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  1. After the press conference the other day and the comment about Sam Iv gone overboard the last few nights watching film on Fields and Wilson. I must admit I love both prospects but Wilson just has everything you want in a franchise qb. Anyone who wants to draft a RT or WR with #2 instead of Wilson and keep Sam then I don’t know what to tell you. Sam is a real nice dude and deserved better but to reset the rookie clock and get Wilson is a no brainier. I love Fields too but after watching more film especially on reads and anticipation throws Wilson has soared above Fields in my mind now
  2. If there was anything that summed up my life as a Jets fan it would be this incident!!! Starts out with promise and ends up in disaster.
  3. That’s what I mean if we go the real vet route then I want us to do everything possible to get the young guy in by week 3/4 so that we have time to see him in action. If we did go the Mariota/Winston route then I’d be more inclined to let them play longer and hopefully increase their trade value that by year 2 our rookie would be ready to go and we get a decent pick for our vet qb. Best case scenario it’s like KC.
  4. I’m down for sitting the rookie if need be but only if we somehow had a Winston/Mariota (if cut) or someone with high upside. Will put my head through the wall if we have the qb equivalent of Frank Gore starting week one.
  5. I disagree. I think both Fields and Wilson will be franchise qbs as long as those teams don’t completely screw then over. Sam certainly could turn into the guy if surrounded by talent but there’s no point in not resetting the rookie clock and have four years of our qb on buttons to build the roster up. Paying Sam $20m+ next year is a big no-no for me.
  6. So you’d forgo a franchise qb to take a RT?! I just don’t see the value tbh. Different if we didn’t take Becton last year. Man I’d die for Waddle at 23. Would bring so much explosiveness to this offense.
  7. 1. Becton has the tools to be an All Pro LT. At #11 he was a steal. As he gets used to his pro style conditioning i think he will limit those type of muscle injuries that impacted last year. @jetsfan4life51 will give more info on this. 2. I think Mims with a good qb and offense he’s going to be a 1k a year receiver. Just watch his tape from last year. He was unreal. So many times he was wide open. He really can separate, great hands and as explosive as they come. Just needs an offense that gets him the ball. 3. Perine; looked poor. Needs a big year. 4. Clark; woul
  8. So who would you take at #2 then?
  9. I’m one of the more impatient fans on this forum I know that but last offseason was so crazy with covid that it was always going to be tough to have rookies fly out of the gate. Especially lower round picks. There’s definitely promise with the rookie class but I also question some people’s blind faith in JD as I think his FA mostly sucked and his draft was middle of the road but has potential.
  10. I think we will draft Wilson. I have Wilson and Fields at a lock so would love to have either of them. I look at the media and when guys who JD knows and has worked with have us selecting Wilson in their mock drafts you have to feel they know what he wants in a qb.
  11. Well we better invest in the o-line and some playmakers in FA. Can’t be penny pinching.
  12. Everyone has given JD the benefit of the doubt but his first year he produced the second worst team in the league. Can’t dress it up anymore than that. We can all blame Gase and the coaches but this year it’s all on JD. He’s picked Saleh and will have two full offseasons. If I hear the BS about not the right market or anything of the kind then il go mad. We can’t pussyfoot around and hope we can get players in on cheap deals. We are the Jets. We’ve been out of the playoffs for over 10 years. After a few more cuts we will have over $90m in space so I hope we go out and invest heavily in FA
  13. My father was!! Unfortunately I have lived in sunny England all my life 😬
  14. https://twitter.com/ErikBurkhardt/status/1366941735079849987?s=20
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