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  1. He carries no dead cap hit with a trade no matter when it is. His only cap hit would be his injury guaranteed salary. (that is only if he is cut, if traded his salary goes with him)
  2. Funny thing is that I noticed it when I saw this notification, figured that was what it was about. Fail. Globes are tomorrow
  3. I assumed it was Duke because I forgot David played for the Texans... Good extra piece for a QB.
  4. Resident Alien is my favorite show right now. He cracks me up at least a few times per episode.
  5. His co-workers for one, depending on the issues he is dealing with. Also the customers may care. Potentially the management. These are real people that have real feelings towards things. I think it really matters what comes of this. He is an aging vet, you aren't getting the best of him so everything would have to be weighed before making that decision.
  6. That's a lot of rookies starting on defense. Add Delpit who may as well be a rookie and no real leader of the group and it looks scary. I think we'd need to keep Goodson, he seemed like he took charge. I think we'd probably be more talented but more mistake prone. Also seems a little Miami heavy, not sure of the reason...
  7. You won't ever get a sacrifice from the players because their playing window is so small. I doubt it ever changes. The NFLPA would have to collect fees from future players to make up for the lost wages of players who sat out during work stoppage for the majority of the players to ever consider making their stand. Just a tough situation. Most baseball players expect a long career so if they lose a season to make gains in the future it seems worth it. When 10% of your players (guess) would only have this one year to make good money (league min) and another 30% losing pay for what would have been
  8. Well, they can. It would be 8-8-1. The 1st team to do that should be the symbol for mediocrity in the NFL for all the rest of time.
  9. Yeah, it was just last month but there has been no real news since the police said they were investigating him. His pregnant GF did say it didn't involve domestic violence but you'd have to know what they were investigating before showing interest in him.
  10. Takitaki was only playing 29%-39% of defensive snaps in the 2nd half of the season aside from one game at 47% and one at 72%, Goodson was at around 90 in the games he was available. I don't know if a guy playing 35% of the snaps could be considered consistent because he usually wasn't playing. Goodson isn't the athlete Joe is but he was certainly cheaper and did well. Joe fit our defense though and would have made our defense more respectable playing along side Takitaki and Goodson. The price would have been high though. I'm still not sure what we want to be on defense to know
  11. Goodson was by far our best LB, at least by my eye test. I'd also consider him our third most consistent defender last year. In my opinion a tackle is a play. I never understood not valuing a tackle because of where it is made. It isn't better to not make those 6 yard gain tackles and let the next guy get him because that means more yards. Goodson did have 2 picks, 6 passes defensed, a couple TFL and half a sack and a FR. By far our best tackler at LB. Sure he is a bit slow but if I could only keep one of our LBs it would be him without hesitation.
  12. Landry is signed through 2022 and OBJ through 2023.
  13. He counts for 16 million against the Patriots' cap but most of that is bonus money.
  14. Well he is only signed through this year at 7.5 million. So it would likely be a 1 year move.
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