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  1. I don’t like his fit in the Colts game for sure. So many short passes that get defenders isolated in space.
  2. Excluding criminal issues, I’m not sure there’s a player I’ve liked less than Vic. Maybe he had a wake-up call though.
  3. Also just realized that the Ravens play on Thursday. So much for the one good Thanksgiving game.
  4. The thing is, Sambrailo was and Quessenberry probably will be just as good, if not better, than Kelly was last year at LT. And that was when we had Conklin and could shift almost all help to the left side. Wilson isn’t playing. It’s a lost season for him. Q will probably be exposed, because of course he would be, but with all of the injuries, the last thing you want to do is start shifting around the healthy players and mess with whatever chemistry the line has left.
  5. We’re not starting Wilson. Kelly has been a bad LT in the past, you’re not going to make your RT worse in order to shift Kelly to LT where he will also be worse. Almost certainly going to be Quessenberry.
  6. Borders has been so much better than he had any business being.
  7. You have to get under center and at least sell the run. Just like the first TD to Jonnu. Did them such a favor by spreading out in shotgun and not at least showing them run. We run play-action 95% of the time, weird time to abandon it when a team is going to be playing the run hard.
  8. Preach aggressiveness, coach like a coward.
  9. Why does Butler have to play eight yards off the slowest receiver in the league?
  10. Third down, wide open receiver. Rinse and repeat.
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