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  1. FF Vikings Dynasty League - Discussion

    That works for me. Could you randomize the draft in the middle of next week (Wednesday or Thursday) so we have a couple days to prepare?
  2. FF Vikings Dynasty League - Discussion

    With our Sleeper host, the draft will be done on that rather than the message boards. On Sleeper, you just log on from your phone/CPU, enter the draft room that will have all available players listed, you select a player, and that's it. You're not waiting on a commish to jump onto FF to see the pick, insert the pick, and tag the next person up and the cycle starts again. The app also has alerts which lets you know when it's your time to pick so it'd pay off to have the app on your phone to make things go faster. EDIT: The app is free, btw. I think we should be done in a week but like you said, at least we're not rushing to get it done before September so if it goes two weeks....it goes two weeks. When we did our start-up draft via chatroom a few years ago, it took from June 3rd-July 8th to get the 25-man rosters done (double picks, no player list, commish having to insert everything onto Yahoo, etc. When the empire pot hit and we switched to Sleeper this past winter, we had our draft starting the Monday after the Super Bowl....we were done that Thursday night.
  3. FF Vikings Dynasty League - Discussion

    When you're doing offline via Sleeper, there's no time limit on the app itself so it'd be a league thing to keep track of the time limit. The app itself won't skip or auto-draft so that'd be up to the commish. We've never had anyone miss the time limit but we can figure out if we want to skip that person until they get their pick in (ala our Vikings) or give them the highest ranked player regardless of position. It's as simple as the commish clicking on the draft slot and clicking "assign player to slot." You can either assign that slot a place holder player (we usually scroll down to the bottom of the QB list and select a out of league QB) or assign them the next highest ranked player.
  4. FF Vikings Dynasty League - Discussion

    Sorry for my long replies to the questions btw lol. Trying to explain my reasoning for those who have never done dynasty leagues before to give a little insight on how it works and help them with their decisions.
  5. FF Vikings Dynasty League - Discussion

    I vote offline. 24 rounds is going to be an absolute chore to finish in one sitting and getting everyone together for 3-4 hours will be a pain. An offline start-up draft will take around 5 days to finish....7 days MAX if we impose an 8 hour time limit (clock doesn't run from 11pm-8am so people can sleep and not have to worry). If everyone is prepared and has a list of a few players to draft if their pick is coming up, 8 hours should be PLENTY of time throughout the day to pick someone during a poop break or during lunch at work. Like I said in an earlier post, my league's 25 round start-up took 3.5 days. The app we're using makes drafting so utterly simple that you can log-in on your phone, look at your queue, and make your pick within a minute. The longest time between picks (besides non-sleeping hours) was 4.75 hours. We had periods where we finished 2-3 rounds in a couple hours (usually a weekday night from like 6-9pm) There's no making your pick on the message board then waiting for Klomp to read it then him having to input it into the league. Sleeper is built to handle off-line drafts where you can make the pick yourself and you have a list of 2,000 players right in front of you. The rookie draft (5 rounds) will take a couple days at most. As for when we start, leagues have been drafting since the Super Bowl ended. It's fun to do it during the doldrums of the off-season. Injuries are going to happen regardless if it's in August or September so they really don't worry me. Just gotta draft the best players you can and hope for the best. I'd also vote on seeing the rookie draft be held a week after the main draft to allow trading of draft picks (which is very fun). Say we start the draft on Mon. June 3rd (random date).....if you randomize the draft on June 1(or sooner), that gives teams 2-3 days to prepare for the draft which makes for quicker drafting. It'll take 30 mins to an hour to set up your queue before the draft with 20+ players and it pays to have 5 or more players on it at all times to make quick picks.
  6. FF Vikings Dynasty League - Discussion

