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  1. Baker Mayfield; No.1 Overall pick 2018.

    Well, expensive doesn't mean good or healthy. Pettine wasn't good but Hue hasn't proven to be any better. Hopefully we go 16-0 the next 2 seasons so Hue can be a game over .500.
  2. Cleveland Cavaliers Thread: Enjoy it Fellas

    Motivated. Doesn't mean that is going to be enough to win game 6 let alone game 7 but I think it goes 7 and the Cavs will need a near miracle to win that game. I think if the Cavs get eliminated at any point that LeBron takes his talents to the NFL and plays outside across from Gordon with Landry in the slot and wins MVP in our SB winning season.
  3. Baker Mayfield; No.1 Overall pick 2018.

    the computer nerd in me thinks that this should be our logo Yeah I'm not surprised, Dave always wanted that to be our logo.
  4. OTA Updates

    Well we drafted a bust too. Just wanted to make those that were Darnold or bust feel a little better about Mayfield's early camp struggles.
  5. OTA Updates

    Darnold had a really rough day 1 so at least there is no fuel for the Darnold lovers yet. He went 2-11 passing. THE GOOD STUFF Darnold's only other completion was a short pass to fullback Dimitri Flowers. And in a 7-on-7 period, Darnold threw a really nice pass down the sideline to Tre McBride. But not a ton of great or good stuff for Darnold on Tuesday. THE BAD STUFF On his first rep in team periods, Darnold was "sacked" after not seeing the blitz. Darnold had a botched snap, too, as it looked like he started his drop-back too early. THE UGLY STUFF In a 7-on-7 period, Darnold threw an awful interception that went right to safety Kacy Rodgers II. In terms of his nine missed passes in team periods, here is what happened — totally missed Charles Johnson on a deep ball (though Johnson might've run the wrong route), a high pass under pressure, a drop by Neal Sterling on a ball that was a little behind, an overthrow, another bad deep-ball miss for Johnson, a good roll-out throw to the sideline that was broken up, a roll-out pass that was near nobody, a slight overthrow, and a deep ball that was broken up. So not all of the nine incomplete passes were totally on Darnold.
  6. OTA Updates

    Yeah hopefully that is why they went off of their hands. Mayfield does have to get used to making more of those low percentage passes so it should be a good exercise for him.
  7. OTA Updates

    3 picks and 2 more that could have been picked from what I read. 2 of the picks and one that could have been picked went off of receiver's hands though. Also read that they were working on dangerous throws over the middle with him so that also could have contributed.
  8. New policy for the National Anthem

    We need an amendment to the constitution for the separation of sport and state.
  9. Are the playoffs really out of the question?

    So you're saying we are due? Franchises don't relocate because they lose, location, especially in the NFL, has very very little to do with that. We beat the Patriots in the playoffs in '94 and the relocation was announced during the following season. I don't trust our owner but his failings as an owner can't be traced back to the city or fans, only his hires and their hires and etc... What should be able to happen is that the city can relocate the owner if he is failing to show competence.
  10. Duke Johnson feels disrespected ?

    He did. Their year end total were about the same though, one didn't have far and away more yards.
  11. Duke Johnson feels disrespected ?

    I don't know if I would use the term fat and away, mostly because it doesn't make sense. He had 6 more yards from scrimmage than Crowell. Duke was the most effective but as far as total production he and Crowell were practically even.
  12. Duke Johnson feels disrespected ?

    I think he has the ability to be a 20 carry a game guy but so far he hasn't shown that he can physically handle the beating. In his limited carries he still has left the field a lot even if he did eventually make it back in the game and that isn't a good sign to be a workhorse back over a full season. He is good at what he does but you are right, he is only going to get paid for what he actually does.