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  1. 4 of the 8 teams predicted to win their division finished 3rd or worse last year and 2 other finished 2nd (Steelers/Patriots were the two that were predicted correctly, or 25%). 4 of the division winners, including the Eagles were predicted to finish 3rd or worse last year. So while the Eagles are the favorite and should be, odds isn't any kind of proof that they will.
  2. Cavaliers Thread: Embrace The Tank

    I think he meant that they are tanking and for 5 used cigarette butts you can get a ticket to a Cavs game next season.
  3. Sucks that you blew that misspelling.
  4. ... but It can rent it.
  5. Minor Niner News Thread

    Heard them talking about this on sports radio, don't know the validity. https://terezowens.com/damn-were-hearing-that-jimmy-garoppolo-and-kiara-mia-was-a-paid-date/
  6. https://terezowens.com/damn-were-hearing-that-jimmy-garoppolo-and-kiara-mia-was-a-paid-date/
  7. Did Zel commish it last year?
  8. Run defense stats

    Good job Freaky, looks like you got this derailed thread back on track. Kudos for making things better instead of worse. Webby made a good choice when he conned you into accepting this thankless nonpaying position.
  9. Run defense stats

    This isn’t. Good point, he knows us too well.
  10. LB preview

    Is it a picture book? Or are you just describing how you eat your pastries?
  11. Run defense stats

    If you took what I said as something different than what I meant then you just have a clean mind and your post makes no sense.
  12. Run defense stats

    I always like your stories about different animals and penetration.
  13. Cleveland Indians Thread : we might have a nice thing!

    On the internet, yeah mostly. It's kind of like being drunk, you don't have that same filter you would have normally. That said, I'm not really any different. I'm older and didn't grow up with internet etiquette so I pretty much treat people like I do in person. I will poke fun at you if I think you can take it. I'll point out something stupid that you did. I won't intentionally try to hurt your feelings or talk down to you like a lot of people seem to do on here, here being the www. I was run out of baseball chatrooms on webtv back in the day because I spoke a different baseball language so this isn't new that was like almost 20 years ago that they were talking about WAR and such.
  14. Cleveland Indians Thread : we might have a nice thing!

    Wasn't that a Buggles song?
  15. Cleveland Indians Thread : we might have a nice thing!

    I also did the least I could do.