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  1. The Lions, my view.

    When manning went down in Indy, didn’t Caldwell only win two games? Don’t know if it’s relevant or not.
  2. 2020 Free Agency

    I do think Espenesa is going to be a baller though.
  3. 2020 Free Agency

    Henderson's my number 2 for what it's worth.
  4. 2020 Free Agency

  5. 2020 Free Agency

    This actually looks like something Quinn would do. It would pay dividends for a long time, but man...the talent left on the board.
  6. 2020 Free Agency

    I think it will either be Simmons or Okudah for the 1st, OL or DL, RB, WR. Outlier for 1st will be OL.
  7. 2020 Free Agency

    I think this D could be interesting next year and the draft hasn't happened yet. I'm interested in seeing this product. I think we might be surprised.
  8. The Lions, my view.

    Yes, this is why I think this is different. The coach has to execute the GM's vision. Since in NE the GM is the HC, it works much better.
  9. The Lions, my view.

    Absolutely. I think Schwartz's downfall was Mayhew and never being able to hit on a non top 5 pick. The lack of second round talent killed Schwartz. However, because this Patriot Way is very specific and systematic, I believe it amplifies the situation.
  10. The Lions, my view.

    Yes, I don't want to get rid of him either, but it is more because of the constant coach carousel than MP is the next big thing. I don't disagree with anything you've said here but wanted to highlight the part bolded. I don't disagree with this, and I feel you have to have a NE coach in place to understand what Quinn is doing. I'm not saying Quinn gets a 100% of the credit. I say he gets the Lions share (pun intended). Belichick has the distinct advantage of being the GM and HC. This is not the case in Detroit. So, my assesment that NE wins from the top down still holds true for me.
  11. The Lions, my view.

    good question. I think for the most part yes, it will fall onto Quinn for not getting the right players/coach in place. An interesting question would be, would this have worked better with Vrabel? Bringing in a hc who could polarize the locker room could be Quinn's downfall. However, he has to set up the contracts, draft the players and balance the budget. This system works not with studs, but guys who can fill roles. Is Quinn doing this? I think he has to some degree, and I think it can work. The issue I have with MP is I feel he is very polarizing. You can be polarizing once you own the locker room and have set up a successful culture in that locker room. Not before. So, my short answer is yes, it falls on Quinn for not bringing in the right coach to make the entire system work. ***looking back over this, now I'm not sure if you were asking if I will place the blame on MP or if others will place the blame on MP? For me, refer to my answer above. If you are asking of others, than yes, it will be coach's curse.
  12. The Lions, my view.

    I think MP's only chance to succeed in the NFL as a HC will be the setup he has now. I think him winning is more of a function of BQ then MP, however, I believe MP needs to be able to teach the players well, which I think MP does. In fact, I think MP might be a very good HC in the college ranks due to his ability to teach. I think the system is what wins and buy in to the system. It starts at the GM and works itself down. So for me, if he wins, good on him. keep him here and keep on keeping on. But i don't think we win because of Patricia, he plays a part, but most of the credit should go to BQ. Is it fair, no, but I believe this is where NE's success starts from.
  13. The Lions, my view.

    Like all things, I think there is a balance here. I believe BB employs yes men. I think and he goes with coordinators who completely buy into his system and do things his way. Patricia definitely learned from that but BB has buy in from top to bottom and controls ALL aspects including the draft. This is not the case here in Detroit. This is also why I don't think any coordinator has worked out anywhere else, and the closest it will ever work will be here as you have two of his disciples working here. I think if you put Patrica as a DC anywhere else, he will be completely average. I don't think he can hc anywhere else other than NE or Det and I think it is going to take too long to implement the Patriot way. If I remember right, NE fans were upset to see Patricia go as they wanted him to take over for BB if he retired. I think that says something, but I don't think it means he will work out elsewhere.
  14. The Lions, my view.

    I don't know...Belichick has a history of winning constantly with whatever DC. I am not sure that 100% conveys here. Now, if he only won with Patricia, then I'd be a little more apt to agree with you. However, BB has never won without Brady...(sorry, had to throw that in there).
  15. The Lions, my view.

    one can only hope.