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  1. Around the NFL and General discussion

    Yeah, it's all how you look at it. Harrison said he was saving careers after concussing Cribbs and Mo-Mass in the same game with spearing hits. Said he could end their career if he hit them in the knee so he is saving careers by targeting the head. He was fined how many times and continued to say he wouldn't change the way he hit. Shazier was nearly just as bad, he would always use the crown of his helmet to hit someone and was penalized (not as often as he should have been and I'm thinking the Duke Johnson hit) and sadly his story didn't end well. Could have as easily been Harrison, or Colt McCoy, or Mo-Mass, or Cribbs, or Brees, Fitzpatrick, or etc... Both dirty I just think Harrison had a lot more examples.
  2. Around the NFL and General discussion

    There probably isn't anything you can do that's worse than spearing someone in the side of the helmet and that is what the Steelers bad boys did all of the time. They tried and took pride in putting people to sleep. Just because more of their stuff happened during the play doesn't make it better in my book. I'll take someone twisting my ankle over getting speared in the side of my helmet. All dirty, all were fined, Bengal fans didn't excuse their dirty players at the rate Steelers fans did. Hell, they took collections to pay for Harrison knocking people out.
  3. Around the NFL and General discussion

    Eh. I didn't like the Bengals' dirty players from our standpoint because we had to play them twice per year but it was good to see how Steelers fans would handle it if the Harrison/Porter shoe was on the other foot and they handled it by crying like babies. If a bully gets bullied I'm not gonna feel bad for the bully. I will sit there and watch him cry for a moment before I move on with my day.
  4. Dorsey - What have you done for us lately?

    I think his plan is to stay under the cap next year. Where we stand right now we are only $33 million under the cap for next year. While we had a lot of carry over money this year we have to keep an eye on what it is doing to us in the future. I think any signings we do this year are going to be 1 year signings unless there is a deal too good to pass up. We have some flexibility with Kirkey and TJ Carrie's contracts next year (we can cut them and save about 7.5 and 6.5) but I think this year's big spending is done unless it is a rent a player.
  5. What made Hue Jackson such a terrible coach?

    Pretty spot on. Hue prides himself on sticking to his guns no matter what even if it's not working at all.Obviously he is terrible as far as passing blame along and making excuses but that isn't really game coaching although it may make players not want to play for you. He could coach the KC offense but I always thought he was overrated as an offensive coordinator even though he never really had a QB to work with. The bad QBs he did have played at or near their worst with Hue. He got out of Flacco what Flacco always was and he got 1 good season out of Dalton but probably more of a coincidence than anything with his track record. I wouldn't hire him for any position because of his personality but ignoring that I probably wouldn't hire him to coach any of my players no matter what position he held. Too flawed to coach in this era and be successful.
  6. The Post FA|Pre Draft Season Prediction Thread

    I get why it feels that way and if he made promises to his teammates then yeah but he wasn't under contract last year so technically he wasn't a Steeler to give up on the Steelers.
  7. The Post FA|Pre Draft Season Prediction Thread

    Yeah I don't know how Freddie will do but he ran plays designed by players on the offense last year and it seemed to give them some extra pride, or something, on that side of the ball and you saw a lot of effort from everyone. Now if he does that as a head coach and it fails he may take some lumps, he won't care unless they are wearing orange and brown but the media may have a field day. Pirates haven't won in the playoffs for a long time but they were good just a few year ago. Had a really nice group of players and that gives a lot of hope. Didn't work out but there were some exciting times and revived the power of Zoltan.
  8. The Post FA|Pre Draft Season Prediction Thread

    If the Browns improve on their record within the division from last year (3-2-1) I definitely think they will be a playoff team. Like most divisions though even the best team can struggle with teams that know the most about them and I expect those games to be tough to win. The Browns will probably be favored to win 7 of the 10 games outside of the division, not that it means anything, but as far as predicting by the lines the Browns would probably be favored in 11 games or more prior to the season. That counts for 0 actual wins but I think it validates the predictions for the Browns in this thread that just don't sit right since it doesn't seem real that they could be a favorite because of, well, the Browns.
  9. Ryan Fitzpatrick signs with dolphins

    And you're color blind.
  10. Ryan Fitzpatrick signs with dolphins

    Vinny was one of the worst ever with TB. Beyond that he had a couple good years and the rest was meh. I'd say they are pretty equal overall.
  11. Nostalgia Browns

    They did in 1997 and Kentucky won 40-34 in OT. It was just the 2nd time they had ever beat Alabama and first since 1922. Couch was 32-47 for 355 yards with 3 TD and 3 INT. Kentucky won the coin toss in OT and deferred and then Chad Goss fumbled Freddie Kitchens' pass at the 21 and Kentucky's Tremayne Martin recovered. I don't know what Freddie's stats were. http://articles.latimes.com/1997/oct/05/sports/sp-39619
  12. Max Unger retires

    Why did he retire? Did he just lose the hUnger?
  13. Yeah if it is really 20k added on you could probably hire someone to do it for 20-25% of that in a average size house.
  14. Nostalgia Browns

    Has there even been a Chiaverini mention yet?
  15. Baker Mayfield

    Sorry but your comments reminded me of this.