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  1. Brandon Lafell Cut

    Well, I didn't expect to see this move. I wonder if they plan on playing Ross outside and Boyd in the slot all the time, or mix and match?
  2. 2018 OTA Talk

    I just started the GoT books. Should keep me busy. Life finally slowing down, just got married and back from Costa Rica!
  3. Rounds 4-7

    Salty Seattle took Jones 2 picks ahead.
  4. Rounds 4-7

    Absolutely concerned we haven' taken another OL. Pulling for Jones.
  5. Rounds 4-7

    Hoping for Settle and Jamarco Jones.
  6. Rounds 2-3

    Now really hoping Brown slides all the was to our 4th. Or hope we trade up for him. Still like the mammoth RT.
  7. Rounds 2-3

    Bates over Reid and Harrison. Welp.
  8. Rounds 2-3

    Pushing all the D players down though. Landry, Reid, Phillips, Carter, Jackson. TEs too.
  9. Rounds 2-3

    I'm on board with Landry and Hurst. Is Hurst going to continue to slide from the medical though? Reports that he may be a day 3 guy. I like the Stanford guys as well, Phillips and Reid. I like Lorenzo Carter as an Edge guy. Like Josh Jackson even thought I don't want a CB this early. Orlando Brown, Rankin, Jamarco Jones, Hernandez, Daniels, all guys to consider. I think Harrison is a likely pick as well, odds on favorite in round 2 I'd guess.
  10. Draft watch

    Would you guys be into taking Daniels? Letting the best man win at C and playing the other at G? A lot of draft capital at IOL at that point. I am secretly hoping Orlando Brown falls to the 3rd and we scoop him up.
  11. Mock Draft Contest

    1. Frank Ragnow C 2. Harrison Phillips DT 3. Martinas Rankin OT 3B. Arden Key DE 4. Josey Jewell LB 5. Daurice Fountain WR 5B. Jeremy Reaves S 5C. Tremon Smith CB 7. Tyler Conklin TE 7B. Chris Worley LB 7C. Dane Cruikshank S
  12. Draft watch

    No shame for me, I love that movie!
  13. Draft watch

    Browns actually going to take Baker? Or is this smoke screening at it's finest?
  14. Draft watch

    Lap predicts Ragnow in round 1. Im still on the Daniels band wagon, 20 years old with room to grow. Won't complain with the road grader though.
  15. Draft watch

    I really don't want to miss out on one of the 3 Centers, but having Wynn and the flexibility would be huge. Have to take C at 46 then, and once again were spending our top 2 picks on OL. I know you can't look at it that way, and you fix the weakness, but sheesh.