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  1. GWT: Week 20 Jaguars @ Patriots

    This Jaguars offense is no where near Atlanta’s last year. Terrible comparison
  2. AFCCG - Jags at Pats

    Another point that I'd like to make and could be the Jaguars Achilles heal, they're extremely undisciplined. I believe they were the most penalized team in the league this season. Get ready for the ref conspiracy theorists.
  3. AFCCG - Jags at Pats

    Jaguars defense: Flacco McCown Brissett x2 Dalton Kizer Gabbert Yates Savage Taylor PPG against: 9.8 Mariota x2 Goff Wilson Garoppolo Rivers Big Ben x2 PPG against: 26.8
  4. GWT: Week 20 Jaguars @ Patriots

    The Patriots have played these type defenses in big games before. By that I mean in the mold of Atlanta, Seattle, Miami, etc. The key is to attack them horizontally in the passing game vs. vertically. Dip and dunk down the field. I think the offensive game plan is going to be centered around the receiving backs...Lewis, Burkhead (coming back) and White. See: Seattle SB (Vereen), Atlanta (White). The Jaguars defense is no joke. They're fast, strong and aggressive (for better or worse). They can be overaggressive at times. Offensively the Patriots will have to be patient...at times it won't be pretty. Agreed on the defensive game plan. The focus is to stop the running game. It's the basis of the entire Jaguars offense. They take deep, play-action shots when their running game is rolling. When it's not, Bortles really struggles to move the ball down the field. I'm confident Belichick is going to game plan to shut down the running game and make Bortles try to get it down through the air. I really think he struggles in this one and people are yet again, overlooking the Patriots defense, and Belichick and Patricia's ability to scheme up a good game plan. If the Jaguars create a couple T/O's, giving Bortles a short field, that's a different story. I'm predicting a relatively low scoring game, where the Jaguars offense can't do enough. 21-10 Patriots.
  5. I actually said the Jaguars had a good chance of winning that game. And like I said, it'd be the defense (turnovers, they created two against the Steelers) and the run game that beats the Patriots. The Jaguars didn't beat the Steelers on the back of Blake Bortles. He did just enough. 1) Pittsburgh refused to play tight man to man coverage. A lot of Bortles throws were to open receivers, weren't really tough and contested catches. Tomlin is known for a lack of in-game adjustments and stubbornness. Belichick, exactly the opposite. 2) Offense was in large part the running game. I can almost guarantee this is the focus of Belichick's game plan. He's going to force Bortles to beat the Patriots through the air, I have my doubts he's capable of that. Not trying to come in here and say the Jaguars have no chance. They definitely do. If the Jaguars pull off the upset, it'll because the defense creates a couple turnovers and the Patriots can't slow down Fournette. Both are entirely possible.
  6. They will not lose to Blake Bortles. If they lose, it'll be because of the Jags D and it will take a couple takeaways.
  7. I don't get this narrative at all. 1) He's in the front office, not on the sidelines. 2) The two SB's Coughlin did coach, it wasn't anything out of the ordinary, game plan wise. Their DL got to Brady, they got the breaks (Tyree catch, Samuel INT drop, Manningham catch, etc.) I really don't think Coughlin's "philosophy" is going to have any impact on this game. Really think it comes down to if the Jaguars aggressive defense can create some turnovers and if they can get the running game going.
  8. AFCCG - Jags at Pats

    Watched a little more/read up on Jacksonville… Defensively, there's no doubt they're great. I think it should be noted that we have experience in big games against these types of defensive schemes. The Jaguars play primarily Cover 3/ 4-3 Under (Atlanta, Seattle, Miami). The D is fast, disruptive, and AGGRESSIVE (for better or worse). Their aggressiveness is a con just as much as it is a pro. It's a unit with a great pass rush (exterior and interior), quick, athletic LB's and two outstanding corners. Ramsey is probably the DPOY, Cambell is a PROBLEM on the edge and they have an interior pass rush. Really think our offensive game plan is going to have three focuses: 1) Run the ball effectively. 2) "Death by a thousand paper cuts" air attack. Horizontal vs. Vertical. In the SB against Seattle, this was the game plan. Atlanta, same thing. Take what the defense gives you, and march down the field slowly, ala, dink and dunk. Might be frustrating to watch, but it's really the way to move the ball on the Jaguars. Get the ball to White, Burkhead and Lewis and get that YAC. Could be another big game for Danny Amendola as well. We all know he'll be ready. 3) And of course, ball protection. Can't afford to gift Bortles any short fields. Defensively: 1) Stop the running game. It's the #1 overall key to winning this football game. Their offense's success is tied to 1) their running game and 2) their big plays that are set up because of the run game. It's not just stopping Fournette, Yeldon is a very capable back. 2) When their run game is working, they like to take deep shots down the field. Bortles isn't going to dip and dunk down the field. His short passes are designed and calculated. But when Bortles can't find success with the deep ball or PI, they really struggle to move the ball. He's not capable of putting together the type of drives our offensive game plan will be designed around. 3) Keep Bortles in the pocket. Can't let him escape and extend drives. If we shut down their running game, Bortles is really going to struggle. I know this is going to be the focus, Belichick is going to do his best to make their offense play left handed.
  9. 17-18 Hot Stove Thread

    So the Giants are out on JD Martinez. Who's left in this stare-off vs. Boras? Red Sox, Arizona (probably can't afford) and Toronto?
  10. LeVeon Bell @ His Contract Demand

    Ahh gotcha. I wish Landry's contracts demands weren't so high. BB LOVES Landry. Can you imagine him on the Patriots?
  11. First problem....taking anything Boston media says seriously. They do whatever they can to discredit the Patriots. Second (larger) problem...taking anything Dan "Shank" Shaugnessy says seriously. He is a world class troll and has made a career off getting fanbases riled up. This "tomato can" "Patriots don't play anyone" thing has been his schtick for the couple seasons. I wouldn't take what the Boston media says serious. Anyone who follows this team closely knows the Jaguars have the personnel to give this Patriot team trouble. I think the Patriots win, but it definitely won't be easy. I don't see Bortles and your offense doing enough to get the W. Unless he's provided short fields from takeaways, which is likely given your D. Belichick is going to make you play left handed on offense. That is what he is known to do. By that, I mean, I can almost guarantee his game plan is going to focus around shutting down Fournette. He always focuses on taking away a teams "top weapon". Stopping Fournette and making you beat us throw the air/Blake's arm is the focus, IMO. Hot take and easier said, than done, I know. Offensively, I really think the focus is going to be on our backs. I think we'll run the ball a ton and try to get Lewis, Burkhead (who should be good to go) and White involved in the passing game. Haven't watched a ton of Jaguars games this season, but I think that's where y'all are most susceptible. Should be a good one! I'm happy its at Gillette.
  12. LeVeon Bell @ His Contract Demand

    Why would they do that? Isn't Howard under contract for a few more years and they have a receiving back in Cohen.
  13. LeVeon Bell @ His Contract Demand

    For a team tight against the cap like the Steelers? Not worth it. I'd let him walk. You got a ton of usage out of him, and he's only going to be good for a few more seasons. If I'm the 49ers or a team with a ton of cap space, I'd absolutely give him a payday.
  14. Which SB matchup do you want?

    Pats/Eagles. I think both favorites win this weekend and I don't get my wish.