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  1. Boston trades Mookie to the Dodgers

    Yeah, a bunch of contenders have done this. The Dodgers, the Yankees, etc. And LOL at people thinking the Red Sox got cold feet because of the media reaction. Yeah, I'm sure Bloom and Henry had no idea that trading MOOKIE BETTS would have some backlash. Get a grip.
  2. 2019 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    That would be a joke if they can't get to the World Series this year. Also, I'm interested to see how the Astros' players react to the pressure. If Bregman and Alutuve struggle to hit this year...
  3. Boston trades Mookie to the Dodgers

    What? Lol. You make this move because you feel you can't compete this season and puts you in a better position for 2021 (and beyond). I will gladly shed some of that bad contract, especially when its' for a 34 pitcher who's had some recent injury concerns. Dumping Price is not bad, it's smart. This team won 84-games last season, literally couldn't afford to add anyone to it given the way the rosters currently constructed, and oh...they don't even have a manager right now. It makes all the sense in the world to punt on this season, and set yourself up better for the future. Betts wasn't signing any extension. "The Red Sox ownership is so cheap!" narrative is just lazy and misinformed. This ownership has consistently spent at one of the higher rates in the MLB. This is the same ownership that spent $61 million dollars on a 20-year old prospect from Cuba. And then was totally fine with shipping him out just one-year later. Teams have been doing what the Red Sox are currently doing; but, I guess people just weren't paying attention then. The Yankees did it. The Dodgers are doing it.
  4. Boston trades Mookie to the Dodgers

    Literally no one is saying this
  5. Boston trades Mookie to the Dodgers

    And risk him walking for a measly pick in the 70's range? No thank you.
  6. Boston trades Mookie to the Dodgers

    He wasn't signing a $400M extension even if it was on the table.
  7. Boston trades Mookie to the Dodgers

    As I was saying
  8. Boston trades Mookie to the Dodgers

    This guy gets it.
  9. Boston trades Mookie to the Dodgers

    I don't disagree with anything you said, except for your second paragraph. It didn't matter what was offered- he was dead set on hitting free agency. At that point, the only rationale for keeping Mookie for this season is if you think you can win it all. They clearly felt they didn't have the roster to compete, so it makes sense to re-set at this point and load up in 2021/22. Now, if I said if I wasn't worried about ownership losing patience and not seeing this process through, I'd be lying. I'm very concerned that they will suck for a couple years, ownership will overact and force Bloom to sign some terrible contracts. Just let him do what you brought him in to do.
  10. Boston trades Mookie to the Dodgers

    He was dead set on becoming a free agent and also feels like it's his "duty" to hit the market for the players. He wasn't signing any extension. Doesn't make it sting any less, though.
  11. 2019 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    He turned down 300 million. He also said he wouldn't guarantee that he'd sign his counter offer of $420 million, even if it was presented in front of him.
  12. 2019 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    How are they idiots if he refuses to sign an extension? This has nothing to do with the mandate to get under the luxury tax threshold or rumors that Sox ownership is being cheap. That’s BS. It’s the fact that Betts refuses to sign any extension and is dead set on testing free agency. With that, the Red Sox have to move him; instead of letting him walk for practically nothing. Verdugo would be a great get.
  13. Stephon Gilmore Is DPOY

    Someone link the thread when the Patriots signed him, plz. Bills fans were mocking it like crazy. Best season by a CB since Revis' 09. Gilmore was unbelievable this year.
  14. Rooting for the Niners so Mahommes obnoxious girlfriend will stop screaming.
  15. Red Sox Cheated! Update: Cora Fired

    @mission27 you are such a smart man