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  1. I think the big increase in revenue won't be caused by the 17th game, but by the next TV deal. I expect no increase in 2020, because the numbers are all set, the schedule is being made with 16 games in mind, etc. Maybe in 2021 we get a 17 games schedule, which should increase revenue a little. But the real big increase will be when the new tv deal kicks in, and I think I read that would be in 2023, no? In any case, I don't think we should go into this offseason with a big raise of the salary cap in mind. When we know for sure that we are getting additional cap room, then we can use that extra money to re-sign our own guys with the future in mind. As soon as these guys are paid, we can turn our attention to adding to the team.
  2. Around the NFL III - The NFLiest Yet

    Lower the cap while creating a QB exemption. It would nullify the advantage teams with good QBs on rookie contracts have on the rest of the league. But it would also give the Chiefs a greater to remain competitive in the next few years...
  3. Around the NFL III - The NFLiest Yet

    Let them stretch themselves thin. Spending so much on defense, on Gurley and on Goff, while losing draft capital and having no OL. Do that, Rams!
  4. New Forum - New Random

    I'm the weirdo who, whenever Jessica Simpson is mentioned, I have to tell everyone that she married Eric Johnson, even though no one knows who Eric Johnson is.
  5. Maybe he would pass on 10-11m guarantees if he feels another year with us could get him more than that in 2021 and beyond. Or as I said, if the market for safeties is as cold this year as it was last year, he might not have much of a choice.
  6. We haven't had to rely on him anyway...
  7. But are other teams willing to give him multi years, given his history? He might, with low guarantees, probably. But he might get cut after one year and he would have no more financial security than he would have had on a one year deal. If he doesn't get an offer that blows him away, the perfect situation to turn a one year deal into an even better deal next year is with us. We saw how bad the free agent market was for safeties last year. I think teams assume they can get a good safety in the draft anyway. So I can definitely see Ward not being a hot commodity, and coming back to us after testing the waters.
  8. I think Ward hits the market, but if other teams aren't willing to give him more than 2-3 years, he might come back here for a one year deal. If he shows he can play two almost full years (minus the first three games of 2019), then maybe teams will take a risk on a multi year deal.
  9. Maybe the FO feels that with Bosa, Ford and Buckner on the DL, we can afford to save some money on the fourth guy. If we can get good production from guys like Jones, Taylor and Day (or another guy like Day, since he's a free agent as well,right?). Maybe Street as well. There's a limit to how much money we can spend on a position group. Armstead is a great luxury to have, but he's a luxury. He's most likely a choice we make at the expense of another. I'd love to have him back, but if we can get something back for him and still get pretty good production from the other guys, then great.
  10. Jameis Winston undergoes eye surgery to repair vision

    Great. Now he'll be able to hit DBs right in the numbers, instead of nearly in the numbers.
  11. New Corner

    I hadn't thought of the guarantees Sherm's season might have triggered. And yeah, I was pretty sure he'd be back for next season either way. Even with a lost step, he still brings more to the defense than just about anybody could. Anybody we could afford anyway. In any case, we're discussing about how to improve the best defense in the league. It's a good "problem" to have.
  12. New Forum - New Random

    The cost of watermelon is higher, though.
  13. New Corner

    Seems like you're more interested in being right than having an actual discussion. I think the Chiefs just had the speed and the pass blocking necessary to expose any defense. It will be very hard to improve on our personnel on defense. Yes, Sherman isn't what he used to be, and we should be concerned about him not getting any younger. There's a very good chance we draft a DB with our first pick. We have to plan ahead. We could let Sherman go this offseason, if we want to save some money and we have a plan to replace him. But replacing Sherman might weaken us in certain areas, just for the hope it will improve us in others. I think it was an acceptable gamble to have Sherman in there for what he does well, knowing there was a risk he might get burned deep. But how many teams other than the Chiefs can really exploit us there? And would any other team exploit us if it's not a Superbowl, where players are justifiably not getting called for holdings as much as in the regular season? It's not all doomy and gloomy. We have very few weaknesses. We can't fix them all. But we'll still be a very good team next year. I don't know that we'll re-sign Sherman after next year, we have to look at the future. And having a young guy we can mold into his successor would be nice. Or maybe Spoon steps up next year. Or maybe we sign another free agent next year to replace Sherm. No reason to panic just yet. But yeah, I'm a little concerned too.
  14. Around the NFL III - The NFLiest Yet

    I think Bosa could be our pass rushing coach from now on.
  15. Around the NFL III - The NFLiest Yet

    Melvin Ingram, the running back? As opposed to Mark Ingram, the pass rusher?
  16. Around the NFL III - The NFLiest Yet

    It was written in the sky, once he signed that deal, with all sides knowing his knees were practically done. I quite enjoy the Rams being stuck with him for one more year. With Goff getting 36m and Donald counting for 25, they're screwed. And they have to pay Ramsey as well, and then Kupp soon. They have a great recipe for a middle of the pack kind of team, with elite talent (Donald and Ramsey) and overrated talent (Goff and Gurley) sucking up the cap space, leaving very little for the supporting cast. I know we're not in a great place, salary cap-wise, and we'll have to make some choices, but our ability to move forward without having to pay HBs can buy us some time (and players). Now we need to be able to do the same at other positions. We need guys on their rookie contracts producing at a high level, like Deebo, Warner, Greenlaw, etc. It's looking good in that regard.
  17. Guys, I withheld the real reason why we lost the game : I hadn't received my "Kittle can't be stopped" t-shirt. I received it today. Can we have a do-over? This time, kittle won't be stopped by the referee!
  18. Alex Smith talks his injury

    I'll say what I've been saying for months about Alex: I hope he recovers physically and gets into football shape again...only to retire right away. I think he needs to prove that that injury didn't end his career, but also realize that there are better things to do than play football at this point. I'll forever be an Alex supporter and fan. He's had to battle his entire career and did it with his head held up high, with class and character, and he has nothing to prove to anyone. And yes, he'd be a terrific coach. He already knows every offense that exists...
  19. I'm unhappy. Still love this team. In need of cuddles. Blah.
  20. I feel like historically, the team that gets hot later in the season usually keeps it going into the superbowl...
  21. Unfortunately, I struggled with the sound quality too much, ended up listening to music and taking the short route instead...
  22. I'll load it into my phone and listen to it on my drive to my brother's place. It's usually a 15 minutes drive, but I'll go slow. For you and Chief Wiggum.
  23. Personally, I don't think Brady can condone Mark Davis' haircut. He won't be a Raider.
  24. Hmm... Is TB worth Jameis Winston money?
  25. As far as I'm concerned, we won our Superbowl against the Bengals, earlier this year. Guess if I'm kidding.