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  1. Because he doesn’t travel significantly more than your average slasher. And the most common complaints are about plays where he didn’t actually travel.
  2. It’s not the travel 99% of fans cry about when talking about him.
  3. Giannis travels more off the catch than he does when he’s driving honestly.
  4. Ah, so you’re wrong. That’s fine.
  5. With the above said, any Bucks fan complaining about the officiating is being silly. It made no difference yesterday. Hell, Lowry and Powell fouled out. If one of our three best players had been even competent offensively, it was a win and the series was over.
  6. He gets called for more travels than anyone else in the league. Your average fan still can’t process how much ground he can cover in a gather and a couple steps. Especially when he slows it down on the euro step. They just blindly complain about traveling, when he’s doing the exact same thing 90% of the league does, he’s just able to take more advantage of it because his stride is insane.
  7. The fact that people still don’t understand what a travel is impresses me.
  8. I can’t believe how bad Bledsoe and Middleton were.
  9. Giannis with 11. Middleton has 5. Brook with 2. Bledsoe scoreless. Bucks up 25 at halftime. So awesome.
  10. I guess. You had Bledsoe, Middleton and Mirotic shoot a combined 2-18 from 3, George Hill was scoreless, and Giannis was quiet in the fourth and not really great (for his standards) all game. Nurse seems to have no intention of trying to do anything to not completely burn out his starters before the fourth. And if that’s the play, and you shoot well in quarters 1-3 while the Bucks are at 6-31 from 3, only opening up a 7-point lead is tough. That is what would be most concerning to me. For 36 minutes you play really well, your No. 2 option lights it up, and your opponent’s starters are shooting 10% from 3, and the best you can do is hold a small lead? Seems like you’re putting an insane amount of pressure on Kawhi to be incredible if you’re ever going to put a game away. Add in that you’re continuing to play him 40+ minutes, that seems like trouble. Especially as the Bucks continue to go nine deep and Giannis plays fewer minutes than all but one of the Raptors starters.
  11. Just no business winning that game. Brook takeover was so fun. Brogdon looks to be 100% as well. Feels good.
  12. That has to be demoralizing. Kawhi plays 42 minutes, Lowry has an incredible game, Bucks spend three quarters bricking open threes and you still lose.
  13. MKE Bucks Thread | ECF vs Raptors (Bucks lead 2-1)

    Was in Morocco for the last week and now in Greece, these start times have been pretty rough. Have managed to follow each game live in some form or another at the sacrifice of a whole lot of vacation rest. Just can’t come out flat in G1 again, will be well rested regardless. Brogdon looked about as good as could be expected after the injury and layoff. just keep rolling.
  14. Ranking The Roster - #1

    Voted for Byard. Without much hesitation honestly.