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  1. They could just waive/cut Haskins if Winston were to become a legitimate option.
  2. This signing doesn't keep them from going after Winston.
  3. This, right here. They not only ****ed up the ending, but they really cooled off A LOT of excitement for the spinoff/s. Why HBO let D&D dictate that the show should sprint to the end is crazy. I get that it would have been controversial to replace them after season 6 was so beloved and acclaimed, but HBO really should have put its foot down about doing at least 2 full seasons to finish, if not another entire season on top of that.
  4. Giannis on the cut! Oh man, what a smart play call. Brooklyn was sleeping. Middleton just missed him.
  5. It feels like there's been 20 lead changes in the last 90 seconds.
  6. Djokovic tried to get quarantine restrictions lifted...
  7. He's a big man. He doesn't need perimeter skills right now. And he has a teammate in Ingram who can be the late game bucket getter once they are ready to make the next step. The things he needs to worry about most are his atrocious defense, maintaining some conditioning, and injury prevention. His perimeter skills were definitely overblown coming out of college, though. I saw so many articles about his underrated passing and point center abilities...and I've seen none.
  8. Still can't believe how awful that new CBA is for the players.
  9. I absolutely love that Sports Illustrated is seemingly going after Easterby. Keep it up.
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