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  1. Sshhhh, don't tell me how the second half ends...

    Pretty favorable schedule....this far out at least. Should sweep Green Bay and Detroit. Split with Chicago. Should easily beat: Oakland, Giants, Dallas Should beat: Washington, Denver, NFC South game (Carolina never scares me, and Brees may be retired) Toss ups: Philly, Denver, Chargers, Chiefs, NFC East game. I see us getting 10 wins and winning 2 of the toss up games.... 11-5....12-4 doesn't seem far fetched with that schedule (based on week 10 of this season....wwwaaaayyyyyyy early)
  2. Week 11: VIKINGS (5-3-1) at Bears (6-3)

    According to VB1228 Football Slightly Unfocused..... No team has lost if they score 51 points or more in an NFL game. So it's pretty simple....all the Vikings need to do is score 51 points against the Bears and they're virtually assured victory. It's THAT easy! Whoop!
  3. Sshhhh, don't tell me how the second half ends...

    In my opinion, the team has yet to give me a reason to confident. We're 5-3-1.....have yet to beat a team over .500 and had an absolutely miserable loss to a dreadful team. Let me see what they do in the next 2 weeks and I'll get back to you. Right now, it's more cautious optimism rather than confidence.
  4. How did our defense become so offensive??

    Well, that's just implied. Speaking of urinals.... There's a design flaw at the new stadium. Between sections 116 and 112, there's TWO women's bathrooms but only ONE men's bathrooms. The men's bathroom has a constant line during the game. There's NEVER a line in the woman's room. Even during halftime. It should be the other way around....2 men's.....1 women's.
  5. How did our defense become so offensive??

    You know what I was just thinking about? Remember how great the defense was for 2/3rds of the season then dropped off with little to no pass rush in the playoffs? With the defense peaking nearly halfway through the season, maybe the defense will have enough juice heading into the playoffs this time around. Not only that but Griffen kept some miles off him when he was away, we have a good DE rotation, and we should get more pressure up the middle. Maybe the slow start is a good thing and we'll stay peaked at the right time?
  6. The 2018 Kirk Cousins Megathread

    Sigh....... I thought the dumb joke was obvious.....
  7. The 2018 Kirk Cousins Megathread

    "A team like the Browns" aka a crappy mess of a team who never wins Learn to read! Yeeeeesh!
  8. The 2018 Kirk Cousins Megathread

    Why can't we ever play a garbage team like the Browns in the NFC Championship game?!?!?!? Why does it always have to be good teams?!
  9. Le'Veon Bell -Farewell Miami

    Going into 2019, who are the teams that will be looking heavily at Bell? Philly? Denver? Indy? Seattle?
  10. Le'Veon Bell -Farewell Miami

    Oh dear God no. I went through 2018 as a James Conner owner (Dynasty) waiting to know if Bell was going to eat into Conner's stats. I'm not doing it again in 2019 as a James White owner, damnit!
  11. Sshhhh, don't tell me how the second half ends...

    I HATE Three Stooges but adore Laurel & Hardy. I grew up on Laurel & Hardy videos. My father used to wake me up at 1am every other Sunday when I was 7-8 and we'd make some popcorn and watch Laurel & Hardy. Good days.
  12. How did our defense become so offensive??

    I was never a fan of Sendejo. Doesn't bother me in the least that he's probably done here.
  13. Sshhhh, don't tell me how the second half ends...

    This was the hot show when Vike Daddy was nearing retirement age!
  14. Sshhhh, don't tell me how the second half ends...

    That's not laughable and that's what I was talking about that there's OTHER reasons to say the Vikings will lose in New England. Not saying "Well they lost to them 4 years ago so that means there's no chance they win in 3 weeks!" like you were referencing. Tendencies work when teams play regularly, not 3 times every 12 seasons. If they played last season and you told me "Well New England handily beat the Vikings last year so I think that will carry over to this year." I'd say "Solid point." But there's no use in referencing a game 4 years ago to use as why they won't win in 2018. The 2014 game has zero correlation to this game. None. Two different teams and the stadium the game was played in is no longer a NFL stadium. Vegas isn't going to look back to 2014 and set their line for the 2018 game based on that. By the way.....I don't think they'll win either. But it's not the "sure loss" you and others think it will be.
  15. Bills release QB Nate Peterman

    I hear that upon his release, Peterman wanted to get into coaching. Reports say that the 0-9 North Central High School 10th grade team said no thanks to Mr. Peterman and will go forward with 87 year old school librarian Mrs. Agnes Abernathy as head coach.