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  1. I’m truly fascinated to see what Clowney’s market is. Another injury, worst year of his career, teams have less money and it’s a strong EDGE FA class. I have absolutely no idea what he’s going to get.
  2. Just not interested in a versatile ILB that can blitz but is a liability in coverage. Not after Bowen showed zero ability to utilize Evans.
  3. My major requirement for any Clowney signing is that he signs by the end of April. The second he shows a hint that he wants to wait to make a decision I’m hanging up the phone and never talking to him again lol.
  4. This makes sense to me and fits with what “The Guy” told @KingTitan
  5. If we make the secondary worse, which is what handing a starting job to a guy that was terrible as a rookie and giving extended playing time to a below average FA does, any improvement in the pass rush is going to be wiped out. Does anyone else remember spending 20+ million on the pass rush last year so we could go with a cheap FA and an early draft pick at corner? It would be even worse this year since at least in 2020 you had the excuse of thinking you had two established corners on the roster.
  6. I’m just not going to take anything from last year when it comes to Adoree. It was a mess, but it also went completely against what we had seen when healthy. And FA is loaded with corners that are either ancient, pure nickels, or have injury histories far more extensive than Adoree’s.
  7. The problem with this plan, just like the problem with the guys that want to cut Butler, is that this FA CB class is absolutely terrible. In a passing league with almost zero quality outside corners available, you’re going to be paying $10 million for an even passable boundary corner.
  8. Getting rid of Adoree only makes us worse and then we’re stuck hoping to find a suitable replacement among lower-tier options in free agency. We’re not going to suddenly have an incredible pass rush, making the secondary worse only makes things more difficult on the pass rushers, as we saw last year when Clowney was getting plenty of pressures and hurried but no sacks because we couldn’t hold coverage for more than two seconds.
  9. We don’t have the cap room to maintain the offense, build a pass rush and overhaul the secondary. Trading or releasing Adoree only creates more issues.
  10. Really thought the link would bring over the positional sort lol.
  11. https://www.pff.com/nfl/free-agency?season=2021 It really is a pretty good FA class, if we could add one of the top five or six and then a rotational guy from the second half of the top 20, it’d be such a huge boost.
  12. I’d put Ngakoue above Dupree. And probably toss Reddick somewhere in there as well. Dupree would be right with Judon. Two players that I like but aren’t major impact guys that will probably get paid more than their production dictates.
  13. What a useless tweet from Glazer lol. Great information after he signs with the Cardinals.
  14. The only thing that will prevent Kyler from being a franchise guy is Kingsbury. Which is fully possible. Might just be the West Coast version of Deshaun and BOB.
  15. I mean, they can always free up room, but this signing alone puts them above the cap, almost certainly can’t afford the pass rusher tag now.
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