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  1. The Milwaukee Brewers Thread - Woof woof woof woof

    Ah, twitter made it sound like he would have been safe without much of a contest.
  2. The Milwaukee Brewers Thread - Woof woof woof woof

    At work so not watching, but from what I read, sounds like Sedar deserves a decent amount of blame for both outs. Obviously Broxton needs to be paying attention to the runner in front of him, but how easily would Pina have scored on the Miley hit?
  3. MKE Bucks Thread | Good Riddance

    I just can't imagine what led him to believe that this was a smart thing to say. And then the interviewer was nice enough to give him an out, and instead he doubled down. It was such a softball question. All you have to say is, "I understand that my defensive performance hasn't been where it's needed to be, I've been putting work in on the court and in the film room to get better, and I know I have the talent to make an impact on that end of the court." And that's it, next question. Sure, it's a lie, but it's a harmless lie that doesn't make you look like a fool. The pure obliviousness of it is incredible. To virtually say that you're not putting in effort to get better at what is universally considered your biggest weakness paints a really terrible picture.
  4. MKE Bucks Thread | Good Riddance

    Saw this earlier. If he was still on this team, the quote would've broken me. Also feel like it's an excellent summary as to why Bud seemed to never really have interest in working with him. It's just a complete garbage attitude and thought process.

    It baffles me beyond belief. Players should use some level of common sense and either get a new account or, at the very least, look through their history and get rid of the garbage. As I said above though, the fact that it's not standard operating procedure for every agency to pay some lower-level employee to skim through every client's feed is insane to me. I certainly don't feel bad for the players, but how many guys have to be burned before you spend an hour to remove any possibility of a PR nightmare.
  6. The Milwaukee Brewers Thread - Woof woof woof woof

    I don't think there was an offer built around Burnes honestly. If you have a massive payroll, I fully accept chasing a ring. Any hole that is made in your system is replaceable if you have the budget to fill it. Hell, if you think there's any chance that bringing in a guy for a few months makes you more likely to land him long-term, all the better. I'm not going to pretend I would've been upset if we landed Machado, but I certainly understand why Stearns would draw a line in the sand and be hesitant to cross it. This team was thought to be in the early stage of a long rebuild last year. Going all-in when you're still not going to be one of the top three teams in baseball is tough. The big moves this offseason made sense because of the control, making a huge play for a rental just goes against almost everything Stearns has done to this point. I'm pretty optimistic that the window to chase a title isn't going to be slammed shut in the next year or so. If Jimmy Nelson comes back strong, Hiura looks ready to play 2B in the majors next year and they find one more bottom of the order piece, 2019 may be the year they start actively looking to compile as much talent as they can in search of a ring.

    I'll draw the line at some point since the next generation of star athletes will probably have a Twitter account by the time they're 10, but yeah, I had a functioning brain at 17. You may not legally be an adult, but you're pretty responsible for your actions at that point. I know plenty of people that were idiots at 17 that have completely changed by the time they hit their mid-20s, but when you're in the public eye, you don't get that benefit of the doubt. Especially with some of the absolute garbage he was sending out. Not that erasing or deleting tweets solves the greater problem, but I'm absolutely amazed that in this age, an agent doesn't spend a few hours going through every tweet and getting rid of anything terrible literally the second he signs a new client.

    What he tweeted was garbage and I'll have no sympathy for everything that comes down upon him for it, but let's not act like that was his full response. There's more to it, but it's kind of tough to search for Josh Hader on twitter right now and get anything related to his post-game comments obviously. With that said, I wish he had gone deeper into why the tweets were garbage. Rightfully, there wasn't really an apology or statement that he could've made that would have erased the damage the tweets will do. I'm not so far removed from 17 that I can't recognize that the old "I was a kid" defense is a cop out. Being dumb enough to not just have those thoughts, but to tweet them out, is pretty pitiful.
  9. The Milwaukee Brewers Thread - Woof woof woof woof

    You don't give up top prospects for rentals. If Machado was a reasonable price, sure, go get him. But our window isn't closing, this is literally the first year that we've been actively trying to win since 2014. Every single player of note is locked up long-term (rams, correct me if I'm wrong there). You don't need a desperation move. If you can get a couple of competent bats for cheap, attack that way. This team isn't one bat away from being the best team in baseball.
  10. The Everything Else Thread v. 8.0

    Jason Wolf leaving the Tennesseean because he got a better job in Buffalo. I've been in sports journalism for nine years and I still can't get over how awful some of the processes are.
  11. All Things Wrestling Thread

    Oh yeah, I fully expect Raw to end tonight with Reigns pinning Lashley to face Lesnar at SS. And the fans will hate it (and honestly, that's fine, it's been done to death). I've never been big on crowds trying to get themselves over, but at least when it was directed at one target, some sort of argument could have been made. I'm honestly just bitter about the Pittsburgh crowd. All the arguments about fans hijacking shows in protest of Reigns being in the main event went out the window. People can talk about the pacing of the ME, which yeah, could've been better, but that crowd was begging for attention long before any pacing issues began. If a Rollins/Ziggler ironman match to close a show isn't going to get the crowd into a main event, why even bother?
  12. All Things Wrestling Thread

    I don't think they care. And why should they? They finally gave the fans what they wanted last night. Reigns wrestled in the middle of the card and lost clean. The best match on paper with two of the smark favorites was given the main event slot and 30 minutes to work. And the crowd was trying to get themselves over and doing the garbage countdown clock within minutes of the match starting. If that's the message the "WWE Universe" is going to send, might as well just go back to Plan A where everyone makes Roman look strong.
  13. All Things Wrestling Thread

    Just finished up Extreme Rules. Wish Reigns/Lashley would have main evented. Give that garbage Pittsburgh crowd a reason to do everything in their power to take the attention off the wrestlers.
  14. The Milwaukee Brewers Thread - Woof woof woof woof

    https://www.brewcrewball.com/2018/7/13/17568026/milwaukee-brewers-keston-hiura-is-a-top-5-prospect-in-baseball-according-to-baseball-prospectus Not sure this was posted, but BP has Hiura as the fifth best prospect in baseball in their midseason rankings.