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  1. Week 9: Jets @ Fins

    Is Robby and Q playing? If so the I’d like Darnold to play with freedom and not held back by weak playcalling. Get the ball run early and often and then let him go to work.
  2. Around The League

    Should sign bruce irvin now he’s released from the Raiders.
  3. GDT: Vikings@Jets

    I’d much prefer a bigger stronger back running against us than a shorter shifter scat back. Always seem to handle the power rushes but Iv probably just gave us the kiss of death now!
  4. Around The League

    We have to trade for a pass rusher at all costs. Im not that fussed on a WR unless he’s a stud as I think the quartet of Robby, Q, Kearse and Pryor is very good, especially now we are opening the playbook up more.
  5. Game 5, 2018: vs Denver Broncos

    Fabulous break down of the game.... But your avatar picture is quite simply perfect. Sir Matt and Sir Alex! If only we had a manager like that now! ??
  6. Game 5, 2018: vs Denver Broncos

    What a great game! All phases of the team played very well. Crowell looked like a beast. We need to keep trying the deep balls to robby even if it’s just to leave space in between for crossing patterns/slants etc.
  7. The Random Thread (TAJT!)

    So who’s your money on? Conor or Khabib??
  8. Lol I wouldn’t even mind if we at least had an elite defense...instead we just got tourched by Blake Bortles and Dede Westbrook ?
  9. Game 4, 2018: @ Jacksonville Jaguars

    Don’t think you understood my post...I’m saying it’s unbelievable how bad we are on offense not that it’s not ‘untrue’ that we are so bad lol!!
  10. Game 4, 2018: @ Jacksonville Jaguars

    We’ve been saying this since 2008...we are so inept on offense it’s untrue.
  11. Game 4, 2018: @ Jacksonville Jaguars

    Ready to move on to the next regime. They’ve had multiple offseasons and training camps...the roster is so poor it’s untrue. We have no quality in ANY key areas!! How the **** is it possible to have four offseasons and still either not bring any top talent in or develop from within.
  12. 1(3). Sam Darnold, QB, Southern California

    My biggest concern with Sam moving forward is that if we keep Bowles and Co for another year or two and he ends up flipping from different system to different system (when we inevitable change our OC and not the HC) it will potentially stunt his growth massively. Just look at the likes of Bradford and Smith who were #1s but went through many OC’s and systems and never fulfilled their potentials.
  13. Le'Veon Bell

    I wouldn’t trade a 3rd for him but anything lower than that and I don’t see a problem. We traded a 4th for Chris Ivory for Christ’s sake. What I don’t want to do is trade a premium pick just in the HOPES we clear house in the offseason and our new GM would need the picks to elevate this bang average roster.
  14. Game 3, 2018: @ Cleveland Browns [TNF]

    Never once said that...I said he was awful and some of his errors were alarming. That’s a fair assessment in my opinion. I love Sam but we can call out when he does things wrong just the same as we praise him for good things
  15. Game 3, 2018: @ Cleveland Browns [TNF]

    I know but let’s be honest...have we ever had a o-line like Dallas and also stud receivers?! We can’t just have a talented young qb and then think we are set. We have the centrepiece but no structure. Last night Sam looked awful but the offense and playcalling were even worse