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  1. Week 3 GDT - Titans @ Jaguars

    Yeah, I didn’t even touch on that. At no point in that game did I even come close to struggling to differentiate between the teams.
  2. He was puking on the sidelines pre game, sick, not fatigue related.
  3. Week 3 GDT - Titans @ Jaguars

    https://slate.com/culture/2018/09/the-titans-and-jaguars-jerseys-made-an-already-awful-tennessee-jacksonville-game-worse.html I love that everyone hates the QB protection rules and everything favoring the offense, but then is crazy quick to bash an actual defensive battle.
  4. Week 3 GDT - Titans @ Jaguars

    It also doesn’t even matter if he hit Gabbert in the head, he ducked and led with the crown of his helmet, which is a penalty regardless.
  5. Week 3 GDT - Titans @ Jaguars

    He’s bad though. He benefits from a good offensive system that coddles him more than any other quarterback in football. The majority of his throws are crossers. He’s clearly been told to avoid difficult throws and to punt and let the defense handle things. Hell, last week was the best I’ve ever seen him and you could still count on one hand the number of completions he made into tight windows. He’s not a good quarterback. Frankly, he’s the exact same guy he was early in his career. He just has the benefit of a run game and an elite defense to take all of the pressure off of him. There are probably 25 guys that could run the offense just as well. And at least one unemployed QB that would scare me a hell of a lot more.
  6. AFC South Discussion Thread

    Nah, Jags were 2-0.
  7. Week 3 GDT - Titans @ Jaguars

    Jags fake punt was so bad. Last week, it made sense for us, we desperately needed to chase points. For the Jags, they’re supposed to be the better team, the last thing you can do is hand us momentum.
  8. Week 3 GDT - Titans @ Jaguars

    Fox just ran through the games. Every game got a highlight and words. Except Titans/Jags.
  9. Week 3 GDT - Titans @ Jaguars

    I do agree that starting Gabbert was baffling. Immediately clear Marcus gave us a better chance to win. Once we opened up the offense, even just a little, we were at least able to move the ball against the best defense in football.
  10. Week 3 GDT - Titans @ Jaguars

    My hope before all the injuries, before everything, was to get out of these first four at 2-2, now that’s the worst case.
  11. Week 3 GDT - Titans @ Jaguars

    I wasn’t thrilled about the hire, but a ton of credit to Pees today. This was a game where we couldn’t go bend but don’t break and allow a bunch of FGs and he called it exactly how he needed to.
  12. Has to be Cann. Thought your backs played fine, the second hole in the line was massive.
  13. Week 3 GDT - Titans @ Jaguars

    We’ve won consecutive games due to our coaching staff simply being better than the opponents. It’s incredible.
  14. Week 3 GDT - Titans @ Jaguars

    I said it before the season and I said it before the game, the Jaguars will never truly scare me as long as Bortles is there. He’s a bad quarterback. He’s always been a bad quarterback. But what a win. On the road. Unbelievable.
  15. Week 3 GDT - Titans @ Jaguars

    Vrabel with two goddamn signature wins in his first three games.