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  1. Kevin Garnett vs Anthony Davis

    Prime KG would be a combo of Anthony Davis and Draymond Green.
  2. Kevin Garnett vs Anthony Davis

    Don't forget Minnesota was without a 1st round pick for 4 years because of the Joe Smith debacle. KG was screwed by the front office so hard.

    Wizards owner Ted Leonsis nixed a trade for James Harden on draft night in 2012 because he didn't want to give him a 5 year, $80 million extension. Beal + I'm sure more would have been going back to OKC.
  4. DC Movie Universe

    Also, not sure if you or anyone agrees, but I liked the original Steppenwolf design in BvS and the concept art of him for Justice League. At least it's certainly better than what we got in theaters.
  5. DC Movie Universe

    Yep, no getting around that Doomsday look. He tried to retcon it after the fact and say that wasn't the original Doomsday, that it was a monstrous clone or something (which makes sense in a way since in the movie it really was just a beefed up, reanimated Zod). But if you're only using one Doomsday in the movies, then why not use the best look possible? It was a bad attempt to explain an awful character design. *He also recently said the destroyed moon you can see in the background of the Krypton scenes in Man of Steel was supposed to be an Easter egg for the original Doomsday. Not sure how anyone could possibly know that though...
  6. Kevin Garnett vs Anthony Davis

    Clearly more talented?
  7. DC Movie Universe

    Gotta remember that's not his "final" form. That was when he was known as Uxas, before he possessed the Omega Force and transformed into Darkseid.
  8. DC Movie Universe

    This is all true. The only Green Lantern thing that we know was cut was a post-credits scene with Kilowog and Tomar-Re. Deathstroke was just a different post-credits scene than what we got. Darkseid is slightly more, but still only in the flashback/war scene and a tease at the end. The big changes for characters were to Cyborg and Flash's entire stories and Batman's personality.
  9. Kevin Garnett vs Anthony Davis

    A lot of people thought the same thing with KG for a while. They couldn't get out of the 1st round for like 7 years. Although they were at least making the playoffs and approaching 50 wins every season.
  10. Dame wont play 'Meaningless' games

    So does Lillard think teams should stop playing once they're eliminated from the playoffs going forward?
  11. Dame wont play 'Meaningless' games

    A play-in tournament would be dumb. If Portland wants to play Memphis for a playoff spot with Memphis up 3.5 games, then start Memphis off with a 20 point lead.
  12. 1970s Action/Adventure - Official FF BMET (Poll)

    It won for Sci-Fi, so it couldn't be nominated for this category.
  13. DC Movie Universe

    You're underselling how much was cut and/or changed pretty significantly. The bare bones are the same as you said, but you're talking about huge changes to character interactions, motivations, different deaths, different logic, focusing on different characters, etc. Hell, even the music will be significantly different and fit the mood instead of just failing to make everyone feel nostalgic by using the scores from the original Batman and Superman movies. Snyder's cut is over 3 hours long, with rumors that it could easily be 4+. Whedon shot/reshot 80 pages worth of material. If that's half of a 2 hour movie (and essentially all Superman scenes), then that's 2-3 hours of completely different material that Snyder's cut will be using.
  14. Kevin Garnett vs Anthony Davis

    I think the first 2 are easy for KG. The 3rd one is interesting though. Davis is the more dynamic scorer, but KG was more well-rounded and a more impactful defender. KG finally got a reliable/worthy supporting cast in 2003-04 and proceeded to win MVP and lead them within a game of the Finals. They might have made the Finals had Cassell not gotten hurt against the Lakers. Knowing what I know, I'd probably still take KG to start a franchise.
  15. Star Wars already won Sci-Fi so can't be nominated. Superman Enter the Dragon The Spy Who Loved Me Robin Hood The Black Stallion