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  1. Last weeks game was horrendous but are we forgetting he single handily put the team on his back against Carolina with no running game and no time to throw. He was awful on Sunday and quite honestly he looked mentally broken after the 2nd INT but that can be repaired. Cosching needs to be massively improved. Mac didn’t do **** on Sunday but yet excellent play calling…screens, draws, running game lots of pre snap motion etc. All aiding him in just playing within the confinement’s of a scripted offense. We come out balls deep looking for splash plays. That’s not the way you set
  2. What’s the definition of insanity?! Keep doing the same thing and getting the same results. Defo life as a Jets fan. Not sure I have the stomach for this anymore. Of course il keep watching because like I said….insanity 🤡
  3. I hope JD will start being looked at with some scrutiny on here. He’s been given such an easy ride so far but looking at last years draft : Becton- High on him unlike others but his injuries are a major concern especially considering his size. Also comments during preseason weren’t exactly great as per his development. Mims- Coaching staff clearly don’t value him. Big mistake IMO. Could be traded at any point. Davis- Non existent, constantly injured. Not looking good. Zuniga- Bust. Perine- Will probs be cut at some point this year. Not looked good wh
  4. My thoughts on today’s game; Positives: - Very impressed with our young secondary. I know there will be many bumps along the way but you can’t expect clean games from very inexperienced players playing positions like cornerback. -Loved what I saw from Zach. Again there were mistakes of course but he hung in the pocket and evaded so much pressure. Looked like he got in the grove in the second half and all the more impressive going against a very good defense. Corey Davis looked like the guy we have needed since B-Marsh. Just a big man on the outside. -JFM looked go
  5. What annoys me is having all these talented but untested youngsters playing such a crucial position but yet have zero experienced quality guys in the building. I know Sherman has had his issues recently but there’s so many quality vets available each year and for some reason we have (as a fan base) this obsessed thing with not bringing in vets because we’ve been burned in the past.
  6. I have said this so many times over the years but by constantly having ‘young guys’ developing and not any proven quality through the squad it’s very difficult for the younger players to do all the right things they need to maximise their potential. What’s troubling to me is the history of our draft picks already through JD’s couple of years here. We have preached on here that the successful teams draft well especially in those middle rounds. They build your roster not hitting on top 5 picks. Zuniga and Morgan are gone. Perine has looked the worst of all the running backs we
  7. With the Seahawks pick 😉
  8. My username finally changed five months later 🕺🏻
  9. I think we could of possibly brought in a more dynamic pass rusher but when you consider the draft capital given up and Houston taking on the cash then it’s a no brainier of a decision. At least we know we have a starter opposite JFM now and can utilise Huff sparingly as he develops and not demand too much from him.
  10. Yeah we’ve been woeful for years in the draft and that ship is now hopefully under better command with JD. However some of the defensive guys who you’d hope we would be able to start relying on (Zuniga and Davis) are just nowhere near right now. Hall looks a good pick and time will tell on the new rookies. Like you said we will emphasises the defense in next years draft. But for now we can make a move or two that will give us the ability to evaluate the defense as a whole like @Bobby816 referered to. These young cbs like Hall who have serious starter potential can’t be properly asses
  11. We need four DE’s who can all play a huge amount of snaps throughout the year plus a couple of young guys like Zuniga/Rashad who are going to be battling for snaps and also a place on the 53. JFM will start one side and then we need a premier proven pass rusher the other. Obviously Lawson was that guy but he’s out for the year. That role still needs to be replaced and we can’t expect a young UFA in Bryce Huff to take on all that responsibility. Plus on 3rd downs we need to then shift JFM inside and get more speed on the outside. JFM, Huff, Blair and Rashad/Zuniga will not
  12. Two pass rushers needed in my opinion with losing Curry and our main guy Lawson. Pick up an edge free agent who can come in and rush the passer. Beasley or Vernon preferably. Shaq Lawson could be a cut candidate so he’d be a decent option. Just as that insurance card for us. Then we NEED to trade for a guy. I could care less if we are in ‘win now’ mode. This franchise needs to start winning football games and getting some respect. As we are now we have no proven edge rushers; Yet again heading into another season!! Been unlucky through injuries obviously but for me it’s a C
  13. Not going to lie the Lawson injury this week really put my anticipation for the new year on hold but seeing how good Zach looked today has me fired up!!
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