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  1. Jim Harbaugh? He seems to know what to do with a QB like Cam, and Cam is light years better than the one he once coached in the pros. That 49ers defense was pretty nasty, too, under him.
  2. What do you think they should do with Cam?
  3. So, what did you all think of what you saw in the first preseason game? I realize there were not many starters playing at all, but there are a few things I'm excited about. There seems to be some playmaker depth on offense. They have a number of versatile backs that seems to have created depth behind CMC. Brian Burns. I'm impressed. He could make a difference on the defense this year, but the jury's still out for sure (only one game). The defensive scheme looked good, even with the backups. I can't wait to see the starters run it. Vernon Butler? Was he the one having problems stopping the run last night? Not too optimistic about his play. Overall, even considering the fact that barely any starters played, I'm optimistic about the schemes and depth I saw on the field last night. Your thoughts?
  4. @RUN CMC, how do you think TD being gone (now that we know) will affect the defense? The LB corps?
  5. So now that we all know he's staying, how do you think he can right the ship?
  6. What's interesting is what this article states concerning a Norv Turner offense... four year ago. Rather ironic that this looks a lot like what Carolina has been building for the past several years. I guess these "earmarks" are what may have made the Panthers attractive to Norv. Five Things In A Norv Turner Offense
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