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  1. I think it’s that the football gods hate us. Just can’t even seem to get it right.
  2. I couldn’t stand Adam Gase as much as the next person (unless that person was @KingOfNewYork) however one thing is for sure……with a talentless roster you could bet our first drive on offense we would look good. The plays he’d of drawn up worked. As the game went on the wheels fell off but that’s more than we are getting right now. If we come out sluggish against the Patriots then we know this offensive coaching team we have just can’t get it. God I wish we would of hired Brandon Staley.
  3. I wish we hired Brandon Staley. Can’t remember who said about him in the coaching hire process but I started looking into him and his concepts and wanted him here. Can’t believe we’ve been saddled with Saleh. Him and his boy LaFleur need to change and quick.
  4. No he does not. He needs to actually make the picks matter and not waste them away like the majority of his 2020 draft. Big 12 months coming up for JD IMO. He needs to show he can build a winning team as all the high picks in the world means balls all if we don’t start to actually win games
  5. Darnold’s stats looked decent against the cowboys last week. 300yrds a couple of TD/INT. However in reality the game was done by the 3rd quarter. Most of his yards were in garbage time and his two TD’s were late in the 4th with the game over. This is why when casuals look and think we’d be so much better with Sam they are not looking at the whole picture. Zach will make mistakes this year and that’s all part of his growth. Sam was making those same mistakes for 3/4 years so it made sense to move on. The panthers have a really good team so a decent qb can get them some wins b
  6. We won’t fire anyone but surely the heat should be on. Like you said all this BS from Saleh about all gas mo brake and instead we look clueless out there.
  7. Well done man. I’m going for three weeks in January. Can’t wait!!
  8. I mean he’s invested two first round picks, spent good money on McGovern, Fant and GVR and then brought in Moses. Edoga, and Clark was other semi/high picks that haven’t equated to anything. Just across the board we can’t identify talent or can’t coach them. Somethings missing.
  9. The problem with that though is the investment made in the o-line and recievers. We are in week 3 so of course things will (should!) improve but to say Zach was coming into a poor situation offensively is just not true. Our o-line has Becton (#11 pick) AVT (#12 pick) a top RT in Moses and a good centre in McGovern. GVR is **** but we have four solid pieces on the o-line. Not some scrap heap washed out vets. Our receiving core is the best we’ve had in over a decade. Davis, Mims, Crodwer, Moore, Cole is a very solid receiving core with the option of Moore snd Mims getting bet
  10. I disagree with the patience thing. We’ve just hired poorly. Idzik- Horrible Bowles- Horrible Mac- Horrible Gase- Horrible Not really a patience thing. They were just god awful at their jobs and rightfully so sacked. Can’t evaluate talent in the front office or coaching.
  11. I’m worried that Saleh just is never going to be the guy. He’s started out so horrible. The whole coaching staff is a level/levels below the standard.
  12. The whole program is pathetic. Can’t draft. Can’t coach. Can’t play. At this point I’m not sure we will ever get this right.
  13. Yeah but we are 2-0 and look great…oh wait.
  14. The smirk on this ***** ref is annoying me
  15. Why is Berrios still playing?? I get Crowder is hurt but surely with Davis, Mims, Moore and Smith this guy shouldn’t see the field apart from PR/KR.
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