    Because some think the #1 pick in fantasy sucks to have. If you're picking 1st, sure you get the best player but you have to wait 23 picks until their second pick while the #12 team gets two of the top 13 players. So the #12 team not only gets two top-13 players in the main draft but also two top-13 players in the rookie draft since they get the 1st pick in ALL rounds which puts them at a huge advantage right from the get go.That's not even considering trade value of the 1st overall pick in the rookie draft. If they package the #1 with another player or pick, then they have a dynasty on their hands and they're laughing their way to titles. Then with the #1 pick in the main and #12 in the rookie, you get the #12 pick and have to wait 12 more picks to select again which screws them because it's not a snake draft. It's linear like the NFL draft. Also, teams in the middle are kinda boned as well. If you get the 6th pick....you're kinda screwed out of the top-5 players in both drafts. If you randomize, it gives everyone a chance at the #1 pick in the rookie draft. Sure, you can repeat #1's but at least it gives everyone a fair shot at the top pick. You don't want one roll of the dice giving a team a massive advantage or disadvantage. It's not like we do this all over again next year. You're potentially setting a team or two up for success and failure for years to come. If you wanted to reverse order, then you'd have to also do a snake rookie draft which is fine as well. I just like the thought of giving people equal chances at a good pick in both drafts. It's the 2nd most fair way to do it outside of drafting picks.
  7. FF Vikings Dynasty League - Discussion

    I've been in a dynasty league dating back to 2009. I've been in a dynasty league that made it one season. They go on as long as the league lasts. If an owners quits/becomes inactive, you replace him and find someone to take over the team Empire leagues are leagues operated exactly like dynasty leagues but in Empire, if a team wins back-to-back championships, the league begins anew and there's a total re-draft of rosters. Say the entry fee per season is $50....$25 of that goes into the yearly pot and $25 goes into the Empire pot. The yearly pot goes to that years winner. If a team goes back-to-back, they get the empire pot which has been building up. When our empire pot hit, the winner got $600 from the season pot & $3,600 from the empire pot (6 years worth of $100 buy-in's.)
  8. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    A return specialist or kick returner is a player on the special teams unit of an American football or Canadian football team who specializes in returning punts and kickoffs. There are few players who are exclusively return specialists; most also play another position such as wide receiver, defensive back, or running back.
  9. FF Vikings Dynasty League - Discussion

    There's a few different ways to do it. 1. Start-up draft then separate rookie draft. Rookie draft order decided by randomizing (my choice) 2. Start-up draft then separate rookie draft. Rookie draft picks are selected in the start-up draft (a little more work) 3. Start-up draft where vets & rookies are to be drafted. (my #2 choice) The upside about #1 is that you get to do two drafts during the boring time of the NFL off-season and can trade draft picks for a week or two before the rookie draft. Downside about #2 is that you have to keep track of the draft picks (A team would have to select a random player out of the league and declare he represents pick 1.6) Upside about #3 is you'll have a slightly better FA pool and you get things done quicker. Based on experience of doing off-line drafts, we're looking at 3-5 days to do 24 rounds. About 2-3 days to do a 5 round rookie draft.
  10. FF Vikings Dynasty League - Discussion

    I'm here. Ready to draft. Although, we should 100% start with the start-up draft with non-rookies then do a rookie draft after the start-up draft. I'd rather draft rookies to supplement a roster than to start one. First year would probably need to be randomized rookie draft order and moving forward, it'd be like the NFL draft with the worst teams picking first.
  11. FF Vikings Dynasty League Signup

    Keeper with 2-5 players is 100x easier than 24-man rosters where you have to do rookie only drafts and have a lot of other aspects to dynasty that ESPN/Yahoo/NFL.com don't support yet such as year-round access to rosters so you can make transactions (trades, free agency, adds/drops, drafts) in the off-season and can keep track of everything on the site rather than spreadsheets, emails, etc. It's just easier to use a platform specifically designed for dynasty to host a dynasty league.
  12. FF Vikings Dynasty League Signup

    ESPN is great but doesn't support dynasty leagues yet which kills the off-season. You can't trade, add, or drop players from February-August which means you're either locking the league or you need to keep track of it by hand which becomes a headache. Also, it doesn't support rookie drafts which is a HUGE part of dynasty. So yes....ESPN & Yahoo are great for re-draft leagues but they're not built to handle dynasty/keeper leagues.
  13. FF Vikings Dynasty League Signup

    I'd assume League Safe has the protection aspect covered being they deal with probably hundreds of thousands of dollars or more per year.
  14. FF Vikings Dynasty League Signup

    Since the site doesn't deal with money, I don't see a posse of Russian hackers trying to break into fantasy football teams and screw with their rosters
  15. FF Vikings Dynasty League Signup

    Stick to your re-draft leagues, kid. Let the adults play dynasty Only kidding!