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  1. A new worst take. Congrats. I don't know if it's your leaps in logic, assumptions or crybaby attitude is worse.
  2. New member of the blocked team. Also, I'm pretty sure you aren't supposed to have an actual picture of yourself as an avatar. It violates the sites rules.
  3. Imagine thinking your HOF qb shouldn't give input on the last wr spot on the team.
  4. Change the thread title - this is where people without the ability to rationalize come to cope with the icky feeling the bad Aaron man gave them from a ton of BS stories.
  5. What a giant assumption. Holy hell you have some terrible takes. To act like injuries and a year extra in the system didn't help is beyond dumb. You say he's a cancer to the team when all the players seem to love him across the board. Jesus Christ this forum is unbearable. This is one of the worst takes I've ever read.
  6. Right because keeping a guy he trusts to run the right route and catch the ball as a 5th WR makes a huge difference. It's not like Aaron knows! What is he in practice with him and throwing him balls often?
  7. Exactly! Why would a team want to take into account an all time greats QB's perspective on players and their abilities. Shut up and throw, Aaron. am I doing this right?
  8. How can you possibly say it wouldn't change the equation? If it's two days or two months before then they certainly have more time to work out a deal.
  9. Impossible! It was Rodgers ! The guy doesn't even get along with his family!
  10. With your ASSUMPTIONS don't you think a guy as bright as Rodgers would understand "leaking" this info earlier would benefit him?
  11. The comments that Rodgers wouldn't have played well without drafting love is absurd. This is bizarre
  12. How are you people mods with this terrible logic. Rodgers would benefit from it coming out well before the draft to set up for a trade. Having it come out the day of the draft wouldn't help him at all. You're now going against the guy who leaked it all initially to say it's still Rodgers. UNREAL
  13. I accept you apology for being jilted and overreacting like a child.
  14. Seriously! Also not good to do for the players union, the last thing they want is guys taking LESS money.
  15. Schefter admitting Rodgers didn't want this out and he said he randomly decided to leak this on draft day. You jilted lovers sure look stupid now, calling for Rodgers head saying he did it on purpose . I can't wait to go back and read all these dumb comments from the majority of you.
  16. Cool story bro. You literally know nothing about these situations and sound like a fool.
  17. Some of you are pathetic. You act like you know the situation when in reality you have no idea the issues with him and the team as well as with his family. You sound like jilted lovers 🤣
  18. To be fair I'm drunk and taking 2 or 3 peoples dumb comments. DraftGuru is the only one I can remember saying really dumb things last night. I honestly don't care enough to go back and find them.
  19. People don't know the story and won't until the 30 for 30 comes out but everyone acts like they know everything. Hilarious.
  20. You must use the ignore button. I disagree
  21. For all you arm chair gm's thinking LaFleur isn't Rodgers biggest fan. This forum has become unbearable with half the idiotic comments from people that think they know the situation. I sense a lot of mouth breathing Q anon types
  22. I hope I don't have to see another one of your posts
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