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  1. Game 1, 2018: @ Cleveland Browns [TNF]

    Never once said that...I said he was awful and some of his errors were alarming. That’s a fair assessment in my opinion. I love Sam but we can call out when he does things wrong just the same as we praise him for good things
  2. Game 1, 2018: @ Cleveland Browns [TNF]

    I know but let’s be honest...have we ever had a o-line like Dallas and also stud receivers?! We can’t just have a talented young qb and then think we are set. We have the centrepiece but no structure. Last night Sam looked awful but the offense and playcalling were even worse
  3. Game 1, 2018: @ Cleveland Browns [TNF]

    Your right...Don’t know what I was thinking!!
  4. Game 1, 2018: @ Cleveland Browns [TNF]

    Still looked awful no matter how you dress it up. Not saying he will be a bust or any of that B.S. Just last night he looked like he had never taken a snap under centre before.
  5. 1(3). Sam Darnold, QB, Southern California

    A overreaction to Darnold or the game last night?
  6. Game 1, 2018: @ Cleveland Browns [TNF]

    Let’s hope your right but anyone who says they are not worried after watching that last night needs to take this rose tinted glasses off. Just because you draft a guy 3rd overall doesn’t just mean he will be a franchise qb. The errors he made tonight were alarming. Even on the final drive where he threw the pick...why would he not throw it downfield and at least give his guy a chance?? Instead he threw a dart to the two browns in the middle of the field with no Jet in sight lol. The 3rd down on the play before was worrisome as when he rolled out he didn’t adjust his shoulders to make a throw downfield and just didn’t look like comfortable whatsoever.
  7. 1(3). Sam Darnold, QB, Southern California

    Jesus ******* Christ he looked like he had never played he game before....horrendous game and horrendous play calling. Got to hope he will use these nights to aid his development but my god some of the errrors are alarming I don’t care what anyone says.
  8. Game 1, 2018: @ Cleveland Browns [TNF]

    Any news on Maye?
  9. Game 2, 2018: vs Miami Dolphins

    Crappy loss no doubt but let’s be honest..we wouldn’t trade our young team (with insane potential) for an average veteran team like Miami. We have lots of really exciting young pieces (and a franchise qb) plus a boatload of cash next year. Miami are a solid outfit but they are not going deep in the playoffs let’s be real. They won the game yesterday with experience and capitalising on mistakes and short fields. Kudos to them for the win but they have nothing that worries me moving forward in the next 3-5 years whereas we should improve tremendously week in week out. Hard to watch us make the stupid mistakes and penalties but there were positives to take from the game and to be honest if we went 1yrd further at the end of the half and Sam didn’t throw that stupid INT in the red zone we would be 2-0 right now.
  10. Around The League

    Josh Gordon is being released Monday... Can see the Patriots getting him can’t you??
  11. The Random Thread (TAJT!)

    Iv got Canelo winning on points tonight...what you think??
  12. Game 1, 2018: @ Detroit Lions [MNF]

    Wow where do I start: The biggest thing to come out of the game in my opinion was the team unity and swagger that I honestly don’t think I’ve seen since the 2010 Rex Ryan squad. That is really good moving forward into the season. The defense was unreal...I just hope off that showing we go make a trade for a pass rusher like Fowler now. Sam (apart from the first play) looked really good...so happy the offense as a whole unit looked great. By the way what the **** was going on with our special teams!!! Crazy!
  13. Le'Veon Bell

    Defo not giving up a first round pick.
  14. Predict the 53 man roster

    Damn. Bad news as I thought we had our kicker sorted for the next half decade
  15. Predict the 53 man roster

    Why hasn’t Bailey signed??