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  1. I still think the best hit I ever saw delivered was Russell on Chad Johnson.... no way does he not get an automatic ejection on that nowadays.
  2. While I appreciate you taking the time to spell things out in impressive length and explaining what you believe I may or may not have missed, unfortunately it was done needlessly as I am aware of Joe's pragmatic understanding of the plan vs. the reality and yet I still provided the post I did. I think all you really needed to put was that last sentence, to which I'll respond: I agree, i think Joe is a really thoughtful person and I don't take any exception to him expressing his opinion. That being said, it doesn't change a lot of the realities I witnessed with Hue over the past two season
  3. Basically, to me this piece proved 2 things: 1. There are players who still like Hue, headlined by Joe (which isn't news to anyone) and 2. Joe places sole accountability for the 1-31 season on Sashi, which I think is human to begrudge a front-office who drastically tore the team down in the twilight of his career. That being said, I don't understand why this should be some definitive stance on why Hue shouldn't have been fired. Are we just forgetting the really bad in-game decisions Hue made? Or how he treated two rookie QBs, two seasons in a row? Or the constant scapegoating, despite cla
  4. Not that it should surprise anyone, but ... https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/report-no-offer-for-texans-qb-coach-sean-ryan/ Here's what I don't understand though - why bring Ryan in at all? It was said from the get-go that he wanted play calling duties and Hue had to have known all along that he wasn't giving that responsibility up, so clearly this doomed to be a mismatch from the start. Was this Dorsey trying to flex muscle and forcing Hue to just take the interview?
  5. Here's my theory - Jimmy Haslam sees how Hue is into some real Game of Thrones, plotting and backstabbing stuff, and in some twisted billionaire way he's decided this is a lot more fun to watch play out than actually fielding a successful football team. So in season 3, House Dorsey is the latest on the scene and attempting to seize power from House Jackson, who is in the midst of sending all his former allies to the gallows and bringing in new generals.
  6. I was just coming here to say the same thing. In any line of work, the best way to maintain job security is making sure you're the only one in the organization who can do your job. Clearly Hue is doing what Hue does best and is looking out for himself by retaining as much power as he can and making sure there's as large an impact as possible if he's in line to be fired.
  7. Personally, I say take QB1 @ 1, whomever that may be ... but we should gird our loins Browns fans for a trade down, as crazy and as "LOL TRADE DOWNZ BROWNZ!" meme worthy that may be. I can't recall who said it on twitter yesterday (apologies), but to paraphrase, someone made the apt point that there is a good chance this is Dorsey's last go around as a GM, so if isn't convinced any of the guys coming out at QB is worthy enough to hitch his wagon to his first year on the job and he's happy enough with guys 1-4 on his big board to take @ 4, I could totally see that being the outcome. If you thi
  8. This Sean Ryan interview makes no sense, whatsoever. It's being reported that Houston wants to retain him, but he is looking for a job where he can call plays. Hue is the playcaller and chances are slim he'd give that up to an unknown quantity. It's reported Hue wants an established guy, someone he can count on (think Pep Hamilton, before he left). Ryan is as green as they get. Hue said, just yesterday(!):"It is something that I have thought about, adding a coordinator here, I think the staff decisions for me will be from reflecting over the next week or so and just seeing wh
  9. Hue Jackson's best friend right now is Carson Wentz - after his Monday night performance, the media has predictably turned it's wrath away from Hue and back to the "why didn't you take Carson Wentz" front, which is awesome because now not only can I get depressed about the qb's we have on the roster, but I can get depressed over guys who aren't even Cleveland Browns! At least we didn't take Akili Smith, amirite?!?!? While I still kinda feel like asking a new regime with a couple months under its belt to commit their franchise to a DII prospect QB and not take the treasure trove of picks
  10. Aw shucks you guys - I didn't even think anyone would notice I was gone! As for where I was, unfortunately it was not a month long bender, which I don't foresee happening anytime in the near future - as you may recall I mentioned that my wife and I were expecting (and to clarify, I mean we were expecting a child that is - we weren't expecting a honey baked ham or front row tickets to the Wiz or anything else), and go figure the kiddo decided September 8th was as good a time as any to show up (mom and baby both did great). As you can imagine, things have been hectic since then, plus with
  11. My prediction? Revisiting the 1989 opening day... Also, new new-forum rule: every Steelers gtd needs to have this picture posted somewhere in it...
  12. Even if it's not Kearse specifically, I feel like that is the type of signing we should prepare for - a third wide receiver who won't light the team up but just adds to the depth of the WR corps.
  13. Willkommen @Fatgerman! I liebe bier! (7 years of Deutsche klasse right there)
  14. Curious - where on the depth chart does Haden project for you now? It'll be surreal seeing him in black and gold week one.
  15. I think there is some of that...
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