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  1. This is a pretty good list off the top of my head. I think 2-4 are pretty interchangeable, and the more I think about it - I actually wouldn't die on a hill against Harbaugh or Arians in any of those spots either.
  2. I'm with you everywhere else, but I don't understand this line. We've certainly ran the ball effectively previously in this offense before and Mahomes is certainly capable of taking underneath routes when the top is covered so I don't get what you are trying to say here. If our offense isn't clicking, we don't move the ball well - sure, but all teams are like that. And certainly a one-game sample size of Mahomes not scoring a touchdown doesn't necessarily validate any takes (good or bad), right?
  3. Came in for some quality overreaction and absolutely terrible takes. Was not disappointed. Was a great, successful year for us. Grats to TB on a great game and being world champs.
  4. 10000% this. I'd give you two likes if I could. I think Stafford on the Steelers or Colts would be a really good fit, personally.
  5. Stopped reading here. Argue with yourself kid. I like the Steelers, luckily you and I won't have to make this decision so we can agree to disagree.
  6. Who's better? Who's out there continually winning playoff games that you're going to get? Or are you saying they need someone with no resume who may have a chance to win playoff games because Tomlin is 3-6 in the playoffs the last 10 years (which A- isn't remarkably terrible compared to avg playoff success in the league and B- a specifically nitpicked stat to exclude his 5-2 record in the playoffs prior)? Who's better out there? If grabbing a coach to get you playoff wins was so easy, why wouldn't Detroit and Jacksonville just go do it real quick? Instead, those are the teams continually
  7. Man, I know I'm a Tomlin apologist so take me with a grain of salt, but the idea of firing him and the way Steelers fans take him for granted is so dumb. AT BEST,.....AT VERY FREAKING BEST,....this is an Andy Reid in Philly situation where they both just need a change of scenery (despite - again - never having a losing season, but okay). I could maybe accept that. Like Reid in Philly (and still to this day, to a degree), Tomlin is a flawed coach. He makes boneheaded decisions that get destroyed like ALL coaches do. Again - all coaches do. Reid has been NOTORIOUS for terrible clock ma
  8. 10/10 Love the updated fonts and increased readability. Only small critique - Not sure why blue is still the primary forum color given FF's heavy use of red in the main site / logo (which is prolly due for update), but this is just the UX designer in me =p
  9. I'm not discrediting the rushing output. He was "amazing" rushing the ball today, according to me. He did everything he needed to do today, and got the W. Nothing else matters and I'm super happy for him and the Ravens. I will say that I think the main reason folks disregard this usually, however, isn't because it "doesn't work in the playoffs" (because even bad defenses can make it to the playoffs), but rather because good defenses will eventually force him to throw the ball. Although, I'm not sure when coming back from a 10 point deficit in the first quarter became noteworthy as "diggin
  10. I like Lamar a lot and think people are dumb for thinking he “can’t” win a playoff game, but I feel like it’s equally ridiculous to get excited about a 0TD 1INT 179Yd passing day where they score 20 points, regardless of how amazing he was rushing the ball.
  11. Seems pretty unnecessary to attack him for simply stating he understood why it happened.
  12. I'd prolly go - 1) Rodgers 2) Mahomes 3) Allen 4) Brady 5) Henry
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