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  1. The Random Thread (TAJT!)

    I had a guy come in my shop the other day in full PPE (mask, gloves etc). He wanted a battery for his watch. The watch was covered in crap, full of bacteria and just so unhygienic. The biggest contradiction ever.
  2. Training Camp Thread

    Cam at 31 will be a better quarterback than TB at 43 in my opinion. He will end up winning the comeback player of the year and possibly be in the MVP race if he stays healthy.
  3. Training Camp Thread

    Cam will end up being a MVP candidate if he stays healthy. Just when you think we have a chance......
  4. Jamal Adams Trade Thread

    Yeah I mean I think as fans we all feel that players should love the team like we do but that’s very rarely the case. What you do find though are players who buy in to the whole thing; team, city, fans etc. Jamal has officially checked out of that now. And for me there’s no going back most of the time...however..... In 2010 Manchester United’s star player (24 years old at the time too!) Wayne Rooney handed in an official transfer request. Wanted to play for our rivals too. In the end he got a new contract and became our all time leading goal scorer.
  5. Jamal Adams Trade Thread

    I have held back from posting in regards to Jamal. I have always defended him even when he’s crossed the line in the past but his latest stunts this last week or so have completely changed my opinion on him. I have always stuck up for the athlete to go and make as much money as possible as teams very rarely show any loyalty to the players. But his demands are just out of line; I get wanting to push the envelope to cash in this summer as it would of added another $15m or so to his career earnings in the long run but he’s completely forced his hand with very little to negotiate with. He’s alienated himself with the fans now too. Starts the season off in an epic crappy situation and unfortunately history has shown us these things linger around and doesn’t create that unity in the dressing room that successful teams need.
  6. The Random Thread (TAJT!)

    I will want to know if you get this going bro!!
  7. The Random Thread (TAJT!)

    Well done!! Can you send a link?!
  8. 2020 NFL Free Agency: Rumors and Reports

    Yeah he’s a prick!
  9. 2020 NFL Free Agency: Rumors and Reports

    Supposedly we are looking to bring in Kyle Long who retired from the Bears. Thoughts?
  10. 2020 NFL Free Agency: Rumors and Reports

    Yes please
  11. The Random Thread (TAJT!)

    Yeah I was lost for words when seeing the video and I can’t begin to imagine the hurt, pain and fear that you guys must be feeling right now. I just feel deep sorrow for all affected. I don’t want to get on my high horse but the view from a far is the deep rooted racism that’s inbuilt within America. It’s very difficult for someone like myself who’s grew up in the UK with very little racism ever witnessed. (There has been things over the years with the EDL and Britain First who have been protesting against Muslim/Islamic culture in the UK) On a side note i should add; about five years ago my brother in law was walking to his local convenience store when approached by two policeman asking to search him as he fitted the description of a thief that had broken into a house a few hours before. My Brother In Law was renovating his house at the time and told the cops that he wouldn’t be searched (in hindsight probably the wrong move but well within his rights) When backup was called he ended up with 12 police officers trying to restrain him and also a retired cop who witnessed what was happening. My brother in law trains in Judo so he defended himself. He still ended up in a bad way which resulted in a huge compensation suit which he won a couple of years ago. He was left with severe anxiety and other physical trauma I want go into. Every single cop was white as is my brother in law. I feel like more light can be shed from any serving police officers or retired cops but does the power attract a certain type of person to the position? Maybe someone who’s struggled getting power and then once in a position of power like a cop then abuse this?
  12. 2020 NFL Free Agency: Rumors and Reports

    Yeah compare him to Mayfield who had added the top OT in both FA and the draft according to most experts plus two world class receivers, two top tight ends and one of the top 3 tandem RB’s in football. Compared to that Sam is still pissing in the wind.
  13. 2020 NFL Free Agency: Rumors and Reports

    When/what would be our offseason schedule in terms of dates etc. Rookie minicamp OTA’s Training Camp Here in the UK we will have our PL back up and running again in three weeks so I can’t see the new players having as big of a problem than what was thought a few weeks back.
  14. The Random Thread (TAJT!)

  15. Jets sign QB Joe Flacco (One year, $1.5 M)

    Saints got a great deal and Jameis got a year to work behind legends like Brees and Payton. Win/Win. In NY he may of been too good to be a backup if that makes sense.