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  1. The Milwaukee Yelichs Thread - ISWT

  2. Offseason Thread

    I’ll always like Verner. Great career for a fourth-round pick, always seemed like a good dude. Plus, I won a pair of game worn gloves and some nice headphone from him in a Twitter giveaway.
  3. Offseason Thread

    I feel like “played sparingly” really downplays his role. He played in half the snaps, which is really all you want out of a veteran situational pass rusher that you’re looking to keep fresh. Admittedly, there’s no argument that he’s a more important signing than Saffold, but given the state of the roster, it’s tough to downplay how badly we needed an effective edge rusher, even if he’s not a three down player.
  4. Offseason Thread

    PFF, so who really cares?
  5. Offseason Thread

    With Conley gone and Tyreek up in the air, there’s a ton of targets available in KC. Though I don’t think he fits that system at all.
  6. Offseason Thread

    Nice to know that we’re still looking at the position. Nelson isn’t super exciting, but after last year, I’ll take anyone that can be considered reliable. And Jordy, with his 70% catch rate, fits the bill.
  7. MKE Bucks Thread (53-19) | Fr34k's Era #MVP

    Raptors lose to the Pistons and now I definitely don’t care.
  8. MKE Bucks Thread (53-19) | Fr34k's Era #MVP

    Though it is a bit of a bummer to waste this effort from Giannis.
  9. MKE Bucks Thread (53-19) | Fr34k's Era #MVP

    Yeah, this doesn’t concern me much. If we had anyone other than Giannis show up, it’s a W. And that’s with Philly hitting heavily contested shot after heavily contested shot.
  10. MKE Bucks Thread (53-19) | Fr34k's Era #MVP

    Lopez has been so bad on Embiid.
  11. MKE Bucks Thread (53-19) | Fr34k's Era #MVP

    I’m not sure there’s actually a price that I want Middleton back at.
  12. Offseason Thread

    There’s a lot of options out there that I would be happy with on defense. Running out of WR and OL options though.
  13. MKE Bucks Thread (53-19) | Fr34k's Era #MVP

    Or do that I guess.
  14. MKE Bucks Thread (53-19) | Fr34k's Era #MVP

    Almost hope they lose by 40. Been coasting way too much lately.