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  1. Let's say Rodgers demands to be traded to a specific team (Broncos for example) and that he's adamant about not returning to GB. What happens if the Broncos don't want to meet the Packers' steep asking price? Could Rodgers just decide to stay for his last year, collect his $46+M and be a healthy scratch each week like Desean Watson, and tell the Packers' front office "you have no cap space available? Not my problem, figure it out." This would make him a free agent next offseason and he can choose where he want's to go and for how much. (I think) This would also preclude the Packers from franch
  2. Will be interesting to see Josh Allen and Justin Herbert "start over."
  3. Clearly he did if his preferred choice wasn't picked.
  4. Your reverse jinx has no power here.
  5. Fine, then ask “What was your grade on and how do you feel about Mitch Trubisky?”
  6. The only villains in the NFL are the packers, tbh
  7. Anyone whose top priority is to develop Fields and put him in the best position to win.
  8. He won’t win the MVP, but Mahomes is the best QB in the NFL
  9. A Stafford pick feels like an inevitability if they don’t take this to OT
  10. Sorry, I thought we were talking about the real world here.
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