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  1. Wentz v Mariota.. did we get the right franchise QB? find out Sunday.
  2. The return of Jordan Matthews. Ha, that’s crazy when you think about it. Maybe we won the Darby trade? ?
  3. Browns are now 1-31-1 since the Haul took place. Their 0-0-1 start is the team’s best in 14 years.
  4. Of course DeSean balls out knowing the Eagles are coming to town next. Still concussed or not, I bet he plays Sunday. I’m also betting on Nicky Nine playing hero in Tampa. Our D should produce some Fitzcraptrick tendencies.
  5. so I placed a bet at my job with a coworker months ago, of course I won the friendly wager. Used the Cash App funds he sent me to order a replica SB ring. It's en route to yours truly. Best thing of it all, dude I bet with is a huge Cowboys fan. Can't wait to show it off. Come in all causally at work one day with it on. Got it from here; looking forward to see how it looks and feels. Cheap, but should do the job. https://fox-rings.com/philadelphia-eagles-2017-custom-name-super-bowl-lii-52-replica-championship-ring-official-design/
  6. As I take a step back and reflect upon the epic accomplishments of our 2017 Eagles, I realize I didn’t anticipate the Lombardi Trophy coming home so soon. At the bare minimum, at least a few more years of ups and downs. I know it’s been a pleasant offseason for us talking football in any capacity. Wish the celebratory parade could last forever.
  7. I’m sure it’s been mentioned, but his initial kick step is lethal. Looks a lot like the footwork a younger Jason Peters had. Really hope he pans out long term.
  8. Nicky Nine shall lead us to the promised land yet again, for now.
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