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  1. Myles Garrett suspended indefinitely

    No, he handed off and the RB took a knee with 5 seconds remaining.
  2. Myles Garrett suspended indefinitely

    Yeah I wouldn't bet on that one.
  3. Myles Garrett suspended indefinitely

    For what damages? It's all on video, he instigated and was struck in the head during the altercation and appeared to have no injuries. Emotional stress? I think that happened earlier in the game when he found out he isn't cut out to be an NFL QB and is the reason he started the fight. That lawsuit should be against Joe Schobert not Garrett.
  4. Myles Garrett suspended indefinitely

    You can attempt to sue it doesn't guarantee you'll actually get a court date. What would he sue for anyway? A new chin strap? The ability to be an NFL QB?
  5. Myles Garrett suspended indefinitely

    Besides apologizing to Rudolph he said the same thing in his post game interview. He is a smart dude and realized what he had done and didn't have to use the excuse "I blacked out and don't remember anything" like so players did. He is being accountable, not that he has much choice.
  6. Myles Garrett suspended indefinitely

    Rudolph should have also been suspended, first to try to rip off a helmet, first to throw a punch and he didn't even get ejected.
  7. TNF: Steelers at Browns

    Mason is awful right now but he is young and could grow into a capable starter. The Steelers have won in spite of him and have been very fortunate that he hasn't turned it over more this season. I actually thought the 3rd stringer looked better or at least in command more in his limited action.
  8. Baker was off, there may have been some confusion on some of the routes but since Baker was off I'm just putting it all on him. We have to break 2 tackles to get a run back to the LOS, that isn't going to work as a run first team so we probably can't be a run first team until we fix our line.
  9. We watched different Greg Robinson's then. He whiffed on more blocks than I've ever seen in a game.
  10. Mason instigated the brawl, tried to remove a players helmet, threw a punch and potentially intentionally kicked a player in the groin and wasn't removed from the game. I know he is playing the victim but there is no way that he shouldn't be suspended if you just take actions into account. Myles retaliated by removing the helmet of the player who tried removing his and swung his helmet at him after getting a punch thrown at him. Because a weapon was used it will be a more significant suspension but that doesn't absolve what Rudolph did in any way. Getting kicked out of the game should already count for something and if Mason would have been kicked out I could see him not being suspended but I think he has to be now.
  11. Browns vs. Steelers GDT

    Anyway, kudos to pnies, you know what you did. I enjoyed a lot of the praise Baker got during and after the game and this was the most off he has been all year.
  12. Browns vs. Steelers GDT

    What Garrett did was a turkey move. We should nickname him Turkey Garrett. They sure showed that Turkey Jones tackle on Bradshaw enough tonight that no one should be shocked that football is violent. Watch this old replay of a man who could have been killed ha ha ha. Did you see Myles apparently not even hurt Mason? Lifetime ban!
  13. Browns vs. Steelers GDT

    No need to get hung up on the specifics.
  14. Browns vs. Steelers GDT

    And kill public servants. Yeah, that kind of stuff.
  15. Browns vs. Steelers GDT

    Mason's frustrations started it and Garrett's anger made it ugly. Pouncey just did what Pouncy's do.