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  1. Well, not just continuity but continuity with ability. A lot of the time that we didn't have continuity it was for good reason, they weren't good. Fortunately it looks like we have the important pieces in place to have continuity and keep continuity. That's a lot of continuity in that paragraph.
  2. It's more about gambling than player safety and Brady with a torn MCL is no different than Brady without one, he isn't outrunning anyone either way.
  3. Eh, I don't think that is really accurate either. A shutdown CB with no passes thrown his way may end up with 2 tackles on the day and no other stats and played lights out. A shortstop plays great defense grounds out to 2nd advancing a runner to 3rd twice and has a sacrifice bunt but he just went 0-2 but did a great job in all aspects of the game. At least QBs are stat accumulators because of the volume of their work and the more volume, the more likely it is to be a better representation of their effort. Not perfect but it never is.
  4. QB wins and losses is already a stat. It may not be recognized by the NFL but it is still tabulated. I don't know whether I think it should be an official stat or not. If it is people will use it as proof of something and they shouldn't but they do that now so what is the difference I guess. It wouldn't be "fair" but it isn't fair that one MLB pitcher is 13-6 with a 5.02 ERA and another is 7-12 with a 2.47 ERA. If people think wins/losses are the sole credit to one player in a team sport you probably shouldn't talk sports with them. Even so, Tom Brady is the GOAT because
  5. I expect Bryant to take a leap this year but last year I wouldn't say he performed better than Njoku or even any random T.E. in the NFL. He had some moments that showed off his athleticism to keep us encouraged but all in all he seemed well below average for the year.
  6. There would be 11 million in dead cap if we cut him next year and we'd save 2 million from his 13 million due. So unless we didn't think we would get 2 million of production from him I'd guess we'd hang on to him. Ya never know though, there could be a scenario where they'd rather have him off of the books in 2023 with no dead cap instead of a 7.5 million dead cap and let him go next year. Really depends on future contracts probably and the cap space for each year.
  7. I really hope OBJ steps back and takes on the role of a role player. I don't think he has the attributes to be a star player but he could be a great role player who still gets 6-7 touches per game and a 1k yard season. If he has a game with 3 targets, don't pout, accept it. Maybe next game you'll have a LB or Safety covering you and you get 8 catches for 120 yards. We don't need an OC or QB forcing the issue with getting him touches.
  8. I'd add Chubb to a top 3 even though he loses for positional value, especially with Hunt already on the roster but I think he is that good that he elevates himself to a top 3 anyway.
  9. Myles certainly. Chubb depends on his longevity. Jack, probably not, tough for a RT. OBJ...that ship already sailed but years one and two it looked to be HOF talent. Denzel, dunno. Joel, perhaps because of accolades but I've never seen him as more than good but many have so that's more important. Aside from Myles Mayfield is probably the most likely to actually enter the HOF. Again I've never seen more than "good" from Bitonio. I'll take anything at solid or better so I'm thrilled we have him but he never seemed great to me. Conklin is very good. Tretter is in the same category as Bito
  10. It's hard to separate best without using positional value. I also doubt 4 offensive linemen are 4 of our best 10 players but that is a unique group in that they really depend on each other to look like any of them are doing their jobs. Myles/Chubb are elite Ward/Mayfield/Conklin would be my next level guys Landry/Bitonio/Tretter/Clowney/Johnson/OBJ/Hooper are proven commodities Then you have the one year guys like Teller and unproven guys like rookies and 1 year players. You also have players like Higgins who outproduces where we rank them. Pretty hard task really.
  11. Spud Webb. Of course you know why... it looks like a potato stuck in a spider's web.
  12. For a 30 something WR or one struggling with injuries, sure. I don't think OBJ is considered a top shelf WR even when healthy anymore. A top 20 guy but one that has struggled with injuries ad will turn 29 during the season. There may not be a current WR that would get you two 1sts but there will be one again. Hopkins probably would have been close to that if it weren't the Texans trading him.
  13. As long as you have something else to keep pass defenses off balance. It doesn't have to be the deep ball but you better be good at the short throws and intermediate to keep defenses from honing in on one area. The deep threat works best as a threat than an actual offensive scheme. As long as you're good enough that teams have to expect the possibility then your deep ball is fine.
  14. Could be a 2nd and a 4th and they get a 5th back type of thing also. Guess they will need to make some cuts to get under the cap?
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