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  1. I think the packers are more beatable this year then they have been in years. They are a good team, but I'm not scared! 27-21 Vikes win!
  2. Not sure where to put this, but I know there are several members of our forum that are veterans and I'd like to acknowledge you and say thank you for your service. The sacrifices that you and your family have made are one reason why we have the freedom to post our football takes (both good and bad) on here and I, for one, am forever grateful! I appreciate and respect you for doing what I was too selfish (and chicken) to do. Nothing but love for you guys and gals! Happy Veterans Day!
  3. One thing I thought throughout the game was that Lamar does not look like a very good passer and we got bailed out multiple times because he was so inaccurate. If we were going up against someone with decent accuracy, it wouldn't have been pretty. I don't watch the ravens often so I don't know if that was typical or not. I think our secondary gets massacred the next couple weeks. Disappointing loss, but maybe better for longterm success... I kinda hope the rest of the games turn out the same, entertaining game that ends in a loss (except against the packers). I don't want to lose per se, but t
  4. Vikings fan here and I come in peace. Just curious if you've heard if he is asymptomatic or if this could drag out longer then the expected 10 days? Thanks! Hate you guys!
  5. Put him on the commissioner's exempt list for the rest of the year. Packers don't have to bench him and look like the bad guys and maybe it would send a message to anybody else who is breaking the rules.
  6. Are we sure they got the memo about there only being 3 preseason games so they were thinking it was only preseason and didn't really matter? I'm guessing somebody told them at halftime, which is why they played better in the second half...
  7. But on a more serious note, mayo or miracle whip?
  8. I can't stand when people talk in absolutes... I hate it 100% of the time... The whole "110%" thing drives me nuts too... You can't do more than 100% of what you're capable of... I also really dislike vegetables, so my likes and dislikes list is probably unhealthy or bad for you and probably should be ignored all of the time without exception.
  9. Misuse of words like except and accept. Today I was looking at my electrical print and I have to "insure" that I blah blah blah... I'm not going to "insure" anything, but I will "ensure"...
  10. I think we should put down the torches and pitchforks and wait until there is more information. He should have his day in court first.
  11. I think the biggest issue for me is trust, not for a lack of trust in science, but a lack of trust in leadership. If covid hadn't been politicized to the extent it had, I think people would be far more trusting. You add politicians to anything and it creates mistrust for a lot of people. When somebody (who you don't trust) tells you to trust somebody, it can have the opposite effect and cause mistrust in something that is actually trustworthy. The political game played (by both sides) since covid started is disgusting to me and has created an atmosphere of mistrust. I will get the vaccine wh
  12. I come to this site to get away from this crap...
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