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  1. I guess technically they did, but they really traded Holiday for the 1sts.
  2. Did any star player have a more unfortunate series of teammate injuries than Aldridge, combined long term and in the playoffs? Brandon Roy, Greg Oden, Wesley Matthews, Kawhi Leonard, and probably some more I can't think of right now.
  3. I think Matthew Vaughn was in talks for a Superman movie as well a couple years ago. A shame neither of those worked out.
  4. The point is that your opinion is based solely on by far the worst movie of the series. Pick any series. Would you base your opinion on the first two Terminator movies based on Terminator: Genysis? All of Star Wars based on Attack of the Clones? Die Hard based on A Good Day to Die Hard?
  5. Yup. Barring an injury at this point, Jokic gonna take it pretty easily.
  6. Terrio absolutely blasts WB and Whedon in that interview. It's awesome.
  7. You also have to plan ahead for not being able to pay every player a 2nd contract, especially a C. Players are also assets. If he's BPA, then he's an asset for a trade. Or it makes Williams expendable in a trade before he gets paid.
  8. Most players drafted outside the lottery are career backups.
  9. Already posted a few days ago.
  10. Yeah, but can you sneak hot dogs into your pocket while "Song of the Siren" is blasting?
  11. Well he did talk about the rule earlier. Before they resurrected Superman he said that if he approaches light speed then he can create a huge electrical charge, but as a rule he doesn't like to do that because crazy things happen to time. That's also why he had to run in the circle. That was the only way to get a charge big enough to help Cyborg enter the unity without approaching light speed. So when he said he had to break the rule, he was breaking his light speed rule so he could attempt to go back in time.
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