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  1. Yeah so an article alluding to the fact that he is faster than Lamar sure seems like one we should take seriously.
  2. Keenum has lost 11 of his last 12 starts so he is due for a win.
  3. The Broncos won't know what to do. They can't game plan against Chubb and Hunt and they can't game plan against Baker. They certainly aren't going to complain and will likely be a little vanilla early on so we should probably attack however we think we can attack out of the gate and if it works adjust as they adjust. That is certainly an optimistic view. Sorta like saying we are going to catch them off guard by starting someone ahead of Myles Garrett that they have been game planning against but hey, this is a week we need to tell ourselves little white lies to keep the faith alive.
  4. Gotta get the ball in playmakers hands and hope. A lot of Felton. A lot of DPJ. Something with Schwartz. And that's just for entertainment value. Going to be a hard watch if we just play the clock.
  5. Not sure what you are getting at But the qb you routinely criticize has the highest rating in 20 years of Browns qb play. Plus the guy is openly fighting for us fans And you choose to criticize him are you even a fan. Thank you have a good day. The heck with that. Just have an okay day scrabble.
  6. I'm not reading all that because reasons but you don't think you can review every QB (especially with struggling tackles) and find that their 3rd or 4th read was open? You aren't going to trust that you get 3 seconds in the pocket and as proof we had multiple free rushers this past game where we had a tackle just watching the play. You certainly aren't getting to your 4th read before you are sacked or have to bail and who knows when that is going to happen. There are work arounds but it isn't the route trees we are running. Maybe Baker is working backwards on his reads or something which
  7. It's sorta ignorant to use any one play as any kind of measuring stick, sometimes you don't get to your 3rd read. Especially when you O-line is struggling.
  8. If the tackles are back I would run a Baker offense. High energy, fast paced, quick passes, RB draws, occasional playaction bombs. The passing game has been a compliment to the offense and is often with lesser athletes than the defense. Run some 4 wide with Njoku, Higgins, Schwartz, Felton, DPJ and Landry if healthy and let the players make plays and when the defense cheats hit them with a bomb. I know we were built as a run first team but we have enough pieces to be a throw first team if we run the right kind of offense.
  9. Joke all you want but I bet his torn labia really hurt.
  10. Yeah this is where I've been. Not many of our guys adjust to a throw and ****** it out of the air. Not saying most receivers do that but the really good ones do. Maybe that has to do with the zip Baker usally puts on the ball, might make it tougher to adjust. DPJ is certainly looks like our best explosive player. Along with Njoku when he catches the ball (also without jumping) no one else is likely to regularly make a play on their own.
  11. We're undefeated when we give up less than 33 points.We should do more of that.
  12. Not being dependable is why he isn't the best option. His greatest athletic ability was his burst and that's been gone for awhile. He still has decent quickness, not great speed and a lot of lapses. He'd be great as a 3rd option on a team that treated him like a 3rd option. He'd probably do really well as the guy after Tyreek and Kelce in KC. He just isn't going to do well if he replaced Tyreek.
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