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  1. Suh Watch

    I still can’t get over the idea that the Rams are trying to make Aaron Donald their third highest paid defensive linemen.
  2. From "The Guy of the Guy"

    It’s an easy answer for me when it’s a specific player haha. She knows better than to make me choose between her and the team.
  3. Titans sign OL Kevin Pamphile

    Not necessarily someone we want starting, but someone with experience across the line always has depth value.
  4. From "The Guy of the Guy"

    Thanks KT. Was about to go out to dinner with the wife and now I’m going to have to explain why I’m checking Twitter every two minutes.
  5. I’m just not sure I have it in me to watch this team the rest of the way. Almost no chance if Giannis is out.
  6. ~~//~~ Pro Wrestling: Road to Wrestlemania ~~\\~~

    It was definitely the right move. Give him the early celebration, feel good segment. Closing the way it did was the right call. If he's cleared for competition and he's going to wrestle, tonight wasn't any more physically demanding than his normal matches are going to be. To do it on such a happy night with a hot crowd should, at least through Mania, give KO/Zayn the kind of pure, and real, heel heat that is incredibly rare in the E these days.
  7. Suh Watch

    I mean, they can get creative, but if they're guaranteeing three years, they could have $30 million of their cap tied up in two defensive linemen two or three years down the road. And that's a pretty big deal if you're looking at having to extend Goff and Gurley at that point.
  8. Suh Watch

    Just realized the Rams still need to extend Donald. Given that he's probably going to be the highest paid defensive player in football at some point, signing Suh would give them an insane amount of money invested on the line. Especially when you consider that Brockers is already making $10+ million per year.
  9. Suh Watch

    If anything, I probably would've just went with Suhper Bowl.
  10. The Offseason Thread

    Moving the Suh discussion to the thread below. Reasoning can be found there.
  11. Suh Watch

    I should have done this last week really, but I'm going to break the Suh talk out from the general discussion thread. If any of the other teams in the race for his services want to discuss it, it's far easier to hop into this thread than to surf through 90 pages.
  12. The Offseason Thread

    I don't know. I just don't think the way he's going about the process points to a guy that is putting a huge priority on making a last run at a title. It's definitely the best way to draw in as many teams as possible and have a bidding war though. I think the Rams are the biggest threat, primarily because they have the second most money to offer among the interested teams. He could absolutely prove me wrong, but I think he goes to whichever team offers him the most guarantees and the most years. Now, it's fully possible that he's only talking to teams that he thinks have a chance of being playoff or SB contenders. But once he has that group of five/six/seven/twenty teams, I would bet that he looks for the highest payday possible out of that group.
  13. The Offseason Thread

    The sooner people accept that these visits mean very little and that he’s going to the highest bidder, the better off we will be. He chose to go to school in Nebraska, played in Detroit and moved to Miami over plenty of other offers. I doubt the Northwest has a huge amount of pull. I think the massive difference in taxes and cost of living between LA and Nashville is a far more important selling point than being on the west coast.
  14. The Offseason Thread

    Yeah, I’m sure he’s visiting any team that shows interest in him. Maybe he can get a Vegas Trip out of it.
  15. The Offseason Thread

    Man, you can’t be living and dying with the pure PR talk he’s spitting out after each visit.