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  1. Minor Niner News Thread

    I don't like hearing that agents might not like to send their players here. What if there's a real interesting FA out there that simply won't even entertain us because his agent tells him how it's to his advantage to sign with us? At least, I think the FO has a willingness to renegotiate, when they like the FA after a year or two (we gave Goodwin a new deal after one good season). We prefer to test drive the players before committing to them, which is a good way to do business, in my opinion. We'll give Buckner a lot of money, because we know his value and how he works in the system, and how he is in the locker room. I wouldn't want to give as big a contract to a free agent off the street who might not gel with the rest of the team, or might not fit the system as much as we'd hope. But I hope the word on the street is not that the 49ers are going to fleece every free agent that signs here. Well, unless you're a FB.
  2. Around the NFL II - Even NFLier

    Beat Hard all day.
  3. Around the NFL II - Even NFLier

    I wanted anyone except Trubisky and Thomas...
  4. Minor Niner News Thread

    You're saying that as though there's such a thing as a major Canadian airport. Many people here drive 6 hours to Boston just to get a cheaper flight.
  5. Minor Niner News Thread

    I just assume Aldon wants DUIs at this point.
  6. Minor Niner News Thread

    He has DUIs more often than I have sex... which is sadder?
  7. Eagles Extend Carson Wentz

    Yeah, it's a gamble. Does he deserve this based on what he has done? I don't think so. But you have to pay your QB as soon as you can, and bet on that contract looking very good in a couple years from now. Did Jimmy G deserve as much money as he got last year, based on 7 career starts? Absolutely not. But am I glad he signed last year for that much money? I sure am, because in a couple of years, that contract might look like a bargain. Honestly, it already looks like a bargain. And being in the NFC West, I can't wait for Goff's big pay day, just like the Eagles are counting on the other QBs in the division getting paid (it might take a while for Jones and Haskins, but then again, these two teams are already investing heavily in their QBs even with rookie QBs coming in).
  8. Joe Staley Signs Two Year Extension

    I think Nolan is a good football guy, but his ego was that of a much more successful coach. He got way too cute with his defense and thought he could outcoach other teams, instead of just going with what works. He could spot talent, but then couldn't figure out to use it. Then you have a guy like Fangio who'll take whatever he has and make the most out of it. I'm really curious to see how Fangio will do this year. Well deserved shot at HC. Back to Nolan, the man carried himself out like a HC, said a lot of good things, but ultimately, he could talk the talk, but not walk the walk. But even with the talk, he dropped the ball on several occasions (most notably, calling out Alex for not playing through a separated shoulder). I think he was ready to celebrate his legacy before even having created it. Harbaugh could run circles around Nolan. And now, I think Kyle could run circles around Harbaugh. Love Kyle (even we're still iffy on the talent evaluation process). Let's win some games now.
  9. 49ers extend Joe Staley

    I'm sure a great compilation video could be made of his celebrations. Joe is a HoF goofball. https://tenor.com/view/joe-staley-homer-simpson-gif-9754548
  10. Navorro Bowman Retires

    They can both be my godfathers if they want. I'll allow it.
  11. Joe Staley Signs Two Year Extension

    Who doesn't love Staley? Is there a more likeable player in the NFL? I'll be sad the day he retires. Glad he's staying a bit longer.
  12. I don't think Canada is a brand new market. I think it's already a gained market for the most part. I'm pretty sure more people watch the NFL than the CFL. If the Raiders and Packers are doing an exhibition game in Winnipeg, it's because they feel they're going to sell out and make money out of it, and that's because they know the interest is already high. So it's not a matter of selling the NFL to the Canadian market, but rather to benefit from the already existing Canadian market for a preseason game that perhaps doesn't always sell out back home. They can probably even sell the tickets at a premium instead of a discount. It won't grow the market, because it is already there. But the Raiders have been needing money for a while, so maybe this is merely a money grab.
  13. They could have changed the team name to the RoughRaiders.
  14. 49ers S Jimmie Ward breaks collarbone

    He has to go up before he even goes down.
  15. OTA's/Minicamp/Training Camp Discussion Thread

    Wax on. Wax off.