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  1. I think where we disagree is you believe past = future and I believe the future is wide open. How many SB teams lost with Nick Chubb as their RB? Zero. If the Falcons had Nick Chubb do you think they blow that lead to the Patriots? I don't.
  2. I’ve been saying it for awhile. Well what is missing is the Chubb factor. You can't count him as an average running back who gets replaced by the average replacement. Chubb had his worst year in yards after contact and was still top 5. He had his best year in yards before contact which put him in the top 7. You can assume an average replacement would get 7 less yards per game than Chubb but Hunt, who isn't the average replacement would average more than 20 less yards per game or 1.4 yards per attempt. So on average 2 Chubb runs equals 10.4 yards for his career (or 11.2 last year
  3. Yeah, we have more safeties than a French man can LeCounte.
  4. I apologize Www.mountainmikestours My name mike McKean Look in jackson hole wyoming You will see a street named McKean lane I have PTSD so yes sleep is a problem sometimes. To be fair we never knew fumbleblunt's actual name. Really the only identifiable thing we got from him were some nude selfies. I guess if you really want to prove you're not him you're gonna have to DM LGB.
  5. Pretty much. Got exposed on the outside and had turf toe. He'll probably be drafted as a slot corner so not early. Ran a good time for not being fully healed.
  6. Pretty sure it started with Ehinger talking crap about Orlando Brown Jr and Baker firing back but yeah, it was Texas/Oklahoma based and then Baker trying to take up for an old teammate.
  7. I mean.... he didn’t say it was consensual Rape is horrible and should be punished as harshly as possible. Still seems like it counts though.
  8. You're probably running out of space in your basement. That shovel has seen things.
  9. What if Berry thinks he could get both? What then?
  10. If Harris is great and can make the O-Line seem better on his own I think it's a good pick. Otherwise I'd work on the O-Line first and have them make the RB look good. I don't think it's a bad pick because it was a need and they obviously think he's special. If they were wrong it's a bad pick but if anyone was wrong about who they picked you could say the same. I'd spend a 1st on Nick Chubb, Derrick Henry, Kamara, McCaffrey etc... so if you get that kind of talent I think it's a good pick because they get more than their line gives them. If you get a guy who has to always have lanes it's
  11. I forgot about Scooby Wright... I was Scooby wrong about him. I was higher than most about Chubb, thrilled we got him after being upset we didn't draft him at 33. I wanted Johnny at 8 overall, which in hindsight would have had to been better than what we ended up with. Manziel plus anyone would have been better than Manziel plus Gilbert.
  12. Counts 3 million against the cap for the WFT, which is half of the amount that he counts against the Phins. So someone can say it isn't a good trade for WFT but they get the player at half the cost of the team that doesn't have the player and a slight drop in a later draft pick.
  13. Yeah that’s silly season nonsense for clicks. Oh yeah. There are certainly questions about Lamar going forward but there is a bar in place that says a team should move on or continue. Some QBs align right at that bar and make the decision difficult, like Andy Dalton who was the football version of Mario Mendoza. Lamar is significantly above that bar because he does Lamar things. There is very very little to gain and everything to lose if they move on from him. No one would fault a GM for going forward with Lamar even if he falters. Many would fault a GM for moving on no matter what h
  14. Pshhh... Browns don't play that way. Our ends just hope they can grab him as he runs by. It doesn't usually work. Even against Chad Henne.
  15. Well, Brown can't have OBJ. I didn't even agree with Tomlinson using LT but Brown for sure can't be OBJ.
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