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  1. The Minnesota (insert name here)

    Minnesota Pot Holes
  2. No fans at Bills games during Covid

    So if the NFL doesn't allow fans this season, what are the odds season ticket holders get free subs to NFL Sunday Ticket? Not good, I'd assume?
  3. Dalvin Cook Holding Out

    I'd struggle to give him 10/year 8/year w/ performance and health incentives is the highest I'd go
  4. The Iron Chef!!

    That wouldn't be it....
  5. Dalvin Cook Holding Out

    Well....starting high is certainly a negotiating tactic...
  6. The Iron Chef!!

    So it begins....
  7. 2020 Minnesota Vikings Opponents & Schedule

    I actually think that it's the best part of the schedule (fan wise). 5 day rest is not ideal team wise Open some presents Friday morning, head to the bar, and watch some football. Whoop it up and deal with the hangover Saturday/Sunday.
  8. 2020 Minnesota Vikings Opponents & Schedule

    Correct. Such a constant pain in the butt to get into the tailgate lots (mostly on Monday/Thursday)
  9. 2020 Minnesota Vikings Opponents & Schedule

    Saweet! A 3:25 game at home and ZERO night games! WE DID IT!!!
  10. 2020 Minnesota Vikings Opponents & Schedule

    Please...no Sunday/Monday night games at home....
  11. Predict the Final 53: The Far Too Early Version

    I dunno. I think this is the year Mannion finally beats out Kirk.
  12. 2020 Minnesota Vikings Draft Class

    Pretty excited to hear that Nate Stanley is being held back by Zimmer and Spielman because they don't want fans chanting "STANLEY! STANLEY! STANLEY!" when Kirk throws an INT and how he's pretty much our HOF QBOTF.
  13. 4.132 - MIN: Troy Dye LB/Oregon

    OK that's interesting.
  14. 2020 NFL Draft - Day Two Discussion

    But on the same, a lot of these later round players aren't going to get up to speed as fast due to lack of OTA's and might end up cut or practice squaded because of such.
  15. 2020 NFL Draft - Day Two Discussion

    Baltimore literally has the last pick lol