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  1. Been on here since 2013 ish ? I think it's too late HA
  2. HAHA! In fairness, I don't comment much. This is the thread I'm most active on so that'd make sense that you wouldn't know I don't comment much on the game threads because.. that's why I joined the forum. I HEART football but I don't know all the rules. I like reading the comments so I can learn what others think of calls, time management, coaching decisions etc. (and hand out likes like Oprah) PS, I have so much Cowboys gear from when I was kid (school folders, water jugs and even a Cowboys birdfeeder) LoL
  3. I appreciate the insight! I wasn't aware of the North/South CA 'situation' but it makes a lot of sense. Being from the Midwest, we have 1 NFL team in our state, although WAY TOO many people here cheer for the Pack (TBF, alot of them are from WI). SKOL girl through and through, even when we we win one game next season. I guess I'm like Snoop, minus the camera opportunities Growing up, I actually liked the Cowboys more (because the 'triplets' and I was a kid and what kid doesn't root for a winning team). I haven't stopped cheering for them, unless they play my Vikes. I like Tom
  4. How could I forget!? Ah yes, the city change will definitely mix things up and lose (or perhaps gain) fans
  5. I realize this is a non-football thread but I went to the Chargers forum to ask a question and literally NO ONE has posted anything in the past month, if not longer..!??? Just wondering how they feel with the Rams in the playoffs and potential SB? Same city, same stadium but different conference (seriously, no recent posts in how long!?) LoL
  6. OMG, I Don't think I can handle OT!!! My blood pressure
  7. Way too cocky for my liking. The guy has every reason to be but, same... I just can't
  8. I guess I'm a Buffalo fan today, make it happen Bills!!
  9. 49'ers are lucky they are only down by 7
  10. Since the mask wearing, I've stopped wearing make up and my co-workers tell me they can't tell a difference. Maybe their just being nice but either way, it's very liberating! Less time in the morning and I've actually felt more confident, LoL Hashtag thanks covid
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