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  1. Burfict suspended 4 games

    Of course this was inevitable. We made a trade, we signed Eifert, we signed a LB. Things were too cozy in Bengaldom.
  2. Bengals signings Preston Brown

    Yes! Love this!!
  3. Draft watch

    Definitely agree.
  4. Eric Ebron cut by Lions

    Why let Fells walk if they were cutting Ebron?
  5. Chris Smith to Browns

    This came out yesterday, and I know we wanted him back. Not a huge loss, but DE is a little thin. Is Willis ready for a starting gig? Lawson is a 3rd down player. Little more of a need now.
  6. Draft watch

    When you're right, you're right. Breneman announcing his retirement from football before hitting the league.
  7. Brent Celek Released

    I thought Ertz would be a big reason for the release. It could be a Red Flag they are releasing him while losing Trey Burton as well.
  8. Brent Celek Released

    Anyone think this would be a good find for our TE room? Celek was a Bearcat.
  9. Bengals trade for Cordy Glenn

    We've all been saying it for months now right? Love the move as long as he can get healthy, but they had to do something. Moving back to 21 frees us up to take Price, Daniels, Hernandez, or just BPA.
  10. Chris Baker

    He's a good player. Tampa used him as a 1 Tech and he floundered. He's more of a penetrating 3 Tech. This team is more in need of a Big Run Stuffer IMO, but still a good get if he ends up here.
  11. Because you’re mine, I want o line

    So Orlando Brown is tanking hard at the Combine. Billy Price partially tore a pec, so he could slide a bit now.
  12. Draft watch

    It happens every year. I develop man crushes on certain prospects. Here are some that have come to fruition so far: Josey Jewell (LB - Iowa) - Stud LB. Would be a great fit here pairing with Tez. Joshua Jackson (CB - Iowa) - Long ball hawking Corner. He's going round 1 and I'm not pulling for him to land here, but great prospect none the less. Orlando Brown (OT - Oklahoma) - My personal pick for us at 12 at the moment. Always subject to change right? Talk of him having a narrow stance etc. dont have me too concerned. He's a mauler. Billy Price (C - Ohio St) - I still cant believe he's made it this far. Remember back to is early days at OSU, he was a bit of a lost cause. Man have things changed! Trenton Thompson (DT - Georgia) - Could be an option for us in the 2nd. I'm in the group that believes DT is a major need. James Daniels (C - Iowa) - The more realistic option to land in Cincy, as Price may be gone before round 2. Apparently I like the Hawkeyes. Maurice Hurst (DT - Michigan) - Undersized penetrating 3T. I think we have more of a need at NT, but Hurst is top of my board at DT. DJ Moore (WR - Maryland) - This kid went through 27 quarterbacks and still had a hell of a year. He'll likely rise up boards too early for us to consider. Deontay Burnett (WR Southern Cal) - Smooth slot receiver with great hands. Adam Breneman ( TE - UMass) - The former Penn St tight end got derailed by a few injuries and never recovered to unseat Gesicki. He is super athletic and would be a great fit with Kroft. Uchenna Nwosu ( OLB - Southern Cal) - This kid a has a serious nose for the ball, and can rush the passer on 3rd down. There are of course more, but this is enough for now! I'm sure my valuation on these guys will be way off, but tis the season.
  13. J-Deere Feb Mock 3 rounder

    This is basically a dream scenario for me. Brown, Daniels, Gesicki, and Jewell are exactly who I want to see in Stripes next year. Assuming we can' get Billy Price of course.
  14. Oh Goody- Center of Attention

    Bodine Forever! Marvin and the front office are working hard to keep Ole Russ.
  15. Alexander Out as OL Coach!

    That might be what it needs to be by the time the draft rolls around for sure. As of now Daniels isn't ranked in the top 10 Centers. (I know that means nothing. )