt whooped against the Bengals and Carl Lawson or something. In a game where we can maybe overcome his mistakes. Not against a team that can take our mistakes and turn them into TDS. lol
  13. Time to really plan for the next OC. Also maybe losing a few players that might go with him. I can see him taking Firsker giving him a nice raise and maybe Raymond.
  14. Wilson can't play this week. No way you let the Steelers defense be his first game in the NFL.
  15. Yeah, he hasn't been overall garbage but he has had some bad plays. He needs help and it limits things you can do with screen game and overall play with TEs, WRs chippin and what not. Next week is going to be a real hard one with Steelers front.
  16. Yeah I just am not a fan of that pick. Should have got a former LT and tried to make him an RT rather than a RT that probably could be an OG. And like you said, it's not even seemingly being considered to move Kelly and put our FIRST ROUND pick in to play.
  17. I'm note expecting shut outs. I'm just expecting them to not get roasted on just about EVERY 3rd down. lol I know defense around the league is not top notch but come on. The defense is dang new last in almost every category. lol Needs to be better. Offense can score, defense needs to be better.
  18. But they announced (can't trust it but I'm sure it's somewhat right) that we play more man than most other teams. We just suck so bad and play so far off that it looks like zone.. lol He will help. No doubt. He has to be better than Joseph in coverage. But it's not Patrick Peterson coming back to us.
  19. Naw this defense has allowed everyone to pass on them. You are a NFL defense you should be able to stop 3rd and long more times than not. I think people are making it seem like Adoree is like Prime Time back there. He makes mistakes too and gets burned and hasn't played football since last season. Adoree is not going to transform this defense. It something wrong with them. Can't rush the pass and can't cover the pass.
  20. All on a short week too. So again, the team shows they are a good group despite having a "disadvantage." Now we get to get back on normal schedule.
  21. I still can't get over how bad the defense is. I mean it is horrific. No real pass rush. No pass coverage. Only thing we do reasonably is run defense because of Big Jeff.
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