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  1. Week 4 GDT: Eagles (2-1) vs Titans (2-1)

    Wentz v Mariota.. did we get the right franchise QB? find out Sunday.
  2. The return of Jordan Matthews. Ha, that’s crazy when you think about it. Maybe we won the Darby trade? ?
  3. Around the NFL - Week 1

    Browns are now 1-31-1 since the Haul took place. Their 0-0-1 start is the team’s best in 14 years.
  4. Of course DeSean balls out knowing the Eagles are coming to town next. Still concussed or not, I bet he plays Sunday. I’m also betting on Nicky Nine playing hero in Tampa. Our D should produce some Fitzcraptrick tendencies.
  5. so I placed a bet at my job with a coworker months ago, of course I won the friendly wager. Used the Cash App funds he sent me to order a replica SB ring. It's en route to yours truly. Best thing of it all, dude I bet with is a huge Cowboys fan. Can't wait to show it off. Come in all causally at work one day with it on. Got it from here; looking forward to see how it looks and feels. Cheap, but should do the job. https://fox-rings.com/philadelphia-eagles-2017-custom-name-super-bowl-lii-52-replica-championship-ring-official-design/
  6. As I take a step back and reflect upon the epic accomplishments of our 2017 Eagles, I realize I didn’t anticipate the Lombardi Trophy coming home so soon. At the bare minimum, at least a few more years of ups and downs. I know it’s been a pleasant offseason for us talking football in any capacity. Wish the celebratory parade could last forever.
  7. Jordan Mailata is good?

    I’m sure it’s been mentioned, but his initial kick step is lethal. Looks a lot like the footwork a younger Jason Peters had. Really hope he pans out long term.
  8. I only do Super Bowls
  9. Nicky Nine shall lead us to the promised land yet again, for now.