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  1. FA Thread 2018

    So we resign Ijalana on a one year deal when Tyrann and Sheldon are signed to one year deals for only $7m and $8m. Was Macc asleep or something? Where is the sense in that? For all the money in FA why have we only really improved our team in one/two positions. Apart from Trumaine Johnson we are not really further along than we were to end last year. Spencer Long is clearly an upgrade over Wesley Johnson but that’s not exactly hard is it?! If we actually improved this team it would of given us the security knowing we could trade up for the qb and still have a solid, competitive team. Instead if we trade the farm to go and get a Rosen/Mayfield we will have no quality draft picks to improve the supporting cast. Weve lost our starting TE, our only real weapon will be suspended to start the season and we have Q coming back who is a real question mark. Anyone who can even argue this has been a good offseason needs to take those rose tinted glasses off. But don’t worry we have Josh McCown as our starter as awarded to him in ******* March.
  2. FA Thread 2018

    Says it all really....
  3. 2018 NFL Draft Thread: Jets clinch 6th overall pick

    As a grade maybe the QB won’t have the highest score but then when factors like position/importance then maybe it propelled them up the board. Who knows what Macc is thinking!
  4. 2018 NFL Draft Thread: Jets clinch 6th overall pick

    I’d personally have Lamar right up there but i understand he won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. Yeah Chubb is worth it but I just can’t see us going for an OG if a more premium position like QB or Pass Rusher is there.
  5. FA Thread 2018

    The only thing I don’t like about that though is we have our own young guys who fit the need of solid linebackers. We need a specialised pass rusher in my opinion. That’s why I wouldn’t of minded trading for Robert Quinn. Not exactly a great scheme fit for us but an out and out pass rusher. Curry is also listed at 278lbs. Heavy for a OLB don’t you think?!
  6. 2018 NFL Draft Thread: Jets clinch 6th overall pick

    A man can dream right?! Would we pay him $10m though for nothing. Can’t see it personally which is why I hate the deal. Anyway he’s alresdy been announced the starter so what’s the point!?!
  7. 2018 NFL Draft Thread: Jets clinch 6th overall pick

    Unless a team fancy’s the upside of Josh Allen we need to trade up for sure. I just can’t see only 1 or 2 QBs going top 5 before we pick. *Cleveland will definitely take a QB at #1 or #4. *Buffalo will trade up for sure and get a QB (Colts or Browns #4 most likely) Denver, NYG, and Arizona could easily select a qb top 5 (obviously Arizona would need to trade up) but I still think only three QBs will go top 5 and we would have our pick out of the other two. If one of those three teams that go qb before us like Allen then we are golden as either Rosen, Mayfield or Darnold will be there at #6 at which point I expect a Macc to do the obvious thing after years of needing a franchise qb.....he will draft the best available safety! 🙄
  8. FA Thread 2018

    Can he play the 3-4 OLB? I remember mocking him to us in a mock draft when I first joined this site in 2012. He’s a NJ guy too so maybe a homecoming?
  9. Final Mock

    I’d be happy giving that compensation to get Rosen. I think it’s worth the trade up for sure. I saw somewhere else on a mock draft that we traded our 1st, both 2nds and next years 1st to move up. In that case I’d rather just sit and wait at #6.
  10. Jets re-sign Morris Claiborne

    Oh okay no worries I thought you said they had the best safety as in Williams whereas for me the best safety on either team is Jamal Adams. Both are great players but Adams will be a special player I think (hope) for years to come. 👌🏼
  11. FA Thread 2018

    Would of loved him back here. Makes the trade even worse for the Seahawks. Strange how both Seattle and LA used high picks to trade for Sheldon and Sammy Watkins and then lost them in FA.
  12. FA Thread 2018

    Lol I know that bro but who’s Mo referencing it to?!
  13. FA Thread 2018

    What is going on?!?
  14. FA Thread 2018

    Makes too much sense when you factor in he played for Bowles, we need a nickel upgrade and he’s ‘part of the family’.
  15. Jets re-sign Morris Claiborne

    Lol. Jamal Adams respectfully disagrees