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  1. This football is for the fantasy advice, not celebrating the injury lol.
  2. Baker's playing pretty well today. Gonna need him to throw a garbage time pick so I can discredit this whole game.
  3. Sam Darnold > Baker Mayfield *ducks*
  4. Announcers really blaming that throw on Mac Jones? Dude, it hit Smith in the hands in perfect stride gtfoh
  5. Not necessarily, considering the dynamic shift in offense and lack of tape etc. Some might argue there is a rallying moment behind a young QB (or really any backup). Some might argue a run heavy approach helps the defense more so than Flacco going 3 and out (half kidding). Blah blah who knows and maybe none of it’s true. Regardless, this is missing the bigger point. I’m willing to give him the “intangibles” credit for wins and I understand poor passing isn’t the whole story. But…it kinda is lol. Because no matter how much I try, I just personally can’t attribute enough intangible + te
  6. We will just have to agree to disagree buddy. I’ve already derailed this thread enough and I like Lamar (I have him top 7-8 I think without looking) so I’m not really trying to argue it. Just struck me as an odd statement considering Lamars whole narrative year 2 was how he proved everyone wrong who criticized his bad rookie year.
  7. You’re actually still misunderstanding. They are related. My point was that I will give credit for him improving the running game as evidenced by it’s effect on the teams offense. We wouldn’t use only rushing totals because it’s understood the passing game suffered that year under Lamar, so we look at the net effect on the offense. We also understood the Ravens got better running but that’s the Tim Tebow argument unless it outweighs the negatives in passing. Therefore, it only makes sense to look at TYPG and I’ll give him credit for making them ~20 YPG better. No sarcasm I ac
  8. 58.23% 238.5 ALL-PURPOSE YPG 9:7 TOTAL TD/TO (20:16 per 16) That's objectively bad, idc how many games his team won. I'll give him some credit for improving the run game - Ravens as a team improved about ~20 total YPG after he took over. But I'm not gonna ignore reality and suggest that makes up for the obvious flaws he had that year.
  9. I mean, I agree with the premise of your post but 2018 was objectively bad.
  10. I don't think QBR necessarily be all end all, but it's a fair point and I'm open to the idea that this may be a case where traditional stats don't tell the whole story. He had a great rookie year. I don't think it was a top 10 year, where as many guys above Baker (imo) have proven top 10 years. That's all I'm saying. ---- I actually really don't think I hold 2019 against Baker that much. I'm willing to give players a bad year or two, but the issue I have more so with Baker is his ceiling. And it's not necessarily due to talent, it's due to circumstance, etc. Even
  11. But, honestly, this is where I struggle as an unbiased-ish fan. I like Baker in the sense I think he's a good player. But when I started ranking him vs other QBs, not eclipsing 4000 yards and 30 TDs once in a career ended up being pretty significant to me. Now I get the system expectations argument. But that's kind of a double edged sword, because that also suggests that since the running game is really great, Baker should get easier looks and, at minimum, be more efficient. But, realistically, I feel like efficiency is one of the weaker points of his game. His TD:INT over the last
  12. Just to clarify, I meant it feels better to stash him than "waste an IR spot" as in leave it empty. It's always better to have SOMEONE than leaving it empty. Maybe that was unclear in my post. I don't doubt he will produce. I'm not suggesting he's bad or even that he's not worth a pickup. I was just trying to clarify his value. My question is - If he comes back midseason or even let's say week 5, is he really going to get more than 100 carries this year? Maybe he snags 5-7 TDs, but TDs are a highly variable statistic imo. I feel like his ceiling is a high end flex or a low end RB2 i
  13. Something like - 70% Regular Season Stats -- (Mostly TD:INT Ratio, Yards, QBR, ANY/A + rushing stats, but a little of everything) 20% Playoff Stats -- (See Above) 5% Context -- (Type of Team Around Them, Coaching, Weapons, Injuries, etc) 5% Team Success -- (Wins, SBs)
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