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  1. Minor Niner News Twos: Electric Boogaloos

    Let's cut any HB that makes more than 800k and we'll be able to afford AA...
  2. Jimmy Garoppolo Appreciation Thread

    So my next suggestion of "Week 1 starter at QB" doesn't make the cut?
  3. Minor Niner News Twos: Electric Boogaloos

    Put CJ at WR. One problem solved.
  4. Jimmy Garoppolo Appreciation Thread

    Why not "The NFCOPW14 Appreciation Thread"? Or are you afraid we won't remember the reference months from now?
  5. It would be the perfect timing for Coleman to have a small injury in practice, so we can just go with breida, mostert and Wilson for a game or two. Like, he wouldn't have to actually be injured. But he could pretend to, and simply get a veteran rest until one of our RBs does get injured (which is still very likely, with breida). Either he accepts to be injured, or accepts to get benched. But that won't happen. Kyle probably likes him too much he won't even contemplate benching him, even if he's not one of the best 3 RBs on the roster right now.
  6. 49ers Survivor Pool

    Honestly, it's still unlikely we even get to week 17. But I think Co-champion is more than fine. Especially considering we already technically lost in week 10...
  7. 49ers Survivor Pool

    Or we wait until the superbowl and pick one team each. And if the 9ers make it, I'll accept Co-championship.
  8. 49ers Survivor Pool

    Just watch the chiefs crap the bed this week...
  9. 49ers Survivor Pool

    Chiefs, this week.
  10. 2020 Draft Thread

    Considering how our safe and unspectacular picks have turned into superstars (guys like Kittle and Warner), I'm hoping for a very unsexy draft. Just draft solid talent, and when you have guys like bosa, buckner, etc. On defense, solid talent can look like stars. Pettis looked like he had special skills, but he wasn't all around solid. We've had to hope his special skillset would make him a star, once he developed everything else. Deebo was a solid all around player, and in an offense that features a running game, a superstar in Kittle, and later on Manny Sanders, Deebo is turning into a star, even though he wasn't the sexiest pick at the time. Greenlaw wasn't instantly loved by most, but the guy had talent, and he's looking very good right now. Give me an unsexy pass rusher, defensive back and depth OL and I'll be happy. And the bottom of the first is a great spot to get an unsexy yet solid and effective talent, with a fifth year option tacked on.
  11. Jimmy Garoppolo Appreciation Thread

    I thought it said "wine moves my needle", which confused me. I thought you were more of a beer and liquor kind of guy.
  12. Minor Niner News Twos: Electric Boogaloos

    I'll have faith in Gould as long as George keeps dragging defenders for 15 yards while adding a facemask penalty on top of it. Robbie can pull these off. Not so confident on 45+ yards game winners, though.
  13. Week 14 Game Ball?

    I was tempted not to give it to Jimmy. I feel like, as good as he looked, he's looked better at other times this year. I feel he's had better pocket movement in other games, but I guess the saints has something to say about that. It was nice, for once, not to see the other guys around him drop the ball. Literally. That was some superbowl level quarterbacking, and the players were clutch (hopefully they're heating up and getting their focus on). I hesitated between sanders and kittle, seriously. Sanders was just making plays left and right. Kittle is just always the emotional leader, and I would have thought so even without his last play. But that play was a thing of legend. Let's not ignore the fact he dragged a defender with his facemask for 15 yards, while having another defender hanging at his hips. But I went with Jimmy, because it was clear the ball was in his hands from the first drive on. It seemed clear in Kyle's mind that we were going to have to score, and score often. Jimmy was up to the challenge. The challenge of trading blows with drew brees. And we won. So...
  14. So, Terron Armstead is playing, but he's certainly not 100%. It might be a good day for whoever is in front of him.