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  1. The Chelsea FC Thread

    Great post. Chelsea will always have that aura which generate wins consistently. They are a very good and well balanced team and last year everything went right. I do think that they manager/system is the strongest part of the team rather than the players. Obviously Hazard, Kante, Apzi etc are world class players but there's holes in the team which needed upgrading. The two wing backs are solid but not good enough at the highest level. Still think Conte will get two/three players in but like I said before the market is so bad right now. Good solid players are going for £40m plus. It's insane!
  2. Soccer 17/18

    Tougher for sure but I expect 6 points from the next two games. Stoke aren't the horrible team they used to be and are actually a decent footballing side now so I don't see any problem if we play well. Me too I'd like to see Martial start next week as he's been unreal so far in his two cameos from the bench.
  3. Preseason Week 2: Jets vs Lions

    Il watch the game tomorrow at a more convenient time but looking forward to seeing our young guys again. I hope Hack gets plenty of snaps too. Still can't get excited for this year though. Feel really bummed. Even though last year was poor we began the year expecting to be in the playoffs. This year we expect a top three pick in the draft lol.
  4. Let the discussion begin. Cant imagine this year being particular exciting or successful but hopefully we see KP6 become the focal point of the team and the younger guys get better. I know myself and @NewAge liked the pick of THjr when we drafted him but not sure his contract will damage us in the future like Noah!
  5. Soccer 17/18

    4-0 again today!! Looking like the United of old! 🙌
  6. 2017/18 EPL Thread

    Devastated!!! 👎
  7. 2017/18 EPL Thread

    Your right we need to produce against the better quality teams but I see a difference from last year to this. We would of looked to sit back and defend a 1-0 lead last year which would come back to haunt us. This year we are looking to kill teams off with more goals. I think it's more the mind set and philosophy that may be different. Fingers crossed Jose maintains this style of play and doesn't revert to parking the bus.
  8. The Chelsea FC Thread

    I think with the exception of Matic you are right about it being mostly backups. But I have to disagree with your comment on this years team being better than last year. No chance that Morata and Bakayoko are an upgrade over Matic and Costa. Costa suited your team perfectly, as good as Morata is he doesn't offer you the qualities Costa does. Apart from Hazard I truely find it difficult to come up with any attacking players we would have to really gameplay for. I like Willian but he doesn't start. I'm not overly worried about Morata and Pedro although they are obviously good players. I think Conte needs to go out and bring in another attacking talent although this transfer window has been historically bad to find value.
  9. Manchester United Thread v4 - Preseason Champions

    For what it's worth I played against Danny Rose at White Hart Lane in the FA Youth Cup when he was a striker. Would be cool if he did play for us for that reason alone.
  10. Manchester United Thread v4 - Preseason Champions

    I know!! He's playing for the under 23s this week so should be in the first team squad within the next few games. The thought of Shaw and Martial down the left side for us is unreal. Grrat win today, love how we look for the second, third, fourth goal etc. Last year we would of defended the 1-0 and more than likely conceded late on.
  11. Manchester United Thread v4 - Preseason Champions

    Think it will be a comfortable win for us today. So happy Darmain isn't playing left back. Until Shaw is fit I'd keep Blind there. All the talk about buying a left back is unecessary to me as Luke Shaw is a great player when healthy. Id still want a winger to play on the right. For me I think we are too slow with Mata out wide.
  12. Gang Green Intro Thread

    Name (first names only): Giovanni Age: 27 State you were born in/State you live in now: Cheshire, England Hometown: Chester Occupation or school/area of study: Jeweller/Gemologist Interests besides football: Family, Holidays, Soccer, Basketball. 3 People (dead or alive) you would love to meet: Joey Diaz, Sir Alex Ferguson, Robert Deniro. Favorite Movie: Goodfellas, Godfather II Favorite TV show: Breaking Bad, Lost, The Contender Favorite Musician/Band: Drake, Game, Coldplay Favorite current NY Jet: Big Cat Favorite past NY Jet: Revis, Braylon, Rex Favorite current non-Jet in the NFL: Honeybadger, Beckham Jr. How many Jets games have you been to?: 1 (at Wembley) What is your earliest Jets memory?: 2006 Favre's first game against the Dolphins.
  13. Soccer 17/18

    Yeah I'm loving the freedom he is playing with now he has Matic with him in midfield. I like Herrera but prefer the three of Matic, Pogba and Miki when we are playing against weaker teams who sit back and defend.
  14. Soccer 17/18

    I do agree with you but from a Man Utd perspective I'm so happy we bought him last summer...could you imagine how much we would of had to pay this year??
  15. The Random Thread

    Haha I knew you would love it! Thanks brother!!