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  1. Titania Keeper League - Year 5 - When to draft?

    Yeah, five years in and I still don't really know if there's a way for the site to do it. You are able to look at last year's draft, so between the list on the first page and last year's draft, it's not too tough to figure out the price to keep a player.
  2. The Everything Else Thread v. 8.0

    New Titans ESPN guy thinks hot dogs are sandwiches. Strongly considering unfollowing him.
  3. Preseason Week 2 GDT: Panthers (1-0) at Titans (0-1)

    I can't get over how much we tried to improve the receiving group and now, two weeks into the preseason, we're going to be watching Harry Douglas play with the ones tomorrow.
  4. Titania Keeper League - Year 5 - When to draft?

    @Titans fan 617 @titans_5 @TitanSlim @-Hope- @ragevsuall17 @ttitansfan4life @tntitans4life17 @grizzans3222 @TheDeeeeej @RuskieTitan Just checking again, does next Sunday (probably around 7 p.m. central) work for everyone?
  5. Titania Keeper League - Year 5 - When to draft?

    Everyone seems to be fine with the 27th, which is next Sunday. I was worried about Labor Day weekend, mostly because I figured somebody or multiple people would be out of town. If anyone can't make the 27th work, let me know and we can talk about Labor Day weekend. I will set the keeper deadline for a week from yesterday. I just set the date and time for the draft and keeper deadline, so you should be able to select your own keepers now. When you hover over my team on the page, the last option should say "choose keepers." If you post them in here, I can also just add them manually.
  6. What Are You Thinking About v.CC

    False. Such a concept does not exist. Agreed.
  7. AFC South Discussion Thread

    So this has taken a wild turn.
  8. Quarterback Throw Distance Data

    From Mariota (Deep passing): Year Completions Attempts Yards TDs INTs Passer Rating 2016 19 50 643 6 3 100.4 2015 8 40 266 3 3 48.5 Total 27 90 909 9 6 74.7 It's impressive just how absolutely dreadful his deep ball was his rookie year. I was looking for an easy way to compare how he was in '16 compared to '15, so this was real helpful.
  9. AFC South Discussion Thread

    Man, I'm going to be so disappointed when we end up splitting with the Jags again this season.
  10. AFC South Discussion Thread

    I just don't know how you can ride with this guy. He's just so incredibly broken at this point. I don't know if anything will fix him, but his last chance to salvage his career might be to just sit for a year and only work on the fundamentals and straightening out his mechanics. Which is a shame for him, because there's virtually no chance the Jaguars would even consider letting him do that with him being a FA next year.
  11. AFC South Discussion Thread

    I'm hopeful that playing with Bortles another year will make Allen Robinson demand a trade when he's tagged next offseason. He's just being wasted with a guy that can't even take advantage of his massive catch radius.
  12. AFC South Discussion Thread

    I legitimately think there's a real chance that we'll be facing Chad Henne in Week 2.
  13. The Everything Else Thread v. 8.0

    Yeah, I'm fine with it. I just know that some people get really worked up about it and wanted to hopefully cut that off before it started.
  14. The Everything Else Thread v. 8.0

    We shouldn't dive too deep into the political aspects of this. I'll just say that as this becomes more common, the excuses for Blake Bortles being a starting NFL quarterback while Colin Kaepernick remains unemployed will only look sillier. Anyways, I and I imagine the team as a whole are entirely unaffected by this. I can't pretend to relate to it, but if they think it's an effective message, more power to them.
  15. Would You Have Traded a WR for Darby?

    I'm assuming Sharpe wouldn't do it. And, given our history at receiver, I wouldn't consider dealing any of the top three. If you trade Matthews and then Decker or Davis goes down, you're right back to Harry Douglas playing a lot of snaps. Darby was rough last year. I get why the Eagles took the shot on him, but I'm not willing to sacrifice a receiving option for Mariota in the hopes that he bounces back.