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  1. Furthermore, he stated that those rankings were going into 2020, and acknowledged Tomlin had a better career resume (no doubt there). But remember, this thread is about HOF resumes (so not sure why we are referring to upcoming season rankings), but I didn't realize this until he mentioned having Pederson above him. If someone doesn't think Tomlin is a HOF caliber coach, I disagree but fine. If someone doesn't think Tomlin is a top 5 coach going into 2020, I disagree but fine. If someone doesn't think Tomlin has a top 5 resume among active coaches for the HOF and also feels the need to question folks automatically putting him in there because they personally rank his resume 6th and have him 7th overall going into 2020 (based on highly debatable criteria), I disagree and think it's an odd hair to feel the need to split.
  2. Because winning a playoff game is a small sample size and is subject to variance. He's had 13 opportunities and failed to do so exactly twice less than two coaches you have ranked ahead of him. Even ignoring the fact that 3/4 of his losses were SUPER close, it seems like a very niche thing to hang your hat on while ignoring more relevant statistics like Wins, Win % and Conference Championships (Super Bowl Trips). But considering you have Pederson ahead of him (who I love as a Chiefs fan, but clearly doesn't have the resume that Tomlin does at this point), I will just agree to disagree with your evaluations of head coaches.
  3. How many Superbowls did Harbaugh get to with those extra seasons of winning playoff games? Oh, one less than Tomlin? ------------------------- You're specifically knocking him because the Steelers were bounced under Tomlin in the first round (3 WC / 1 Div) four times. Otherwise, Tomlin and Harbaugh have been to the playoffs the same amount of times (Tomlin has coached one extra season and missed playoffs though so I guess that makes him worse despite a better reg season win %). The Steelers lost those games by 2, 7(OT), 13, 3 points. The Ravens were bounced from the first round (1 WC / 1 Div) twice under Harbaugh (Lost by 3, 11 points) You can take those two extra early-round wins. I'll take the guy who has 2 Superbowl appearances opposed to 1. I'll take the guy who has 15 extra wins with the same amount of losses (.037% better win%) and has never had a losing season. I'll put them both in the top 5 no problem because they are both great coaches. ------------------------- I'm interested in the others you have ahead of Tomlin. There's an argument for Bill, Reid, Harbaugh and maybe Carroll, but even that has Tomlin at 5. It's a much more difficult argument for Peyton. I'm not sure who else has the resume to put him out of the top 5?
  4. I feel like Payton is just a notch below the others. Not far. Not flipping tables upset if someone has him above, but I'm just not sure I see a good argument for him above any of the other three.
  5. They have both been to the playoffs 8 times. Tomlin wins a playoff game 4 times. Harbaugh wins a playoff game 6 times. Your argument comes down to him essentially winning two more early-round playoff games. If the Steelers win those games, they are both sporting the same playoff record and Tomlin clearly has the superior resume. I don't know how else to explain it to you. Even still, considering they didn't win those games, it's a super niche thing and small sample size to judge a coaches resume on. Curious to know which coaches you are ranking ahead of Tomlin?
  6. Your Tyreek analysis is absolutely untrue. He certainly has no issue going over the middle and has one of the more diverse route trees which makes him even harder to cover given his speed. https://www.arrowheadpride.com/2020/1/6/21049744/analytics-show-tyreek-hill-among-nfls-most-versatile-receivers https://nextgenstats.nfl.com/charts/player/tyreek-hill/HIL628694/season (mind that these are just completions, not all routes run) Also, I am struggling to recall Tyreek "not being able to take a hit". Maybe the AFC divisional game where he had the wind knocked out of him when he was a defenseless receiver and blindsighted with a huge hit by Justin Reid? But he returned in that game, so again not really sure where you are getting that narrative from.
  7. They are both locks IMO, and are both generally underappreciated here on FF. Your argument literally boils down to "he won 2 more playoff games" while ignoring the fact that Tomlin has won 15 more regular season games and has the same number of losses (and has been to two super bowls instead of one). I mean they basically have the same resume, for all intents and purposes and I'm having trouble seeing either one out of the top 5 unless you are blinded by divisional hatred.
  8. https://twitter.com/AdamSchefter/status/1283092590565433353?s=20 Well that's nice 4-Year 85 Mil / 60 Guaranteed
  9. Cruz sounding like me trying to rationalize my sexual performance to a girl afterwards. Just let it go brah.
  10. The hardest hitting 150.5er in the world
  11. Glad to see MMA scoring back to normal after corona
  12. 2 Good fights so far (even if one was lopsided)....and it just getting better and better (on paper at least)
  13. And we've seen good QB play sabotaged by poor surrounding casts. The point is that team success either way is dictated by the entire team, not exclusively QB. This isn't basketball where a star is ~20% of the team. There are 21 other starters not including special teams that are also reasons for not winning championships. And I'm not defending Mahomes > Brady here. Mahomes isn't even in the discussion, at the moment. But if, 100% hypothetically, he put up say - 4 more 50TD seasons, 5 more MVPs, 6 more 5000 Yd Seasons, Got to the playoffs consistently only to lose 48-45 type games with good play and never win another super bowl.....I think he has a good argument. Obviously, that's ridiculous to expect, but just making the point that there is more to QB play than team success, imo. Except it's not a fact, because GOAT is, in itself, inherently an opinion.
  14. Way too early to be having this conversation. I will say, though, is that the way QBs are commonly judged on team performance is one of the stupidest things in sports.
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