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  1. Draft Talk 2020

    Who's excited to watch our future QB this weekend?
  2. GDT Week 6: Bengals @ Ravens

    Except for this... What are we on, our 5th LT? Good times!
  3. Do you trade AJ?

    Never thought I'd say it, but I'm on board with moving AJ for the rumored 1st. Eifert, Dunlap, Kirkpatrick all shopped as well. We're 2 years from competing, let the building begin. It won't happen though...
  4. Training camp!

    I'm still pipe dreaming about Vets being cut and scooped.
  5. Tyler Boyd Extension Today?

    That didnt take long Boyd 4 year extension.
  6. Tyler Boyd Extension Today?

    Mike Brown hinting that Boyd is coming to Cincy today to sign ans extension. Lets hope! Jay Morrison Twitter Post Side note, I'm terrible at embedding.
  7. Free Agency

    Bengals Add Another Giants OL John Jerry - Will Compete at Guard. Happy they aren't satisfied with what they have.
  8. Free Agency

    Desmond Harrison anyone? Just released in Cleveland.
  9. Offensive Line Projection

    Reports from OTAs today saying Glenn is moving to LG. Haven't heard Bolings status yet. Looks like were in for another year of Bobby Hart though..
  10. 2019 Draft Day 2 Thread

    Lapham did mention they wouldn't be scared to double dip at OL. If Ford, Taylor, Risner are available it would make sense. Follow BPA, and then work on need.
  11. Mock Draft Competition

    1. Devin Bush LB 2. Tytus Howard OT 3. Jachai Polite Edge 4. Miles Boykin WR 5. Foster Moreau TE 6a. Cameron Smith LB 6b. Donnell Greene OT 6c. Cortez Broughton DT 6d. Elijah Holyfield RB 6e. Brett Rypien QB 7. Darius West S
  12. Mock Draft Madness

    Would personally be ecstatic with this haul!
  13. Mock Draft Competition

    Would it be a record to draft 4 Bulldogs in a row?!
  14. 2019 Draft Prospects

    Bengals hosting Jawaan Taylor
  15. 2019 Draft Prospects

    Lapham did a podcast and ranked our needs from 5 to 1 like this: 5- RB 4- DT - Specifically mentioned NT 3- TE 2- OT 1- LB Obviously no big surprise here, we all know our needs. Always interesting to hear Laps opinion and order though. He mentioned several times if one of the top pass rushers are there at 11 he would run to the podium.