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  1. They're hoping for either an emergence or a resurgence. Either way, that's a lot of hoping for a superbowl contending roster. Or maybe they really really believe in Ebukam. Between he and Armstead, we should get decent production. And if we can sprinkle in some Dee at D-end on the D, then we could be pretty good. But that's a lot of ifs. In an ideal world, AA would spend more than half his snaps inside, rather than on the edge.
  2. If Lance masters deception, he'll be very hard to stop. His toolbox will be full of tools. That's why towards the end of the pre-draft insanity, I was hoping we'd take him. He seemed to have the brain in his toolbox (perhaps on par with Mac, or better, who knows), the arm (nearly on par with Wilson and Fields), the athleticism (on par with Fields and Lawrence), the size, the pro style background. He has all the tools you can think of, it's now just a matter of him learning to use all of them. And he seems to enjoy putting in the work. Too early to tell what kind of career he's going to have, b
  3. Yeah, I saw that last night... it must be a prank. Or else, Trey is a wizard and got Grant under a spell. Or maybe Grant's angle is to prop Trey up so high that he can then dump on Jimmy even more.
  4. I honestly thought we had signed him again. But I guess we just had him in for a physical and nothing happened after that? Either way, I would have been pleased to have him back, and I know he's going to be a good presence on and off the field for Saleh's first year there.
  5. Lynch mentioned that the weekend before the draft, he gave Kyle time to think, and that it wasn't 100% decided then. And when Kyle called John to tell him it was Lance, John wasn't sure it would be Lance and he was relieved and excited. My read on all this, it's that from a personnel standpoint, Lance was Lynch's guy through and through, but Kyle was the one who was deeply analytic about all the potential draftees, and wouldn't get tunnel vision about the whole deal. I guess that the duo does seem to realize the importance of that pick, that their job is pretty much tied to this pick being suc
  6. Nah... Simms and Florio said we wanted Mac. This is a smokescreen. The FO caved in to social media pressure, guys.
  7. He was always a fringe roster player (psquad for the most part) until last year, and he got injured and missed 4 games... it's hard to say whether he's injury-prone or not. But he hasn't been an infatigable workhorse either. But in contemporary NFL, we shouldn't count on or desire a RB who'll get the majority of carries for 17 straight games. We're perfecting RB by committee. I like the diversity in skillset that we have. We don't need Wilson until he returns necessarily. But by then, chances are one of the healthy RBs won't be healthy anymore.
  8. My sources say the Jags are still in on him.
  9. Yeah, I mentioned JTO's analysis pre-draft, about his eye level changing, leading to inaccuracies. At his first pro day, I pointed how it seemed like he had already worked on fixing that issue. That's one benefit of not having played games this year. He spent all year fixing mechanics and learning the pro game.
  10. I saw people on twitter complain that he was only throwing short passes and were saying "we're turning him into another captain checkdown"... It's overreaction season, for sure. If you want to test a QB's footwork and quick throw mechanics, you make him throw quickly... Long drops hide so many footwork flaws, and a strong arms hide so many timing issues. Short throws, you gotta be on point.
  11. That offense was great because it was stacked. But it is a fact that it wouldn't have been that stacked without Brady. Gronk, AB and probably Fournette only signed there because of Brady. So if you want to compare the offenses with or without Brady, those guys need to be considered. Do they even draft Wirfs if they don't have Brady, or do they address a different need? If you put Carr with all those weapons, he'd have a terrific season. But you couldn't have put Carr with all those weapons, because all those weapons were there because of Brady.
  12. I've been watching a few of Trey's games. I don't think he'll be a great runner in the NFL, not in a designed-run kind of way. Lamar has designed runs, Josh Allen has designed runs. But I don't think Trey is good a reading blocks, so he ends up hitting the first hole and lowering his shoulders. I don't like that. He won't carry people in the NFL. What I love is when he runs on designed pass plays. If Aaron Rodgers managed to have 600 yards running seasons, Then Trey can have 800. He's a great open field runner, and if DBs try to tackle him, he'll run through it easily. He looks like he wants t
  13. Just to be clear, by top of the roll, you mean the paper hangs away from the wall, not on the wall-side of the roll, like a prehistoric animal, right? And I get the OCD angle. It's one I hadn't considered. I've been annoyed by players making simple number changes, like from 27 to 24, or something like that, because it takes me some time to get used to it. I guess I felt the extreme novelty of a single digit number didn't seem as confusing to me. Like who TF is #2?! Oh right, that's [insert player name]. Whereas 27 to 24, I'll be looking for the player's name for days. Let's get rid o
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