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  1. I can't prove ya wrong but it is ridiculous if he said rain makes good throwing conditions, which I still don't think that was exactly what he said. Now if he said it gives an offense the advantage I could see even though rain equals lowering scoring games per Vegas so I'm not sure the logic behind the statement anyway but it's not as crazy as saying throwing a wet ball is better than throwing a dry ball.
  2. Yeah safety should rule over money. Whether the NFL agrees with losing that national broadcast is worth the gamble is hard to tell though. They'll probably move the Browns/Jags game to Thursday night just to satisfy the network 😁
  3. 7 Unless the season is shortened, then 8. Ravens shut down their facility today and have a game Thursday, I'd guess that it up in the air right now.
  4. Typically game managers rely on YAC from their receivers also. Nick Foles and Tua Tugboatviolin are the only QBs with at least 2 starts averaging less (4.0) than what Baker is. Which puts him at 39th most YAC from his receivers.
  5. Game manager in the sense that he doesn't throw often? Not that I consider that the definition but he is like 30th in attempts. As far as being a game manager with his throws, the fact that he is top 10 in air yards per attempt (2nd in air yards per completion) I can't call him a game manager. Game managers are more checkdown Charlies.
  6. What happened on the 50% that weren't completed? Of the 10 incompletions, Njoku dropped his attempt, Hooper dropped one right before the half. Baker spiked one to kill the clock before the half. Baker threw one deep to waste the final 4 seconds before the half. Baker missed Hooper in the end zone. Baker threw it low to Hodge (I think) sliding at the sideline in the 1st quarter. Baker back shouldered Higgins on a 3rd down where he was mauled but no flag. Baker threw one away on the second drive because he didn't see anyone open. That was the 8 in the 1st half. The two in the 2nd half was: one to Hodge in the end zone where he ran the wrong route and a throw away after Wills got bull rushed into Baker. Bonus: Although not a pass technically because it was a backwards pass, Bitonio forgot to block his guy and Baker was hit throwing to Hunt. So he missed Hooper in the endzone (the only thing many will remember from this game, not the 3rd and 10 from his own 4 that he converted after a couple run stuffs to keep the drive going and march them down the field before that errant throw and 3 failed runs to get into the endzone) and one to Hodge on 3rd and 4 at the sideline that was just short. Fairly impressive if you ask me.
  7. I don't think he said that. No one would ever say that rainy conditions are good to throw (or catch) in. He may have said it was better conditions than the last two games because of the crazy wind but that is different. There are advantages for the offense(s), but there are also disadvantages like a receiver slipping on his route and the pass going directly to a defender who didn't slip. You won't find a QB, alive or dead, when given the option of rain or no rain that would pick rain.
  8. Not true, Baker placed that perfectly over the LB and the closest defender was 5 yards away when Njoku dropped it. It was a wet ball and that happens but it was in no way on Baker.
  9. Not sure that's best case scenario for us but whatever
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