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  1. But on a more serious note, mayo or miracle whip?
  2. I can't stand when people talk in absolutes... I hate it 100% of the time... The whole "110%" thing drives me nuts too... You can't do more than 100% of what you're capable of... I also really dislike vegetables, so my likes and dislikes list is probably unhealthy or bad for you and probably should be ignored all of the time without exception.
  3. Misuse of words like except and accept. Today I was looking at my electrical print and I have to "insure" that I blah blah blah... I'm not going to "insure" anything, but I will "ensure"...
  4. I think we should put down the torches and pitchforks and wait until there is more information. He should have his day in court first.
  5. I think the biggest issue for me is trust, not for a lack of trust in science, but a lack of trust in leadership. If covid hadn't been politicized to the extent it had, I think people would be far more trusting. You add politicians to anything and it creates mistrust for a lot of people. When somebody (who you don't trust) tells you to trust somebody, it can have the opposite effect and cause mistrust in something that is actually trustworthy. The political game played (by both sides) since covid started is disgusting to me and has created an atmosphere of mistrust. I will get the vaccine wh
  6. I come to this site to get away from this crap...
  7. Just like calling them facts does not make them facts... they are opinions...
  8. Well, the "facts" you are presenting aren't actually facts at all as they are flawed and inaccurate, but carry on. I don't expect you to trust some random internet guy on a football forum, but try not to be so dismissive of his actual life experiences just because they contradict your perspective.
  9. You are certainly entitled to your opinion and I would typically side with the who specializes on that topic, but in this case I will trust my own personal experiences as well as the diagnosis that I have. If you'd care to discuss this further, I'd welcome it via PM. If not, I'm fine with that too.
  10. Well, I'm certainly not a doctor, but I do have a diagnosis that prevents me from wearing a mask... It's not a severe skin condition either, so I'm not sure why Dr. Kaufman would be speaking with such certainty. The fact that he's speaking in absolutes (with 1 exception) should be a giant red flag and he should choose his wording more carefully. Us non-medical professionals typically trust that what a doctor is claiming is accurate, but in this case, he is wrong.
  11. Really? I feel it's extremely offensive to say that anti-maskers aren't logical. I interpreted that statement to mean that we are all idiots for not wearing a mask, though maybe that's not how it was intended to come across. I am anti-mask due to a medical condition. Others are anti-mask due to their rights being violated. Others are anti-mask due to being uneducated or unconcerned regarding covid. I'm sure there are many other reasons people choose to be anti-mask, but to stereotype all of us as not being logical is very offensive to me.
  12. Some of us anti-mask people are anti-mask due to a medical condition (though I'm sure I'm in the minority of that group). I would actually wear one if I were able. Now I either get to become a hermit or have people look at me like I'm the anti-christ... it's not super fun...
  13. We moved about a month ago and used AAA movers. They did a great job and were reasonably priced. Some companies start charging when they leave their location, but AAA only started charging when they started working. 6 guys and 2 trucks for about 6 hours was only around $1600.
  14. As a Vikings fan, a reverse alphabetical order seems like the best and most logical way to do it...
  15. I'm thinking they should double dip at QB
  16. I actually think the packers made a good pick. Love is someone who can sit for a couple years behind AR. I really hope it causes a big schism for the foreseeable future, but I'm a little anxious. I'd really like to see them suffer through QB purgatory for the next 5 decades or so... like us...
  17. Vikings fan here. I'm honestly frustrated you drafted love. I think this is the right strategy for QBs and why you guys have had HOF qbs for most of my football life. I kinda wish we would've drafted him to sit behind Cousins for a couple years. You guys suck.
  18. I would actually think about it. If they really like him I would do it, though they should've taken him at 22 if that were the case...
  19. Would've made that trade with the chargers 100%
  20. Good stats and success (playoffs/superbowl) do not have to be mutually exclusive. Right now, our QB is putting up good stats and the Vikings are benefitting by having success. We can have it both ways, even with Cousins...
  21. All I know is that I don't miss the days when Bernard Berrian was one of our top 2 wr... or Bobby Wade, Robert Ferguson, Travis Taylor, Troy Williamson etc... Those were dark days for the passing game and I'm glad we have 2 studs as our starting wrs along with several other offensive weapons.
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