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  1. Our defense so far has probably been as bad as, well... as anything I can remember. However I think the tackling has been a lot better than the last couple years. Much fewer leading with the shoulder tackles and trying to strip the ball tackles. They have their place, but not as your primary tackling method.
  2. Maybe that is what motivated him. Maybe we'll see the same results from OBJ.
  3. I mean in practice/meetings. Their nicknames are Sawyer and Hurley so...
  4. Yeah he is still learning that is for sure. I'm sure his progression has been stunted a bit compared to if he could have just been in one system but overall he will have learned more this way and it will probably help him later in his career but he is just further from perfecting what he needs in the system he is currently in. I've never lost confidence that he would get there and be a top 5ish QB in the league. I have started to get concerned that the fans will try to run him out of town before then, which ownership may react on.
  5. AJ seems to move more like a tight end than an elite receiver these days. Maybe there is an injury (I know there is) or maybe just wear and tear.
  6. There was a lot of positioning between both players going down the field though so he could have flagged either before the tug. Maybe he just decided to let it play out instead of throwing the flag and having offsetting penalties. He probably just missed it though. I can deal with it since it seems like he just missed it. Of course you shouldn't miss something obvious but it happens a lot in all sports.
  7. Most of mine have already been said. UP: Kudos to Sheldon Richardson he had a game like Ogunjobi did last week, made his presence felt early. Down: We couldn't have had our way on offense much more than we did. Yeah the Baker pick hurt as far as the final score, I get that it would have sealed the game and he wanted that but we were probably scoring without a big pass play anyway. He definitely needs to find defenders coming out of their zone or off of their man in support. Anyway, my point is that we had our way on offense against a team with a poor offensive line and a rookie QB and it was somewhat of a game for the majority of the night. Still just one game (or 2) but I don't know if we will be able to stop anyone this year. We are going to have to be very experimental to find something that works better, unless getting guys healthy does that.
  8. I didn't hate the missed penalty because it was against the Bengals so it was probably just a missed call. When you get a bunch of them in games against the darlings of the NFL then it angers me because it feels like you have to destroy the opposition to stand a chance of winning. I figured it would be called pretty equally against the Bengals and I think it was.
  9. I think he was our lowest rated player last week by PFF
  10. Baker definitely needs to identify off defensive players better but he did do a good job avoiding the free rusher on that play and setting his feet. The issues with Baker will get resolved by experience, the physical traits are there. Been awhile since we've had a QB that we could say that about so I find it hard to believe we'd consider moving on from him.
  11. Yeah I think he was at 28 at the half (twice as many as Mayfield).
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