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  1. No worries one of the pictures I edited last night a bear charging me. I have had the privilege of dealing with real bullies.
  2. once again have no idea if you are joking or saying good job. Anyways really enjoying the tone of the off season
  3. did not realize you knew him. by the way thanks for your posts excellent thoughts
  4. yes for him hope he has learned from his mistakes.
  5. Ok Buno I will call it now neither Parsons or owuno make it to us at 26.The guy from Tulsa would be are next to slowest linebacker.
  6. So are you saying wade lasts till the 3rd if he runs 4.3
  7. Thanks for the excellent posts that said if you need a linebacker trade up and get parsons. Then draft Wade in the second that would increase over all speed in the back of the defense.
  8. First replacement 15,000,000 To actually get better another 15,000,000 Also give me names on just who your going to sign. Even mack who is getting payed 23,000,0000 did not have 9 sacks.
  9. Ok everybody that says Vernon is easily replaced who are we going to sign for cheaper than 5million that got 9 sacks I am calling you naysayers out. who remember 9sacks less then 5 million proven not what you think no draft picks just money
  10. Ok agenda poster all knowing how good is Weaver olb Boise state how good is he going to be How good is Williams going to be with his bad shoulder how good is are defensive line player we got from Cincinnati How good will Delpit be my guess all are healthy and contribute in a big way to a better Browns team
  11. 30percent completion when playing 1on1 what more due you want He is the best cornerback sense Hanford and minniefield if he came out this year he would be the first cornerback taken oh the whole draft stinks because there is no number 1 cb, deeper reasoning name 33 cornerbacks better than ward
  12. You make excellent points I just want to see the qb that is going to shatter all the Browns passing records stay a brown.
  13. Not sure I agree hill averaged 13 yards per reception is was clearly the plan not to allow Hill to beat us deep. Point 2 we held KC to22 points with Ward on the field
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