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  1. This. They aren't saying they're as successful as the 90s Bulls, just that they hate the GM and this year is their last season together. Or maybe last year, who knows right now.
  2. Yeah, you're not getting Beal without giving up Wiseman. If they want to keep Wiseman, then aim a little lower. Still players that can seriously help that #7 and/or #14 can get you.
  3. Could this seriously be any more vague? SUGGESTS he MAY be LEANING toward opting in.
  4. Agreed. He was having an all-time great playoffs before his injury. On that graph showing TPA that people are posting, he's literally right next to Durant. He's the modern day Bill Walton. An all-time great with an amazing career, but who could have climbed to much greater heights if not for his injuries.
  5. I'm excited for you guys. I have given Giannis a lot of hate and thrown fraud insults at him. I called Milwaukee dumb for re-signing Middleton. I liked the Holiday trade, but man did I give him hate for his awful lows in the playoffs. I'm just glad all of them proved me wrong.
  6. They should have traded him if they weren't going to re-sign him. Of they didn't do their due diligence and look into what kind of deal Ball was potentially in line for, then that's a bad look. I guess maybe they were hoping teams wouldn't throw the bag at him.
  7. My perception of Giannis wilting under the pressure has changed. His IQ still isn't on Durant's level when it comes to mismatches and decision making, but he still showed growth as the playoffs went on. You didn't have those dumb moments where he wasn't exploiting mismatches or was forcing the issue. I said in this thread that Durant is more lethal and the better offensive player and I understand taking him, but in the grand scheme I'm not going to say he's the best until he proves he can play at least half a season again. I understand injuries are flukey, but Durant doesn't get a pass si
  8. You're twisting my words here. I didn't say the best player in the world is always on the champions and I didn't say just because you're on the champions means you automatically have an argument for best player in the world. The thing holding Giannis back for A LOT of people, including myself, has been his inability to come up big when it mattered. Giannis went toe-to-toe with Durant. He then absolutely obliterated everyone else in his path once that monkey was off his back, even after hurting his knee. The thing keeping me from saying Giannis was #1 was the playoff wall he couldn't
  9. But then Giannis kept playing and kept dominating. You stake your claim as the best in the Finals, not the 2nd round. Opinions are allowed to change when the thing holding someone back is then proven wrong or outdated. That's what Giannis did. People held him back on their lists because of his playoff letdowns. That is now out the window, so why is it a problem to change our minds?
  10. Ben is a good player. A very good 82-game player. He makes Portland too close to average to try and tank. If they trade Lillard, this needs to be a blow it up situation. Keeping McCollum and trading for Simmons keeps them between 35-40 wins and at the end of the lottery. Worst place to be.
  11. You can't S&T two players in the same deal. At least I don't think you can.
  12. Then Simmons needs to be diverted to a 3rd team for assets.
  13. Portland should not be interested in Simmons at all in a potential Lillard deal. If they trade Lillard, then it is a reset. Young players and picks only. If they trade McCollum and keep Lillard, then Simmons makes a lot of sense.
  14. This is just being stubborn. Anyone but KD having an argument over Giannis is simply being a hater after what we just witnessed. KD is more skilled and obviously the more lethal scorer and overall offensive player, but until he proves he can play at least half of a season again then give me Giannis.
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