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  1. It most certainly won't. 3rd at best behind Seinfeld and The Office.
  2. I don't know why Detroit would do any of the proposed deals by you guys.
  3. Arrested Development The Simpsons Malcolm in the Middle Brooklyn Nine-Nine New Girl
  4. It's not like Fox has a lot of great sitcoms. Brooklyn Nine-Nine isn't amazing, but it's enjoyable and does have some standout episodes and running gags.
  5. The Jungle Book and Cinderella are both far superior to Beauty and the Beast.
  6. Are we to consider "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" as a Fox sitcom or NBC sitcom?
  7. I mean, he and the team blew golden opportunities 2 years in a row.
  8. He didn't do any better with the Clippers than Vinny Del *****.
  9. They choked even when they were healthy. Doc is the only coach who has blown more than one 3-1 lead in a playoff series, and he's done it 3x. He's a fringe top 10 coach at best nowadays.
  10. True test of balance vs. top heavy. Typically you go with top heavy. The Lakers will be able to play big against Miami like they prefer. Miami and that zone will be able to frustrate the hell out of LeBron if the Lakers' supporting cast don't make their 3s. LeBron made some jumpers in game 5, but his shot was broken before that. If he doesn't hit his jumper consistently, then I think Miami takes it. I'm going with Lakers in 6. Hard to pick against the team with the 2 best players in the series, but this Miami team can throw a lot of things at them. Should be fun.
  11. That's how you know Bam is the best young player in the game. He getting dem phantom calls.
  12. Bam Adebayo the best young player in the NBA.
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