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  1. 1st player Alton Smith edge Dallas 2nd Shelton dt Detroit that way we don't have that need in the off season
  2. Not sure what you mean there That said Mayfield beat phillip rivers who is getting 25 million per year
  3. Browns get 40 win by 2 scores Kareem has his first 200 yard game as a Browns
  4. Kareem hunt 200 plus yards Mayfield has 135 qb ranking Raiders have 0 sacks Miles has 2 sacks plus causes a fumble The Browns and the raiders beat the over in the first half
  5. Raiders have surrendered more points then Cincinnati with a easier schedule.
  6. If and when we get Chubb back the defensive numbers will get that much better. I am totally worried about Williams nerve injury.
  7. One of the things not mentioned is the difference in the team before Chubbs injury till now. Bakers last game was done without Chubb. I am not going to say we are better without Chubb but Baker played his best game for us without ObJ and Chubb. Another point is that people are saying that are chances at reaching the playoffs are less than 50% with CHUBB in the line up.
  8. hey Is this the game we get 50 ?
  9. the biggest point to make about this team is we won 4 games without Chubb we could really go on a run with him like 6 in a row. eg look at what he did to Baltimore when we won.
  10. They went 1 and 1 last year and chubb lit them up. Thank you have a good day
  11. Cleveland in 2019 beat Pittsburgh 21 to 7 Cleveland in 2019 beat Baltimore 40 to 25
  12. Cut him Fitzgerald is better. Ha ha I would like to apply for assistant waterborne in the Baker fan club.
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