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  1. Wentz, Jones, Rodgers, McLaurin, Allen OTB Looking for #1's and RBs
  2. I wouldn't mind Zimmer using that to get a bit exotic at times....
  3. No excuses for Rick now. And no more "The Vikings never spend capital on the OL!"
  4. I fully expect him to be better than Bubby Brister
  5. We haven't had a QBOTF maybe ever. We're due.
  6. "We REALLY love this QB who is surly coveted by 2-3 teams. Let's just sit here and see if he falls 3 more picks and hope nobody trades up...."
  7. I got a 5:30 alarm. Usually popping my melatonin right now but I'm giving myself a 11pm night-night time instead of 10:30.
  8. Long as it's not out of RD1
  9. That's if there's someone worth trading up for. That's a loooong time away right now. Still not a fan of the two 3rds.
  10. If we got two thirds to drop back nine spots, I'll go pack Rick's office.
  12. Dallas could but they have a pretty good oline if they're healthy. Wouldn't be surprised at all. Chargers? 100%
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