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  1. Corbett traded to Rams

    One of the players I have rated that we can get with this pick is JonRunyan jr lt Michigan he shows better footwork then Corbett
  2. Around the league discussion

    It will certainly be interesting down the stretch because we are not just missing people we are missing all pro level players. I would like to dream what are record would be with Hunt,Williams, and Ward on the field for the first five games. Just think about being ahead of Seattle and go jumbo with Chubb and hunt together we probably score 30 in the first half.
  3. Around the league discussion

    Baltimore plays Seahawks in Seattle we will only be 1game out of first if they lose
  4. 5 up, 5 down

    Up the referees the must have been smoking something chubb number2in rushing in the nfl Ol love the holes they created for chubb kickoff returns excellent Myles 11sacks in5games down haslem should have had press conference and ripped the nfl and there refs.
  5. Things to fix on the bye: REALISTIC

    Thank you for all your historically great articles this year. But you know there is always some baptism by fire
  6. Things to fix on the bye: REALISTIC

    Maturity comes with time Sometimes teams just take a while to jell
  7. Freddie ain’t Ready

    He was still fired or did he just walk away
  8. Freddie ain’t Ready

    Right baltimore ravens
  9. Freddie ain’t Ready

    Concerning coaches Jimmy johnson head coach dallas cowboys 1 win Bill walsh 3 wins Bill belichick fired from the Cleveland browns You may want to be patient with rookie Coachss
  10. Was it a mistake to trade Kevin Zeitler?

    Have a good day I hope you can understand that Also I graduated from a college you are not even smart enough to get into. Just because I took physics instead of writing I do appreciate you cognitive Sensory motor statements
  11. Was it a mistake to trade Kevin Zeitler?

    W What part of gone don’t you understand
  12. Was it a mistake to trade Kevin Zeitler?

    Sorry but the days of having a Joe Thomas level tackle are gone his pay is going to obj and landry
  13. Was it a mistake to trade Kevin Zeitler?

    No because if we payMayfield,Myles,Ward,Russell,and Schofield how much money is there for him.
  14. Your right I am wrong Congrats to your 49ers
  15. Ok forge your right I am wrong My crow this week is slow roasted With anchovies with neapolitan ice cream No hard feelings on my side