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  1. I don't see why we would cut Ford, unless we had a surefire plan to replace him. Even limited, he brings something to the table. And if he clears up his problems with an offseason surgery, just imagine a 100% Ford to go with an experienced Bosa, next year...

    I've loved loved loved Frank, and Pat and Justin, and Andy Lee, but I mean, the reason I chose the niners was Steve Young. I remember watching somewhat of a documentary where Bill Walsh and Jerry Rice just explained what made Steve great, and I was so impressed by the technical aspect of it that I became not only a niners fan, but I was then completely sold on football as a sport. There had only really been hockey and baseball for me, and football was in the background. And from a distance, my favourite football player was Barry Sanders, because he was unreal, and will never be matched. But that little documentary made me understand the game of football like I hadn't known it before, and it was all about Steve Young, and it was all about the 49ers, and the greatness of the franchise. So yeah, Steve Young is the man, for me. There would be no love for Gore and Willis and others if it hadn't been for Steve Young.
  3. Around the NFL II - Even NFLier

    Kap? I mean, he'd throw the fastball on 5 yards screens, at times...
  4. That's assuming Kyle is human. We'll see.
  5. As a non-native english speaker, and a guy who gets anxious simply leaving a voice message, podcasts aren't really my thing. We'd record for an hour, then you'd listen to it and say: "We can't publish that..."
  6. I still want to start the Non-American American Football Podcast. We would talk about football and take shots at Trump.
  7. 49ers Survivor Pool

    How many of us are still alive? How are my chances? What is more surprising: Niners 4-0 or me still alive?
  8. 49ers Survivor Pool

    Ravens or Patriots? Betting on the Patriots against the Giants is always risky... Ravens.
  9. Are QB slides at the end of runs counted as "contact"? Running QBs obviously encounter more of those. On those plays, are tackles given to the defenders gently caressing the downed QB?
  10. I'll be totally canadian and mention the CFL, but for many years, the Montréal Alouettes had their #1 receiver as the holder, Ben Cahoon. He had the best hands on the team, and was amazing at trick plays. He was fast, he could throw it somewhat well. But really, best hands on the team, never missed a hold his whole career. And put up 1000 yards seasons year after year. I get the idea of having your backup QB do the hold, but that's really just because he's otherwise not doing anything else. But honestly, I've always loved the idea of a receiver doing the hold.
  11. With our injuries on offense, how about the D scores a couple of TDs... that should help. I'm calling it: Kwon with a defensive TD, and Moseley with a forced fumble on a devastating tackle. And Richie James scores on a punt return.
  12. New Forum - New Random

    Good luck with that, man. If it helps, we could switch places. Canada is safer. Winter is coming.
  13. It's scary how we have yet to play a great game, yet we've dominated our opponents for the most part. Scary in a couple of ways: 1) will we keep playing these imperfect games and still get away with it? 2) How scary good will we be if we finally put it together? Jimmy didn't play well last night. But the run game bailed him out. Still waiting for a great game from him. Bosa is scary too. Scary good. And to think he's only one of our studs. Scary.
  14. Week 5 Game Ball?

    Honorable mention to Juice for the game ball. We'll see just how much he means to the running game in the next few weeks. Last night, his blocks were amazing. The Juice/Kittle combo is one of the best non-OL blocking duo of all-time.