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  1. We never really know. If I had to guess, I’d say probably. There’s usually at least one or two spots where we need replacements every year. Anyways, yeah, draft is usually somewhere around Labor Day. Try to make it after the preseason to avoid surprise injuries like the Cam Akers one that just hit.
  2. For what it’s worth, Bucks in 6 is essentially a meme that dates back to a Brandon Jennings quote from seven or eight years ago.
  3. There’s a reason I was trying to trade lol. Just couldn’t move off the 1 point for 20 passing yards and non-PPR. It feels gross haha.
  4. Alright. Fine. Trevor Lawrence, QB, Jaguars.
  5. Lol. Booker, a pure flailing jump shooter, shot more free throws than Giannis tonight and actively tried to foul himself out with four minutes left in a NBA finals game. But ok.
  6. The ultimate win-now move for a winless team lol. There’s a couple PM’s out, I’ll make sure not to hold this thing up forever. Looking for a RB or WR in a move back.
  7. Giannis. Jesus Christ. Just so ridiculous.
  8. I’m open to trading #1, though will probably just pick tomorrow. Shoot me an offer if interested.
  9. Every single player and coach not named Giannis should be ashamed of themselves for what they wasted tonight. That was a legacy game for Giannis if even one other player even bothered showing up.
  10. Oh yeah, maximum pain is the finals loss where Bud buys himself another year or two. So that’s the obvious bet.
  11. As a Bucks fan, I’ll never feel confident in the playoffs, but I feel pretty comfortable with this match up.
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