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  1. Rumor has it there's a Gophers WR in the draft who's supposed to be pretty decent....
  2. Seattle should do everything it can to go get Orlando Brown from Baltimore
  3. It's like asking the hot girl at the bar if you can buy her a drink. The worst that can happen is she says "No" In that off 0.00000000000000001% chance she says "OK"....congrats!
  4. I have great faith Klint will have an offense that rivals the KC Chiefs, Packers, 2007 Patriots, or 2002 Rams.
  5. This is the key right here. Why would Zimmer and Rick trade away Cousins for a rebuild when it means Zimmer has a high chance of getting canned and Rick could be right behind him?
  6. Unfortunately there's only one QB in the league available right now who'd be a better option and that's the guy in Houston that we can't get. I really don't know if I want to re-set at QB and go back to 2-3 years of QB hell unless we have a better option than Kirk or the potential to snag a 1st round QB. 2-3 years of another stop-gap pretty much ends Dalvin's prime....Thielen will be near the end....and who knows if Jefferson will pull a Diggs and get crabby if we don't solve the QB issue if we send Kirk away. Vikes had a top-10 offense in 2020. The defense is getting Hunter, Ba
  7. On the outside, they're going to say "Ahh it's just part of the business." On the inside, they're worrying about having to relocate their family, join a new team, new legacy, etc. But, if they took every baseless rumor to heart, they'd go insane so I think they have a way to shut all of that down and move along but I don't think it ever goes away.
  8. Jefferson, Chase, Thielen!!! Hell, put Vike Daddy at QB and he'd throw for 4,300/30. VD's probably more durable than Jimmy G, anyways.
  9. Then they can ride with Jimmy, Mullens, Bethard and finish 6-10 or pay 3x as much for Watson.
  10. You're missing the point. The Vikings have a good offense. Cook, Jefferson, Thielen, Smith. Like I said, 4th in yards, 11th in points. You're asking for Minnesota to give up on all of that and do a hard reset at QB. Starting from scratch. Jimmy ain't it. I don't care what "market value" would be for Kirk (If you really want to think Stafford is *that* much better than Kirk, that's you're opinion I'm not going to agree with). You're asking a top-10 offense to get rid of their QB to improve an NFC team. If you want a team to do that to improve your own team, then pay two fir
  11. Wut? Stafford has had a top-15 WR in Golladay for 4 seasons. Before that? Hall of famer Calvin Johnson for 7 seasons right before that. 11 seasons of at least one great WR. Stafford has a dynamic up & coming TE for two seasons. Stafford has had a consistently better offensive line (2020 #13 vs. 2020 #26) Kirk has certainly had Diggs/Thielen but also one of the worst offensive lines for his entire tenure. I'm not saying that Kirk is better than Stafford but let's not get crazy comparing "situations" that puts Stafford one 1st rounder higher than Kirk because of Kirk's
  12. But any trade will probably involve Jimmy coming to Minnesota. Like I said, if I'm going from a QB who's missed ONE game in his career and lead a top-10 offense to a guy who can't stay on the field, pay up. I really don't get the over-valuing Kirk comment. Kirk is a better QB than Stafford both statistically, health, and record wise. Nobody says boo when Stafford goes for two firsts but Kirk, a better QB, going for two firsts is out of the question? And this is from someone who doesn't like Kirk and his contract.....starting QB's are the most valuable position in all of sports
  13. Why are we still thinking Jimmy G is a decent QB? He's played ONE full season in his career. Outside of that one season, he's never played more than 6 games. Mitch Trubisky is an upgrade over Jimmy G because at least Mitch can play the game. If the Vikings are essentially going to start from ground level at QB and SF wants to make an impact during their window, I want above-market value and two firsts in return for splitting up the offense with the 4th most yards and 11th most points. Minnesota holds the cards. If we're going to openly let an NFC team improve by taking our QB, then
  14. 3-way trade! Minnesota gets: Watson from Houston Houston gets: Jimmy G, #12, 2021 1st from SF....#14 from MN SF gets: Kirk
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