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  1. Lost $300 on a four-game parlay that I hit the first three legs on. God I hate the Patriots.
  2. It’s Rap, so big worth a ton, but some hope Julio plays this week. Also the casual mention of the expectation that Derrick will return.
  3. Well, guess we can discuss this game. Pretty much a must win.
  4. And my other complaint would be that both pass attempts involved us taking away half of the field with the designed rollout. It took a great pass to our third-string tight end to even have a shot on the first one and the second one was hopeless from the get go. At least on a drop back there’s a chance a running lane opens up for RT.
  5. It’s like he actively searched for defenders to run into on that play. That had to be fun to watch on film. Every blocker found a man and successfully blocked him, and the back chose the wrong lane every step of the way.
  6. 13 players have played in every game and three of them play pretty much exclusively special teams.
  7. Baker closes out that game with two throws short of the sticks in the middle of the field. Jesus Christ.
  8. Having Justin Tucker has to be so comforting. The second you hit the 40, you’re just guaranteed points. Always.
  9. Nah, they’re just losing. The Ravens begged them to win this game and they refused.
  10. Clowney with like five almost sacks tonight. I really am just watching a Titans game.
  11. And there’s a dumb penalty that shouldn’t have been called. Legit just watching another Titans game.
  12. Being forced to watch the Browns makes me feel like I’m just watching us play twice today. It’s miserable.
  13. The injuries are made even more painful by the fact that fully healthy, I think we’re clearly the best team in the AFC.
  14. The special teams difference was such a killer in a game where you’re facing a talent disadvantage on the road.
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