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  1. Ravens sign Michael Crabtree

    Not a shady timeline by the Ravens, at all. Slimy.
  2. Cardinals cut honey badger

    Yes let's give Sam Bradford 15 million guaranteed for a year at the expense of cutting a great player like Mathieu. NFL front offices never cease to amaze me.
  3. Browns trade Danny Shelton to the Patriots

    It's not a sexy move, so to speak. But it's needed. Adding Shelton and Hightower coming back should help our run d tremendously.
  4. Nate Solder Signs w/ NY Giants

    My post wasn't entirely directed at you, nor was it aimed to take a shot at you, sorry if it came off that way. I was more venting about the general public and fans always freaking out about the Patriots letting players walk this time of year. It just kind of amazes me how much of a disconnect between what these fans expect from Belichick (Free Agency wise & Draft) vs. what repeatedly happens. Maybe it's because last year they made unexpected splashes via the first day of free agency (Gilmore) and trade (Cooks). But there's a reason the Patriots have had a long, sustained period of success while other teams come and go.
  5. Rex Burkhead Signs Multi-year Deal with Patriots

    Burkhead, White and Gillislee is a solid group. Hope they take a shot at a back later in the draft now, maybe someone like Chase Edmonds.
  6. Nate Solder Signs w/ NY Giants

    2014? Vereen got paid. Everyone freaked out. Guess what? Belichick had a back up plan and developed White. People wanted the Patriots to break the bank for Revis. Ayers and Castillas were cast aways, came here and ended up getting decent deals from other teams. Name me guys who left here for big pay days and went on to earn that contract. I'll wait. Akieem Hicks is really the only one that comes to mind. You know what's funny and kind of ironic? Other than Solder, these guys walking....Belichick and the Patriots signed them and built their value. They weren't known commodities before they got here. And guess what, he'll do it again with other players. People want the Patriots to pay everyone. It's hysterical. The same people who are complaining now wanted to give Jimmy G a big money contract to keep him around as a back up. And you think we're tight against the cap and can't afford guys now? They'd be in cap hell if we paid Jones, Collins, Revis, Jimmy G, Solder, Lewis, Dola....which is what the people who are complaining about right now expect.
  7. Malcolm Butler Signs w/ Titans 5 yrs 61mil

    It’s almost like people forget we’re adding Julian Edelman and Hightower to next years team.
  8. Nate Solder Signs w/ NY Giants

    Belichick the GM fired yet??
  9. Malcolm Butler Signs w/ Titans 5 yrs 61mil

    Bill Belichick isn't any other coach. People forget that.
  10. McKinnon just got a huge contract, so spoke too soon on RB's not getting big deals. Haven't seen the guaranteed money yet, but saw $7.5M AAV. Apparently the Patriots made an offer to...AJ McCarron.
  11. The Josh Rosen Hype / Rumor Train to Buffalo

    Yeah, it's not so much where they played previously. It's more of do they have the arm strength, IMO.
  12. Carlos Hyde to sign for Browns

    Damn, RB's just don't get paid now a days. I'm surprised by this move from the Browns. I really thought it'd made perfect sense to go Barkley #1 and then QB at 4. I've read that they're looking to extend Johnson. Felt like him and Barkley could be dynamic, paired with those WRs. I'm oddly excited to watch the Browns offense next year. I guess if you have the money, spend it.
  13. Dion Lewis signs 4 year deal with Titans

    Still think they'll bring back Burkhead. There just isn't much of a market for RB's. Look what they're getting compared to WRs. This draft is loaded at the RB class, as well; while, the WR class is crap.
  14. Danny Amendola signs with Phins - 2 years 12 mil

    My post from the AFC Championship. Thanks for the memories, 'Dola. I'm going to miss watching you hold on to the ball after taking a crushing hit on 3rd or 4th down in a crucial point in the game. Will go down as one of my all time favorite Patriots. A true Patriot. I"M NOT CHANGING MY SIG (Wolf of Wall Street Voice).
  15. I'm with you. I'm a little surprised Dola left (don't blame him, he's earned a pay day) but the guys leaving (Lewis, Butler), those were expected. I'm in agreement with the majority...we got to try to keep Solder. But people have to understand other teams have a lot more money to play with than the Patriots. I'd be nervous if Solder left too, but to say ""Belichick should step down as GM" if he leaves is ridiculous. The Patriots always let their guys do what's happening with Solder right now, i.e., test the market, get offers and then come back to us. If it's reasonable and they want the player to stay, they usually match; or make a competitive offer. Edelman visited the Giants and San Fran (IIRC). McCourty was getting recruited by the Eagles. Hightower visited the Jets and was hearing from the Steelers. People have to understand Belichick and Caserio have a number/value for every single player. If they had no budget and threw money around like crazy, we wouldn't have been blessed with this historic run. I remember a few years ago, everyone, including the Boston media idiots like Felger and Mazz, started this whole "Cap is crap" theory. They wanted Belichick to spend money on all these big name guys like Denver and Elway. Look where the Broncos are now. Last point; Super Bowls aren't won in March. Goose fraba, folks.