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  1. I miss them, but UofMfan90210 doesn't miss me correcting the spelling of his username. And where's the love for niner2theend?
  2. Honestly, I think we should have turned CJ into a fullback. He's not the fastest guy, but he's athletic, and he's tough. Put 20lbs on him and make him run through a wall. He'd be a scary guy on trick plays. Some guys just aren't QBs in this league, but they can still be football players. He'd be our less athletic Taysom Hill. Imagine Kittle, Mostert, Juice Check, Deebo, Aiyuk, Beathard and QB1 breaking out of the huddle... What's going to happen?! Missed opportunity. I would have loved to see CJ on the field more. He's a warrior, and the rest of the team loves him. When he took over for Hoyer, you could see how everyone respected him (even though he wasn't that good). He was gutsy.
  3. That's what she said.
  4. Jim was never the QB whisperer lots of people made him up to be. He was a rah-rah speech kind of guy, an us-against-the-world type. But he was never an Xs and Os guy, and he was never a development guy. The very definition of an old school coach. It has its merits, but also its limitations. You can turn a good roster into a contender, but you can't build a program.
  5. Add Gould and get their first. Robbie wants to go to Chicago too.
  6. Titans, Steelers, Bucs, Rams, Ravens, Colts, Buffalo Bills, KC Chiefs and... Okay, I think I'm wrapping this up this week.. because I'm picking a football team. The Football Team. Washington.
  7. The seahawks were missing half their secondary... we should have pushed the ball downfield a few times. Sure, the pass rush was in Jimmy's face, but if we connect on only one deep shot, maybe they tweak their approach and send out more people to cover, instead of blitzing every other play. Or you know, maybe we get one of these DPIs the rest of the league get because they do throw deep from time to time. Bad game plan. I don't know why we had more inside running than in any other game this year. Sure, the seahawks have the LBs to run down the stretch plays, but I'm sure we could have still managed to get that amazing 2 yards per run average while running to our strength, while being able to run the playaction off of it. Kyle overthought this game plan. We played to the seahawks' strengths, as if that would catch them off guard. I know we allowed 37 points, but I don't blame the defense. Well, other than the pass rush not getting home, I think the rest of the D managed as well as they could have. Even if we had just had Dee Ford in there, I think we make a few more defensive stops. But these guys aren't getting home. Hyder is solid for the most part, but Arnstrong is being played at DE way too much. We miss the inside explosion that forces the one on ones outside. Our pass rush was sealed off most of the game. Not much a back end can do when that happens. Moseley allowed over 100 yards to Metcalf, but anyone would have, when Russell can drop the ball as accurately as he does. And he does because he had no one in his face all game.
  8. Week 2... I changed my approach. Don't save the better teams for later in the year, because you never make it to later in the year. Always make the easiest choice possible. KISS.
  9. Don't worry, the superbowl is in 2021.
  10. How many people are left in this thing?
  11. Titans, Steelers, Bucs, Rams, Ravens, Colts, Buffalo Bills and now... KC Chiefs.
  12. Titans, Steelers, Bucs, Rams, Ravens, Colts and... Buffalo Bills
  13. Yeah.. the downgrade from Ward to Moore is not as tragic as the downgrade from Tartt to Harris... We're going to have a few shots of him whiffing on both balls and ball carriers. Honestly, I don't see our D doing well tomorrow. And I can see Belichik giving our O a lot of problems... not a good recipe.
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