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  1. How would adding, say, Tee Higgins instead of Jordan Love have subtracted from the 2020 GBP?
  2. He brings it up because it’s funny. You’re right, technically, Funchess was a number 1. I also agree that this whole “not a real number one” is a function of fantasy football. At one point, Johnny effin Knox was a number 1. So I’m on your side here. The thing is, in 2021 no one really talks about number 1 receivers like that anymore, so you guys were basically just talking past each other. In today’s football lexicon, calling Funchess a number 1 is ridiculous….and funny
  3. Relax. It’s probably out of context or Nagy isn’t a precise speaker. For example, what if Dalton dies tomorrow, or gets his lung punctured by a team doctor? That’s literally one scenario where Fields would start. HOPEFULLY, the way fields starts over Dalton is that he is demonstrably far and away better than Dalton in the preseason.
  4. *in camp* is probably the operative phase here. But what about in preseason play?
  5. Shakur is Uber talented. Just a superior boxer through and through. I’m afraid he might lack elite power and the desire to take risks which could land him in BooBoo Andrade territory. He was masterful, but I’m sure many causal fans were turned off by him tonight. On to Inoue.
  6. Someone should call Mark Murphy and tell him: “Don’t be the problem.”
  7. Re: his legacy Whether right or wrong, it seems to me that most people outside of GB fans view Rodgers’ legacy as an elite/all-time great QB who carried the team on his back for the better part of a decade. If he retires, his legacy take little to no hit.
  8. This was kind of my question when I asked "is there a penalty for malingering?"
  9. Say he shows up just before the season begins so he doesn't lose a ton of money, is there a penalty against malingering? He's a professional, so I don't think he'd do that, but it is an interesting thought, if he were to be that petty.
  10. Who? It’s not like Floyd’s been some KO king >140lbs
  11. He probably schools Garcia. Davis is an interesting fight. He loses to Loma and Lopez imo
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