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  1. I was watching the game last night, thinking that the hope is to have a cross between Mac Jones and Josh Allen, in Trey. He might never reach his ceiling, but his ceiling is that. A Mac Jones who can make all the throws. It's an overly optimistic outlook, I know. The way I've described Mac since the offseason, when it looked like he'd be a pretty good player, it's that Mac Jones is what we hoped Jimmy G would be. A high level game processor, with a quick release, but average arm strength. So I think, having had Jimmy for 4 years and a half, we know what his limits are in the system. But we don
  2. I'm not calling out any particular play call, I'm calling out the play calling philosophy. And I think it's still a matter of experience. I know it has been five years, so it seems stupid to blame inexperience. But coaches evolve all the time. Bill Belichik isn't coaching the same things in 2021 that in 1999. I think we'll see an evolution at some point with Kyle. The play calls I criticized for the most part were the running plays on first and second downs against a stacked box. In principle, those are justifiable. But when it doesn't work, you have to change something. If you go for 1 yard r
  3. Before we traded up, I was okay with getting Kellon Mond in the second. Cousins is the bridge!
  4. I haven't read the whole thread, but if it's anything like twitter, I bet there's a fair amount of panic and complaining about the officiating. I tend to stay even keeled. This was a type of game that wasn't entirely unexpected. We know that we already make things tougher than they need to be against Seattle, and this being a team prone to making mistakes, it was bound to unfold the way it did. I'm surprised the Seahawks didn't try to throw it deep against our corners more than they did. It was always going to be a tough game to win, just because of the matchups, aka Lockett and Metcalf again
  5. I expect Peterson will be as good as Marshawn Lynch was the last time the seahawks signed him just before playing us. He was a non-factor. Peterson will have 2 carries, they'll fall behind and just throw the ball the rest of the way.
  6. Honestly, I know it won't happen, but tomorrow, I'd put in Trey in that formation that had Deebo at RB, Kittle at FB, Wilson at TE and Juice at WR... the one that Jimmy missed a wide open Wilson the other week. Oh, I meant have Trey in Deebo's spot, with Jimmy still at QB. Imagine a double read option play, where Jimmy has a throwing option, or hands off to Trey, then Trey has a throwing option on the other side of the field, or the option to run. Or simply have him there as a decoy. Throw the ball to George out of the backfield. Hand if off to George. Have Wilson come back on a sweep and hand
  7. It wasn't just Kap that was figured out, but the Roman offense as a whole, by then. So I'd still be interested in the perspective on that.
  8. The notion often ignore about the running game, and averages, is that it depends entirely on game situations. THe seahawks offense has been so bad, they have trailed a lot this year, which means the other team has been running the ball more to kill the clock. So basically, the seahawks knew the other team was going to run, so they stopped the run, improving their yards given average. I think they're the most run-at team in the NFL, right? So yeah, these stats need context. And the context is that they knew opponents were going to run, because their offense sucked. It's like 2 weeks ago, w
  9. In baseball and hockey, they have that cut-off date, where you can't even play in the playoffs if you're not signed. But you can play the rest of the regular season, I think.
  10. Every time I hear Alex talk about Mahommes, I wonder why no one asks him about Kap. Maybe because the transition was more awkward. I'm sure there was some degree of division created when Harbaugh stuck with Kap, and Alex didn't really have to face it in the same way in KC, because the transition happened in the offseason. But maybe back then, there might have been some division among the players and staff who were seeing how well Mahommes was doing and how limited Alex was in comparison. I don't know, Alex had two very interesting situations with very different dynamics, and I'd love to hear h
  11. What are the chances we try Trent Cannon out of desperation and he looks like a superstar, like Mostert did? But honestly, I think the 1-2 punch of Wilson/Mitchell (not in that order, it took me a second to remember Elijah's name) will carry as far as we can go. As long as they're not injured at the same time, either one or both of them will carry the load. And Hasty is coming back eventually, as underwhelming as he's been. But back when he was healthy, Kyle's playcalling was underwhelming, so maybe he'll be much more valuable going forward.
  12. Didn't Mitch miss an extra point, when Robbie missed that game?
  13. I think we win, because we're beginning to be galvanized as a team, yet we have no reason to feel like we've made it, just yet. We have much more to prove than we have proven yet. And on the other end, I don't think the Seahawks are a team. They backed into this season as much as I've seen any teams do. Their dysfunction flew under the radar just because Aaron Rodgers took most of the attention in training camp, but Russell already has a foot out the door. The only reason they won 3 games at all is all the talent they have on offense, and the reason they beat us is we were a dumpster fire
  14. Then keep Jimmy in at QB, but have a package where Trey is in either as a trick play option or a decoy. Just watch the defense scramble to adjust for that, while leaving Kittle open for some reason. I don't know that it would mess with anyone's rhythm. It would certainly mess with the other team's assignments. Then it would also lead to tons of potential trick plays. Except that you'd have an actual QB out there, instead of Jauan Jennings, throwing the ball. Then again, they can save this for the playoffs. That would seriously screw with DC brains.
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