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  1. Locked on Benglas Mock Draft Mondays

    I really like Cameron Dantzler, and Winfield. Just hard to go DB with both picks on day two. Strictly from a talent stand point, I wouldn't be upset.
  2. Fan Speak Mock Drafts

    I think Uche will be more of a LB in the League. Could play outside when we show the odd front too.
  3. Locked on Benglas Mock Draft Mondays

    These simulations are fun. Passing on Becton is tough, but landing McKinney and Biadasz would be nice. Our interior OL would be very solid with Thuney, Hopkins, and Biadasz. I know the value is really good, but can we afford to take a RB at the top of the 3rd round? In this scenario I'm looking for the best DL available. I hope you keep posting the MDM sims!
  4. Draft Talk 2020

    How do we handle the Andy situation? Trade talks start as soon as the season ends? During the draft? Pushing all the way into next preseason to see who gets QB needy? Sooner the better of course to use draft picks this year, but it doesn't always work that smoothly. Who do you think would be in the market for the Red Rifle, and at what compensation?
  5. Cordy Glenn Situation

    In an organization that is full of off the wall scenarios, this is one of the weirdest for me.
  6. Draft Talk 2020

    Who's excited to watch our future QB this weekend?
  7. GDT Week 6: Bengals @ Ravens

    Except for this... What are we on, our 5th LT? Good times!
  8. Do you trade AJ?

    Never thought I'd say it, but I'm on board with moving AJ for the rumored 1st. Eifert, Dunlap, Kirkpatrick all shopped as well. We're 2 years from competing, let the building begin. It won't happen though...
  9. Training camp!

    I'm still pipe dreaming about Vets being cut and scooped.
  10. Tyler Boyd Extension Today?

    That didnt take long Boyd 4 year extension.
  11. Tyler Boyd Extension Today?

    Mike Brown hinting that Boyd is coming to Cincy today to sign ans extension. Lets hope! Jay Morrison Twitter Post Side note, I'm terrible at embedding.
  12. Free Agency

    Bengals Add Another Giants OL John Jerry - Will Compete at Guard. Happy they aren't satisfied with what they have.
  13. Free Agency

    Desmond Harrison anyone? Just released in Cleveland.
  14. Offensive Line Projection

    Reports from OTAs today saying Glenn is moving to LG. Haven't heard Bolings status yet. Looks like were in for another year of Bobby Hart though..
  15. 2019 Draft Day 2 Thread

    Lapham did mention they wouldn't be scared to double dip at OL. If Ford, Taylor, Risner are available it would make sense. Follow BPA, and then work on need.