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  1. I would just prefer to have a position group we are settled with. With Decker at RT, we have book end tackles for what, the next 4-5 years. When he's in his 30's we move on and bring in his replacement vs being forced to bring in a replacement now. After watching last nights game, I really think fixing the D and keeping the OL together is our fastest means of righting the ship.
  2. He goes in as a Lion, his wife goes in as a Ram.
  3. Seeing Stafford in a Rams uni was bitter sweet. You can't help but to root for the guy, but I really would have loved to see him finish it in honolulu blue. It's good to see him playing the way he does for LA though.
  4. I was fine with trying Sewell on the right, but I think the future is now. Put Sewell back on the left and Decker on the right. The OL will be better for it. I think Sewell has tremendous upside and Decker will be perhaps be the best RT in the league. Not to shabby. The whole thought, imo, was to slowly bring Sewell along, and well, he just showed that is not necessary against one of the better ends in the game. The time is now.
  5. Torn Achilles? Really? I’m having flashbacks of Bryant Westbrook. They are never the same after that injury.
  6. I have always wanted to see him at LT and Decker at RT. I think that makes our line a lot better, but only when Sewell was ready. This, to me, is about worst case scenario for the kid.
  7. I'm going to go with 3 holding calls and 3 sacks for Bosa against Sewell. Goff just aged from 26 to 34 and the year hasn't even started yet. Get that boy a life-alert.
  8. a rookie after taking a year off and having a not too great preseason against Nick Bosa. What could go wrong?
  9. Yeah, my thing is our talent Quin brought in and I think it isn't very good. Then we lost our strength in Stafford and our receivers. Now we are relying on a rookie interior dline, and a revamped right side of the line. I'm just not confident our veteran talent is greater than last years. In fact I think it is a lot worse. I think we are moving in the right direction with youth, but they're just "pups". I think we will see glimpses of what can be, and unfortunately will still struggle. I think the 3 players I'm most excited to see this year are Levi, McNeill and Barnes. I think they could
  10. I'm kind of feeling like a Debbie downer here. It appears most are very optimistic about this club. It's going to be an interesting year to root for these guys as there are so many unknowns with this team.
  11. That clang everyone just heard were brass balls smacking together. Very ballsy statements. If this turns out, I'd expect us to be better than a top 3 pick.
  12. I'm on the fence about this. If he has a good year this year do you trade him thinking he could be hot and cold from year to year? In essence you don't really believe he is "that" guy, but you trade him while his value is hot. He was good two years ago, then he wasn't. Which is the real Goff? Will we ever know? Sell high and buy low. I could also see it as you don't trade him and say he is serviceable enough and you don't know what you're going to get through the draft. He is young and let it play out and build around him. I think both stances are fair.
  13. 1. Sewell struggles...all year making us wonder why we didn't take Fields. HV struggles on the right compounding matters. 2. Defense is still really bad. DL shows glimpses, but is still bad. A significant injury will happen and we will blame it on this. 3. Okudah makes a significant stride in year two showing he has something worth waiting for. 4. Lack of receivers keeps defenses playing in close shutting down our running game. 5. We won't know what we have in Goff because the rest of the team is so bad. 6. We will be playing for the first overall pick. 1-2 wins.
  14. Sewell: What's a pancake? Sorry...too soon? lol. and before the pitch forks come out, I'm just joking.
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