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  1. I've been watching Fields this morning. I don't like his footwork. When he's in QB mode, his feet are slow. When he's in RPO mode, he's quick. In the pocket, his footwork looks choreographed, rather than instinctive. And he falls apart when he has pressure in his face. But then, if he gets to go off script and rolls out, he comes alive, he can make throws on the run, he can make plays with his feet. But he really doesn't have a great feel for the pocket, in my opinion. He doesn't move in the pocket, he stands on his spot until he's challenged, then breaks off. And I don't think we can provide
  2. The problem is that we're not going to move on from Jimmy without having his replacement. If we were to luck out and get fields in the draft, sure, we could get rid of Jimmy easily, but it would already be too late for Trent Williams. That's why I've always wanted to have the draft before free agency. But unless we make a trade up into the top 3 of the draft as free agency begins, get something for Jimmy then sign Trent right away, it's unlikely we get to keep everyone. Well, maybe it's still feasible. We could sign Trent to a low enough cap hit for 2021. Every year, there's a team makin
  3. Well, it's the most obvious concern I can think of. I watched 3 games of his, and that was my only question about him. Arm strength : Check. Accuracy : Check. Athleticism : Check. Toughness : Double check. Passion for the game : the double toughness check does seem to indicate he wants to be on the field a lot. Intelligence, real-time understanding of the game, work ethics, leaderships : no freakin' idea, but I'm not a scout.
  4. The last time they drafted the second best QB in the draft, they crippled the roster around him so much he demanded to be traded.
  5. On twitter, I mostly just respond to the beat writers, rarely to the subtweets themselves. I occasionally get sucked into replying to Grant Cohn's stupidity...
  6. That works in our favour, I think. If they hold out on trading him, other teams will look at other avenues. The Jets will either go back with Darnold or more likely draft a QB and trade Darnold. Most teams that aren't happy with their QB situations won't have any other choice but try to fix it. We won't be doing that. If the Texans aren't trading him now, we have Jimmy. If they want to trade him after the draft, we have some leverage with teams who still haven't figured out their situations, or with the texans themselves, to trade Jimmy. And if all teams are set at QB and no one wants to trade
  7. Sileo has quickly one of the most annoying voice in football. "Your welcome" is obnoxious on so many levels. The grammar, the self congratulating, the assumption that we care about him...
  8. Anyone else following JT O'Sullivan's QB school on youtube? As bad as he was as a starting QB, he's interesting analysing QB play. He had a video on Wilson today. I'm definitely not enamoured with him or Fields, they have flaws, in my opinion. Even Lawrence doesn't look as good as he's made out to be. So in the end, it all comes down to things I have no knowledge of. Who is the biggest football maniac, the hardest worker, etc. What are the red flags? As far as red flags go, I feel like our FO will err on the side of caution, as they've done for the most part, so if they do take a QB, he'll be
  9. That made me laugh. I can see what she sees in you. Don't question it.
  10. Only if we bring back Keith Lewis to replace Tartt.
  11. Sorry I called you an idiot on twitter several times. But your insistence on bringing back Arnaz Battle just makes no sense, man.
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