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  1. Week 17: Bears (7-8) at VIKINGS (10-5)

    as in undeserved or stupid?
  2. Week 17: Bears (7-8) at VIKINGS (10-5)

    I didn't get to watch the game: honest take on young oline backups?
  3. Week 17: Bears (7-8) at VIKINGS (10-5)

    Probably better than trubisky lol
  4. Week 17: Bears (7-8) at VIKINGS (10-5)

    Broncos musta won? Did we not score 20 in the 4th to win? I mean we shouldnt have had to...but it happened.
  5. Week 11: Broncos (3-6) at VIKINGS (7-3)

    I dont care what a teams record is, if you hold them to 3 points in a half, that is well above average. Your obvious lack of football iq is showing.
  6. Week 11: Broncos (3-6) at VIKINGS (7-3)

    they held them to 3 points in the second half. doesn't matter they almost won...almost doesn't mean jack****. We came out and dominated on both sides. you can be a whiny brat if you like, it is america...but doing so publicly looks bad on you.
  7. Week 3: Raiders (1-1) at VIKINGS (1-1)

    He did great last year in the first game against the packers, a ton in college (i am an MSU so i watched a majority of his college games), and other times. We as a society tend to only dwell on the bad and ignore all the good...but continue to sound childish
  8. Josh Doctson & Vikings reach agreement.

    Any word on who got cut?
  9. Evaluating and Projecting the 2019 Roster

    Are we still at 4 wrs?
  10. Evaluating and Projecting the 2019 Roster

    so 10/12 draftees made the initial cut? more than i expected actually. also mobo is available
  11. Evaluating and Projecting the 2019 Roster

    Or zimmer saw Iloka got cut lol.
  12. Preseason, Week 4: VIKINGS (3-0) at Bills (3-0)

    Celebrated on christmas eve with my dads side and christmas day with my moms side growing up.
  13. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    Only problem with that is ol arent as special teams friendly, but if they feel confidently covered i am fine with 10 oline to keep youger players...we've been killed by injuries to the oline recently.
  14. If a lb was missing 25% of his tackles or lineman 25% of his blocks, i feel very confident fans would want improvement.