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  1. I have about 90 or so moments. I got in early January basically right before this thing really exploded. Since then, Rovell continues to tweet about it, Windy posted an article the other day, Gary V is tweeting about it, Barstool blogged it, etc. It's picking up steam. I will caution you that the Company is struggling keeping up with the demand and rapid growth. They're definitely experiencing some growing pains and it can be frustrating from a user experience perspective. Here's a good article to read up and get a general understanding of the site: https://www.one37pm.com/grind/mone
  2. @El Ramster Windy is pumping my Top Shot Bags. Gary V is hyping up NFTs. The time is now brotha: https://www.espn.com/nba/insider/story/_/id/30906788/this-future-nba-top-shot-dizzying-world-digital-collectibles
  3. 5% of Maine is vaccinated. Seems like that's relatively inline with other states? Either way, it's nice to see a light at the end of the tunnel finally. Speaking of positives, what are some silver linings from all of this for you guys? For me, I feel like the pandemic really sort of "slowed my life down" and allowed me to grow some of my personal relationships, including with my girlfriend, her family, etc. It made me be really thoughtful of how I wanted to spend my time, and in a way, opened my eyes to things, relationships, etc. that I was wasting my time on.
  4. Hope they cleared ahead of today
  5. Telsa just bought $1.5 Billion in Bitcoin. More and more companies are going to follow suit and add it to their balance sheet.
  6. I got a penny stock for you that's treated me well ($OPTI). Their financials should be released shortly. Some good members on their board, big deals related to PPE products, etc.
  7. What's on everyone's menu today? The lady is making bbq pulled pork nachos for our party.
  8. If you're into collecting, check out NBA Top Shot. Pretty cool idea and product. The site is still in beta and has a lot of growing pains, but I like it because it eliminates all the annoying parts of trading physical cards.
  9. And that defense is bound for some regression. The question is Stafford really enough of an upgrade to off set that? I doubt it.
  10. Curtis Samuel, Curtis Samuel, Curtis Samuel.
  11. Has my opinion of Belichick changed after he brought a team with a bottom 10 (arguably bottom 5 roster) to win 7 games, and was close (Buffalo fumble, Seattle goal line stand) to winning 9 games? Lol, no. People's expectations are ridiculous. I do think this narrative is going to make him be extremely aggressive this off season. I'm excited for it.
  12. Anyone into the NFT space? Great article by Cuban here for those interested: https://blogmaverick.com/2021/01/31/the-store-of-value-generation-is-kicking-your-***-and-you-dont-even-know-it/
  13. https://blogmaverick.com/2021/01/31/the-store-of-value-generation-is-kicking-your-***-and-you-dont-even-know-it/ Take 15 minutes reading this article. @El Ramster get in on NFTs.
  14. Robinhoods CEO has done nothing but made themselves look worse during these appearances, imo. You can tell he’s lying, makes zero sense and reeks of slime.
  15. Yes. I will say that the website is still in "beta", so it requires some patience. I think the creators did not expect this type of user growth to occur so quickly. I'm still learning myself, but I think it could have the potential to be big because it's combining some pretty big markets: NFT (non fungible tokens), card collectors, and crypto people. I could also be dead wrong- but I'd rather be early than right. They have a parternship with the NBA and some NBA players on board (Herro, Dinwiddie, etc.). I'm on board with this thesis: https://luckymaverick.substack.com/p/nft
  16. Welcome to Maine and Portland DP. If you need any restaurant or bar recs hit me up (for when stuff normalizes).
  17. @El Ramster if you want to get into the alt space check out NBA Top Shot. Crazy money being made in it right now.
  18. I think Rondale Moore is you Hill type player. Or maybe Toney from Florida. This WR class is so loaded, it's a real possibility that a really talented receiver could fall to us in the 2nd round. I would not be upset at all though if the best QB available at 15 is Jones or Trask so they decide to go WR at 15. We just need play-makers. Desperately. I would rather go the FA route, but we just need to add as many as we can.
  19. The mobility point is a good one. In today's NFL, I really want my QB to be able to run, it's such an advantage. That's one the reasons I'm completely out on Trask. At least Mac can somewhat move.
  20. I think you're underestimating how many teams need a QB or will be in the market for one. I could see them both going in the first TBH. (I'm not a fan of either).
  21. Sopranos sig, with Tony and Christopher
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