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  1. Training Camp Thread

    How?! WHat?! Who?!
  2. 49ers Sign Alfred Morris

    One of the least surprising roster move I could think of. I'm okay with it. He'll be our best runner in camp. Although McNichols looks like he has something. Mostert is what he is, but with his speed, what he is is interesting. Joe Williams' bubble is fast slipping off the roster, if he doesn't have a huge game before the end of camp. We're probably looking at an expected opening day depth chart of Jet, Breida and Mostert, but if one or both of the first two can't play, Morris should be the #2 back.
  3. New Forum - New Random

  4. Around the NFL

    Better to like video games than liking to party like Manziel. If I was a scout or GM, I'd feel better about the former than the latter. Considering the financial investments in these players, I'd rather have the one who is less likely to get in trouble.
  5. Around the NFL

    I was behind taking Landry at 9, because I felt that if our staff picked him, it meant that he checked off the boxes that I can't check off from my couch as a fan. Athletically and skillset wise, I was more than okay with Landry. I loved Thomas's sack yesterday, with Buck collapsing the entire side of the OL, and Solly getting off his block to clean up. I hope that's what we get more of this year.
  6. Training Camp Thread

    Picking one season would be cherry picking. But picking a 7 year stretch isn't really cherry picking. Matt Cassel is a good QB, he won 10 games in 2008! Now that's cherry picking. But being the second winningest QB over a 7 year stretch isn't just a fluke. So it's a valid argument, in my opinion. But I don't know why this was brought up. So... who cares...
  7. I haven't watched the entire game yet, but for now, Mostert looks like a lock over Williams. Better at special teams, better as a runner right now. Mostert just doesn't try to do too much. He hits a hole and lowers the shoulder. Plus, he has the speed. He's someone who I have no problem having as a #3. McKinnon truly didn't have a chance. When the RB has to make the first guy miss 3 yards behind the LoS every single time, what can he do, really?
  8. Training Camp Thread

    Don't worry about that. We are now the team fielding Richard Sherman. Sure, we'll get a couple of holding/PI calls in the first quarter, but by the time the game is on the line, we'll be allowed to grab away freely. The Richard Sherman effect!
  9. Training Camp Thread

    DJ Reed does indeed look great. From these short vids, the one who impressed me the most were Reed, Spoon and Bourne. Bourne just looks like he's going to be a good player for a long time. Maybe not a high end #2, but a very good complementary player nonetheless. And from previous days, Pettis looks like he could be really special. He has qualities that you can't teach to a player. I watched some of his college highlights, and he definitely has #1 WR potential (when you consider his skillset, along with his intelligence and work ethics). And with Goodwin lighting it up in camp, we're looking at a pretty solid group of receivers. In fact, everyone seems to be stepping it up. And that's something I've mentioned over the years, and something people never really seemed to agree on, but receivers do seem to play harder for a QB they believe in, to stay more focused, to hold on to the ball more, to dive for a low throw more. They step up, because they don't want to let Jimmy down, and because they want to earn their reps. They feel like they have a chance to become the next superstar receiver, playing with a QB like Jimmy, so they give their all. And honestly, I think we're seeing that of all our receivers and tight ends. Jimmy doesn't necessarily make them look better (although, he does at times), but he makes them make themselves look better (confusing turn of phrase, but you know what i mean.. maybe). So... awesome!
  10. Training Camp Thread

    To be fair, to see an improvement on last year's offense with Jimmy, McGlinchey only has to be better than Zane Beadles. Jimmy didn't play with Trent Brown in the lineup. Sure, it's a drop-off in pass pro from Brown to McG, but is it really a drop-off from Beadles to McG? If we could have a decent offense with Zane at RT and Jimmy at QB, can't we expect to be better off with McG? Better yet when you consider how superior his run blocking should be. That alone is going to be huge. If we can establish a stronger running game this year than we had last year, it will help the entire offense, even the passing game, therefore, McG should have an easier task than Zane and even Trent had, when we were more one-dimensional.
  11. Around the NFL

    I do understand how people are surprised... we weren't exactly a showcase for the passing game during his first few years in the league. No attention whatsoever was brought to him and his prowess. We saw it, because we were looking long and hard for anything positive. The rest of the league wasn't.
  12. Training Camp Thread

    I just want Marsh and Atchoo to be clean up guys. They don't have to be superstars, when they have Buck, Solly, AA, Blair, etc., collapsing the pocket, if they can manage to do it consistently. A lot of opportunities will be created for them. And opportunities will also be created with the improved offense sustaining drives and hopefully taking the lead in games. You don't get sacks when you're playing from behind, and playing way too many defensive snaps. If the offense plays as well as we hope, then opponents will have Buck in their faces all day long, and then guys like Marsh can clean up.
  13. Minor Niner News Thread

    How much did she pay to date Jimmy? I admittedly didn't read the article.
  14. Minor Niner News Thread

    Or maybe he's putting it out there just to sucker other teams into paying attention to that very thing, missing out on the rest. Jimmy is probably in on it. They're baiting the NFL. We'll exploit this in the game winning drive of the Superbowl.
  15. I don't have terribly high expectations for him individually, but I think his presence is going to help our entire secondary. I think we'll see a big step up from our guys this year, even if Sherman isn't what he used to be. Then again, he might very well be a very good player too. I don't actually have high expectations for any individual. I think most of our team is built on several committees. RB by committee, with the Jet and Breida, receiver by committee with all the guys we have. Kittle has a chance to be the guy at TE, but I still expect a solid contribution from Celek. Our pass rush should go by committee as well. We have several interior DLs who can rotate. We have several LBs as well, and only Foster so far seems to be special. We have good young DBs, a potentially super vet in Sherman, and a wild card in Jimmie Ward. I could easily imagine Spoon being our best DB, for all I know. In other words, I have high expectations for our DBs, average expectations for our LBs and pass rush, high expectations for Buck, high for our receivers as a group, but average for any individual, low expectations for our TEs, but higher for Kittle perhaps, and high expectations for our OL, to be honest.