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  1. I think we need a Jags win before we even think about losing out in Lawrence by him pulling an Eli. That week 17 game will be horrible if we need to lose to secure the 1st pick.
  2. I get that but we’ve had a couple of games with all three recievers healthy and then after that we have absolute ****e. I’m cool with bringing back Perriman and adding a rookie. Mims, Perriman, Crowder and Rookie would be fine ONLY if we then invest in another decent free agent option in case the inevitable injury to Crowder/Perriman occurs.
  3. Personally I’d sign the best possible receiver in FA that we can get. Obviously being a Jet is not been the best thing for most offensive playmakers in years past but hopefully with Lawrence at QB we could be an attractive situation especially with our cap space. Id go with; JuJu, Mims, Crowder and Rookie. 5th option would be a cheap free agent with return capabilities. Perriman would be too good for that 5th role so I imagine he moves on.
  4. When healthy he is sure. But you have to take into account his injury record and for that he would be a 4th option at best for me. Don’t get me wrong when he’s healthy he’s looked really good in such a horrible offense. But if we have him as a starter next year for a rookie qb and he misses 6/7 games out of 16 that’s not going to be good for the young qb.
  5. Just to jump in here I think Perriman is a great 4th option but for me I think we need two new receivers. The last few weeks we’ve seen him look real but he’s so injury prone that you just can’t trust him over 16 games. One top receiver in FA and one taken within our first few picks in the draft. That’s my hope.
  6. I didn’t know if he and Gase got on but I must admit I had high hopes on Alex Lewis this year. I thought he shown some really good play last year and having Becton one side and a good centre in McGovern the other would only benefit him. Unfortunately that hasn’t been the case. Joe Thurney will be highly sought after by JD if he doesn’t get tagged again. That would be LG sorted.
  7. Two things: - One I can’t believe Nick Folk is the Patriots kicker. Just doesn’t seem right. Can’t believe it’s been 10 years since that kick against Indy in the playoffs 😓 -Also after seeing Denver’s qb situation of NE are out of the playoffs could BB do a similar thing. Legit not have a qb playing?!
  8. Yes I agree. Just have to get Lawerence at all costs!!!
  9. Well I thought this could of been a game we would of won. With Tua not looking great and Darnold coming back it had the hallmarks of a Jets win (to take us out of the #1 pick) When they said Fitz was playing I was more hopeful but clearly I shouldn’t of worried!! We are so bad it’s a joke. I just have a horrible feeling we will beat NE in week 17 (thanks to BB) and end up losing out on drafting Lawerence.
  10. I think I mentioned it at the time but I really couldn’t think of a better first draft for us to go get a LT for the next decade than JD’s first time at the helm. His speciality was the o-line so in truth we should of had a leg up on everyone from the start. The results have proven that. It certainly is. And it’s encouraging moving forward. However I’m hopeful that we mix a perfect blend of building through the draft but also spending money wisely in FA. We are a NY based franchise so FA will always be a chance to steal a player or two away from other cities.
  11. Remember last year against the cowboys. It’s exactly what happened. Book it; we will win tomorrow. I hope I’m wrong obviously!
  12. Darnold is back. He will have his ‘great’ game that he always does and we will win in an upset. The Jags will of course lose and somehow we will still end up a day late and a dollar short come draft night.
  13. Me and @rickyt31 were on the Becton train from night one!!! 😎
  14. To be fair nobody wanted Josh Allen. I remember everyone panicking that the draft would start Mayfield, Darnold and leave us with Allen. Allen would of been worse than Darnold for us. No question about it. Allen has had the luck to have a great team around him (and coaches). The Bills went out and either signed or traded for Diggs, Beasley, Brown, Singletary. All whilst having a top defense and not asking too much of Allen. This year he’s absolutely killing it. Buffalo have been the perfect example of what to do with a young franchise qb. We are the exact opposite. I just hope it changes this year when we draft Lawerence 🤞🏻
  15. I would love getting a top CB in FA who’s young but I also wouldn’t mind a Patrick Peterson/Richard Sherman signing to mentor these young talented players we have. We are not likely to be a playoff team next year but maybe a year after (if we draft T-Law) we could be knocking on the door. If so having a great veteran helping these young DB’s out might come back to pay it’s worth.
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