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  1. NFL will not suspend Chiefs receiver Tyreek Hill

    You know it's entirely possible that it's an extremely toxic relationship between two toxic people, right? But yes, Tyreek Hill is the victim here. Give me a break.
  2. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    Remember whenever mocked/laughed at the tweet from Rob Bradford about Devers > Vlad Jr. Yeah, I remember.
  3. Tough to lead a team to the finals when you can’t shoot and your run into 4 guys every trip isn’t working
  4. Cardinals corner Patrick Peterson suspended 6 games

    Way to “disrespect the game” like Tom Brady, Peterson.
  5. Anyone with a brain would still make that trade 10/10 times. The Celtics were never going to win anything with IT, when are people going to let that go? IT wasn't exactly the model teammate himself.
  6. He's been terrible, no denying that. Historically, he's been great in the post season...this series not so much lol. This team just hasn't had "it" all year. Whenever they get down, they crumble and just start playing terrible basketball. No question the Bucks have been (and are) the better team. Middleton is a Celtic killer and Giannis is a monster. Going to be an interesting off-season for the Celtics with this season being such a disappointment. I'm interested to see what Danny has up his sleeve. I'm expecting Kyrie to walk, so I can't wait to see their plan if that happens.
  7. Game of Thrones - Our Watch has Ended

    Friend zone Jorah stunk as a character.
  8. Imagine ignoring statistics though.
  9. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    Don't let the Red Sox get hot!
  10. Damien Harris-RB-Round 3, pick 23 (87 overall)

    RB by committee, folks. Spells Michel. Burkhead can't stay healthy and keeps James White fresh as well. Solid all around back who does nothing special but everything well.
  11. Where does Josh Rosen rank among busts?

    The media dragging his name
  12. Chirp chirp. Bucks shot lights out from 3 and Middleton is a god damn Celtics killer. Stole one on the road, now back to Boston.
  13. Where does Josh Rosen rank among busts?

    Rosen was thrown into the worst scenarios for a first year QB that I can ever recall. Historically bad OL, terrible WR corps, running game was awful (due to how the Coaching staff used Johnson), rookie play calling OC. For some reason he constantly gets dragged by the media. Trading for Rosen was a super, super sharp move by the Dolphins. They get him at $6M for the next three-years. At a minimum, that is a ridiculous bargain for a starting caliber QB who has potential. I think that's the same amount of money Colt McCoy makes. You evaluate him next year, tank, acquire picks, and if you don't think he's the guy, you take another QB next year. The Dolphins get it right now.
  14. Joejuan Williams-CB-Round 2, Pick 13 (45 overall)

    CB room is loaded. So much they can do match-up wise for next season. Speed (Jones), Size (Williams), Shadow (Gilmore), Zone (McCourty). Loaded.
  15. 2019 NFL Draft - Wide Receivers & Tight Ends

    Insane athlete and will be a red zone weapon right from the jump. Not a polished blocker, but it's not like he is unwilling or something. I kinda see Jared Cook when I watch him. It was a pipe dream of mine that he'd fall to the Patriots, but I knew it wasn't happening the day he destroyed the combine.