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  1. The Milwaukee Yelichs Thread - ISWT

  2. AFC South Discussion Thread

    Colts fired their OL coach today. Which is just insane.
  3. Offseason Thread

    Big fan of this. I think I have a yearbook photo at roughly the same age where I’m also rocking a Samari Rolle jersey.
  4. From "The Guy of the Guy"

    General rule: Any Bobby Flay reference earns a football.
  5. Titans OC Search

    My thought would be that playing to Marcus’ strengths would also be playing to the vast majority of college QBs strengths. So even if Marcus is gone in a year, any QB you draft is likely going to be pretty familiar with spread/power spread concepts.
  6. MKE Bucks Thread (32-12) | Fr34k's Era

    Good win tonight. Jazz played well, Giannis struggled a bit with Gobert, still got the W. Defense was nice when they turned it up. And I really think the George Hill trade is going to be pretty big. Really nice to have that option when Bledsoe has one of his off days.
  7. Matt LaFleur To Be Named GB Head Coach

    I’m pretty disappointed. Mainly because I spent a lot of the year telling myself that struggles in the first year of the Shanahan system are normal and that there’s usually a real jump in the second year.
  8. Titans OC Search

    It’s actually @deeluxx3 lol
  9. Titans OC Search

    Yeah, that doesn’t faze me at all. The guy just got a dream job, can definitely be happy for him.
  10. Titans OC Search

    Freddie Kitchens?
  11. Matt LaFleur To Be Named GB Head Coach

    You’re being given the reins of one of the most storied franchises in NFL history with one of the greatest QBs in NFL history before your 40th birthday. Easy decision for pretty much anyone in football.
  12. Matt LaFleur To Be Named GB Head Coach

    I hate the Packers.
  13. MKE Bucks Thread (32-12) | Fr34k's Era

    I will take our chances against this team in a 7-game series. Shame to rally only to fall apart, but they played real well, nobody other than Giannis had a great game for us, and we still had a real shot.
  14. MKE Bucks Thread (32-12) | Fr34k's Era

    And Ersan is a mess.