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  1. 49ers Stats and Observations

    What's crazy with that sack stats, it's that we went through a dry spell...
  2. New Forum - New Random

    A screen?! I thought it was a magic window...
  3. New Forum - New Random

    Probably will go at my brother's, as usual. So wings and pizza. Last time I probably had my Andy Lee jersey? I got Chinese Jimmy G for this one.
  4. 49ers Stats and Observations

    Typical high school student with one more week to finish some school work.
  5. What is he enraged about? I know it's his job to be enraged, but it is also the job of any given play to beat the defense it faces. And beating the defense means scoring a TD. No play is designed to hit a wall for one yard, or break through to the second level and take a knee. So yeah, every play is designed to score a TD. And every defensive call is designed to stop the offense. That literally is the very definition of the game.
  6. What are you talking aboot?!
  7. You say that likes it's a bad thing, eh... Sorry.
  8. I don't mind being the underdog.
  9. Minor Niner News Twos: Electric Boogaloos

    Can he possibly have been promised the DC job if/when Saleh leaves? it sure could look better on his resume to run our well-oiled machine instead of trying to rebuild the Browns'.
  10. More like Sideshow Bob's brother, Cecil
  11. What do you mean, not praise-worthy... LDT on top of being a superbowl-starting RG is trying to complete his medical degree during the offseason (and admittedly, the Superbowl cuts into his internships), back in Montréal. That's praise-worthy, dude!
  12. Well... if you're that rich... and you don't mind... I could go for you. I'll PM you my bank details.
  13. If we win, I'm okay with the "Shanahan is a genius" narrative. The next few years will take care of the individual players. I really feel like this is just year 1. Jimmy won't be judged by 2017 and 2018. Neither will be Sherm, or Staley, or Warner, or Buckner, or more obviously Bosa. If Shanahan turns out to be at the rein of a perennial contender, then this is year 1. 2017-18 were just roster building. And if we're in this, year in and year out, then the narrative around Jimmy G and the running backs, and Bosa and Sherm and everyone else, will be forged over the course of the next few years. If the Seahawks are only a one year wonder in 2013, then no one talks about the Legion of Boom. No one refers to the Cover 3 Press scheme as the "Seattle Cover 3". No one even remembers Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett as pass rushers, and Sherman and Bobby Wagner aren't potential hall of famers. It's persistence through time that qualifies these players for long term accolades, and qualifies Sleazy Pete as a "great" coach (as much as it pains me to say). So, if we can sustain our current success over several years, Jimmy will be exposed for what he is, for better or for worse (and we 9ers fans seem to believe it should be for better, while the rest of the league and media tend to lean towards worse). But for now, I'll stick with the boy genius being a genius.
  14. There's two incredible aspects to this, really : 1) Kyle knowing that the play, as designed, as executed against that particular defense, would force the player to hold or give up a big play; 2) Kyle having the intelligence to put the referee into a corner and force him to have a look at it, and then even the slightest hint of hold would have to be called. Simply brilliant, on so many levels. Two years ago, we had that video of Jimmy on the sideline telling Trent Taylor to do a certain move if the defender plays a certain way. Now we have this. There's just so much awareness and intelligence on this team that we don't even see or hear of. I appreciate these little behind the scenes things. I appreciate analysts like Baldinger and Chris Simms who really dig into the plays to explain the brilliance of it all. Feels good to be on this side of the battle of wits. You older fans had the Walsh years. I didn't. The Kyle Shanahan years are amazing for that. A far cry from the Singletary years.