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  1. Considering if Obj goes north of 1400 hundred yards and Landry goes 1200 levels they have previously done they can be used as part of a significant trade rather a conditional 6th rounder
  2. I don't know Thomas there was only 18 1000 yard wide receivers I am just not in favor for giving that away.
  3. lets agree to disagree thank you the debate That said prediction 1` 2021 obj and Landry both have career years this years
  4. My biggest objection is there was only 1 receiver that got a landry level contract. Just who are you trading these contracts to. Also I did not see very many rookie just giving landry level of production last year.
  5. sorry typing on cell phone it types for me. Not putting you down just having a discussion
  6. ok you say let's draft Bateman and terrace Marshall WR Lsu I will keep Landry and Obj draft Rousseau Then trade back up to get Owen edge Penn state I will be happy to play you.
  7. Ok has more receptions than Larry Fitzgerald at this point in his career. Ok more receptions than Chris Carter Ok has more reception Terrelle owens And you say start Dpj and Highins
  8. So you are advocating dpj and Higgins You guys are geniuses.
  9. I am giving him 2 more years of production before I say a for sure hof back.
  10. If you are asking me if it worth signing the best Browns back sense Leroy Kelly yes
  11. I took both Phillips and Farley off my Board when we signed Clowney Everybody else is fine.
  12. That said my prediction for the. Browns is take 1 of are 3rds and trade up for edge or cb.
  13. trade up for Pitts tight end then trade Hooper this saves us million and salary cap plus improves tight end
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