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  1. Hoping it was just an MCL sprain like the Video Doc thought. Not a major rehab and let Jonah rest up the rest of the year and come back strong in 21. Hopefully with a running mate on the other side.
  2. Apparently now MacKenzie confronted the man that left his father behind, and was arrested. This is a tough situation.
  3. Jones, Mims, Baun, Epenesa, Gross Matos, Pittman, Higgins. All realistic options. We're in a great spot. I think you were right about Jordan Brooks Duke, he would have been the guy.
  4. This was a great haul! The only tweak I would make is to add an Edge player. I think I'm the only Bengal fan that doesn't see the infatuation with Moss as well.
  5. Interesting timing. Smoke Screen Season? Wilson in 1st?
  6. Are you guys following these pop us twitter accounts? I Can't decide if they are throwing darts, or are mildly credible. They claim we are the leaders to trade for Trent Williams. Claim were releasing Shawn Williams and pursuing Reshod Jones. If the trade for Williams falls through, we'll sign Jason Peters. I don't know if we have the Cap, or if any of this is true.
  7. Foles traded to Chicago. Seems it's really NE or bust at this point right? We may have to cut Andy, that would be depressing.
  8. I assume they are waiting until after 4 PM to announce officially. That way they can designate him a June cut and split the dead $ up. Same fate for Dre? I hope they do have someone lined up, because G is really thin at this point. Andrus peat?
  9. Anyone think we get a deal worked out before the deadline?
  10. Shefter - Chris Smith visiting. Chris Smith visiting after seeing the Panthers. Not a bad fit for a cost effective Edge. I like him more now that we use an odd front occasionally. Also, reteach me how to embed a tweet please.
  11. I really like Cameron Dantzler, and Winfield. Just hard to go DB with both picks on day two. Strictly from a talent stand point, I wouldn't be upset.
  12. I think Uche will be more of a LB in the League. Could play outside when we show the odd front too.
  13. These simulations are fun. Passing on Becton is tough, but landing McKinney and Biadasz would be nice. Our interior OL would be very solid with Thuney, Hopkins, and Biadasz. I know the value is really good, but can we afford to take a RB at the top of the 3rd round? In this scenario I'm looking for the best DL available. I hope you keep posting the MDM sims!
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