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  1. Previous episodes featured: the titans. This week's episode will see the Steelers dominate and take me to week 3 for a second time in a row, and ever.
  2. The coaching staff and FO have been patient with players they have a vision for. Seems like Hurd will get every chance to get on the field, until there's nothing left at all. He may retire before we release him, at this point.
  3. Does anybody remember if I had a system, last year?! How did I even win this? Did my win create a ripple effect that led to a pandemic? I think the answer is: yes. My bad, guys. So I can keep you on the edge of your seats until late monday night, I'll pick the Titans. Now, the question is, will I go back to my losing in week 2 ways? Will it save humanity? Stay tuned, folks.
  4. The only way George gets "only" 13-15 million a year is if a large majority of it is guaranteed, in my opinion. I'm not opposed.
  5. Imagine getting a career-ending injury just before signing your rookie contract... that would be the worst... Seems he got lucky. I wish him a quick recovery.
  6. Guaanteeing him money upfront is a nice gesture of goodwill that might mean something next offseason when we try to re-sign him. But just to make sure, I would have added $279 to his deal.
  7. A few months ago, I said I'd give him 14m per... I'm starting to think it will be 17m+. Once the deal is done, it won't matter much to me. He deserves to get paid, and I enjoy watching him play. Make George happy.
  8. We cut Reuben Foster for less!!! Just kidding. We didn't.
  9. I've always thought that HCs blocking assistants from interviewing often came from the assistant not wanting to officially decline an interview with a bad team. For example, the 0-16 Browns come calling a HC to interview a QB coach to be their OC, the HC talks to the assistant, who says "No way, bro. Block this and I owe you one". It's the HC's job to look like a jerk in this situation. In some situation, this leads to the assistant even getting a raise and an extension (à la Mike Lafleur) just to stay in a good situation, while waiting for the great offer they won't turn down. So all in all, I don't think it will change a whole lot. It's just that we'll hear about these assistants declining interviews, rather than hear about HCs blocking interviews. I don't think most HCs are tyrants who would deny their coaches a great opportunity without discussing it with them. Back to the Mike Lafleur example, we blocked him from interviewing with his brother, but then he signed an extension... so, did we really deny him an opportunity, or did he just do exactly what he wanted to do?
  10. Joe Hastings, he who made crazy catches... in practice... in college. Right. Oh the memories. Didn't we cut Chris Hogan to keep Hastings? Hogan was better.
  11. Don't forget Britt Swain started a playoff game.
  12. My opinion about assistants getting blocked from interviewing with other teams, is that often, these assistants are not even interested in the teams that want to interview with them, so they let the HC block them just so they don't look like jerks. It's the HC's job to look like a jerk. But when you know your situation is better served by remaining an assistant one more year and hope to get a better offer the following year, you let yourself be blocked. I'm sure any of these guys, if they knock on Kyle's door, and they tell him they'd really like to take that opportunity, Kyle is reasonable enough not to make one of his assistants unhappy by forcing them to stay. Then again, I feel like there's probably a code among coaches, a certain loyalty the get through their contracts. After all, if they become HC themselves some time down the road, they'd want to get the same courtesy from their assistants. So, will it change a whole lot? Personally, I think it won't. A few more assistants every year will leave for a coordinator job, but I don't think we'll be raided year in and year out to the point where it's impossible to maintain continuity. THe biggest challenge to our continuity will be replacing Saleh, if he gets a HC gig, but this rule change doesn't change that anyway.
  13. Some athletes are just bad at running the 40. I, myself, can run a 4.3 on cue, but for others, the technique isn't natural. In other cases, it's just a matter of a ill-timed injury. So yeah, you don't judge a guy on his 40 alone. If the 40 time surprises you, dig deeper. If it's what you expected, that's a check in the box. If it's slower than expected, go back and investigate. If it's faster than expected, investigate even deeper. If anything, players who run faster than what they were expected to scare me even more than those who run slower.
  14. Knowing you as well as I do, and I do, you probably still owe her for accepting to marry you!! Just kidding. Or am I? I am... unless...
  15. I think it was more like half a game. He had an INT, and we niners fan reacted strongly to it, then he disappeared and we still felt like he was the one who got away from us. But he was never really that good.
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