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  1. Good. This line, barring injury, is going to be set up nicely for the next 5 years.
  2. I do not know the prospects well in terms of watching tape. The only information I had was that of which I read. I love our first two picks and wouldn't change them. First, How do you say anything bad about Sewell...unless you write for the free press? I really liked our second pick. I mocked him, didn't post him here as I generally don't post my mocks. As I was reading up on him then, I kept asking myself why we weren't hearing more about him? Now, I wouldn't have been upset with Samuel, or Marshall at 2 either, but I believe for this team this year a DT would help us more and it just s
  3. I'm of the firm belief if you have talented depth on DL, you will wear out the opposing OL. Changes the 4th quarter for you significantly.
  4. Not sure if they were disappointed or not, but I thought this was interesting. https://lionswire.usatoday.com/2021/05/02/lions-brad-holmes-draft-sniped-player-from-the-eagles/
  5. I’m in the wait and see category. They haven’t accomplished anything yet. If our 1sts we received for stafford don’t pan out and Goff doesn’t pan out, the stafford trade is going to hurt. Especially if there is someone at 8 we could of had from Carolina turns in to mr. Incredible. but I do like these guys and they are going to be a lot harder to part with if they do fail then previous regimes because they’re so damn likeable.
  6. HV I hated as a tackle, but he might become a decent guard. I still think we are picking top 5 next year, but I love how this is being built. Hate to drink the kool-aid this early, but in 2 years we could be legit.
  7. I guess this is where you and I just disagree. If they placed a 1st round grade on Levi and got him in the second round, then it very well may be the lions had him as the bpa on their board. with McNeill, I’ve heard it said he was a second round value and they got him in the third. He may have been the bpa on the lions board at the time of the pick. holmes has said, “this is how the board fell” so it sounds like this was their bpa. If that is the case it’s very fortunate for us it was on the dL. now if we are arguing our board vs their board, which to me is what it sounds like,
  8. https://mobile.twitter.com/ChrisBurkeNFL/status/1388287625354780673 Love this quote. Seems like a Dan Campbell type of guy.
  9. I’m pretty much with you. I wouldn’t say I love it, but relieved that someone finally is going to focus on both sides of the trenches. Others on this board have way better insight on players than I do, but when I read high motor, gets penetration, could have been a top 15 pick if he played next year, and he plays in the trench; then to me that’s an awesome round 2 pick. We are still picking for potential and not the finished product.
  10. Yeah, I like their draft.
  11. I felt like the only reach was McNeill. I really liked Levi.
  12. Crap...I really like browning.
  13. Yeah I think he could be a good one. I know the overall attitude is loathing towards this draft, but I don’t think it’s that bad. This was a tough year to draft as a lot of players didn’t have tape for 2020. I think this might turn out better than some think.
  14. Lb - preferably Cox or browning, but probably a different lb, lol.
  15. I actually liked and wanted Levi. McNeill...maybe not so much but he’s a third round pick. The dL was an absolute crap hole last year.
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