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  1. Tony Sparano Dead at the Age of 56

  2. Tony Sparano, Vikings’ OL Coach, Passes Away at 56

    Unreal. Sounds like it may have been prevented in some way?
  3. Tony Sparano, Vikings’ OL Coach, Passes Away at 56

    Wow.... What the hell?
  4. NFL’s New Anthem Protest Policy On Hold

    I agree. I'm absolutely sick of it. I don't have a horse in the race. I'm as patriotic as the next guy but I fail to care if someone is kneeling for the anthem. Do I think you should? Sure. But I don't care if you don't. I'm there to watch football, not scour the sidelines looking for kneelers. We're at the point where people will be kneeling just to stick a finger to the league. But this is a gold mine for the media so it won't go away. It doesn't help that the NFL completely botched this numerous times. The NFL should just hold the anthem with the players in the locker room. You can have all the same recruiting tools with the flags, the soldiers, the music without the players.
  5. All abouts the wideouts

    Based off the entire off-season, the player EVERYONE is raving about is Treadwell. Zim had no problem calling him out last year so to have Zimmer praising him this off-season, you know Treadwell is looking good rather than some CoachSpeak. It will also help greatly that Tready will have Cousins throwing to him (obviously). He came into his rookie year learning with Teddy as the QB before Teddy went down and never had a camp with Brad Samford. Then when he did get a full off-season with Bradford, Sam was done after the season opener and Case took over who was 1-2 read guy and rarely progressed to Treadwell's route. Not only that, he's also had 3 different coordinators. This will be Treadwell's first off-season and regular season with the same QB (hopefully....) and it seems to be paying dividends.
  6. Gophers, Wolves and Loons, oh my! (MN Sports Thread)

    That'd be a perfect infield. Besides, Sano....you have infinite athletic ability and the range would be insane. Then you add in a speedy outfield with Eddie, Buxton, and Kepler.....you have an amazing defense. i hear too many rumors/rumblings on talk radio that once Lewis comes up, they might find Gordon expendable to put in a trade.
  7. Gophers, Wolves and Loons, oh my! (MN Sports Thread)

    Trade Mauer to the Yankees (if he agrees). They need a 1B and he has a legit chance at a title there. Sign him back in the off-season to a retirement contract for 1-2 years. Get rid of Dozier. Put Polanco at 2nd (he's better there) and if you keep Escobar, play him at SS and the Astudillo kid at 3rd. If you trade both Escobar AND Dozier. Still have Astudillo and Polanco up the middle, call up someone to play 3rd (if Sano is still being punished) until September. Then call up Gordon for September call-ups (no sense in burning a year for a lost season), put him at short, Polanco at 2B, and whomever, Sano, or Astudillo at 3rd. Get rid of Morrison via flat out DFA and call up another corpse to play 1B if Mauer is gone. Then in 2019 you have: 1B-Mauer, 2B-Polanco, SS-Gordon, 3B-Sano, RF-Kepler, CF-Buxton, LF-Rosario In 2020-2021, with Lewis knocking at the door you move Polanco to 3rd, Sano to 1st, Lewis at SS, and Gordon at 2B. Such a wicked, wicked infield....it'll never happen but it'd be fun. In return for trades...pitching and catchers should be the goal.
  8. Madden(ing) Ratings!!!

    X should be 94-ish Kirk probably 84 Swap Thielen and Diggs Murray down to 80 Elf should be a bit higher Sendejo a bit lower
  9. Vikings trade for Trevor Siemen, QB

    Ohhh I'd certainly like to take her out behind the shed and show her my shovel collection!
  10. I agree with all of that.
  11. I don't recall saying the Vikings were going to or should cut Rudolph. Where did I mention that? I did say I'm ready to move on from him meaning he's not high on my list of priorities for the Vikings resign him after next season (He's a FA after the 2019 season) or sign him to a lower contract where he's not making 6-7 million year. And yes, I know the QB's he played with and you're giving me numbers from 2 of his 7 seasons. The other seasons were 3, 3, 2, 5, and 7 along with the 8 & 9 TD season you mentioned. So half of his seasons he posted more than 5 TDs....Good, but not great. Certainly not irreplaceable by any means. He's a top-10 TE in the league but he's going to be 29 this season and 31 when his contract is up. He's on the back 9 and it's time to start looking for our next #1 TE (if they don't think Conklin can take it) because, like you said, tight ends usually need development time.Targeting his replacement in the 2019 draft will give the rookie time to learn behind Rudy and eventually take his spot. If I gave the impression the Vikings should cut Rudolph, it certainly wasn't my intention. I'm just saying that the Vikes should let him walk or sign him to a lesser contract unless he meshes well with Kirk (Kirk does love his TEs) and he sees a big uptick in production.
  12. Agree with all of that. I'm even fine moving on from Rudolph if they target a TE early in the 2019 draft. I like him and think he's a good all-around tight end but he's not a world beating TE. He's only had 2 500+ yard seasons (840 and 532 yards) and he's never had double digit TD's in his 7 years in the league. I don't think 550-600 yards and 6 TDs will be impossible to replace.
  13. Vikings extend Danielle Hunter

    adding onto that.... Also, doesn't playing on the QB's vision side make it more difficult to get sacks as well if the pass rusher is in the QB's line of vision compared to a blind side DE like Griffen? Curious to know the answer there.
  14. Vikings extend Danielle Hunter

    Would you consider a "major source" Danielle Hunter himself on May 31, 2018? Roughly 28 days ago? Or do you want to go by websites that are probably a year+ out of date? https://www.twincities.com/2018/05/31/vikings-de-danielle-hunter-stronger-quicker-and-a-year-away-from-payday/ And if you're curious, the list went by height. It's nearly impossible to rank players by size. Sure 6'3, 273 is heavier than a 6'5, 260 player but everybody carries weight/muscle/mass different. Is 260 pounds of pure muscle bigger or smaller than someone who is 273 pounds has less muscle and slightly more fat? (not saying Griffen has any fat on him....he doesn't). Then you get into other factors. Would Hunter at 275 be as effective as he is at 260? Would adding 15 pounds of muscle and/or fat slow him down? Would taking away his biggest weapon (speed) be worth him being at the weight you think he should be at to meet NFL averages? How about talking about height? Would Hunter being 6'3, 260 and more compact instead of be better than him being lean at 6'5, 260? Once again, he's probably losing a lot in speed and certainly losing in the "reach" department. I'm sure you know engaging your hands on a blocker first is very important to shedding blocks and getting to the QB/RB. Then you consider that Hunter is still only 23 years old and his body will naturally put on weight/mass as he gets older so it's likely that in another 5-7 years, he may be closer to 270. If you still want to call Danielle Hunter "undersized" at 6'5, 260....I mean go ahead.
  15. Vikings extend Danielle Hunter

    Here's the height/weight for all Vikings DE's on the roster from biggest to smallest. 6'6/270 6'5/265 6'5/260 6'5/250 6'3/273 6'3/259 6'3/258 Where is Hunter on there? Let's name them! Ade Aruna Stephen Weatherly Danielle Hunter Tashawn Bower Everson Griffen Brian Robison Ifeadi Odenigbo I had NO idea 6'5/260 was considered UNDERSIZED! If Hunter was a 3-4 DE where he's lining up inside, yes....I think he'd be about 20-25 pounds underweight but he's absolutely perfect size for a 4-3 DE