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  1. Well change your avy, here ya go.
  2. OROY

    (I assume you meant Barkley) Same 50 voters who vote for the MVP, All-Pro and all of the major awards. This is last years list but I imagine there won't be many differences. These were the 50 MVP voters for the 2017 season: Eric Adelson, Yahoo: @eric_adelson Troy Aikman, Fox: @TroyAikman Hub Arkush, Westwood One: @Hub_Arkush Howard Balzer, Pro Football Hall of Fame: @HBalzer721 Don Banks, Bleacher Report: @DonBanks Jarrett Bell, USA Today: @JarrettBell Andy Benoit, The MMQB: @Andy_Benoit Ron Borges, Boston Herald: @RonBorges Vic Carucci, Buffalo News: @viccarucci John Clayton, ESPN: @ClaytonESPN Steve Cohen, Sirius XM: @CohenNFL Cris Collinsworth, NBC: @Collinsworthpff Mark Craig, Minneapolis Star Tribune: @markcraignfl Tom Curran, Comcast Sports Net: @tomecurran John Czarnecki, Fox Sports Paul Domowitch, Philadelphia Daily News: @pdomo Tony Dungy, NBC: @TonyDungy Boomer Esiason, CBS: @7BOOMERESIASON Rich Gannon, CBS: @RichGannon12 Fred Gaudelli, NBC: @NBCSNF Bob Glauber, Newsday: @BobGlauber Rick Gosselin, Talk of Fame Network: @RickGosselin9 Rodney Harrison, NBC: @Rodney_Harrison Lindsay Jones, USA Today: @bylindsayhjones Clark Judge, Talk of Fame Network: @ClarkJudgeTOF Ira Kaufman, SB Nation Radio: @IKaufman76 Peter King, The MMQB: @SI_PeterKing Pat Kirwan, Sirius XM: @PatKirwanrfn Suzy Kolber, ESPN: @SuzyKolber Jeff Legwold, ESPN: @Jeff_Legwold James Lofton, CBS: @lofton80 Alex Marvez, The Sporting News: @alexmarvez John McClain, Houston Chronicle: @McLain_on_NFL Jim Miller, Sirius XM Chris Mortensen, ESPN: @mortreport Bruce Murray, Sirius XM Gary Myers, New York Daily News: @garymyersNYDN Nick Pavlatos, Sirius XM: @nflradionick Bill Polian, ESPN Dan Pompei, Bleacher Report: @danpompei Pete Prisco, CBS: @PriscoCBS Lorenzo Reyes, USA Today: @LorenzoGReyes Tim Ryan, Fox: @TimRyan99 Armando Salguero, Miami Herald: @ArmandoSalguero Adam Schein, Showtime/CBS: @AdamSchein Tom Silverstein, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: @TomSilverstein David Steele, Sporting News: @David_C_Steele Mike Tirico, NBC: @miketirico Jenny Vrentas, The MMQB: @JennyVrentas Charean Williams, Pro Football Talk: @NFLCharean
  3. OROY

    Yeah but that happens every year. Happened a couple times last year. It's good and all but whether it's Kamara, Hunt, Zeke, Gurley, whoever there is always a rookie RB who is among the games best. Mayfield averaged the most passing yards per game for a rookie ever, broke the rookie passing TD record and looked much better than his stats indicate. If you compare rookie QBs against each other and rookie RBs against each other there is a bigger gap with QBs. It has a much tougher learning curve. Pretty much every rookie RB is plug and play. If you go league wide position vs position Barkley has the advantage. You can say Barkley deserves it more and I'm cool with that. To think Baker shouldn't be considered but is only because he is a QB is just wrong, it was possibly the best passing of any rookie QB ever. Before the season started Browns were 80-1 odds to make the SB this year and are 30-1 for next year. Giants were 30-1 this year and 40-1 next year. I don't know If you can ignore that kind of impact.
  4. Should the Steelers get rid of Antonio Brown?

