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  1. I’m also incredibly confused by Correa’s usage. We paid him to be a rotational pass rusher, with two other edge rushers out, how is he only seeing 12 snaps?
  2. I’m not holding out much hope that Beasley will be great, but man do we need him to play. Landry has missed a total of five snaps in two games, going to burn him out real quick. And obviously Clowney is playing more than he should be given the lack of training camp.
  3. Second major injury in his first four years, such a bummer. Really liked him coming out.
  4. I mean, the Broncos have just had their entire season destroyed in the span of two weeks, which is a shame because I thought they’d be pretty fun to watch as the offense came together.
  5. The fact that it seems like we escaped yesterday without any serious injuries is a big win. Was a brutal day yesterday.
  6. He made some big tackles and had the two pass break ups, but I saw a couple missed tackles, a few real bad angles on other runs and then he obviously gets credited for the Eifert touchdown, even if it’s tough to blame him for it. But negative plays are always weighted higher than positive by PFF.
  7. I blame the secondary more than the pass rush for yesterday, but man do we need Beasley and Roberson healthy. Clowney playing 62 snaps is rough, Landry playing 72 is going to burn him out just like last year.
  8. Quick, two-game lead on Houston is pretty nice.
  9. Win is a win though. Find ways to win, but man was that defense and some of Art’s late calls were scary.
  10. I am disappointed. Also, I both overestimated our defense and underestimated Minshew.
  11. This is just straight up humiliating. 10-13 on third, one forced punt.
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