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  1. I’m not sure what you’re arguing when you’re bringing up us spending big money to sign a good player at a premium position.
  2. This makes sense. Needed another RB if we want to run the wishbone.
  3. Jonnu still has room for growth and maybe wasn’t going to get that opportunity here, but the downplaying of his abilities and potential impact in here seems silly. His production dipped last year because of his growth as a blocker and the fact that we were starting two tackles that both constantly needed help against competent edges. It’s really that simple. His role in the play action game was killed because he was no longer the TE that took the underneath role on those plays, he was too busy making sure Tannehill didn’t get killed. There’s a reason he’s earned pretty consistent pra
  4. I just feel fairly confident trusting Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels’ evaluation of a tight end.
  5. https://theathletic.com/2567482/2021/05/05/inside-early-nba-hot-seat-situations-five-coaches-who-need-to-finish-strong-from-the-bucks-to-the-wizards/?source=user_shared_article So that’s something. Last two games have been glimpses of the ceiling of this team and an actual mix of drop and switching has been encouraging. But I’m glad to see that there’s actual pressure on Bud, because there obviously needs to be.
  6. There’s significant pressure on Budenholzer entering this postseason. And while the team dynamics are very healthy at the moment, with players happy with the coaching element and an internal confidence that they are the best team in the East, sources say Budenholzer is likely gone unless there’s a deep playoff run. But how far do the Bucks need to go for Budenholzer to remain? That’s where it gets a whole lot more nuanced. A first-round loss would be the doomsday scenario, and even a second-round loss would seem nearly impossible for him to survive. From that point on, and even if they fa
  7. I’m honestly not bothered by the signing like some of Titans Twitter, because who cares, it’s just a camp body. The multi-year thing does confuse me because I can’t imagine a situation where he’s getting more than the minimum, in which case there isn’t really any cap manipulation to be done by adding years.
  8. Agreed. Defense desperately needed some attitude and cockiness. Hell, even just some pride is nice lol.
  9. I mean, we’re not including Jonnu, who is also part of the receiving options lost. Which even in a season in which he ended up relegated to in-line blocker, is another 450 yards. And means we lose about 30% of our total production last year. And in that list you have fewer yards at WR2, WR3 and WR4, so not sure I quite see the argument for arguably better. Our top offense in the NFL scored 13 points in a playoff game that ended on an interception where our depth receiver simply fell down, I’m not quite sure it’s a stretch to say the receiver depth was the major factor. Especially when it’
  10. At the very least, you probably end up giving Vrabel the Mularkey style ultimatum.
  11. In the end, it probably comes down to your faith in Vrabel and Bowen to completely fix the defense with the new personnel group, if you believe they can turn it into an upper half of the league defense, sure, offense is probably good enough barring injuries. If you think it’ll still be bottom half of the league, then you need to come close to matching last year’s firepower.
  12. It was great. Until a team sold out on the run and our lack of receiving depth ended the season.
  13. Not that I’ll ever understand anything about Humphries anyways though lol. Why a team with our desired offense ever went out and paid big money for a pure slot receiver will forever confuse me.
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