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  1. Dorsey

    Dorsey has drafted or traded for 5pro bowlers
  2. Zac Taylor excellent example ll
  3. GDT: Week whatever

    Ok j pleasure to talk to you what would it take for the Browns to trade up to the first pick example I trade you Chubb,two number 1s,and 2 number 2s would you do the trade
  4. GDT: Week whatever

    I have a better idea draft tua then hold the nfl hostage in a Goff like trade
  5. Considering that not one of the new hires is going to win a super bowl. nobody on this board predicted the next new coach to win the super bowl. Even the rams under the genius want to fire him and draft a new guarterback I make it a point to not criticize something that I have no suggestion how to improve upon. Andy Reid had problems in philly and he had problems with Dorsey do you want a head coach that is a proven problem to the front office. e
  6. Ron Rivera Fired

    The riot attributes him to run a 3-4 this year we don’t get many of his games here in Jackson Wyoming
  7. Ron Rivera Fired

    Sorry guys not switching to a 3-4 and trade the entire front seven for him
  8. Browns Playoff Chances

    The steelers at the cardinals is key The steeler have only 1 win on the road Guess who If they lose that puts us back in the hunt There's no way I am picking us to beat Baltimore after what they did to new England patriots
  9. Fix the Browns

    Tua Alabama q Adam's ot georgia
  10. Fix the Browns

    DISAgree there will be multiple picks given up before young is selected
  11. Fix the Browns

  12. Well as the leader of picking the browns to win I will start with Crow barqued with jalapeno and anchovies sauce Go browns I love you
  13. Fix the Browns

    Trade up get young de ohio state university Sign Jones db Dallas Draft soliman lindley ol georgia
  14. Giving baker mayfield 3 new offensive systems in 3 years to me is stupid. Then when he has a80 QBs ranking at 8 Games then everybody would be screaming for a new QBs Also we are 3wins one less with hunt on the field