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  1. I think Rondale Moore is you Hill type player. Or maybe Toney from Florida. This WR class is so loaded, it's a real possibility that a really talented receiver could fall to us in the 2nd round. I would not be upset at all though if the best QB available at 15 is Jones or Trask so they decide to go WR at 15. We just need play-makers. Desperately. I would rather go the FA route, but we just need to add as many as we can.
  2. The mobility point is a good one. In today's NFL, I really want my QB to be able to run, it's such an advantage. That's one the reasons I'm completely out on Trask. At least Mac can somewhat move.
  3. I think you're underestimating how many teams need a QB or will be in the market for one. I could see them both going in the first TBH. (I'm not a fan of either).
  4. Sopranos sig, with Tony and Christopher
  5. Bump- we talking penny stocks? This one has been running and financials coming on February 15th. Do your own DD but this one has some serious potential and is undervalued, imo.
  6. Exactly. Being stuck in the middle is not where you want to be in the NFL. ~50/50 odds at success at finding a QB in the first round. The likely-hood of finding a mid-to-late round gem is slim to none. Fire away until we get our guy.
  7. Agreed. Stealing Patrick via RFA strikes me as a classic BB move. The Broncos have depth at WR between Jeudy, Hamler, and Sutton; they may be able to let him walk. I'm a fan of Patrick.
  8. Just keep rolling the dice on QB's until you land one. You're nothing in this league until you have a franchise QB. If BB feels Jones has that potential, fire away. My realistic preference is Lance. But it's entirely possible he's long gone by 15. Anyone but Trask.
  9. The drafting a pro bowler argument is so stupid. They played in the super bowl almost every year- therefore no pro bowlers. Also I get there's "Patriot South" fatigue, but in a vacuum I think Caserio is a great higher. Read about his backgroud before you make judgements, his resume is impressive and he wore a TON of hats in the Patriots Org.
  10. Did I miss Bledsoe's 2000 and 2001 seasons? Were they arguably one of the worst seasons put together by a starting QB? Stidham is not the answer. Not sure BB could have made that anymore clear this year.
  11. Shanny would make Fields into a franchise QB, I have no doubts about that. Best schemer in the NFL not named Andy Reid.
  12. Miami should absolutely be thinking about it. Tua has not showed you enough to pass on one of the top QB's in this draft.
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