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  1. Not vikesfan89 but I'd start improving the offense by drafting a QB in every round of the draft until one works out.
  2. I don't see Atlanta being in among the worst teams in a few weeks. They've had two completely horrible choke jobs but that offense is still pretty good. They're good for 5-6 wins minimum. Don't see the Eagles being that bad all year. Broncos....they might be top 10 pending Lock being hurt Giants....Without Barkley, they may struggle if Jones can't step up. Texans...don't see Watson letting them be towards the bottom Jets.....disaster Bengals....may be bad but there's no worry about them going QB Other teams that do need or could need a QB due to old QB w/records: Panthers....1-2....Teddy ain't it as much as we love him Saints....1-1....Brees nearing the end Tampa....2-1....Brady nearing the end Bears....3-0.....how they're 3-0....who knows.... Raiders....2-1....Carr probably ain't it for Gruden but not a bottom team Jags....1-2....I don't think they believe Minshew is it Steelers...3-0.....Big Ben is getting old Out of those 7 teams, only the Jags and Panthers are a team I don't see being decent. I don't know what to think of Chicago.... I know it's super early but as of week 3, there's 5 or 6 teams that need a QB and are vying for early picks.
  3. Here's a list of winless teams.... Vikings: Need a QB soon Atlanta: Need a QB soon Giants: Took Jones 6th in 2019. Won't draft QB in 2021 Eagles: Wentz isn't looking good. Drafted Hurts 53rd in 2020. Probably won't go QB in 2021 Broncos: Took Lock 42nd in 2019. Porbably won't go QB with that defense Texans: Have Watson, not drafting QB Jets: Could go QB but still have Darnold....who knows.... Bengals (0-2-1): Just drafted Burrow #1 So out of those 8 teams, 3 (Vikes, Falcons, Jets) would probably go for QBs early
  4. Zimmer, for whatever reason, has been poor with clock management his entire HC career. It's pretty mind-boggling, actually.
  5. Zimmer's style is fine to be 9-7...10-6...even 11-5. Enough to get you invited to the party but not enough to get into the VIP section. Once they reach the playoffs and you're facing teams with either a similarly good defense or a high-powered offense OR BOTH, Zimmer's style isn't good enough to compete with the top-7 teams in the league with the elite QBs. When you're not going to be able to contain Mahomes or Jackson or whomever, you're going to need to have an offense that can keep you in it or come from behind. Zimmer's "establish the run" offense isn't going to work against those teams. Kirk isn't a QB where you can say "OK, Kirk. we're down 10...the defense isn't there today. Go win the game for us." Sadly, that's what you're going to need in the 2020 version of the NFL. You can't rely on your defense keeping Mahomes under 20 points and grind out a 28-19 win that relied on ball control and running the clock. Not when Mahomes can go 80 yards in 2 minutes like a warm knife through butter.
  6. Maybe Zimmer wasn't playing to his aging CB's strengths at age 30 or whatever he is?
  7. Yep. If we do go that route, just clean house. Whether it's Zimmer on down or Rick on down....the promoting from within thing is dangerous and could lead to old habits from previous regimes.
  8. I'm aware. I didn't phrase that correctly with the "but" in there.
  9. He'd be nice but if I get rid of Zimmer, I'm cleaning house and starting a-new. Complete shake up rather than promoting from within.
  10. We're going on a decade with a defensive minded HC. In today's NFL, you have all these offensive geniuses with offenses that can't be stopped even when they are stopped. We need a dynamic offense and a good defense. The narrative of "defense wins championships" is being destroyed by the likes of Mahomes, Jackson, Watson, Rodgers, Allen, Peterman, etc. and we need to stop living in 1982 and put together an offense that can put up 35 if the defense is getting killed by Mahomes.
  11. At least it was an entertaining loss with some fun plays.
  12. What a weird game....it feels like we dominated yet we still lost....
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