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  1. That offense was great because it was stacked. But it is a fact that it wouldn't have been that stacked without Brady. Gronk, AB and probably Fournette only signed there because of Brady. So if you want to compare the offenses with or without Brady, those guys need to be considered. Do they even draft Wirfs if they don't have Brady, or do they address a different need? If you put Carr with all those weapons, he'd have a terrific season. But you couldn't have put Carr with all those weapons, because all those weapons were there because of Brady.
  2. I've been watching a few of Trey's games. I don't think he'll be a great runner in the NFL, not in a designed-run kind of way. Lamar has designed runs, Josh Allen has designed runs. But I don't think Trey is good a reading blocks, so he ends up hitting the first hole and lowering his shoulders. I don't like that. He won't carry people in the NFL. What I love is when he runs on designed pass plays. If Aaron Rodgers managed to have 600 yards running seasons, Then Trey can have 800. He's a great open field runner, and if DBs try to tackle him, he'll run through it easily. He looks like he wants t
  3. Just to be clear, by top of the roll, you mean the paper hangs away from the wall, not on the wall-side of the roll, like a prehistoric animal, right? And I get the OCD angle. It's one I hadn't considered. I've been annoyed by players making simple number changes, like from 27 to 24, or something like that, because it takes me some time to get used to it. I guess I felt the extreme novelty of a single digit number didn't seem as confusing to me. Like who TF is #2?! Oh right, that's [insert player name]. Whereas 27 to 24, I'll be looking for the player's name for days. Let's get rid o
  4. Then again, who's to blame... if you spend $300 on a jersey, it's still the player who decides to change his number. The league only lets him do it. And it doesn't forbid you from wearing the old jersey with the wrong number. If I go to a niner game in person, I might still wear my Andy Lee jersey, and he's not even on the team anymore, let alone wearing another number. Does it really take away from your enjoyment of the jersey, or are you suddenly even more of a badass old school fan for having his old jersey number, confirming you've been a fan of the guy for many years. If I see a fan with
  5. I'll be vaccinated in time for week 1. Put me in, coach!
  6. Well, if you call him a month before the draft, all he can say is "John Lynch hasn't called me... yet". In terms of reporting, it doesn't mean a whole lot. So, do you call every coach every week until he's either talked to Lynch or he's blocked your number? Do you think Nick Saban takes calls from 5 beat reporters from every QB-needy team in the league every week? Does his QB coach take calls from 5 beat reporters from every QB-needy team in the league? I don't know... it doesn't sounds like something that is or should be happening. And what prevents coaches from lying anyway? Did you talk to
  7. But... the narrative... they traded up for Mac... it was Mac until the social media pressure changed their minds... but...
  8. Yes, he's so young that he doesn't really have an old self to revert to. He's spent a lot more time than other prospects preparing for the NFL. He's had the opportunity to work on pro footwork and pro throwing motion while other prospects had to learn college gameplans, play games and heal from injuries. Mechanically, Lance might have had a head start on others. He'll have to adjust to the speed of the game more than others, and he'll have more rust, but he has had advantages other QBs in this class didn't.
  9. I thought we wouldn't draft him after we released his brother just before the draft. It would have been awkward.
  10. It's a way to make money and make players happy that will cost absolutely nothing to me, and won't really change the product on the field.
  11. I recognize players by size and body language more than numbers, for the most part.
  12. No matter how other teams are using single plays from Kyle's playbook, Kyle's real strength is in setting up these plays. Other teams can steal them, but they can't steal the exact way Kyle implements them. Anyway, there's never been a successful play that hasn't been copied by another team. Copycat league. It's a sign you're doing something right. And I'm pretty sure Kyle has taken plays from others as well. It evens out. More or less.
  13. My question is: will our scheme remain our scheme, or will the scheme evolve into something different with the recent additions we've made? I can see it becoming a little bit more vertical eventually. Which bodes really well for Aiyuk, in my opinion. Deebo is great, and a great fit for what we've done the last two years, but it doesn't seem to be sustainable to just throw your playmakers into traffic this much. But Watkins does seem to have a good eye and good hands for verticality. If he can be tough to bring down too, that's great. But maybe that won't be the focal point of our offense at so
  14. But... the experts are saying we could have had Lance at 12... it doesn't make sense. I think it's the other way around. McCarron was just waiting to see what we were doing before signing with Atlanta. If we had drafted Pitts, AJ would have signed with us to compete with Jimmy and Nate Sudfeld, obviously. But then, we surprised everyone by picking a QB, and his fall back plan was the Falcons. Seriously, though, they're still better. I listened to a part of Simms' monday podcast and he still maintains that Lance would probably have been available at 12, and that Mac is still the QB the lea
  15. If we say we're going to be alive by then, then Kyle will have to allow us to be alive. Pressure. We run the team. #survivedoomsday
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