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  1. No I'd give the rookie season a pass in a bad situation but year 2 of starting you better start showing something even if you don't have a good supporting cast you can still show you are doing well with what you have to work with. If you come into a decent situation you should start to show it in year one after 10 or so starts. This is assuming the player has the skills to be an NFL QB. If you show you are wildly inaccurate or don't have the arm to make the majority of the throws then that is a different story and you can safely move on after a rookie season because the ceiling is too low. If it is about comfort level and quick thinking and decision making those should improve and with the protection of the QB and favorable rules for the offense now it should happen rather quickly.
  2. Draft. This isn't 1984 you don't have as many obstacles to overcome at the position as you used to. Even with a bad line you want to see your QB elevate those around him. It certainly doesn't mean that Rosen is a lost cause but creates enough doubt that you have to keep trying at the position. The NFL isn't for late blooming QBs anymore. You should look the part as a rookie and elevate your game the following couple years and that is who you are. If you need a team around your QB for him to look decent you need a new QB.
  3. OTA Thread

    He was a monster at his pro day and is a great athlete so it's not surprising he beat out lesser athletes that were projected to be better football players. I've never paid attention to him and have no idea what he looks like on the field but I'm guessing he is JAG at best. If he is named the starter I'd guess he is the weakest starter on our roster by a fair margin. In 60 games and 16 starts he has a pick, 2 sacks, 3 QB hits, 6 passes defensed, 4 TFL, 3 forced fumbles and 70 tackles. Avery in 16 games and 5 starts has 4.5 sacks, 14 QB hits, 4 passes defensed, 1 FF, 5 TFL and 30 tackles. One appears better than the other and I'd rather have Avery on the field over Taylor instead of giving our linemen a breather when we have other DEs who can do that. Again, I'm just guessing that Taylor is less than average based on his usage in his career but he likely isn't the athlete he once was and hasn't ever done anything to turn heads. Avery, while mostly as a pass rusher, has turned some heads. He also didn't embarrass himself when on the field and not rushing the passer. I would just be really surprised if Taylor is taking any starting snaps away from anyone.
  4. OTA Thread

    Avery was getting reps at line in OTAs that doesn't necessarily mean he will stay there or spend the majority of his reps there going forward. Well they would be trying to beat out a 29 UDFA with 16 career starts it isn't like they are beating out an average LB. This is a good point too. If we’re having a bunch of LB’s logging a ton of defensive snaps, we’re doing it wrong in 2019. I won't pretend to even have an idea what our defense will look like. We could run the Arizona dime or the Ron Rivera defense or something completely different. According to Freddie if it doesn't work you should try something different so we may see a lot of different things until something clicks. Assuming we stay healthy Avery is logging a lot more snaps for me than Taylor.
  5. What movie are you watching?

    Just watched the remake of Pet Sematary. John Lithgow was good but sometimes Freds better.
  6. OTA Thread

    Yeah that's why he is here and why he may have the early lead. Still, I would be a little disappointed in the rest of the room if he walks out with a starting position.
  7. Ravens sign WR Michael Floyd

    I don't think you know what literally means. It all worked in the end so that part was a win but it wasn't a team win for the Browns.
  8. Ravens sign WR Michael Floyd

    Yeah, and 3 TD and your QB threw none. Unfortunately Mosley got stuffed at the line or that last pick wouldn't have happened. The first pick Smith threw Callaway out of the way and should have at least been holding and the second pick touched the ground before Smith gathered it so it was a bit unfortunate but it is what it is.
  9. Ravens sign WR Michael Floyd

    I mean yeah especially against you all...last time we played we ran for 296 yards. y'all found anyone to stop the run yet? if not this answers your question 🙃 And Willie Snead was your leading wide receiver with 1 catch and 25 yards so yeah, if they run the same offense he better be able to block because that is all the wide receivers did that game. It was really just the 1st half anyway, Less than 140 yards total in the 2nd half and 6 points. Browns scored more TDs in that game and if they didn't blow the goal line fumble call or Landry didn't have the potential TD bomb go off of his face or a missed FG it could have set up for a different ending. The Ravens won and that was okay because they were less likely to do damage in the playoffs than the Steelers. Still wanted a win but after a slow defensive start (20 points in the 1st four drives) the Browns were clearly the better team and that was good enough for me.
  10. Well we know how you feel/felt.
  11. Not surprised they shipped him out. In an envelope it may seem like it was totally because of this incident but he may have stamped his card out of town solely on performance. He wasn't charged so maybe he gets another shot but he better follow the letter of the law from here on out. He is a big dude maybe he could go to the NBA and play power forward like Karl Malone and have a cool nickname.
  12. He isn't a Rams fan despite his handle, quite the opposite really. May be a bit disgruntled over the relocation. It's justified.
  13. Ravens re-unite with Pernell McPhee on 1-year deal

    Yeah not sure why they allowed him to wear this jersey:
  14. OTA Thread

    Eh, he will be 29 when the season starts so if you are expecting him to break out I'd hold my breath. I still think he is more likely to be cut than start.
  15. 2019 Off-Season Roster Building: Free Agency & Draft

    9 mil against the cap this year and 15.5 next. Then he will probably be done and he won't have any more guaranteed money so an easy cut/trade. Too much money? Probably but they have plenty for awhile so it wasn't a bad idea to grab a top 3 RB and give him money that would be unused otherwise the next two years. Now the negative is that he was a different back in 2017 and lost the one thing (determination) that made him special. Maybe he can get it back or maybe his usage has put a toll on his body and he can't refuse to go down anymore because his body won't allow it. My guess is he just isn't going to be special anymore. My guess is he will catch a lot of passes and be a pedestrian back running the ball. In that regard I would say it was either a bad or at least a high risk signing even though there isn't really a monetary risk because they have more than enough cap room to spare, it is really only risky as a failed business move which is public opinion of the GM if the owner has his back. Obviously that wouldn't have been the case since he has already been canned but allowing him to make those moves prior to releasing him is just a bad idea because of the direction he was taking him doesn't seem aligned with googly eyes and there is no one the owner can hold accountable for failures if it is regarding moves made this off season. I have no idea what my point is. I think I'm saying I don't like the signing but it also improved the team and has no negative cap consequences so technically it is a positive move. Seems like a wishy washy fence sitting kind of opinion. Vote Thomas in 2020.