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  1. I remember his first TC. It was a polarizing debate. My guy @Troy Brown and others like myself were day one fans, and pulling for him to make the roster. Then he crushed his first pre-season, IIRC. Pretty sure ICB was a huge doubter if my memory serves me right. He really should just retire at this point. Reminds me of the Pedroia scenario that the Red Sox were in.
  2. Why are people ignoring the reports that San Fran likes Mac Jones at 3? I feel like everyone is just dismissing reports from reputable sources -Daniel Jeremiah for example- because they do not like Jones as a prospect themselves.
  3. Why is that? You are nothing in today's NFL without a QB. Lance has one of the highest ceilings of all the QB's in this draft. If they consider Jones or Lance to be their guy, they should absolutely move up if they are able to. Especially when you consider Belichick's age and the money they just threw around in FA. The chances of hitting on a mid-to-late round QB are slim. The plan cannot be give Cam another year and let's see how it goes. That is a disaster waiting to happen.
  4. Absolutely the missing piece to the puzzle and it feels to me like they know it. Like you said, with the influx in spending, they have now positioned the roster to the point where they can afford to trade up. Sounds like Atlanta is actively trying to move down, per schefty. That makes sense with Ryanโ€™s contract restructure. Presumably Carolina is now out of the picture. Iโ€™m praying they trade up. The answer cannot be them selling themselves on another year of Cam + a mid round rookie. Get aggressive.
  5. Fields + Shanny is a match made in heaven.
  6. Are you guys really going to make me warm up to the thought of Mac Jones at 15?
  7. I think so. This, coupled with the fact that the cap is going to significantly rise with the new TV deal + gambling revenue, we're going to be in a fine spot. Another thing is the majority of these signings are young players, that would probably be extended in normal financial circumstances. At least that's my rationale on these signings. You have to pay a premium in FA, but it was necessary due to the lack of talent on this roster, IMO.
  8. Lance, Waddle, and Bateman are my 3 favorite options at 15.
  9. It's clear that they felt they needed to load up on run stoppers after last season.
  10. Aside from Andrews, our OL is HUGE. #BullyBall.
  11. Fair take; sounds like I'm higher on the top end QB's than you are.
  12. He runs like a 40 year old Drew Brees
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