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  1. I'm shocked. This is my shocked face. There will be so many regrets from every person involved in the decision making later in the year when they realize they made the wrong trade. I mean, they should have realized it immediately, but oh well.
  2. First 25 names for the top 75 players was released. No arguments from me for now.
  3. What a dime from Middleton. Hit Giannis on the post route with a rocket.
  4. Milwaukee dominating the offensive boards early. Gonna be an issue for Brooklyn all season.
  5. He's dating hot Adele, so he's doing fine.
  6. Another wasted 1st rounder by the Titans. Hope for a speedy recovery, but hard to see him becoming a good starter with so many different serious injuries.
  7. It's the same logic. Don't try and move the goalpost now. You're saying Houston should be the pick based on last season. Why not use the same logic for every conference or the national champion? Hell, why not the Super Bowl and NBA Finals and so on? It's a poor argument and you know it.
  8. It was the right decision to go for it. Allen and the O-Line just didn't execute at all.
  9. So the defending national champion should always be the pick to win the national championship again?
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