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  1. I am so very sorry to hear about your loss!! Like everyone else has written, there is no right way to deal with grief. One of my dear friends passed on Thanksgiving and a week later a close buddy passed. My uncle just passed 3 weeks ago. Grief sucks!!! To you scar988 and all the others who have lost a parent, my gosh - my heart goes out to all of you! Have drinks, cry your heart out, enjoy all the good memories - whatever you need to do. What sucks about grief, it never goes away it just gets lighter and easier... Give it time. Truly, my thoughts go out to you and your family.
  2. Nah, I agree w/ the other statements written - she's working on it. She's making efforts. As for leaving your place, it's a shared space. Despite you there or not, people sometimes need a new environment to really think things through. I think it's a good thing that she did speak w/her sister and bro-in-law. Getting outside perspective isn't always a bad thing. And honestly, I think getting opinions from family is much better than getting opinions from her girlfriends. Sisters have a different point of view than girlfriends. My girlfriends would be the first to bash a guy if I was having probl
  3. Started in 2013 (or 2012?) living in Manhattan. Now 2021 and I'm in Mpls. Judging by my number of posts, I guess I just read and hand out likes HA
  4. 0...I've sometimes been looked down on for not wanting one but hey, I knew a long time ago. I know it's rewarding and all but today, I was in the drive thru and I could literally hear some kid SCREAMING and yelling, having some krazy outburst. While waiting, both parents at different times opened their car doors to do address whatever was going on. My gosh... Hindsight, I wish I would've purchased their meal for them - sounded like they were having a rough night. Bravo to you parents out there and especially those who are going through the distance learning!
  5. This is good to know, Thank you! I was thinking of getting meals for dinners. But I'm still on the fence...
  6. I've been looking at Freshly. Quick question - what are the portion sizes like? I don't eat huge plates of meals at a time (I'm a snacker) - could someone split it in two and make 2 meals of it? I feel like Freshly is pretty expensive but I like the idea that there's no cooking involved.
  7. I did Hello Fresh for awhile. If I enjoyed cooking more and wasn't a picky eater, it would be a great fit. The packaging is great in that the ingredients were never spoiled, even in the summer. Again, I'm a picky eater but they really do have a wide variety of meals that most other people would like. The actual cooking was fine, I just didn't need to 'spruce' up the meal to make it prettier nor did I want to make my own sauces. But that's me I also liked that the steps were pretty easy and there were pictures! (I'm not even a beginner cooker and I could follow them). Also, I kept some of the
  8. I'm not a therapist but IMO, you SHOULD feel upset and angry, from time to time. Giving all your efforts, thoughts and actions to better a relationship can bring up a lot of emotions; regret, guilt, frustrations, etc. Going through these emotions while still working on the relationship is (again IMO), healthy! If you kept working on the relationship and didn't let yourself feel sad or angry and ignored them, it'd hinder any personal growth in the relationship and relationship itself. I'm a strong believer that when relationships are rough, both parties need to look inwards and learn from and a
  9. Work at it, like as long as you want the relationship to last, work at it...and patience Much luck to you!!
  10. A LOT of Podcasts: Bussin' w/ the Boys, 10 Questions with Kyle Brandt and I Am Athlete and of course Pat McAfee clips. Waiting for Season 2 of Truss Levelz. I think I'm missing NFL, LoL
  11. I watched one season of that and it's hilarious but somehow intriguing.... I can only watch so many 'smut' shows, so KUWTK it is ha
  12. This is so key, the fact that you KNOW you want to work things out, will try anything to make it work (including the ugly, vulnerable discussions) AND putting her first. I commend you a lot for looking inwards and seriously trying to see things from her point of view. Even in just my guy friendships (I'm a female), it happens a lot where it's literally the mars vs venus situation. They usually make a joke, I laugh (because it's funny, ha) and move on. But in relationships, it doesn't always work and feelings build up. Seriously hope that whatever time length it takes - the relationship ge
  13. So sorry to hear! I've been through 3 rounds of layoffs and it really sucks to see your friends/ co-workers get laid off and also concern for yourself. Hope it doesn't get worse and better, any that do get laid off get their jobs back!! Good luck and Hang in there!! At least it's not like the NFL where everyone knows you were cut!?
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