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  1. "He says, too, that this deal is almost certainly not going to happen, mainly because it would be insanity on the Lions’ part." I'm very thankful for this quote.
  2. I am not saying it is a guarantee. I'm just saying if I build a team, I'm building the trenches. I like my odds. I haven't defended the Lions OL numbers this year, nor did I in the above post. In fact, if you read up I say there is more to it than a pff score. I also admit I'm antiquated, archaic, set in my ways, an old dog allergic to new tricks, believe I have a chance to win the lotto, and lastly a Lions fan. Maybe I just happen to put the money on the wrong horse.
  3. Thanks for the explanation. I'm all for whatever works. I'm still antiquated in my thoughts, but I do find this interesting. I would really like to see the data. I wonder if the Patriots playing in the AFC East helps them achieve those numbers? Since it is now more of a passing league, I could see why this would work better now. I will agree it isn't as cut and dry as ol means good everything, dl means good everything. I just believe it to be the best starting point.
  4. Can you expound on this, as I am interested in your thoughts? I am of the belief if you build the trenches on a team it definitely gives you an opportunity to be better than if you don't do this. I understand you still have other positions that make up a team and will help with winning, but not winning in the trenches, I believe, is a recipe to make it much harder to win than if you do. I'd rather build up my ol and dl than my wr, cb groups.
  5. Wouldn’t it have to be good or working in order to destroy it, lol.
  6. I don’t think anyone wants to buy, but if you were Quinn would you make a trade? I thought this was the whole premise of the discussion?
  7. Don't disagree at all, and that's why I'm fighting myself on this one. I hate to see these two here for two more years, but they very well might get a record this year that keeps them here. I do reserve the right to completely contradict myself next year though.
  8. I know, and I have said, making the playoffs gets you the chance. I'm fighting my own philosophy on this one. I want a team that is able to do more than get bounced handily as a wild card team. I don't think MP and BQ have what it takes. End of story. However they are in year 3 and although early, due to a weak schedule they could get in. If they win a round in the playoffs, then what? For management this will ensure they stay. For that matter I'm almost certain they are going to be back next year as I think they are going to hit 500. As a fan, although I root for this team, I'm very uneasy about their future with these two leading the ship.
  9. Right. Aren't we 3-0 with KG in the offense and 0-3 without him? Makes a difference. At this point, the Lions need to shore up the defense to allow the offense to win. If we have a major injury, it's all in vain.
  10. I'm with you. This team with it's soft schedule should be in contention for the playoffs. I hold them in the same regard as I did Caldwell, they might get there, but they aren't good enough to get it done. If I see them win out in the division, and the defense to continue to perform like the last two games then I'll change my tune. If BQ let's Golladay walk, I'll be completely over him if I am not already.
  11. I'd probably give a second rounder for him... Probably. I'm really on the fence with that. I'd for sure do a third. No way to a first. Having a nice rotation of Penisini, Shelton, and Williams sounds pretty good. I love the idea of fresh DTs. I feel it puts a lot of pressure on the OL. However, this is only if I was Quinn and was trying to make a playoff push.
  12. The defense and especially the dline, are starting to gel. I agree, they look much better with Pensini on the field. Sports illustrated stated all our wins this year have come when our secondary plays zone defense more than man . I think if Matty P can keep playing zone we are going to give the offense a chance to win the game as we did today. This team, I don't think, has the talent to win pretty. But a win is a win. The defense just has to be serviceable and let the offense do their thing. I think we stand a good chance to go on a run now with the upcoming schedule. That might be enough to give this team confidence to compete going into the last quarter of the season. I think things just got interesting. https://www.si.com/nfl/lions/news/lions-secondary-zone-defense
  13. Defense looked much better against a good offense.
  14. I think the Lions are going to get curb stomped by Atlanta's offense. Atlanta wins a shootout.
  15. I think you also have to look at the rb's rating as well. Just because they have the highest score, doesn't mean we have a fantastic running game. That is not what the data is saying. The false picture is not the stats, but in how it is being interpreted. Now, I have no idea what a good number would be, but a score of 80, although the best in the league apparently, doesn't scream they should be on the Broncos level either. Also, I would think if you have a couple of guys who are really high, and a guy who is really low, that could effect it as well (now I'm thinking out loud here as well).
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