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  1. 2017 College Football / Scouting

    What I really don’t understand is that if we draft a qb who doesn’t run a ‘traditional’ nfl offense then could we not sprinkle in plays there are fimilar with alongside regular ‘nfl plays’? For example; Lamar Jackson is not a ‘traditional nfl qb’ okay well surely we can take what he can do and build a offensive gameplan around the great skills he has rather than making him into something he’s not. The phrase round hole square peg comes to mind.
  2. 2017 College Football / Scouting

    I know man it’s crazy. Just don’t understand the logic or lack of it!!
  3. 2017 College Football / Scouting

    Maybe worth a gamble in the 2nd/3rd?!? Or do you think he will drop even further?
  4. Why I believe Kirk Cousins will be a New York Jet

    I’d take him in a heartbeat if he hits FA but I would definitely not trade for him as Washington would want a huge haul.
  5. Week 13: Chiefs vs Jets

    The ironic thing about it is I think we would all agree if we played the young QBs and the whole team rallied around them and we saw passion and fire from the team it doesn’t make a huge difference if we win 2, 4 or 6 of the remaining games. We just want to see some progress in these young QBs. If we play McCown to possible squeak an extra 2 or 3 wins compared to Hack/Petty which would be nowehere near the playoffs and also nowhere near a top pick in the draft it doesn’t help the future of the team. It’s pure mediocrity and I can’t stand it! If Bowles gets that defense playing lights out, sticks a fire up the o-line and gets the run game going we could ease our young qb in. If we didn’t win a remaining game this year but showed promise, excitement and something to build off then we would want Bowles to stay and continue the deleopment. It’s pure selfishness and such bad management from GM to HC to continue playing McCown. It’s shortsighted and putting this franchise back yet again. I hope to God they make the change after the game this Sunday.
  6. Week 13: Chiefs vs Jets

    Just move on to Petty or Hack for Gods sake. What’s the point in prelonging the unbelievable torture of playing a qb who is 57 years old with a young team with virtually no hope of the playoffs. I like McCown and what he’s done this year but if we can’t bench Josh after a few decent games this year compared to the Giants benching a two time winning super bowl champion in the hopes of seeing what young QBs they possibly have then I really have lost all faith with this organisation. We’ve had a good look at this offense, we’ve seen some good play calling by Morton. Seen Anderson really excel as a game changing WR. Seen solid contributions from ASJ and McGuire. Overall it’s been good to see these guys play with competent qb play. But make no illusions we need to develop the most important position in all of sports, we need to see what we have in Petty and Hack. After the Chiefs game I would personally start Hack and see what we have. Honestly please tell me what’s the worst that can happen?
  7. 2017 College Football / Scouting

    I agree about the Morton comment. Maybe it’s just me but I don’t get all the love he’s getting. Sure I think he’s doing a good job but not anything to write home about.
  8. 2018 Jets' Thanksgiving Mock.

    Yeah like I said I would be more than happy going down the free agent route, IF we load up on the offense to give us the ability to properly groom our own franchise qb with a solid to elite o-line and lots of playmakers around him. I without doubt don’t want McCown starting next year. Would be a travesty!!
  9. 2018 Jets' Thanksgiving Mock.

    Sounds good in practice but putting it into reality seems to be the problem for the Jets FO for the past fifty years!!
  10. 2018 Jets' Thanksgiving Mock.

    You’ve not had a great reaction to your mock but fair play on the effort put in. I also see several floors in the off-season you have mocked up. We really must improve the offense this year, obviously QB is the biggest need but I’d sacrifice saving drafting a QB high if we improve all the key positions around. We could take a LT and Centre high in the draft, using two of our top four picks. We could spend good money on a upgrade at WR and RB and possibly another TE. That way we would be in a good position next year to go for a QB. If the opportunity is there to get a QB in the first round though I feel we have to take it this year.
  11. My 1st Mock

    I like it Bobby but the only thing that concerns me is the amount of guys you have us signing that are coming off injuries. I’m all for gambling on a couple of players as low risk high reward but not 75% of our FA signings. I really like the draft, we need to find a top talent at LT for sure and also get a fast rushing outside linebacker this offseason. Once we get those two pieces in place it gives us the ammo next year to go get our qb of the future. I’d love one of the top talents at QB but Rome wasn’t built in a day and this process still needs at least two free agency’s and drafts.
  12. Soccer 17/18

    @Bianconero Dude what went wrong? I will have to go into hiding this summer......
  13. Week 10 Winston & Evans out

    Hate to say I told you so Bro but it’s so easy to read the signs. Pathetic offense and a HC with no balls. Season is done now so just play the young guys. If he continues with JM at quarterback after the bye then I hope he gets sacked ASAP. He would only give a crap about his own job and not the team which is why he needs to go.
  14. 2018 Mock Thread

    I’m officially on the Lamar Jackson bandwagon so any mock with him is a good one
  15. Week 10 Winston & Evans out

    Classic trap game for the Jets. Starting QB and star wide receiver out. Watch Fitzmagic torch us on Sunday it would be just typical!!