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  1. East Regional Thread

    Yeah, just let him push people in the back and he'll be fine.
  2. East Regional Thread

    I remember when stats were the only thing that mattered. 3-3 and can't even put Wake Forest away. What a talent.
  3. East Regional Thread

    That's because RJ can't do anything substantial without Zion.
  4. East Regional Thread

    If only I could name more than 2 FSU players or cared at all.
  5. East Regional Thread

    The ball starts spinning differently. I'm done with this now. Congrats on the win. RJ Barrett sucks.
  6. East Regional Thread

    Angle from the sideline shows it clear as day. Ball grazed the rim and then hit the backboard.
  7. East Regional Thread

    My bad. That's not what the other guy said.
  8. East Regional Thread

    That's not what you said.
  9. East Regional Thread

    You mean late in the game? That clearly hit the rim.
  10. East Regional Thread

    I am 100% certain it wasn't.
  11. 2019 NBA Draft Thread

    This is why you enter the draft if you're a 1st rounder.
  12. Durant is the most inconsequential superstar ever.
  13. Predictions for the top NBA free agents this summer?

    It's not worth the risk at all. Signing Cousins shoots up their timeline to win for no good reason and brings in a very temperamental player who won't be a good veteran for the youngsters.