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  1. Week 10 GDT: Chaos in Cleveland

    Padding penalty stats
  2. Week 10 GDT: Chaos in Cleveland

    Colquitt will be complaining after today that he needs more touches
  3. Week 10 GDT: Chaos in Cleveland

    Greg was complaining because Irvin was holding on to his facemask
  4. Week 10 GDT: Chaos in Cleveland

    Leaning Chubb
  5. Week 10 GDT: Chaos in Cleveland

    Really would like to see the defense get some pressure with an 18 point lead
  6. Week 10 GDT: Chaos in Cleveland

    Why are we still running on 2nd and 10...oh n/m
  7. Week 10 GDT: Chaos in Cleveland

    Oh boy did we ever (8:40) (Shotgun) D.Hilliard pass short left intended for B.Mayfield INTERCEPTED by D.Kazee at ATL 22. D.Kazee to CLV 45 for 33 yards (N.Chubb).
  8. its no nut novemvber but...

    Did something malfunction? Why do I care? Happy mistake I'm sure. Meaning the eventual child of course.
  9. Le'Veon Bell -Farewell Miami

    I, and every RB in the league would agree with you. However the rest of the players in the league aren't going to risk losing a year or more of pay holding out for it so it probably isn't going to happen. If this was MLB they could hold out for a couple years which could theoretically cripple the league so the players have power. In the NFL you are asking a large majority of the league to sacrifice a large majority of their career earnings to sacrifice for future players and that just doesn't make economical sense to current players and the owners know it so they can do pretty much what they want and they aren't going to want to figure out a way to make the 3rd or 4th most important offensive player on a team earn more money. The NFLPA would have to get really creative (at the expense of something else) to get that to happen.
  10. Le'Veon Bell -Farewell Miami

    Agree with this except for the "blame the NFLPA" that gets brought up all of the time. They have very very little power because they have very very little negotiating ability because of the average career of an NFL player they can't hold out because for 80% of them they are losing the majority of their career paychecks and the owners know this and because of that have all of the power and just use the NFLPA as a public relation tool.
  11. Le'Veon Bell -Farewell Miami

    Obviously the team respects what he brings to the team so their goal was to have him play for them. Second best scenario is that he plays for no one so they pretty much accomplished what was best for the team. Not the ideal outcome but better than him helping another playoff team when they play against them this postseason.
  12. Bills starting Matt Barkley versus the Jets

    Yeah, gotta agree. Start the guy who, well, you can't imagine anyone doing any worse or starting a random guy, I would start a random guy.
  13. its no nut novemvber but...

    Because you were aware of when fertility was at its peak or because you knew which month in which it is was possible that conception occurred? I'm starting to confuse myself, I'm going to need a picture of the wife near the time of conception to piece this all together. I'm hoping Kai took after her mother. I apologize if any of this is offensive or inappropriate, I'm sorta under the influence which I don't do often but in my state this seems more funny than inappropriate but I don't trust my current judgement so if I am wrong and you have an issue with this...FGK can take care of it? Otherwise, a picture in pm will suffice... joking of course. Or am I?
  14. Around the NFL and General discussion

    Guess I'll need to call off work to catch that game. 49ers have scored 27 more points than us and given up 8 less. I suspect the 49ers win fairly easily, like 16-6. Yawn.