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  1. NBA GDT | 18'-19 | Oct 21

    All 3 of their rookies killed it tonight.
  2. 2018-2019 NCAAB Thread

    Johntay Porter tore his ACL and MCL.
  3. NBA GDT | 18'-19 | Oct 21

    That part is fine. Walking around the court with his arm around CP3's shoulder for a couple minutes was the questionable thing to do.
  4. NBA GDT | 18'-19 | Oct 21

    CP3 was wiping his mouth like he was about to do something, not wiping away spit. At least that's how I see it. I don't know what got up Ingram's *** but he needs to be suspended. He was about to go all in on that ref. I get LeBron pulling CP3 away from the scrum...but did he have to hang out with him for the next 5 minutes? That's weak. I get CP3 is your friend, but you're on the court right now. Go help settle your team.
  5. NBA GDT | 18'-19 | Oct 21

    The play the Lakers ran after Harden's 3 FTs with 3:30 to go was beautiful.
  6. NBA GDT | 18'-19 | Oct 21

    11 in the rotation is tough to maintain.
  7. NBA GDT | 18'-19 | Oct 21

    I'm guessing he'll take all of Powell's minutes when he comes back.
  8. NBA GDT | 18'-19 | Oct 21

    We'll take Gordon Hayward off your hands. You can have Chandler Parsons.
  9. Carlos Hyde to Jags

    Dude...do it.
  10. Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread - #LABron

    Lance just needs to go.
  11. Rookie watch thread

    Redick's cheap replacement.
  12. NBA GDT | 18'-19 | Oct 21

    Sauce Castillo is better than Markelle Fultz.
  13. NBA GDT | 18'-19 | Oct 21

    Fultz just banked in a 3 on a dead ball...and the form was absolutely hideous. I wouldn't even trade Dillon Brooks for him.
  14. NBA GDT | 18'-19 | Oct 21

    I'll give them Dillon Brooks