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  1. Excellent draft going to be interesting if 3 qbs go off the board before are pick.
  2. Free Agency Discussion

    As i understand it Myles and Mayfield final rookie year contracts will be 16,000,000 Mayfields second contract will not go north of 30 mill the expected pay for Myles is 24 million this represents only a 22 million dollar in raises against are salary cap The expected raises for the salarycap over the next 3 years will be 20 million per year.
  3. I just knows he holds better than Robinson
  4. Two all pro lineman squash 260 lbs lineman
  5. Given the fact that right guards are going north of 12,000,000 per year this represents a 60,000,00 savings over signing a equal guard in free agency. Also having a mobile huge lineman against ravens and steelers linebackers would create huge defensive problems for there coordinators with chubb and hunt.
  6. Not sure drafting Wirf is bad thing if you draft and he cant play left tackle then we have Tretter,Wirf,and Conklin they would turn 3and 4 into a running down.
  7. College Football and NFL Draft Discussion

    say everything you want about Pittsburgh they were stomped last year and have no picks plus no free agents this year to help. 2 if we draft right Pittsburgh will be forever in are rear view mirror.
  8. Free Agency Discussion

    whAT MAKES YOU say that to me if he was matched up gainst bush linebacker Pittsburgh 3down and 2 he blows him away at the point of attack. 2nd if he is given a running start at the 270lb edges we routinely face he would make ambulances cases out of all them. But I do not know how to scout for zbs lineman and appreciate any advice you give me.
  9. College Football and NFL Draft Discussion

    Take Simmons if he does not work out at edge use him as trade bait to get a true edge next year plus there maybe a excellent trade down market to keep jacksonville from getting Simmons
  10. Free Agency Discussion

    excellent post myself I like Thomas lt georgia because he can run block the key to protecting Baker is having a running team that that makes team like Pittsburgh,Baltimore,and Cincinati commit 9 people to the box. 2nd round Wilson tackle Georgia train him as a guard then let him take Conklin place in 2 years. Speaking for myself I am taking are extra pick from this year plus next plus are second and trade up into the 1st and get my choice of safeties.
  11. Free Agency Discussion

    Good one just a question at 10 if you get your choice of a lineman who would you choose ? As well as a guard in the second round?
  12. Free Agency Discussion

    Sorry but these phones stink sometimes Thomas left tackle Georgia
  13. Free Agency Discussion

    o h well another interesting year
  14. Free Agency Discussion

    nice picture anyways I would not bet on this happening but I could see us drafting two lineman with are 1st two picks and wind up in last place