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  1. Random question, but is there any change Jacques Patrick gets the bulk of carries if Mitchell and Sermon are out (Hasty has already been ruled out too, iirc)?
  2. What does SF's runningback depth chart look like for this game specifically?
  3. Fields will not relinquish the starting role for the next decade barring injury.
  4. What about Jeff Saturday (even though he’s more associated with the Colts).
  5. Can you guys stfu and talk about Justin Fields?
  6. I guess we'll find out when Eli Mitchell runs for 200 yards next week.
  7. Well, a consolation is that we Packers defense appears to sucks balls. We should see SF run wild next week….should.
  8. Sheesh, that pass rush is non-existent. I love it.
  9. He really does look like he doesn’t want to be there, lol
  10. Rodgers with the great body language /s
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