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  1. Top Ten DB's

    No Fred Smoot? This list is invalid.
  2. Guice ??? for camp with a hammy

    Well, I am a Minnesota sports fan after-all. I know what you mean lol
  3. Guice ??? for camp with a hammy

    Don't know why you guys are panicking so much and giving up.... We had the EXACT same situation with Dalvin Cook (tears ACL rookie year) and he came back the next season, tweaked his hammy, missed 5.5 games, and finished the season strong.
  4. Top Ten Viking Receivers

    No Troy Williamson? This list is invalid.
  5. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    Welp. Weatherly's week is ruined.
  6. NFL proposed 18 game season to NFLPA with 16 games per player limit

    I don't know if it was just the Vikings but the pre-season games are about half price of the regular season tickets. Started a couple years ago.
  7. NFL proposed 18 game season to NFLPA with 16 games per player limit

    Or imagine if you're playing a team who's star QB missed 2 games in the regular season due to injury. Pat Mahomes misses two games for whatever reason. Well, he already sat out his two games. Now the Chargers, who couldn't sit Rivers in weeks 1-16 because they're battling for a playoff spot, have to trot out Tyrod Taylor to start against Mahomes as Rivers is in street clothes. It's stupid.
  8. Top 10 Linebackers

    No Napoleon Harris? This list is invalid.
  9. Top 10 Viking Running Backs

    No Adimchinobe Echemandu? This list is invalid.
  10. Adrian Peterson

    Only because they need to make sure they're not talking about Adrian N. Peterson formerly of the Chicago Bears.
  11. Kareem Hunt Involved in Bar Fight

    Going to wait for a more reputable source to report on this but IF true, Kareem was given a second chance at his career and is on very thin ice.....At what point does he say "Maybe I should stop getting myself into these situations?" It's just something I'll never understand. But like I said....no police report....not photos/video....no reputable source reporting it. Pointing towards B.S.
  12. Hill Interviewed by NFL for 8 Hours

    EDIT: We're getting off football discussion. I'll take a Chiefs fan's word for it that he's changed.
  13. Hill Interviewed by NFL for 8 Hours

    Really? I don't get that sense one bit. Making threats like "You should be afraid of me" to the woman he admitted to beating previously really doesn't scream "grown" and "maturity" to me. I mean I guess you can be glad he's not hit her or the child (as far we know) but there's still something seriously wrong about the guy. I guess you can be happy that he's grown from a physical abuser to a mental abuser. That's a plus, I guess? As for him missing time....Watkins shouldn't be hurt yet and you always have Kelce. I think you'll be just fine.
  14. Hill Interviewed by NFL for 8 Hours

    It won't be as big. He's shown t be a risk to the team so I doubt they're going to fully trust him Either they're going to offer him something smaller or they're going to protect the heck out of themselves by distributing the money early.
  15. Hill Interviewed by NFL for 8 Hours

    After those phone call recordings game out, I honestly have zero idea how the NFL lets him play in their league. To me, it shows that the stuff he went through in college is still Tyreek Hill in 2019. The "front" he put on from the draft until these recent events show that it's just that, a front. I have no idea how someone who has truly changed for the better can still come out and say the things that he did. That behavior is 100% still there. I just don't know how the NFL can say "Yeah, it seems like he's in a better place. Suspended for 8 games but we'll allow him back on a leash" when it's obvious the guy hasn't changed or matured since college. He's just going to put on the front again until he loses his mind and strikes his GF/wife and/or child. I honestly hope to God this guy never touches an NFL field again. He's 100% pure trash and I have no idea how anyone can defend him at this point. We're well past "He was young. He made a stupid mistake." Buuuuuuut....odds are the NFL suspends him, says something like "we're getting him some help" and let's him play after 8 games or so. Why? He's a great talent and will generate $$$.