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  1. 6 Round Draft

    For me, murray really makes this draft. I would prefer to have Brown, if available at 5, but if we went all D I'd be ecstatic.
  2. 6 Round Draft

    My favorite mock yet.
  3. Quick 3-round mock draft

    I'm not a Hurts fan, but I have no issue with him in the third. that's a good spot to take a risk on a good talent.
  4. Quick 3-round mock draft

    Like it a lot.
  5. The Quinn Drafts - 2016-2018

    I do agree with this. I do believe draft position matters and TL has eluded that position does matter to some degree. However, I believe there to be a caveat to this. JD was drafted to play for Caldwell in Caldwell's system. One in which BQ said he wasn't as familiar with as the system he and Patricia are implementing. So, next to JD, I would asterisk. For the record, I think JD was a poor ROI and thus a below average pick.
  6. I've always hated bend don't break. I prefer shove your face in the dirt behind the line of scrimmage, but that's just me.
  7. My First 2020 Detroit Lions Mock Offseason

    I love Simmons, but I would be upset if we took him at 3. Completely irrational, but I'd be pissed.
  8. The Quinn Drafts - 2016-2018

    Just some random thoughts here. I think there is also a difference between how a fan would rate it and how an organization would rate it. You stated there is not a difference between a late 1st and early second, and as a fan I'd agree. Isn't there a definite contract value difference between a 1st and 2nd round regardless if it is the 32 pick or the 33rd pick? I don't know the numbers on this, but I think a price value would also have to be considered unless this is just for a fans perspective and does not consider any ROI. Does this even make a difference?
  9. The Quinn Drafts - 2016-2018

    Can't get on or stay on the field, a bust. An every down liability bad. So a situational player would be decent. An every down player would be solid. All Pro good. Top 10 Exceptional? Would these be fair definitions? Probably would have been better if I bulleted these, but i'm lazy.
  10. The Quinn Drafts - 2016-2018

    If a LB has this big of a hole in his game, terrible in pass coverage, is he worth a 1st rd pick? I think this is where I struggle with being a "solid" player. I consider solid to be not exceptionally good at one thing, but no limiting holes in their game. However, I'm not sure if my definition would be fair. I would consider Decker to be solid, Davis, not so much.
  11. Picking #3

    Just read this on Brown. I'm kind of coming around on him. I love high motor guys. It's going to be hard to believe if we stay at 3, he won't be the pick. https://www.freep.com/story/sports/nfl/lions/2020/01/13/detroit-lions-nfl-draft-derrick-brown-ndamukong-suh/4452936002/

    That's where I've been for the last two years as well. I'd rather do something that doesn't cause me heartache. Then, I jump back on these forums and get sucked back in.
  13. I usually think a new coach should go with coordinators with a lot of experience to help them. A lot of times this is the case. Do you all think this is a reflection on Patricia's ego? i'm beginning to believe he thinks himself as some sort of genius and whoever he hires will be fine because he is the mastermind.

    As a Lion's fan, one is forced to have a second team, lol.

    That's what I thought and think it is a completely valid answer. I think this is where I differ from those who want BQ and MP gone, and where I differ from those who want them to stay. I have 0 faith in the Fords. I don't want to see another rebuild, just to wait it out and be in this exact same place 5 years from now. I feel 1.5-2 years of Patricia is not enough time to know for sure on MP and Quinn (I know Quinn has been here for 4years). I would give any coach 5 years. If they have me in the playoffs 2 out of those 5 years, I'd give an extension. If I won the division 1 out of the 5 years, especially if it was later in the 5 year tenure, I'd give an extension. I know it would be unpopular, but my hope would be to build something long term. If after 5 years, nothing happened, I'd fire the staff and replace them. If after 3, I don't see an improvement in the roster, and I've been under 500 all seasons, they would be fired. ***I'm going to add, at this point, I don't see an improvement in the Lions roster from when Quinn has taken over for Mayhew.