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  1. Decent three teams although England and Croatia are in the same group which doesn’t help you. Being half Italian and half English it looks like your going to be with me during these Euros!!!! PS…anyone see what happened to Cristian Erickson? Thought he had died during the game. Was horrible to watch.
  2. Bro I thought we were the best we’ve been since 06 and the World Cup win. Turkey were highly rated and somewhat of a dark horse here in the UK but we just passed them to death. Love the style of play and Mancini has the team playing great. Really enjoyed watching us just destroy a decent team. Also Andrea killed the intro…backdrop of the coliseum and ‘Nessun Dorma’ being played. Couldn’t get more Italian 😂😂
  3. On a brighter note……the euros start tonight!! Forza Italia @Bianconero
  4. Glad to hear you and your family are well. Sticking together and getting through tough times will without doubt build stronger bonds. I recently found out a friend really suffered through the pandemic. Split from his wife (and three kids) and also had a family inheritance that completely ripped through his family and caused lots of fights over money etc. His mental health which was always something he fought against completely gave way. He tried to take his own life twice. Thankfully he’s in a much better place now but still the pandemic has caused destruction in his life. I real
  5. Sounds great man. I think anytime you take on a big project having family members who are handy and great at DIY is such a life saver! Having a wife who shares your same vision is essential too. Oh damnnnn!! There’s zero chance that’s happening here. Hope your not feeling to sore my man!!!!!! 😉
  6. We moved into our new home in November. Got quite lucky as unlike @Bobby816im freaking useless at DIY. So the road where our new house is on was originally bungalow style homes. Huge plots of land with big houses and huge gardens but on one floor. A guy bought the house and extended/added a whole floor and really put a lot of money into it. Unfortunately I believe he then ran out of money and basically the bank then took the house over. We then bought the house a good £75k cheaper than it would of been and because it was basically brand new only had to have carpets and a kitchen fitt
  7. Cool...so when I fancy a trip to Texas I’m staying at yours right?!?!?
  8. Iv had it slightly different from you guys as we had three lockdowns that impacted our work. Having a family business is great and all but when Covid hit it then made it very difficult as we didn’t get much support from the government. Thankfully we are okay and have been extremely busy since reopening back in April. Hows work been for you? We’re you able to do any online/zoom workouts with clients? I have just booked our vacation for Florida in January. The US is still on a no fly zone currently so just hoping it’s lifted by January. The little one is nine weeks on Friday
  9. Oh absolutely!! The problem with winning is you then don’t want it to stop. I thought we’d beat the Hawks over 7 games so I’m surprised we only won 1 game in the series. Yeah a PG is needed badly. Chris Paul is supposedly rejecting his player option to become a FA and will be a target for us I’m sure. Bit older but had a great year in Phoenix. I can see Leon Rose bringing in a big name to help out Randle and Barrett.
  10. Me and the Knicks right now 🥺
  11. Yeah British people tend to do 7, 14, 21 night stays unless it’s like a weekend city break or something like that. It works out the same price for flights and usually you can get a nice discount staying for three weeks. The villa we stay in is a friend of a friend so although we don’t get a great discount it at least pays for one of the babies Disney tickets!!! The Disney hotels look amazing. Only stayed in one years ago. Just can’t justify the price now though as I’d need to rent out a whole floor with all these babies!!! 😬 We have stayed at the Hilton at Seaworld before but j
  12. Glad you all had a wonderful time. Yeah we often find we’d have a day of craziness at the park and the the following day just resting by the pool in the villa. Gives the babies (and us!) a chance to rest up. Because of the flight costs and travel etc we only tend to visit once a year if lucky so try and do 2-3 weeks which is great but like i said the cost of flights etc means it’s unrealistic to do it again for another 12 months. We stay at the Cumbrian Lakes which is a good but I’d love to know your resort? Is it villas or a hotel? Reunion looks the bomb. I’d love to retir
  13. How was it bro? Side note have you ever stayed in the Reunion resort villas or hotel?
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