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  1. Myles Garrett Extension: 5 yrs, $125 million

    He has worked hard to make himself the physical beast that he is. Now lets work on the mental side of things. Don't get frustrated when your hurries aren't turning into sacks just keep doing what you are doing and stop with the late hits. Well, unless it's within the division. But no helmet smashing no matter what, unless Lamar is having the same success as last year then we will have to just be okay with both players out of the league.
  2. Offseason Discussion

    I get that other teams would be more interested in paying him 8 million instead of 15 but our dead cap hit in a trade would go from 0 to 7 million so this says to me that Vernon is a Brown in 2020.
  3. Offseason Discussion

    Honestly, pretty much nothing. They have no power because the majority of players have to think about their career which is short term so the owners always have the power. You'd have to have a league of players that fight for their replacements which not many will do so that will never happen. MLB players last a long time so they can afford to lose a year or two and have leverage for the benefirt of their and other player's futures.
  4. Offseason Discussion

    Yeah I don't see a 3rd happening. He is young and has 2 years left so in a normal year they might get that but with uncertainty of how this season will go whether it is abbreviated or incomplete it may take his value down some and a 3rd would probably be best case scenario under normal circumstances. I think a player for player trade may be the best route, maybe someone like Gabe Jackson if we are worried about RG. Not that they need a TE, just an example.
  5. Browns TE David Njoku requests trade

    Well the Browns reached out to him to try to get him to change his mind but Drew pretty much said he had no interest in staying. The return will be so small that it wouldn't really hurt the Browns to just let him sit out and might be a better option to not potentially make another team stronger without getting any real return. Just depends if the Browns want to appear as player friendly, they own all of the leverage.
  6. Browns TE David Njoku requests trade

    Then sign him to an extension.
  7. Offseason Discussion

    He was a real d last year, before during and after the game. I was a fan of his prior to that. Seems he just may not be a fan of Cleveland but he getting close to 40 so his career is probably over pretty soon, he has started 5 games over the last 2 seasons.
  8. Offseason Discussion

    f Walker
  9. Offseason Discussion

    Yeah but he seems to have made up his mind. Probably not worth the effort for our #2 tight end. We'd probably be better off with a blocking #2 anyway instead of a WR caliber blocker.
  10. Offseason Discussion

    Then we aren't doing anything anyway, why waste money on a team that isn't going to be in contention? We have to assume Ward and Baker pan out, they are needed pieces to get to where we need to go. OJB/Landry are big money guys who we want to be here and be great but you can replace their production much more easily than Ward/Mayfield if all are doing well. Ya gotta factor in our core players otherwise you put yourself in a position financially that you have no choice but let them walk.
  11. Statistically Baker has easily outproduced Allen, at least in passing. We'll see if teams play the Ravens offense smarter this year, if not it's going to be hard competing against a QB where they don't attempt to pressure you because it's just too easy.
  12. The talent on offense was supposed to be great last year but it wasn't. A lot of it had to do with the O-Line and OBJ being injured but we really didn't have much going on besides Chubb. No reliable receiver after Landry. Had a hodgepodge of tight ends. If we get the same OBJ then it will again depend of if the O-Line can give the receivers enough time to get separation because they didn't win many one on one battles last year and they aren't especially gifted with speed bursts. I don't expect Landry to beat CBs regularly but we did expect it from OBJ. We really should just run a Baker offense and then it won't matter how many different coaches and systems we go through. We need a fast paced offense with rhythm, we have a rhythm QB so take advantage of his positives. I'm not worried about Baker unless he is still scared from last year's O-Line, then we may have a problem but he doesn't throw many wtf picks, they are usually off hands, a lb/s that tricked him or what looked like a bad route. A better offensive line will give him time to fix some of those that are entirely on him and we can't be as unlucky as last year with how many picks went off of receiver's hands.
  13. Offseason Discussion

    MDP honestly deserved a HOF conversation, probably more than Clay but he never got one for some reason. If he were in the league now he would be a superstar. Some people even think his brother was better than him but it wasn't even close.
  14. Offseason Discussion

    I don't know what's going on but I'm in.
  15. Offseason Discussion

    Yeah who knows what is true but it may have been an offer to compete with Keenum as backup which isn't very enticing. Much better option to compete for the starter's position in NE. I really don't think we're trying to find a replacement or competition for Baker, that would be silly. Now if we're having this conversation next year then yeah it's time to take it seriously but currently I can't see them being anything but 100% behind Baker as our starter. I'd be willing to bet that Baker outlasts the head coach that takes over for Stefanski.