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  1. The Milwaukee Brewers Thread - Where Josh Hader does Josh Hader Things

    Isn't he on the 7-day DL in the minors right now?
  2. The Milwaukee Brewers Thread - Where Josh Hader does Josh Hader Things

    Feel like you're giving the offense way too much credit.
  3. Ranking The Roster - #9

    Broke the tie with Adoree. Think he was our best corner to close last year and I wouldn't at all be surprised to see him be our best corner in 2018, even with the addition of Butler.
  4. MKE Bucks Thread | Mike Budenholzer is new HC

    You could make an argument that it could’ve been worse if there weren’t four officers blocking the camera when he was taken down and tased. But yeah, it’s bad. Definitely bad. And with that, I’m going to step away from the conversation since it’s almost impossible for it to not drift into against forum rules territory.
  5. MKE Bucks Thread | Mike Budenholzer is new HC

    Yeah, it's going to be bad. Just googled Sterling Brown to look up the JS story and see which officer was quoted in church and saw that, just today, the NYT, Washington Post and CNN have stories up on their site about it. If the footage is bad enough that the mayor and higher ups in the PD are preemptively talking about how it looks, I can't imagine this ending well.
  6. Fortnite

    How much have you watched of him? Because I definitely don't see much of a gap (if any) between him and any of the other top players/streamers. If you're basing it almost exclusively on the showdown mode, I could understand the argument, when he plays full try hard and chases kills (see: the 23 kill game after KR died early in that duos tourney), I'm not sure if you can downplay just how good he is at the game.
  7. Fortnite

    Yup. Usually it's just background noise when I'm playing another game and can't focus on Netflix. I haven't listened to the podcast, but just watching general interviews, he's constantly being asked about his amount of viewers and how much money he is making. It's tough to answer those questions with any sort of honesty without at least somewhat coming across as a bit arrogant. Never really got that impression watching streams. I've only been watching Twitch for a few months, but I don't find him weirder or more immature than your average, popular Twitch streamer. Most of the guys know their audience and at least somewhat play to them. With that said, obviously the majority of his following are middle and high school kids. That's the vast majority of the people watching Fortnite period. He's pretty straight forward about the fact that he knows kids are a huge chunk of his audience (see the near complete removal of swearing from his streams). He's a solid balance of entertaining and quality play. Though I mainly just watch him when he's doing duos with Lupo or KingRIchard.
  8. MKE Bucks Thread | Mike Budenholzer is new HC

    Obviously this is something that is going to be highly political, so I’ll keep it brief, but if everything I’ve read and heard ends up being true, this is going to be a huge story when that bodycam footage drops. Not just in MKE, but almost certainly nationally. Milwaukee PD has to be panicking.
  9. This always makes me want to start a franchise of my own, but then I remember that I have to go through that entire first year of the garbage storyline and I just can't convince myself it's worth it.
  10. Fortnite

    Yeah, I think people are going to need to get used to the fact that what Ninja was doing yesterday is what most of the competitive games are going to look like (with the obvious exception being tournaments based around kills). He was chasing wins, he was pretty upfront about it. As flyers said, he can play aggressively just as well as about anyone in the world, but that style is going to get you killed when you're in a game with 25+ other good to great players that are willing to camp. I actually thoroughly enjoyed his stream yesterday, the fights were definitely far fewer than they are on a normal day, but the end games were a lot more dramatic than the standard solos where he just dumps on kids that can't even come close to competing with him. If Epic does it again, I'd expect there to be more of a reward for kills, and that should make the mode a lot more entertaining to watch for your average viewer.
  11. The Milwaukee Brewers Thread - Where Josh Hader does Josh Hader Things

    Man, that Jeffress/Hader/Knebel combo at the back of the pen is so much fun to watch.
  12. Ranking The Roster - #8

    Anyways, I went with Adoree. Combination of a strong second half of last season with really high hopes for this upcoming season. Could make an argument for a lot of different guys (Kern, Rak, Morgan, Woodyard, Ryan and Succop) and I wouldn't have much of a problem with it.
  13. Ranking The Roster - #8

    Man, when I look at some of the lean years where we had to put this together and compare it to this year, where some genuinely good players aren't touching the top 10, it really helps put the franchise's growth in perspective.
  14. MKE Bucks Thread | Mike Budenholzer is new HC

    Really weird that we ran the coaching search like a legitimate NBA franchise.