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  1. Vikings are 3-4off the bye in Zimmer's tenure. Lets square they up next Sunday, eh?
  2. If only this team could play well at all three facets of the game at once. So sick of the offense playing great/defense sucks. Defense playing great/offense sucks. Defense and offense playing great/special teams sucks, etc. etc.
  3. WTF their OL just tackled whoever was running after Darnold there
  4. Zimmer is hiring the OC he wants to run the offense he wants.
  5. Sooooooo You typically don't want to do that.
  6. This franchise has been waiting for a franchise QB since Fran Tarkenton. After Kirk, it's unproven project Kellen Mond currently QB1. Do we still move on from Kirk when we can or do we hope he takes a more team friendly deal? We're not losing because of him as he's put his team in position to win in at least 2 of our 3 losses and things would be *a lot* worse without him i.e. 1-4 with the season over before week six. Buuuuut we can't be stuck in cap hell for the next half decade either.
  7. The hell is the video of Zim shoving Kirk after the Field Goal?
  8. This team is going to suffer Marvin Lewis syndrome. Good enough to sniff the playoffs. Never a threat to win in the playoffs. Don't get any decent picks. Can't afford Free agents. Just end it.
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