    I don't think so because that's for money they already paid out in signing bonuses that was supposed to be prorated against the cap over the next three years. You can't count that against the niners cap because it's money they will not pay him. It's become obvious to me that the Steelers have poor cap management. structuring contracts so that they have huge signing bonuses just creates large balloons of dead cap space and is a ticking time bomb. You can only kick the can down the road so far With the way the cap rolls over, there are better ways to give guys guaranteed money and structure contracts. Yeah you can't trade away a signing bonus. The Browns took on guaranteed money with Osweiler which was guaranteed salary not a bonus. It's like OBJ, it's a $35 million hit if he is cut because of guaranteed money however if they trade him the team he is traded to takes on the guaranteed money and they just are hit with the signing bonus against their cap.
  5. OROY

    Yeah if volume is everything it is Barkley. He was 5th in yards per carry among rookie running backs. He was second in the NFL in touches though so he has all of the bulk stats. He also has a lot of highlight reel plays, which will grab some votes. He had a huge amount of little to no gain plays also, those don't make the highlights though. Be prepared in case Baker wins it though, some that vote will see what he did as more impressive than what Barkley did. If it is bulk stats it is Barkley. If it was most impressive performance it will be Baker. I can't see it being Nelson but I also don't completely rule it out but it would be a huge longshot. If I put money on it I would say Baker wins it though. I think it will be close.
  6. QB - As freaky said if Baker goes down we go down, at least at the moment. I'd try cloning Baker, see if that works out. We don't even have to tell him, just have him go on Jimmy Fallon and play a "what are you licking" game and grab some DNA. RB - nothing, at most camp bodies to try to find a gem. Bring in Corey Grant he has good speed could help on special teams and a Duke insurance policy. WR - A team player who could be a true #1. Probably not happening. I'd be okay with bringing in Tavon Austin in as a general weapon to play with. TE - Lots of free agent TEs if someone can beat out Fells or DeValve bring them in, Logan Thomas maybe if we get rid of Charles I'm bored already. Get a DT like others have said. I don't think our team speed on defense is a problem, If we tackled well we wouldn't need the 4th defender to get there to attempt to make the tackle. Either tackle better or get players who tackle better.
  7. I ran around with the mod tag one night in the old forum, it really pissed horny off thinking I became a mod before him. Then I styled Webby's moniker for awhile that night. It all worked out though, I was told not to do that or something and I listened. So far.
  8. Hey Nude, you dropped this out by your car.
  9. OROY

    Isn’t that the fan vote one? Meh... No it's the one voted on by the 50 people who vote MVP, All-Pro and such. It either comes out pro-bowl weekend or SB weekend. It's the only official NFL rookie award (I think). Obviously it is between Baker and Barkley but the same guys (and girls maybe) voted Nelson first team all-pro so maybe he has a chance. Baker already won one fan voted award, not sure if that was the Pepsi one or another one. He'd probably win all fan voted awards. Mostly because Browns fans vote but also because he is Baker freaking Mayfield.
  10. OROY

    Well the only one left is the only one anyone cares about, for whatever reason they care about it. Still, Mayfield is already almost a superstar and Barkley probably has a few rough years (team) ahead so he needs this. Mayfield just has to worry about keeping up with the Mahomes.
  11. Let the Mayfield Mayhem Begin

    I already responded... I didn't know
  12. OROY

    lol c'mon, poor guy probably has a less than five percent chance of ever winning another award because QBs dominate them. I wouldn't hate it if he won OROY.
  13. OROY

    I'm guessing the overall rookie award is like an MVP award which is easily Mayfield this year. Offensive rookie could go either way depending on what you like more but if it was most valuable rookie Baker might get every vote, at least the vast majority.
  14. Gotta give credit to anyone who already nominated him for that award and suspect that that person's list is probably best.
  15. Browns have 30-1 odds of going to 2020 Superbowl

    If Vegas wanted Browns fans money they would put us at 150-1 and get as much action as they could (and move to Ohio). Making our odds better makes it less worth the bet so you'd see less action. Still, at 30-1 people will put money on it and I'm sure Browns fans would too but horny aint getting rich this year like he would have in the past with the bet.