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  1. Broncos, Panthers, Falcons and the 1st Cincy game were against teams fighting for the playoffs. After we beat them and stole their souls they began a downward spiral.
  2. 5 Up, 5 Down

    Yeah and Falk's production was garbage time I was just looking for downs that hadn't already been mentioned. In the grand scheme of things we gave them those plays for the most part because of circumstances.
  3. 5 Up, 5 Down

    UP: Officiating seemed better this game 5 of 6 punts inside the 20 Defense won us the field position battle O tackles were better Ratley looked good Landry returning punts as long as he stays healthy Gregg being upset at OBJ TD Down: Murray Ward Offensive identity Falk completed 20-25 and Bell had 10 catches on 10 targets
  4. Njoku Hit

    I heard that he dropped his only target in the game.
  5. Who writes for NFL.com? The three stooges?

    Why I oughta....
  6. He said his hamstrings were tight and he didn't know if he was going to be able to make it to the end zone. Said they never loosened up but he kept playing until he couldn't anymore which didn't happen.
  7. It was the fastest a player has been clocked at this year on a scoring play. Not saying he is 100% but I think he is close enough that we don't have to worry about it unless something happens.
  8. Yeah he must be watching old game film. They aren't dirty but you can't tackle like that anymore just pull up, there will still be contact but not forceable contact.
  9. C'mon Myles stop with that on 3rd and long
  10. 3rd and long with a lead. Do what you do line
  11. There is offsides and then there was that.
  12. MNF: Browns @ Jets

    DB grabbed OBJ with the ball in the air, that's why he was upset and why it looked like a bad pass.
  13. OBJ was grabbed after the ball was in the air so the timing looked off, you could see it clearly on the replay and that's why Baker was complaining. Good play if it isn't called though.
  14. MNF: Browns @ Jets

    Yeah that seemed a bit disrespectful from a neutral broadcast lol
  15. Is this a glory hole reference?