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  1. TheVillain112 Mock Draft v1.0...

    Love this Draft. Taylor/Ford for 11!
  2. 2019 Draft Prospects

    Every mock has us headed the Devin White direction. I'm firmly in the Cody Ford/Jawaan Taylor boat right now, and looking LB in round 2. Dream scenario would be Mack Wilson lasting in the 2nd.
  3. Bengals HC future poll

  4. Bengals HC future poll

  5. Official Draft Thread 2019

    Once again, have to address the OL. LB needs serious help. I'm finally ready to move on at QB though. Can we have Haskins in Stripes?
  6. Week 7 Bengals @ Chiefs

    I sat Watson for Winston this weekend. Ouch. We going to get a game day thread for the Bucs? We are the walking wounded, could be rough.
  7. Week 7 Bengals @ Chiefs

    Doubt we see him until after the Bye.
  8. Week 6 Steelers @ Bengals

    Ross being Q, as well as WJ3 is just rough. Happy to see Boling is going though.
  9. Week 6 Steelers @ Bengals

    Very worried about the Pass Rush this week. I hope Lazor is ready to be creative and keep them off balance. We need to get the ball out quick, and get the ground game going.
  10. Week 5 Dolphins @ Bengals

    Happy the Bowns game is on here from the highlights(or lack of) I've seen. Hope the 2nd half is a different story.
  11. Burkhead is on IR. Engram out. Jordan Howard is on a Bye (Might as well be on a permanent bye). Could be a rough week.
  12. Week 5 Dolphins @ Bengals

    Mixon isn't cleared as of Wednesday. Any word on how Gio is doing after getting banged up last week?
  13. Chris Baker Cut

    https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/08/24/bengals-cut-chris-baker/ The play of Billings, and the rest of the DT group has allowed the Bengals to move on from the FA signing. More $ freed up.
  14. 2018 Bengals Fantasy Football

    I was out for the normal league this year, I'm in way too many. But I'll do the low maintenance league!