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  1. Had Keanu Neal going to Lions in an early offseason mock. Would be happy with it, for a short term 2-year deal.
  2. I like this signing. It's not a terrible price for a #2 and this will likely keep us from drafting a RB high. I'd call that a win considering some of the Rams' concerning history about drafting RB up there.
  3. It's a 2023 7th. At that price, seems like a fine addition.
  4. For the Holmes hire, I'm like many others, pretty on the fence. He wasn't close to my first choice and he wasn't particularly close to my last choice. The past few drafts seem to have gotten better a bit with analytics, but hope he breaks some bad habits the Rams appeared to have in his earlier tenure there.
  5. Exactly this. He's gotta have more recognition of football leadership than Hamp or Wood and that is of utmost importance right now.
  6. It’s been a long time since I have done one of these, mostly going with the wind on the Quinn and Patricia regime for what it was - arrogant and outdated. As fans tried to justify spending a good portion of our higher draft picks on either players at non-valuable positions, low-athleticism guys who you could only cross your fingers could overcome limitations, or essentially zero pass rushers, my fears came to fruition with the regime this year. With some news of what seems to be mutual interest between Robert Saleh and the Lions, in this mock I will have Saleh becoming head coach. Alongsi
  7. When I read the cringey weird stuff about about Jahlani Tavai and how he was one of the only guys with the right "body type" in the draft, I had a much worse feeling about Quinn and Patricia ( I actually wanted Amari O or Metcalf in the 2nd) - the warning flags started when we drafted a long snapper but I buried my head in the sand. The next GM and HC candidates must value athleticism. I'd say the Saleh group or Dodds / Eberflus idea might have some potential there, but not sure about Eberflus as a leader, but that may just be not having researched enough.
  8. If nothing else, a vaccine and antibody / t-cell response associated with it should decrease the amount of time someone can carry the virus, so spread would be reduced and severity for those who have the vaccine will be greatly reduced.
  9. That's a good question; Saleh and Campbell, two of my preferences for HC, do not seem to be in-your-face media types from what I gather. That said, perhaps it'd be better for the GM to handle more of that. I am not sure the right balance between HC and GM though I would say not both.
  10. I think the Lions need to make more of an effort to be in the spotlight, it's the reason I mentioned charisma for the head coach. They need attention and to be talked about in a more positive light to change the oh-too-laughable perception. While I don't want to hire a candidate because they came from the media, I would see that comfort level as more of a positive as a fan than a negative.
  11. You'll probably need to franchise Golladay, but I agree. Lots of talking heads think we absolutely are going to be looking new QB but if you think you can win within 5 years, Stafford can still be the guy, and a seasoned one at that. Should definitely take a dev QB with some of his traits. A couple of pieces you need to add under this approach are receivers that can get open more easily. Golladay you can throw open to an extent, but one of the reasons Stafford continues to get pummeled is that his guys are tightly covered. More coverage sacks this year than I can remember recently. One r
  12. I used to post here quite a bit, been primarily getting my football fix from Twitter / general fantasy for what seems like the past 5 or so years, but intelligent conversation at least on Twitter seems nearly impossible now. Also had been busy starting a family but getting settled in a bit, so hopefully have some more time for football talk here, if it's still active.
  13. Zero interest in this move, agreed. I don't see how fans, watching what he did before, would want to even get near the guy
  14. I thought it was encouraging they were looking at "org chart changes" - i.e. maybe Rod Wood is a president over business side only and the next GM hire is a president also. Not sure what they'll do but I agree with the sentiment that Rod Wood shouldn't necessarily oversee football on-field related ops as a non-football guy.
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