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  1. Cruz sounding like me trying to rationalize my sexual performance to a girl afterwards. Just let it go brah.
  2. The hardest hitting 150.5er in the world
  3. Glad to see MMA scoring back to normal after corona
  4. 2 Good fights so far (even if one was lopsided)....and it just getting better and better (on paper at least)
  5. Mahomes will surpass Brady as the Goat. True or False?

    And we've seen good QB play sabotaged by poor surrounding casts. The point is that team success either way is dictated by the entire team, not exclusively QB. This isn't basketball where a star is ~20% of the team. There are 21 other starters not including special teams that are also reasons for not winning championships. And I'm not defending Mahomes > Brady here. Mahomes isn't even in the discussion, at the moment. But if, 100% hypothetically, he put up say - 4 more 50TD seasons, 5 more MVPs, 6 more 5000 Yd Seasons, Got to the playoffs consistently only to lose 48-45 type games with good play and never win another super bowl.....I think he has a good argument. Obviously, that's ridiculous to expect, but just making the point that there is more to QB play than team success, imo. Except it's not a fact, because GOAT is, in itself, inherently an opinion.
  6. Mahomes will surpass Brady as the Goat. True or False?

    Way too early to be having this conversation. I will say, though, is that the way QBs are commonly judged on team performance is one of the stupidest things in sports.
  7. Here's a more recent article from PFF - https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-top-25-offensive-linemen-through-week-15 That's got at least 5 LTs ahead of Tunsil. Granted this is also only through week 15 (I don't have a PFF subscription for end-of-season rankings), however, when you click on the names and compare their 2019 grade, they are all ahead of Tunsil except Decker (who was .3 behind Tunsil). Tyron Smith, who was not on this list, also finished with a grade higher than Tunsil, however. I'm not sure how many (if any) other LTs ended above him without a subscription. I'm not trying to say Tunsil isn't a good player or anything, but I do feel like there is a significance between a top 1-3 and top 5-8 player when we are talking about setting the payscale so high comparatively. I'm also not sure where you are getting 16 False Starts from? I have him at 14. But while your argument of learning a new system would make sense, he had 7 of them week 8 or later, so this doesn't seem like a situation where he just started out with a bunch and got better as the year progressed, right? Penalties source - https://www.nflpenalties.com/player/l-tunsil-houston-texans?year=2019
  8. Is there any metrics / grading that support this? Not saying he's awful, by any means (I'm thinking he's in the 5-8 range, personally), but obviously taking this with a grain of salt coming from a Texans fan. But it's hard to find objective analysis of LTs
  9. Yeah I posted before that. Made me happy
  10. Goodell not getting booed makes me really sad
  11. Colts add new logo

    I like the changes overall. /shrug
  12. Chargers release "new" logo

    I like both this and the Rams new logos. I feel bad for graphic designers. To be fair, I’m somewhat in the arena, but man it’s just always criticism (usually from people who have no idea wtf they talking about). Would hate to do it full time.
  13. I'll take Burrows over Lamar bc QB is more important than RB.
  14. If you were Brady which team would you pick?

    KC so he has a chance at another ring. Heyyooooo
  15. He said at the UFC 240 Post-Fight press conference, actually.